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“Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams”


“Please, Eric. Let me go. I won’t say anything, I promise.” Struggling against the ropes, caused them to bite into my skin, but I refused to show him any sign of the pain; I had a feeling he would get off on it.

He runs his hand down my bruised and beaten body and I shudder; it makes me want to throw up. “Now why would I let you go? It’s much more fun to keep you here.” I look at the ceiling and take a deep breath when I hear a knock at the door. Please let this be someone looking for me. How many days have I been here now? Lottie must be worried sick about me.

“It’s time for some fun.” He mutters in my ear, before leaving. I hear the front door open and close, then the sound of another man’s voice. I start to panic, my heart races, as the voices come closer. Eric enters the room and he’s not alone. A man I’ve seen only a handful of times since we started dating follows him in, his eyes devouring my naked body.

“Eric?” Before I can ask anything else he gags me with a scarf. I thrash about, feeling the ropes to cut into my skin.

Eric strokes my forehead and I stare up at him, pleading with my eyes. “Shush now my love. Be a good girl for me.” I catch a glimpse of movement out the corner of my eye and see that the man has unzipped his pants and is stroking his cock. Slowly he approaches me. I feel the bed dip as he crawls toward me and I buck against my restraints, but it’s no use. As the man hovers over me, ready to rape me, I close my eyes to try and block it out. Tears course down the sides of my face, staining the pillow and in one thrust he’s inside me.

I bolt upright in my bed, breathless, tears sliding down my cheeks. It takes me a moment to realize it was just a nightmare. Eric's rotting in prison and he can't hurt me anymore.

Chapter 1


“You need a new submissive.”

I cover my mouth in an attempt to not spit coffee over my best friend, “Izzy!” I can’t believe she’s bringing up my sex life in the middle of the local coffee shop.

“What?” She asks casually. She’s sitting opposite me, her legs crossed at the knee and an arm draped over the back of her chair. Her free hand caresses her cup, almost seductively.

I look around to see who may’ve overheard, “Keep your voice down.” I whisper, as my eyes land on a table in the corner.

“You know I'm right.” She says smugly.

“You may be right, but do you have to speak so loud that Mrs Bartlett from the flower shop can probably hear you?” I look over to the prim and proper lady; she’s reading and glances up briefly, her eyes narrowing at me before returning to her book.

“Who cares what old Mrs. B thinks? She’s probably just jealous. I should-”

I raise my hand. “Stop that thought right there.” I see the mischief in her eyes.

“You don't think she'd enjoy Master Owen working her over with a flogger, in the dungeon perhaps?” She grins wickedly.

“Thanks for the imagery. The thought of seeing Mrs B bent over the whipping bench receiving a flogging, isn’t something I’m going to be able to wipe from my brain anytime soon.”

“You’re welcome.” She winks and I shake my head. “So what do you think? Want to come out and make a subs dream come true?” She asks, leaning forward and focusing on me rather intently.

“I want a quiet night in.” I rarely get a night off these days and I’m looking forward to some me time.

She snorts, “A quiet night in is for old people.” She leans back in her chair and plays with her long blonde hair, wrapping it around her fingers. “You should come and play; you know, relieve some of that tension I can see rolling off you. There’re plenty of subs at the club who’ve expressed an interest in you.”

I sit up and straighten my shoulders. “What tension? I’m fine.”

“When was the last time you had sex then?” She asks, raising her eyebrow at me.

“That’s none of your concern,” I say shifting in my seat. Okay so it’s been a while, but I’m not telling her that. “I’m just not in the mood to take on a new sub at the moment.” I tell her, hoping she’ll drop it.

“God, I didn’t mean that; just find someone to play with for the night.” She goes back to drinking her coffee and I look out at the grey clouds rolling in. I’ve been feeling a little restless recently and I just want to meet someone different. Just then I feel a chill pour through me and as I turn toward the counter, I can’t believe my eyes.

