Letting Go (Letting Go Series #1)

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters or events portrayed in this novel are either fictitious or used fictitiously.




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by Scott Prussing Publishing    

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How on earth did I end up in this position?

A year ago, I di
dn’t know such a thing even existed.

Six months ago, I would have said “Oh
, my god! Do people really do that?”

One month ago, I might have admitted the idea was intriguing and
maybe even mildly titillating, but that I could never actually do it. No how. No way. You’d have to be crazy to do anything like that.

And yet, here I am. I’m not crazy—at least, I don’t think I am.

So now I’m standing with my feet spread far apart and my arms stretched up over my head, wrists together, wondering how I could have let myself end up like this.

I standing in this awkward, slightly uncomfortable and very vulnerable position? That’s a perfectly logical question to ask, for sure. It might have something to do with my wrists being bound together by something soft, yet strong—silk ribbons, perhaps? Whatever it is, it’s fastened to what I imagine is a hook in the ceiling. My ankles are tied to a bar of some sort with the same material that binds my wrists. A spreader bar, he called it. The bar prevents me from pulling my legs together even slightly.

I’m sorry I can’t describe
any of this for you in more precise detail, but I’m blindfolded.

And did I mention
that I’m naked?





I’ve always considered myself a pretty ordinary woman, leading a pretty ordinary life.

I have a job that pays the bills, a comfortable if not fancy apartment, a small circle of good friends, and a cat named Scratch. I date occasionally, and even have sex now and then when I find a guy I like enough to go out with more than four or five times. The sex is fun, but ultimately unfulfilling, leaving me with a kind of empty feeling that’s difficult to describe.

“You have to be in love,” my girlfriends say, for sex to be more than just
merely pleasurable, but I don’t know if that’s it. I was in love once. The sex was good, but never great, and I still remember feeling vaguely empty afterwards. Maybe I wasn’t in love enough.

I think that’s why I love to read. I’ll read almost anything—mystery, suspense, slice of life—but what I really love is romance. Contemporary is good, Historical is better, Paranormal is the best.
I’ve fallen in love with any number of fictional characters. So have my girlfriends.

Books are my
true lovers—I’ve taken far more of them to bed than I have men. And I’ve been disappointed less often.

I read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight
Saga when I was younger and I loved it. A love so strong that forever was barely long enough—what’s not to love about that? A year or so ago I discovered Scott Prussing’s Blue Fire Saga, and I loved that, too. Sweet and innocent, but filled with romance and passion. It’s a great story, beautifully written, with plenty of mystery and suspense.

Then I picked up
Blue Fire Heat
, the x-rated companion piece to the Scott’s saga. I absolutely loved reading about the sexual exploits of my favorite Blue Fire characters. Some of the stories were a bit kinky. To my surprise, I enjoyed those stories the most.

So when
Fifty Shades of Grey
kept making headlines, I finally decided I had to give it a look.

I won’t say it was l
ike a light bulb suddenly went on inside my head, because it wasn’t. It was more like a small candle had been lit way off in the distance. But I was determined to follow the glow—to the internet, and eventually, to craigslist.


I find the “men seeking women” section to be too needy—and too vanilla. So I wander over to “casual encounters.” That’s definitely a fish of a different color—lots of different colors! More colors than I ever knew existed. I read the ads with a mixture of wonder, fascination, disbelief, and occasionally, disgust. Do people really respond to these ads? To say the writing style, spelling and grammar of most of them resembled that of a fifth-grader would be demeaning to the fifth-grader.

“BJ in my Mercedes”—I guess
the fancy car is supposed to make a gal go weak in the knees and gratefully open her mouth.

“Who wants a lunch time load?
”—well, a girl’s gotta eat, right? Not!

“Hot guy seek hotter slut”
—this guy included two pictures in his ad. His definition of “hot” is definitely not the same as mine, with or without his clothes. And since when is every guy “hung” or “well-hung” or even more precisely, “7.5” or “8”? Not in my experience! And when I learn what BBC means, I almost give up on the spot.

I ha
ve to wade through pages of this drek to even find the kind of ads I’m interested in reading. Not replying to, of course—I’d never do that. I’m just reading. For research. And maybe for a bit of harmless fun.

Thanks to
Fifty Shades, I know the keywords that will lead me to the ads I want. I scan down the list of headlines looking for them: dominant, submissive (or dom and sub), D/s, BDSM, slave, bondage, obedience and a few more. Any one of them in the headline is like a flashing light signaling “over here.” I click on every one I find.

