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Long Hair Styles

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Long Hairstyles for Different Hair Textures

Long hair is in, and it looks like it's in to stay. Short haircuts come and go, but a beautiful head of long, well-cared-for hair is always eye-catching and lovely. But many women struggle with understanding how to care for and style their long hair.

A common misconception with long hair is that it doesn't need to be trimmed or shaped. Many women with long hair never visit a hairstylist and keep their long hair bluntly cut at the ends, only trimming split ends every six months to a year-- if that. The hair doesn't actually cooperate or look very healthy in this state, so they bundle it up in ponytails or buns to hide that, and instead of realizing that the cut is the problem, they think that it is simply a product or styling problem.

On the contrary, cut is very important. For women with long, wavy hair, a cut that is blunt and straight across the ends can create the dreaded "triangle" effect; the hair looks insignificant and close to the scalp at the top, and wide across the bottom. Having a hairstylist add gentle, long layers throughout the hair creates a better shape and movement; a subtle "V" effect at the ends of the hair is also a nice touch.

Curly haired women need to consult a stylist who understands curls, to determine the curl's natural texture and the client's individual needs. Then careful layering should be done to give evenness and shape, but does not create wildness. The idea is to take enough weight off the curls that they look well-cared for and have a pleasing evenness. Curly and wavy haired women can find a lot of information about caring for their hair at

Women with naturally straight hair may not want or need layers, but may still wish to have the ends of the hair shaped. For the woman with long, fine hair, the length should be carefully considered, as long, fine hair can often look thin and even unhealthy if it is allowed to grow. A long, shoulder-length cut may be the longest it can manage; to determine if this is the case, fine-haired women should consult their friends, family, and a reputable stylist (or two).

Regardless of hair texture, every woman should have the ends of her hair trimmed regularly, according to Laurent D. of the famous
Prive Salons in LA and New York ( This eliminates split and damaged ends, tend to break off and stunt hair growth. Regularly trimmed hair will be free of broken ends and therefore, appear to grow faster than untrimmed hair!

Another often-overlooked feature of long hair is the possibility of bangs. Bangs may be long and
sideswept, short and blunt, gently curled, or straightened. Bangs can be cut straight across, lengthened into layers at the sides, or simply be a few wispy pieces around the forehead and temples. Whatever the style, bangs can transform a plain haircut, because they frame the face and give a personalized look, much the same way a short haircut does, but without sacrificing overall length. Each woman should carefully evaluate her bangs; they really do contribute a lot to her overall appearance!
Finally, long hair requires special care. The hair-care experts at recommend extremely careful handling of long hair, especially when it's wet. No bundling up wet hair into a ponytail, or furiously rubbing it dry with a towel. Hair that is rubbed with a towel is much more prone to frizz; instead, blot or squeeze the hair gently but thoroughly with the towel. Other things to avoid are excessive brushing (especially using brushes with plastic bristles) and metal clips and clamps, which tug and break hair. Other long-hair mavens swear by washing the hair with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, conditioning thoroughly (though not at the scalp) after every wash, and only washing every other day or so. As for styling, Youtube has wonderful suggestions and tutorials! Try just for starters, and above all, enjoy your hair! Long hair is lovely.

BOOK: Long Hair Styles
4.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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