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Life in Fusion

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Life in fusion

The Sequel to Sno Ho

ethan Day


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Life in fusion

The Sequel to Sno Ho

ethan Day


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and

incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are

used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or

persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright 2010 by Ethan Day

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole

or in part in any form.

Published by

MLR Press, LLC

3052 Gaines Waterport Rd. Albion, NY 14411

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PaRt one
The Honeymoon Period
ChaPteR one

Buck Caldera methodically inched his way

across the thin ledge, grasping at any bump or

crevice in the steaming cliff rock wall he could find

to help maintain his balance. He took in a tense

breath, knowing one misstep and he’d plummet to

his death. The intense heat would have been more

than most could handle. Even for him, born on the

volcanic planet of Voldaire, the blistering dry wind

that ripped through the vast chasms of Pluternica

were nearly enough to make him lose hold of his

senses. It required total concentration to maintain

his balance and stave off disorientation.

The shrill shriek from the Darten Beasts living

among the caves throughout the canyon whisked

by, as if riding on the wind, and serving as a

reminder he was in constant danger. Even the light

from the three suns that kept this wretched planet

drenched in constant daylight was severely diffused

by the dense fog, which whizzed past him, trapped

in the straight-line winds.

He tightened his grip, his fingers burning as

another large stone bounced down the side of the

cliff, missing his head by mere inches.

4 Ethan Day

“Fucking dung beasts!” Buck growled. Dirt

and rock particles rained down upon his head and

shoulders, shaken loose by the larger stone. He

carefully continued making his way closer to the

large vent in the wall. “I’m looking forward to slicing

open as many of you as I can.”

The only advantages he had were his cunning

and the Caldemantian sword, forged from the

hardest metal known in all the galaxies. It was rare

indeed, and could only be found on Voldaire. Many

had perished trying to relieve him of the sword,

which could cut through anything, even the thick

hide of the Darten Beasts. All he needed to do was

open up one of them. The sickly, sweet stench of

the beast’s blood would be enough to disorient and

ward off the rest of their kind. He’d have maybe

thirty clicks from the time he spilt the first drop of

the Darten’s blood to search the caverns for the

Halo. If he were unable to vacate before the effects

wore off, he’d be left open to attack once again.

Buck was just outside the opening. He

steadied himself before removing the sheath from

its holster on his belt. He held it out, pressing the

lever that released the blades from the openings on

each end. The sound of the metal scraping as the

blades shot out never failed to give him a blood-

lustful thrill. A sensation of power shot through

Life in fusion

his chest and into his loins. He was ready to do

battle—ready to kill.

Keeping his back pressed firmly against

the rock, Buck yanked one of the two remaining

plasma grenades off the other side of his utility belt.

He hesitated, counting off the time before tossing

it around the corner into the shaft. The blinding

light went off and a thunderous clap vibrated the

wall, jarring one of his feet loose. Several shrieks

erupted as the air was forced out of the tunnel,

and Buck jabbed one end of the sword into the cliff

side to balance himself until he once again had his


Buck shook his head, spitting out more of

the dust and debris he’d been showered with.

He grinned, pulling the sword back out of the

rock, knowing he’d eviscerated the beasts that

had been laying in wait for him. It wouldn’t do

anything to ward off the others, as they had been

instantaneously burned to dust, but it would give

him time to get his bearings and prepare for battle.

He swung his body around the corner and

jumped into the pitch black opening. He retrieved

the pair of goggles from the utility belt and slipped

them on. Tapping the button on the side caused

them to hum as the green glow from the night

6 Ethan Day

vision flickered on. He was now able to see through

the darkness.

Buck tried to regulate his breathing, settling

himself into heat. His long scruffy black hair stuck

to his face and neck in clumps. He licked his lips,

they were cracked and as dry as the air around

him, burning from the single bead of salty sweat

that ran down his cheek to the corner of his mouth.

The cavern was larger than he’d expected,

opening up once inside. The deep purple rock

seemed to pulsate, though Buck knew it was

merely the heat vapors creating the visual effect.

He didn’t have to wait long, having barely made his

way inside before the first Darten was screeching

toward him.

He could make out the thick, matted silvery

hair and long fangs dripping with venom as the

thirteen foot beast hurtled itself toward him. The

venom was a highly toxic paralytic. You were still

alive when they started to eat you. One drop on his

skin and he was as good as dead.

He twirled the blade, readying his stance.

“Come on you mongrel piece of shit, time to die for

the greater good.”

His nerves were hard like the metal in his

hands. He jettisoned himself forward, closing the

Life in fusion

distance between himself and the beast.

The Darten’s long arms extended, ready

to strike as Buck propelled his body up into the

air and sailed over the top of the monster. The

beast made an attempt to redirect its powerful yet

lumbering large arms into the air to grab hold of

him, but it was already too late. Buck slashed the

Darten across its lower back and it shrieked in

pain as its intestines spilled out onto the floor. He

landed into a roll and was quickly up on his feet.

The beast took two more steps before falling face

first to the stone floor of the cavern. Buck turned

from the twitching body, the scent of its blood filling

his nose.

He forced his own nausea back, taking solace

in the fact that the remaining Dartens, which had

been headed in his direction, were now fleeing.

Their battle shrieks replaced with awful high-

pitched moans.

“Fucking animals,” he muttered, spitting onto

the ground in an attempt to get the taste out of his

mouth. He turned back to the carcass and raised

the sword, slicing off a large chunk of the intestine.

Buck staked the chunk of meat with the tip of his

blade, placing it into a satchel constructed from

a gauze-like netting. He slung the strap over his

8 Ethan Day

shoulder before turning toward the darkness. The

blood was already saturating the fabric, hissing

as it dripped and boiled on the cavern floor. It was

disgusting, but Buck knew keeping a piece of it on

his person would buy him the most time.

He tapped his earpiece, turning on the com

device and static blew into his ear as he began

running down the corridor.

“Activate the timer, Gostric,” Buck

commanded. “And get the damn ship into position.”

Gostric’s voice crackled through the com.

“You got it, Captain.”

Buck continued to sprint down the cavern as

the timer in his goggles put up thirty clicks, before

immediately commencing the countdown. His

adrenaline level was beginning to regulate, and he

once again felt the heat pressing in on him as he

searched up and down each side tunnel he came


four clicks.

The atmosphere on Pluternica was hotter

and more acidic than his home planet. Despite

the unusual insulation property of his skin, Buck’s

chest was beginning to tighten as the sulfuric-

leaden air became thicker and dryer the deeper he

BOOK: Life in Fusion
3.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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