Unfortunately, these ads
are no better written than the others, and because of the subject matter, most manage to seem even sleazier. Some seem harmless enough—usually they don’t provide enough information to provoke much of a reaction. “Guy seeks hot sub for nasty, sexciting encounters…send pic and phone number,” is not very exciting nor offensive—and not likely to draw any responses, either. I doubt that the guys who write that sort of ad would even know what to do if a woman

Other ads
, though, take the sex ad thing to a whole different level. It’s one thing to invite a girl over for a lunch time blowjob, but when you start telling her you’re “gonna make her choke on your thick tool and hot spuge while she’s on her knees with her hands tied behind her back,” and that she’s going to “beg you for more,” it starts to sound more than a little crass. Or maybe that’s just me.

I plow
through at least a dozen ads like that before I finally give up. No way I could ever respond to one of these.

So why i
s my left hand rubbing lightly between my legs?





Thoroughly chastened and a bit disgusted by my craigslist adventure, I vow
ed to put all that dom/sub stuff behind me. I mean, sometimes fantasy is supposed to remain just that, right?—a fantasy.

o why am I sitting here at my computer the very next night, staring once again at the craigslist menu? I could tell myself I’m here to check out the “books for sale” section, but my cursor is hovering over “casual encounters” again. I shake my head and sigh, then click my mouse. Up pop the ads.

Promising myself to be more discriminating this time, I begin to scan the headlines. I’m not going to open any ads that have misspellings in the headline, or that don’t show at
least a modicum of creativity. Those two criteria are going to whittle down the number of possibilities dramatically. “Hung Dom seeks sub slut” is not going to cut it today—not that a hung dom would be a bad thing, of course. I remember my mom telling me, “it’s not the size of the gun, it’s the hand on the trigger.” No, wait, that wasn’t my mom—it was an old boyfriend who said that to me. He needed to believe it, since his gun was about the size of my index finger. His hand wasn’t very good on the trigger, either, so our time together didn’t last long.

Lost in my fond musings of the past, I almost miss it. “Fifty-one shades of grey. Experienced guide seeks curious explorer.”

That’s me—a curious explorer. I definitely need an experienced guide, and the fifty-one shades part is moderately clever, a clear signal of what the ad is about while also hinting there are things above and beyond the book. Pulse quickening, I open the ad.

The first part captures me immediately.

“Come to the edge,” he told me.

“It’s too high,
” I say.

“Come to the edge.”

“I might fall.”

“Come to the edge.”

I came. He pushed. I flew!

My heart is beating fast
now and I’m feeling warm between my legs. I want to fly!

I read the little story again. I love it—her fear and uncertainty, his gentle insistence. Even better, there are no typos
in his ad so far, and the punctuation is all correct. Big points for him.

I read on.

Do you love to please and love to obey? Then continue reading. If you are ready for what could be the most sensual relationship of your life, keep going.

I’ve always loved to please. I’m not sure about the obeying part, but it sounds like it could be freeing. I’m certainly ready for the most sensual relationship of my life—
who wouldn’t be? I’m definitely going to keep reading, for sure!

This is not something new for me. I have been in
several wonderful D/s relationships over the years. So if a safe, experienced guide is what you are seeking, I am here.

I don’t know if I’m really seeking a guide, but if I do, safe and experienced are a must.
I find myself liking his somewhat formal tone, too.

How does this sound to you? You walk in the door and immediately drop to your knees
, placing your forehead to the floor. "How may I please you, Master?" you ask. I walk behind you and entwine my fingers in your hair, lifting your head from the carpet. I run a finger tenderly down your cheek. You begin to quiver and your juices begin to flow. You know the journey is about to begin.

Holy shit! My fingers are drumming
nervously on my desk and my “juices” are definitely beginning to flow. I’m not sure I like the effect this guy’s ad is having on me. It’s like his words are reaching deep inside me and tugging at my soul.

I get up from my chair and walk out of the bedroom, away from my computer.
I pace my living room, drawing slow deep breaths, trying to calm myself. This has gone far enough. I’m not ready for anything more. The phrase “Pandora’s Box” comes to mind.

I return to my desk, ready to exit craigslist—for good, I hope.
Some boxes are better left unopened. I grab the mouse, but my eyes return to the words on the screen.

m not into anything hardcore—nothing sick or twisted, nothing sadistic. I enjoy blindfolding, some bondage, obedience, sexual service, teasing, orgasm control, spanking, more.

Nothing sick or twisted or sadistic is a relief—but could I ever trust a guy like this enough to believe what he says? I don’t see how.
That word “more” at the end is kind of scary, too.

I don't smoke or do drugs and I’
m looking for an ongoing relationship. You should be the same.

BOOK: Letting Go (Letting Go Series #1)
9.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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