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Lessons of Love

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Lessons of Love
Jolynn Raymond
Wicked Velvet/ Burkee publications (2003)

This book has been revised and re-edited.
Please be advised that this novel is set in a time when women had no rights, especially when it came to their husbands. The heroine is taken, and forced into marriage. As a wife, she must submit to all things. This is a period in history where men took what they wanted. It was not seen as rape, it was seen as a duty. If they refused, they could be punished. This book contains graphic sex as well as physical discipline in the form of spanking. If these things offend you, please read something else.

Lessons of Love is an old fashion bodice ripper, full of passionate love scenes full of fire, and old fashioned discipline for those who refuse to obey. One with a beautiful, spirited heroine, and a dark, cruel rogue whose heart must be tamed. He takes her as his, and the battle of wills begins. One that has been fought for ages between a man who has no intention of ever feeling love, and a woman who must teach his heart to feel or be forever adrift in a life of cruelty.

In 1842 Louisiana, Jolie Dupree lives an oppressive life ruled by her strict and unloving stepfather. She has the luxuries of plantation life, but feels suffocated under his watchful eye. Fate brings an abrupt change in the form of Cole Jameson, a man full of wealth but short on acceptance into society. He needs the cloak of respectability to hide behind, and silence the rumors of girls gone missing while in his company. His business of selling genteel women to rich men with unsavory tastes, must not be discovered.

When he comes upon the lovely Jolie bathing in a secluded glen, he sees in her the answer to his problem. A young bride with an old family name will provide an aura of propriety. She is a girl from a suitable family, but also one who is not loved. She's perfect for his scheme. He carries her home, bound, wet, and almost bare, with a story of saved virtue, and is granted her hand in marriage.

Cole is a man who has never loved and has no plans to start. He doesn't give a care for the women whose lives he shatters, but Jolie isn't just any woman. Her beauty bewitches him even as her stubborn will defies him time after time. He weds her with plans to make her an ornament on his arm and a slave in his bed. He will teach her how to please a man with a hard hand and an unfeeling heart.

Will Cole be able to keep his cold heart and continue with his business of white slavery, treating his new wife as cruelly as he does all his captives? Or will Jolie's fiery spirit and beauty break through the ice that surrounds his heart and put an end to his cruel ways?

From the Author

Please be advised that this novel is set in a time when women had no rights, especially when it came to their husbands. They were property. The heroine is taken, and forced into marriage. As a wife, she must submit to all things. This is a period in history where men took what they wanted. It was not seen as rape, it was seen as a duty. If they refused, they could be punished. This book contains graphic sex, as well as physical discipline in the form of spanking. If these things offend you, please read something else.

Some would call what takes place in this book as BDSM. I do not give it that distinction, because as a person who is in the BDSM lifestyle, I can say that the discipline in the book as well as the rough sex, are not BDSM. BDSM is between two knowledgeable adults, not two people in a marriage in the 1800's where the woman has no say about anything. I just wanted to make that distinction.

About the Author

Jolynn Raymond was born in 1962 and grew up in Milwaukee, WI. Her love of writing began in her early 30s and has been a passion ever since. She loves to read, write, travel the world, and is a history buff. Her genre's cover historical romance, often with a spicy kinky twist to suspenseful paranormal thrillers. Her love of history makes its presense in the books she writes. They are often set in centuries past. She is a lover of art, architecture, and the study of diverse world cultures. She still resides in Milwaukee, and lives near her childhood home with the love of her life, her two spoiled cats and their gnome, Gerome.

Louisiana 1842


stripped down to her chemise and slowly stepped into the stream. A small sigh escaped her as she wadded deeper, relishing the feel of the refreshing water on her fevered skin. It had been stifling hot for the past two w
eeks, and her body yearned for a cooling swim. That yearning had been denied her however, because of the ever-watchful eyes of her stepfather Hank. But today was different. Today she was finally free from his critical gaze. He had gone into New Orleans on
business, leaving her to do as she p

As soon as his carriage had disappeared around the far turn in the road she had run from the main house to her secret spot at the stream. It was a secluded place, a green and shado
wed glade, where the willow
s dra
ped over the water and the stream formed a small pool. The branches concealed her within their long hanging leaves, and provided privacy from the outside world, allowing only the dappling of sunlight to skip along the surface of the water creating a safe
aven. Here she could strip off the stifling layers of her gown and petticoats and let the cold water envelop her. Here, for ju
st a while, she could be free.

