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Leverage: Pt 1

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Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants – and from the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he’ll stop at nothing to have her in his bed. It’s all about finding the right leverage, right? When Julianna finds herself within Boston’s crosshairs, she doesn’t stand a chance. But neither realizes how one indecent proposal has the power to change their lives forever.

: Part I

Alexx Andria

Copyright © 2013 by
Alexx Andria. All rights reserved.


*This story is intended for mature readers only.

The following installment
of this three-part serial is approx. 21,000 words and is a work of fiction.

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Boston Kincaid was used to getting what he wanted — not because things came easily to him but because he didn't accept obstacles.

And he wanted her.

There were a million different reasons why he shouldn't, but none mattered. She invaded his fantasies, his dreams, interrupted his thoughts with frightening regularity and he figured that the only way he could ease his frustration was to have her in his possession.

first he had to find his leverage. He suffered no illusions that what he was doing was ethical, moral, or even legal but, again none of that mattered. Perhaps he was obsessed, yes… That was a good word for it. Obsessed. But if the advantage of being filthy wealthy was the ability to remove all obstacles, Boston didn't hesitate to use every resource available to him.

And that included finding a way to bend
Julianna to his will.

“She's here.”
Although Richard, his right-hand man, knew better than to allow a hint of judgment to color his voice, Boston could see the questioning look in the older man’s eyes. “Shall I show her in?”

stood and straightened his jacket, tugging on his sleeve until they were impeccably straight, a predatory grin stretching his mouth. "Yes, please do. And close the door behind you."

Richard opened the door and
a curvy blonde, big brown eyes wide and unsure, walked in, obviously confused as to why Boston Kincaid, a billionaire several times over, had requested an audience. He enjoyed her confusion, but even more so, he couldn't help but feast his eyes on every curve on her lush figure and he couldn't wait to taste every inch. Was it presumptuous of him to assume that she would agree to his terms? Perhaps…but fortune favored the bold. What he was about to propose was likely the boldest move he’d ever made in his life. And he couldn't wait. Richard closed the door quietly, enclosing them both in the privacy of his expansive office.

Please take a seat, Miss Holly,” he said, his eyes dancing. She was even prettier than she was the first time he’d seen her, trying to balance a tray full of dirty glasses, glasses barely clinging to the tip of her nose. At first glance, she wouldn't have drawn a single glance from any of the people he usually associated with — short, awkward, and plainly not the most coordinated — but Boston hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her. Not even for a second. Her breasts, barely contained in that ugly ill-fitting uniform, nearly begged for his mouth, and those hips were made for his hands as he drove into her. Everything about her was rounded and feminine and he had to have her.

I don't understand why I'm here,” she started, looking nervously around the room. “Have I done something wrong?”

“Do you know who I am?”

She shook her head. "No. Should I?" she asked, pushing her glasses further up on the bridge of her nose. “I don't have a television and I don't pay attention much to the news. I mostly read. When I have free time that is.”

“My name is
Boston Kincaid. I could spend the next hour talking about all the things I own, businesses, houses, etc. but that's not really why I have brought you here. I have a business proposition for you of a unique persuasion.”

A s
ubtle frown gathered on her forehead. “A business proposition? Are you sure you have the right girl? I dropped out of college and I've been working at the Tasty Perk for the last six months. I'm not sure I have anything to offer someone like you.”

He couldn't help the smile. “
I think you're exactly the person I've been looking for.”

What kind of person would that be?”

Instead of answering, he said, “
I always make a habit of doing a thorough background check on the people I plan to have in my life. I know quite a lot about you Julianna Holly.”

“You do?” She asked, plainly confused. “Why?”

“I know that you have a brother you care a lot about. And I know you're doing your best to care for him. But it must be terribly difficult to bear the financial burden of his medical needs all by yourself.”

“How do you know that?” she asked, shifting with discomfort at the personal nature of his background check. “And why would you need to know such personal stuff about me and my family?”

“As you can imagine, a person of my position must take every precaution so I hope you can forgive my intrusion.” She nodded but remained wary, much like the gazelle watching for the lion. He suppressed the predatory smile and pushed forward, impatient to end this forced social nicety so that he could make his offer. “You have nothing to fear. I found nothing that gave me pause. You have been a good girl to this point in your life. Good grades, civic volunteerism and only one parking ticket, courtesy of the university campus police. They’re such a nuisance, aren’t they?” he tsked in commiseration, which prompted a small smile.

“I was late for an exam and decided to risk the fine to park in an area that was designated for parking passes only.

“Was it worth it?”

“Not sure. I got a B on the exam and the ticket cost me $150. That’s a lot for a college student on a budget,” she added for his benefit assuming he wouldn’t know how it felt to be stuck with limited funds. “Paying off that ticket meant I was eating ramen noodles for two weeks. Have you ever tried to exist on high sodium and carbs alone?”

“I can’t say that I

“It’s rough.”

“I can imagine.”

Julianna pushed her hair behind her ear and glanced around his office. “Nice place. Smells like old wood and lemon polish. Like an old library.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Yeah, I like books. I can’t usually afford to buy them so I spend a lot of my free time in libraries. Some people visit museums, I visit libraries.”

“And my office reminds you of one you visited?”

She smiled. “Yeah. It was a small town, not even big enough for a stoplight and the museum actually shared space with the library. One side of the building housed the antiques and the other end, books. But there was a huge fireplace in the middle of the room with a sitting area for reading, like one you’d see in a castle or something. It was amazing. I always thought if
I had a lot of money, I’d build a library in my house something like that. It was cozy and warm and invited curling up with a good book.” She glanced at him shyly to ask. “Do you have a huge library like that?”

