Lilly Blossoms (Lessons in Submission Book 3)

BOOK: Lilly Blossoms (Lessons in Submission Book 3)
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Lilly Blossoms

Lessons in Submission: Book III


Maggie Ryan



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Ryan, Maggie

Lilly Blossoms


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Chapter One


"Bloody hell!" Hissing, Lilly looked at the long scratch on her forearm, feeling a wave of nausea roll through her at the sight of the blood already welling. Her soft whimper was overlaid with words spoken much louder.

"What happens when I discover you've been naughty, young lady?"

Forgetting her injury, her head jerked up even as she attempted to form some sort of answer to the question. It took her a moment to realize she was still alone but obviously wouldn't be for long. Darting a glance back towards the hole in the hedge, she was about to attempt her escape when a softer voice had her frozen in place.

"Please, Papa. I can explain. It wasn't my fault…"

"I didn't ask for an explanation, Rachel, I asked what happens when I discover you've chosen to misbehave."

"You-you pun-punish me, Papa."

"Rachel Marie, I suggest…" His tone told of his disapproval of the girl's answer.

"But, Papa, you can't! Not… not out here. Not in front of… of Uncle Phillip!" Rachel interrupted and then gave a startled yelp that seemed to pierce the air as the thorn had earlier pieced Lilly's skin.

Lilly suddenly realized three things: the voices were becoming louder, she could hear the footsteps against the cobblestones of the garden path, and there was absolutely no way she'd be able to make it through the hedge in time to avoid discovery. Whimpering again, she had but a few moments to find a far better hiding place than the scant covering of the rose bushes. Dropping the basket she was holding, she moved a few feet away and went onto her tiptoes, stretching her arms up.

"Do not interrupt when I am speaking, little girl. Instead of telling me what I can't do, I suggest you answer the question you've been asked. There is a bench right around the next bend, where we shall have yet another discussion and lesson to make sure you know the exact answer you know I'm expecting."

Oh, sweet Lord! He means this bench!
Lilly had just moved to the other side of the tree to plant her feet on the bench in order to reach the lowest branch above her head. Using every bit of her strength, she jumped and caught the branch, holding back her whimper as she climbed.
Please, please, don't let them catch me! I won't steal ever again. I swear it!

She almost cried out as her prayer seemed to be answered when she pushed through the dense foliage to discover a pair of branches forming a fork. Wiggling about, she had just settled into the seat nature had provided when she heard the girl speak again.

"Papa, I-I'll apologize to Joselyn and Miss Summers…"

Lilly wrapped an arm about the trunk of the tree to anchor herself as she saw the couple come into view, another man following a few steps behind. The girl looked as beautiful as any of the flowers that grew in the gardens around the large house. Her blonde hair hung in waves down her back, held away from her face with a pretty yellow band. A pristine white pinafore covered a dress the color of lemons and with white stockings on her legs, she reminded Lilly of the daisies she often gathered. It was obvious that the man wasn't pleased as he led her directly to the bench where he took a seat, guiding her to stand between his legs.

"Yes, you most certainly will make a proper and sincere apology, but, young lady, you have still not answered my question. Do so now or we shall repeat the lesson after you've made those apologies."

"You-you spank me, Papa."

"That's right. Little girls who do naughty things like fighting get spanked to teach them to be good little girls. And where exactly do they get spanked, Rachel?"

"On… on their ba… bare bottoms."

Lilly's gasp of shock was covered by the chattering of a pair of squirrels as they discovered an intruder in their tree. She barely managed not to scream as one actually ran over her hand in its quick leap from one branch to another. Shoving her fist into her mouth, she added to her prayer of earlier promising never to eavesdrop again if only God would find it in his heart to keep her presence hidden. If naughty girls got spanked for fighting, Lilly couldn't bear to think what the punishment for being caught trespassing, stealing, and witnessing a private moment entailed.

The girl's next action had Lilly puzzled. She threw her arms around the man's neck, pressing her face into his chest. "I'm very sorry I was so naughty, Papa. Please forgive me."