splashed forward into the refreshing pool, immersing her entire body. She swam a
cross the len
gth of it and back
blissfully happy, totally engrossed in the feeling of relief the water provided. She floated on her back, her beautiful golden hair flowing around her he
ad like a silken halo. Her green
eyes held a look of merriment and rapture. She hat
ed the stifling gowns that clung to her body and draped her from head to toe. How did anyone think a woman could survive in the smothering folds? To make matters worse, her stepfather insisted she wear high neck gowns even in
the summer's blistering heat.

Thinking about her stepfather caused a grimace of distaste to come over her beautiful face. Her eyes narrowed as she scrunched up her nose, her mouth puckered and turned down in a frown. The thought of Hank always had this effect on
. Hank was a hard
man who ruled his household with an iron fist.
knew she would be punished if he ever found out about her trip to the stream. He would tell her it was sinful to strip down and swim in the water, but at the moment,
didn't care. He was long gone,
and she simply couldn't pass up t
his rare opportunity.

knew Hank had gone into the city to conduct business, and wondered idly if he
was meeting with Monsieur
. Her stepfather held the title to several properties in New Orleans along with the
plantation where they lived, and he was always busy dealing with the various men who came and went from their home.
had met Monsieur
when he had dined with them a few days ago. The type of business the two men conducted was something
knew nothing about, but she did know there were rumors about the dashing and handsome ma
n who had graced their table.

When her friends came to call a few weeks ago, they had gone on and on about the elegant and mysteriou
s man with the dark
good looks
whom their mothers had warned them about. He had purchased a large plantation in the area and was trying to establish himself in the community as a prosperous and respected man, but there were stories about his seduction of innocent ladies, and even tales
of girls disappearing after being seen with him. Any young woman who allowed herself to be associated with him without a proper chaperone or a wedding band would be ruined. Her stepfather had warned her to remain silent d
uring his visit to their home.

knew it would be considered very rude if
were kept from the table, so he'd had no choice but to allow her to be present. He had a lucrative property deal with Monsieur
, and he did not want to offend him, but Hank had given
strict instr
uctions about her behavior. She was to remain mute with her eyes downcast unless asked a direct question. Hank was of the opinion that his stepdaughter was sinful because of her beauty
and any attention she received was intolerable. He felt it was the wor
k of the devil in her that made her enticing to men.
Jolie knew that if Monsieur Jameson
displayed any interest in her, Hank would place the bl
ame squarely on her shoulders.

had done her best to follow the orders of her stepfather. She remained silen
t and only looked up when they were first introduced, but that one glance caused her heart to beat a little faster. It was as if a hummingbird had taken up flight in her breast at just the sight of him. The Mons
ieur was a handsome man with
wavy black
that curl
ed just below his collar and
high fine cheekbones. His eyes were a deep shade of cobalt blue and held an air of mystery, and
his form was strong and lean. H
is shoulders were wide and his breeches accented the powerful muscles in his thighs. He loo
med over
's tiny frame, and when he'd looked down on her, she felt like a mouse being pounced upon by a cat. Just having him glance at her caused butter
flies to flutter in her belly.

He was refined
and his manners were impeccable throughout dinner. H
e hadn't even spoken to her, much to
's relief. The last thing she wanted to do was incite her stepfather's ire. The dinner went without incident until they were finished, and then it happened. When Hank rose to go to the study for brandy and cigars,
had chanced a glance upward and had found her gaze captured by Monsieur
. His eyes had sparkled wickedly, and he'd blown her a kiss before curling his tongue
lewdly behind his top teeth.

had been mortified. If her stepfather
had seen th
e Monsieur's actions, he would have punished her
severely. Thank goodness hi
s back had been turned. The kiss had embarrassed her, but it had also made her insides tingle and caused a flush to rise up upon he
r cheeks. The memory of it had
stayed with her in
her dreams, causing her to wake up with an odd fe
eling of warmth in her belly.

was pulled from her dreamy musings by a rustling in the bushes. She froze in fear; listening, praying it was a small animal, but to her horror, the very man she'd been d
aydreaming about stepped through the fronds of the willow tree. She dropped to her knees in the water, hiding her body from his piercing gaze, but it was clear by his expression that he

d gotten quite an eyeful. His sensuous lips turned upward in a wicked
smile, his eyes twinkling with amus
ement at her innocent modesty.