“Jack.” My eyes widen as his name slips from my mouth. He turns my way and I whip my head back to Izzy.

“Jack what? And why’s your face bright red? I haven't seen you blush since I first met you.” Looking toward the counter a sly smile creeps across Izzy's face. “Nice.”

“No, you don't understand Izzy.” I whisper. “I haven't seen him in over ten years and he broke my heart when he left.” Watching her eyes as they move to look past me I know he’s walking toward us. It’s been so long since I last saw him. I close my eyes in anticipation and take a deep breath.

“Ella?” He’s looking at me like I’m some kind of mirage. Jack was my high school sweetheart and my first... first love, first everything.

“Jack!” I stand up and his big arms wrap around me holding me tight to his body. He nestles his beautiful face into my neck and takes a deep breath. As he breathes out, the warm air leaves a trail of tingles across my shoulder and I involuntarily shudder. I do the same, breathing in his scent and the fragrance of his soap is intoxicating. I pull back to look at his face, “It's good to see you. What’re you doing here?” Feeling at home in his arms, I let my hands glide down his back, his body tapering in as I settle them on his waist.

“It’s good to see you too.” His aqua blue eyes bore into me as he shoves his hand into his sandy blonde hair and steps away from me slightly. He looks rough and manly and I itch to feel the stubble on his face beneath my fingers. Just as my hand moves up to touch him, Izzy clears her throat and I come back down to earth with a bump. Christ two minutes in his arms and I was putty in his hands!

I turn to Izzy who’s looking at me expectantly. Right introductions are needed. “Jack, this is Izzy. Izzy meet Jack, my friend from high school.”

“Hi Izzy,” He says reaching out a hand.

Her eyes take in all six-feet of him from head to toe. “It’s nice to meet you Jack.” She says shaking his hand. “Listen Ella, I have to dash,” she vacates her chair and offers it to him. I stare at her trying to communicate for her not to leave. She clearly gets the message, but winks and excuses herself, leaving me to stare daggers at her back as she sashays out of the coffee shop. As the door closes, I reluctantly return my attention to Jack. Slowly lowering myself into my seat, noticing he looks a little nervous. He’s not the only one since I feel like I’m sixteen again! Except that I’m not. I’m twenty-eight and a Dominatrix!

We sit in silence for what seems like an eternity and I fiddle with my drink nervously. “So how’ve you been?” Oh my God, what a ridiculous thing to ask. I’m so thrown from seeing him I lose my nerve. I’ve been a Mistress for three years now, commanding men to do, well whatever I want them to with ease and confidence. Yet this man has my brain malfunctioning and has me tongue-tied.

I will always remember the first time I saw Jack, half naked in my front garden. He was wearing a just pair of shorts; his body stretched out over the bonnet of my mum’s car, cleaning it. I’d wandered into the kitchen that morning to get some breakfast when I saw him out of the window and was halted in my tracks. I’m so glad he didn’t see me, as I’m sure I wasn’t a pretty sight; hair mussed up, eyes wide and jaw on the floor. I’m fairly certain there was drooling involved. Turned out he was trying to make a little money, by washing cars in the local area. He came from money, but his Dad wanted to teach him about the importance of earning yourself.

He looks at me now and I almost melt. His hair is shorter, but I know I could still pull it. Pull it hard! I clear my throat and try to keep my wayward thoughts in check. This is Jack, not some submissive I can bend to my will.


I was just leaving the apartment when my phone rings. It’s my brother “Hey, Alex. I’m just on my way.” I answer, before he can complain about me not being at work yet.

“Okay great. Can you pick us up a couple of coffees on your way in please? The electrician’s here and the power is off.”

“Yeah okay, see you in about 15 minutes.” I hang up and cross the street, heading to the perfect place to go.

The bell over the door rings as I enter and I head to the counter. “Two black coffees with a shot of espresso in each please.” While I wait I feel like I’m being watched. I casually look around until my eyes widen as they land on a table near the back. Ella! I blinked. Is it really her? Quickly I made my way over to her table.