I do…not that I get to spend much time there. I haven’t read for pleasure for a very long time. However, the last time I was in there…my pleasure wasn’t found between the pages of a book.”

She blushed at the casual mention of
his sexual exploits and his groin tightened at the inadvertently sexy action. “So…not to be rude or anything but…why did you bring me here? I’m still a bit confused and I need to get back to work.”

Boston rubbed his mouth to keep his excitement at bay. Yes, to the point. “As I mentioned before, I know a bit about you.
The fact that you dropped out of college to care for your brother says a lot about your character.” Ironic, that he would admire her for such a selfless gesture and yet he was about to ask her to compromise her dignity and integrity. If he weren't such a bastard, he might've felt a twinge of conscience. But just standing in her presence, was enough to fire his blood. “Let me get straight to the point. I want to help you with your brother. But before you get the wrong idea about my intentions, know this…nothing comes for free. What I'm about to offer you might be shocking, it might even offend you. But I'm a man accustomed to getting what he wants and right now I want you.”

mouth dropped open at his frank statement. Her voice rang with indignation as she asked, “What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean you want me? Do you mean…?” She couldn't even say the words, which he found quite endearing. Hell, everything about her he found delicious. She swallowed and stared. “I think you have the wrong impression of me. I'm not a whore so if you're about to make me an indecent proposal, save your breath.” She rose on unsteady feet, wobbling on her cheap heels. “Good day Mr. Kincaid.”

She turned to leave but
Boston wasn't about to let her go. “It's a pity your brother can't get the help he needs. I would imagine that if you had more resources at your disposal, Tom might actually walk again. I've done a little research and I found a facility in New Zealand with some cutting edge technology and therapy designed to help repair spinal injuries, much like your brother’s. I imagine, a man like him, who was once very active, dreams of someday getting out of that wheelchair.”

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“Don’t play coy. Simply that with more resources, your brother might get the help he needs. If you were agreeable to my business proposition, I would happily provide those resources to your brother. Actually, it’s a very simple arrangement with mutual benefit so there’s no need to take offense. Honestly, women have been bartering their bodies since the beginning of time so it’s hardly a new concept.”

How dare you dangle something like that in front of me. Who are you? What kind of man are you?”

I'm a man who gets what he wants. By any means possible.”

Her stricken expression told him volumes about her opinion of him but he didn’t care nor did it cut when she said,
“You are very cruel.”

He shrugged.
It wasn't the first time he'd been accused of cruelty and it wouldn't be the last. “Would you like to know more?”


Boston reached into his desk and tossed a plane ticket toward her. "Right there is a first-class plane ticket to New Zealand purchased in your brother's name. He already has a suite reserved at the facility. There is a waiting list two years long for people to get into this program. With one phone call, Tom could be there at the top of the list. It seems a small thing I'm asking of you for such a life-changing possibility for your brother."

And what exactly are you asking of me?” she asked, her eyes watering. For such a small thing, she radiated energy. Everything about her seemed to vibrate with youth and energy. Boston was 10 years older than she was and he couldn't wait to peel the clothes from her body. "I suppose you know enough about me to know that what you're asking of me goes against everything I believe in.”

At that he chuckled. “
Ahh yes…I've always been fascinated by people who take a vow of chastity before marriage. Take heart, most women lose their virginity for far less noble purposes.”

Her cheeks col
ored. “You're taking something precious from me by suggesting such a thing.”

It’s a thin sheath of skin that you could've lost horseback riding. Don't place undue value on something so easily lost.”

It's not about a sheath of skin. It's about something I was saving for someone who loved me, not a callous businessman with more money than morals.”

So be it. I'm happy to play the part of the bastard as long as I get what I want.”

"How can you be so cruel? I don't understand. What
did I do to deserve this?"

"Perhaps the question should be how did
you get so lucky? Do you realize how many women would love to be in your position? I'm willing to give you something no one else would ever be able to."

Yes, but the price is my soul.”

"Please. Do
n’t be so dramatic. I'm asking for the use of your body for a predetermined space of time. And for that right, I will pay you handsomely as well as provide your brother with the care he so desperately needs to resume his life. Imagine, if you weren’t caring for an injured brother, perhaps you could go back to school or stop working two jobs. If you realign your thinking, what I'm offering you is truly a blessing.”

Her stare narrowed. “
Only someone who has never valued anything more than what money could buy would say something like that.”

Perhaps. Would you like to know more about your new place in life?”

“I haven't said yes.”

“A formality. You and I both know you're going to say yes. You would be a fool to say no and I know you're not fool.”

The defiance died in her eyes and he knew he had her. The victory hardened his cock and l
ust pounded through his veins. “Take a seat. We shall discuss terms.” He waited for her to slowly sink into the chair before continuing. “For the sum of $1 million you will move into my home and into my bed. You will tend to all of my needs. Your body belongs to me. I will provide you with a new wardrobe, a new car, and spending money. In addition I will see to it that your brother receives the best care for his rehabilitation.”

She swallowed and there was a subtle sh
ake to her voice as she asked, “And when will this

He leaned forward, pinning h
er with his gaze. “Immediately,” he answered silkily and she shuddered. “Do you agree to my terms?”

“I need time to think about it.”

BOOK: Leverage: Pt 1
5.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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