"I believe I've stumbled upon a bewitching water nymph. Do you remember me, little one?"
didn't answer him. Her mind was racing, trying to think of a way she could flee. Her heart was
pounding with fear as

s eyes bore into her.

"What's the matter sweet? Have you lost your vo
ice? I'm not going to hurt you,

"A gentleman would leave if he found
a lady in such a predicament."

"I never claimed to be a gentleman, my dear.
Come out of the water,
. I promise I won't hurt you."

didn't believe that for one second. She recognized the look in his eyes all to
well. It was the same look she'd seen on the faces of so many men since she'd developed into a woman. It was t
he look of lust,
and at that moment Monsieur Jameson
looked as thoug
h he would like to devour her.

"I was wondering where you were running off to when I caught sight of you racing into the woods. I admit my curiosity got the better of me. Seems to me that
I've caught you in a mighty fine predicament. Wet, near naked, and all alone. I don't think your daddy would approve of your little swim." He picked her petticoat up from where she had folded it on the bank of the stream, and ran the silky material throug
his fingers as he gazed at
with undisguised desire. "I think your daddy would be very interested in what I have to tell him little one. He strikes me as a man who takes discipline very seriously. Tell me
, how does Hank punish you when you've b
een a very bad gir

did her best to appear cold and unafraid but his words made her cheeks flush crimson and caused a knot of fear to form in her belly. Hank was very quick with the strap to punish her. He had been since her mother died. All the ca
ring and love had seeped out of him once his wife was gone.
knew Hank didn't love her. He treated her harshly and somehow this man knew it. She did her best to summon up a haughty gaze and a brusque response. "Leave me be, M
onsieur. Your presence her
e is not wanted
. If my father found out you were trying to take advantage of me, he would shoot you at once. Go awa
y so I may get dressed."

how I don't think that's the truth,
. I saw the way you behaved at supper. All
meek, prim
and proper, Hank
wering at every move you made, t
he way your eyes opened wide in terror, afraid he'd seen me blowing you that kiss. It leads me to believe that he is very strict with you. I don't think it would be in my best interest to leave now. In fact, I think find
ing you here, near naked and vulnerable, has sol
ved a little problem of mine.

"You see, love, I am in need of a proper wife even though the thought of marriage is abhorrent, and I believe you will fill that role perfectly. I need a showpi
ece, a symbol of
, so I can continue with my unsavo
ry business dealings
If I have a wife with a reputable family name, one who is from gentry, then I will gain a
position in society. My work must remain a secret, hidden under the guise of propriety, and you
will be the perfect lady to give me what I need.

Most fathers wouldn't dream of letting their precious angels near me
but you are different. Hank seems to have little or no affection for you, thus he would probably agree with my plans for a
quick marriage. He gets you out of his hair while inheriting a very wealthy son-in-law, and I get the benefit of the respected
name associated with mine."

"My father would do no such thing. He may be harsh at times but he loves me.

I'd much prefer
his lashing to any association with you. Leav
e me be or I'll scream."

"You put on airs and bravado
little one, but you are fooling yourself. For the right price he will willingly hand you ove
and unless there happens to be someone on the road right now y
our screams will go unnoticed. Your secret swimming spot is too far from the main
house for anyone to hear you."

watched wide-eyed as Monsieur
striped the leaves from a willow frond and walked into the stream. She paddled backward but there w
as no place to go. The bank behind her was steep and slippery.
lunged for her and she screamed, fighting against the grip he managed to get on her wrist. "
Come here you little hellion."

Though she fought him,
easily overpowered her. He quickly wo
und the makeshift rope around her wrists, effectively binding them behind her and held her wiggling body to his.
could feel something hard pressing against her bottom through the thin wet material of her shift, and it terrified her.
thrust forwa
rd, holdin
g her tightly around the waist.

BOOK: Lessons of Love
11.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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