One hug and an introduction to her friend that she obviously didn’t want to leave, I find myself sitting across from her. I feel like an idiot just sitting next to her in silence. Thankfully she starts the conversation, as all my brain - okay my cock - can think about is spreading her out on the coffee shop floor and making her come. I can’t believe how amazing she looks and I wonder if her light auburn hair, that’s flowing over one shoulder, would feel as silky to touch as it looks, if my hand were wrapped around it tightly, pulling her head to the side, so I had complete access to kiss and lick her neck.

“I’ve been good, thanks,” I finally reply, mentally slapping my cock down and telling it to behave.

She smiles as she looks at me intently, “Good.” She realises she’s been staring at me too long and looks away. “That’s really good.” She takes a sip of her now probably cold drink.

“How’ve you been?” I ask. This is feeling slightly awkward. I didn’t want to meet like this. She adjusts her position and crosses her legs, which show off her toned calves. Shit I just got a little hard. I return my gaze to her face and concentrate on what she’s saying.

“I’ve been good too. What’re you doing back in London?” I can’t quite grasp the emotion behind the tone in her voice. Is she happy or pissed off to see me?

“I just moved back with Alex a couple of weeks ago and we’re opening a photography and art studio. My brother’s quite the little artist now.” I wonder if she’s seeing anyone. No ring, so I’m pretty sure she’s not married at least.

She raises her eyebrows at me and crosses her arms across her chest. “Alex is back as well? Watch out London, the Cole brothers have returned.” I smirk at her comment. “You did always like taking pictures. I still have that one of us sitting under the big oak tree at school.”

“Ah, the good old days.” I try to keep my voice upbeat, but I see the pain flash across her features as we bring up the past. It was hard for both of us to say goodbye that summer.

I wipe the tears rolling down her cheeks and lean in to whisper in her ear, “I love you Ella.” It just makes her cry harder though and she wraps her arms around my neck tightly.

“I love you Jack. More than you know. Promise me you’ll come back to me.” She’s holding me so tight her feet are almost off the floor and I pull her to me.

“I promise.” My mum taps me on my shoulder and I slowly let go of her. Lottie’s standing right next to her and wraps her arm around her waist. “I promise.” I say before kissing her one last time. Our hands are the last thing to part and it kills me to leave her as I turn and walk with my family to the plane that will take me three-thousand miles away from the girl I love.

“So Alex still claiming he’s the older brother?” She asks, changing the subject and breaking me from my walk down memory lane. Alex and I are fraternal twins born 3 minutes apart, although we were opposites in more ways than just our looks. Mum had never told us who had been born first and it had led to many arguments. He always had to have the last word.

“Alex is the same as always - stubborn, controlling and dominant!” Her eyes widen, as she sucks in her breath and visibly pales at my description. She doesn’t comment, leaving me to wonder about her reaction. I decide to play it off and continue. “How’re your parents and your sister?” She looks down and doesn’t immediately reply. “Ella?”

She looks back up at me, with unshed tears in her eyes and I quickly hand her a napkin, my eyes searching her face for the cause of her sadness. “My parents died in a car crash eight years ago.” She takes the tissue, but just scrunches it up in her fist.

“I’m so sorry Ella.” I reach for her hand, but she pulls it away to pick up her cup. I can see that she needs a minute to control her emotions, so I wait patiently for her to continue.

“Charlotte had been in the car with them and was hurt pretty badly. She doesn’t remember the accident thankfully, but she struggled with it for a long time. Once she came out of hospital she moved in with me and I’ve been stuck taking care of her ever since.” She smiles half-heartedly at me. Charlotte and Ella had always been close and I’m not surprised they live together.

The waitress brings me over my order and I pop open the lid to take a sip. “So how’s Charlotte now?” I ask. She eyes the two drinks in front of me. “One’s for Alex, I’m on coffee duty.” I’m sure he’s cursing me. I told him I’d be there ten minutes ago.