The man's arms had gone about the girl's waist in their own hug. "Of course I will, my precious girl, but we both know what needs to happen before that forgiveness is given, don't we?"

"Ye-yes, sir, Papa."

"That's my good girl. Pull your dress up so Papa can take down your drawers."

Lilly felt her face flush as she saw Rachel's doing the same when the girl looked over her shoulder to the man behind her. It was only then that Lilly remembered the couple had more than a hidden audience. She followed the girl's gaze to see the man was standing off the path, leaning casually against the trunk of a tree. The only part of him that moved was his head as he gave the girl a small nod.

Hearing a deep sigh, Lilly wrenched her eyes away from the man in time to see Rachel lifting the hem of her dress, as well as her petticoats, albeit very slowly. However, they eventually did reach her waist, where the satin bow of her bloomers was visible. Holding her breath, Lilly watched as the girl's father reached for the tie, slowing pulling until the ribbons slipped free and the fabric slid down the girl's legs to pool at her ankles.

"Right over my knee, little one. Let's get that naughty bottom spanked, shall we?"

Lilly didn't know what to think. The girl… she… she wasn't a little girl at all! Despite her short stature and her child-like tone; despite her addressing this man as 'Papa'; despite her clothing suitable for a young child; the moment her drawers dropped, the thatch of blonde curls between her legs gave proof of her maturity. Rachel was a definitely a fully-grown woman. It took the first sharp crack of the man's hand to bring Lilly out of her thoughts. The woman's twin cheeks no longer matched as a vivid red handprint glowed from the surface of her left buttock. With another crack, the right received the same. After a rapid flurry, the entire surface of the previous pale posterior was red.

"Papa, please… ow, Papa, I'm sorry!" Rachel wailed, her feet kicking as best they could hindered by the drawers at her ankles.

It appeared that her
was not even close to being ready to offer his forgiveness. His response was to capture both her kicking legs beneath his free one and tilt his naughty girl further forward.

"Settle down, Rachel," he said sternly, giving her a very brief respite as he captured the hand she had thrust behind, splaying her small fingers wide in a rather feeble attempt to cover her bottom. Pinning it at the small of her back, he patted her glowing globes. "You know you deserve this spanking, and you know that Papa loves you enough to make sure you get it." He lifted his hand and when it landed in the crease where buttock met thigh, it not only sounded like a gunshot, it caused birds to take flight as Rachel lifted her head to wail her distress. Another several cracks ensured the squirrels took refuge in the highest branches of the tree.

"Papa! Papa, please no more! I'm sorry!"

Lilly had absolutely no doubt that the poor woman was indeed sorry. Her bottom was churning, its color attesting to how it had to be burning like the embers of a fire. And yet, the man still didn't release her.

"Do I need to ask Uncle Phillip to cut a switch from that tree, young lady?"

"No! No, Papa. No! Please!"

"Then stop attempting to swim off my lap and accept your spanking like a good little girl."

Not bloody likely! Can't you see how red her bum is?
If looks could kill, Lilly was sure that the man would topple backwards off the bench, stricken with apoplexy as she stared daggers at him. She was considering dropping from her perch onto him when she realized the girl was speaking.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, Papa. I-I'll be a good girl. Please, finish my spanking."

"That's better, sweetie."

Lilly wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't actually borne witness to the rest of the punishment. She watched as the girl seemed to melt over the man's knee. She no longer kicked, no longer struggled and… and she actually arched her back and pushed her bottom high as if wanting to meet the next awful crack of the man's palm.

Crack it did. Again and again, the man spanked until he'd covered the entire surface of her bottom, as well as down a goodly portion of the backs of both thighs. Still, the girl didn't fight as she submitted to the punishment. She cried, she moaned and she gave an occasional sharp, short screech, but she didn't protest his right to turn her backside into what had to be an inferno.