“Lottie, as she now likes to be called, is, how can I put it nicely, a pain in my ass. She says she doesn’t know what she wants to be, but I think she’s hiding from the fact that she wants to be a writer, like mum was. She’s currently working at a local restaurant. It’s the longest job she’s had and she seems to enjoy it, which I guess is what matters most!” She says shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon.”

“I hope so... it’s time she grew up!” Her eyes are so expressive when she is worked up, I can feel my pants getting uncomfortably tighter.
Down boy

Leaning back in my chair, I cross my arms over my chest. “Well it looks like you’re all grown up.” I suddenly have a vision of her naked, writhing beneath me. Moaning, as I drive her slowly to the edge, making her beg for me to let her fall. “What do you do for a living now?” I ask, trying to remain calm. She’s about to respond, when her phone beeps alerting her to a text message. “Boyfriend?” I blurt out, immediately regretting it. Okay, so I’d like to pummel any man she has gone out with, but I know it’s no longer my place to do so.

As she looks at me I’m afraid she can see the green-eyed monster. “No, it’s Izzy.”As soon as she reads the text, the atmosphere changes. I see panic cross her face, and she seemingly has an internal battle with herself.

“Is everything okay?”

She stands abruptly almost knocking her chair over. “Sorry Jack I have to go.” She turns and flees before I have chance to stop her.

I dash out of the shop and shout after her, but she’s vanished into the bustling crowd. I’m suddenly aware of my phone ringing incessantly. I yank it out of my pocket furiously. I can’t believe she just took off like that. “Hello?” I answer, not even looking at the caller ID.

“Have you flown to Colombia to handpick the coffee beans?” Alex asks.

I sigh and walk back into the shop. “On my way now.” I hang up, grab our drinks and head to the studio. I can’t help but worry about Ella. What was that message all about?

As I enter the studio Alex shouts down to me from the mezzanine. “About bloody time! What the hell took you so long?” I ignore him and make my way upstairs, handing him his drink, before sinking down on to the sofa. “Well?” He asks.

“I ran into Ella.”

“Shit. How’d that go?” He leans against his desk with his arms and legs crossed, awaiting my answer. He knows the state I was in when we first got to New York. I was a bit of a wild child for the first year, but my brother stuck by me through thick and thin. Not only had I lost the person I loved, but I also ended up losing my family. In the end Alex and I were all we had.

“It was okay I guess. Bit awkward to begin with and definitely not easy keeping my dick in check, but we had a good chat. Okay, so she ran off at the end, which wasn’t good, but how do I know if it was because of me?” I didn’t know for sure, but I damn well was going to find out.

“She ran off? What happened exactly?” He asked cocking his eyebrow at me.

“I bumped into her in the coffee house. We hugged, we chatted and...”


“That’s it. She got a text message and the next thing I know she’s disappearing into the crowd.”

“What did you say to her?”

I hold my hands up in defence. “I didn’t say anything. I told you, she got a text and all of sudden she was gone before I could stop her.” He eyes me suspiciously. Ella was like a sister to him and he’d always been very protective over both her and Charlotte.

“Hmmm, okay. Tell you what, why don’t you invite her to the studio opening? If she comes, you’ll know it wasn’t you and if she doesn’t... well.” Alex pats me on the shoulder and heads downstairs.

I decided to start unpacking boxes and settle into the studio, but I couldn’t get Ella off my mind. Especially the way she’d looked and felt in my arms. She was a perfect fit. She always had been.

“Jack stop...please” I loved to tickle Ella and hear her laugh. Her laughter sounded like heaven to me.

“Kiss me and I will stop.” I let up momentarily and she wraps her hand around my neck pulling me down so our lips meet in a searing kiss. We wrap our limbs around each other, fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

I needed to find out what was going on with her.

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