Lilly squirmed on her perch as she felt a tingling begin in her body. Loosening her tight hold on the tree trunk did nothing to alleviate it, and she realized it wasn't her arm or hand tingling, the source seemed to be emanating from her lower tummy and moving down between her legs. Before she could consider its meaning, the tableau beneath her changed.

The man lifted Rachel off his knee and turned her to sit on his lap. Lilly expected the sharp gasp, as the girl's bottom had to be extremely painful, and yet she didn't expect to see her arms wrap around his neck or him to bend and press his lips against hers. She watched as he rocked her gently, his hand stroking her hair and down her back as he made soft sounds of comfort.

"There… there, now. It's over. You took your spanking very well, little one. Papa is proud of you."

"I'm sorry, Papa. I'll never ever ever be naughty again!"

His chuckle had Lilly almost smiling before she remembered that he'd just blistered the poor woman's naked arse.

"Don't make promises you can't possibly keep, sweetie, or else Papa will be taking you across his knee again, when he'd much rather hold you on his lap and reward you for being his good girl."

It was only by the grace of God that Lilly didn't plummet from the tree as she watched the man run his hand up between the girl's thighs and cup her intimately. Another bolt of sensation flared between her own thighs as Rachel moaned and spread her legs, allowing the man's fingers unimpeded access as they stroked along her sex.

"Oh, Papa, please." Her lips pursed in disappointment when he shook his head.

"Don't pout, little one." With another chuckle, the man removed his hand as he smiled, and Rachel blushed in a shade that rivaled her recently spanked bottom. The kiss they shared told Lilly that there was no way that the two were father and daughter, despite the titles they'd used. She watched as he lifted Rachel from his lap and reached for the bloomers at her ankles. Once he'd retied them, he took the skirt she'd held at her waist and smoothed it down.

"Ready to make your apologies?"

"Oh, yes, Papa, and then… then will you read me a story?"

"Of course I will, little one, and perhaps I'll give you a little treat before I tuck you into bed."

"Oh, Papa, I love you so much."

From her hiding place, Lilly watched as the girl… woman… actually skipped beside the man as he held her hand. When they disappeared from view, she still couldn't move. Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths, attempting to still the fluttering in her stomach. It had been the most amazing, most confusing, naughtiest thing she'd ever witnessed.

* * *

"You are a funny looking squirrel."

Her eyes flew open at the sound of a voice. Oh, God! She'd totally forgotten about the other man who was now walking towards her, his eyes locked on hers. Evidently, the foliage hadn't been nearly as dense as she'd thought.

"I'm not a squirrel," she said, then grimaced as she realized the ridiculousness of the statement.

He chuckled and nodded his head. "Hmm, I suppose you're right as I don't see pointed ears, whiskers or a bushy tail. No, not a squirrel but undoubtedly a naughty little girl."

"I'm not!"

"Oh, believe me, little one, you most definitely are. Little girls who climb trees to spy on people are most assuredly naughty."

"I wasn't spying!"


The tone in his voice told both of his amusement and his disbelief of her claim. Though she'd left childhood behind, when his eyebrow lifted, she felt exactly like what he'd claimed she was. A naughty little girl who'd been caught red-handed spying on a private scene.

"You were spying too," she challenged.

"No, whereas spies conceal themselves, I had an invitation."

"I-I don't understand…"

"That's the problem with eavesdropping, little one. You aren't privy to the entire conversation or, in this case, the reasoning behind an action."

Lilly couldn't think straight. This was the most bizarre conversation after the most incredible scene she'd ever seen. "He… he can't be her father. He's not old enough, and she… she isn't a real little girl."

"That may be true and yet, to the two of them, she has chosen to be his little girl and he is her papa," he said as he took a few more steps.

Only when she began to tumble forward to see him better did Lilly remember she was sitting in a tree and not standing on the ground. And, oh God, she shouldn't have looked straight down! She'd climbed up really high. Screeching, she grabbed the trunk, squeezing her eyes shut.

BOOK: Lilly Blossoms (Lessons in Submission Book 3)
11.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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