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Love From A Star: A BWWM Alien Romance

BOOK: Love From A Star: A BWWM Alien Romance
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From A Star
A romance that's out of this

A one off paranormal romance story, brought to you
by respected paranormal author R S Holloway.

What would you do if an alien life form crash
landed and requested your help?

That's exactly what's happened to Jalicia, and
this paranormal hardly looks like what they show in the movies.

With a male humanoid form, the ability to shift in
appearance and an attractiveness not found on human males, Antash is
one alien who is hard to say no to!

Now tasked with nursing him back to health,
Jalicia soon finds out he's been in the middle of a war, and both of
their lives are in danger because of it.

But that doesn't stop them from growing attracted
to each other, despite their obvious differences.

Will they be able to nurse Antash back to health,
give into their mutual attraction and avoid the aliens threatening
Antash's life?

Find out in this paranormal and sci fi romance by
R S Holloway of Shifter Club (search us).

Suitable for over 18s only due to hot and out of
this world sex scenes!

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Shifter Club
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Chapter 1

rested his communicator next to him as he sat on the grassy mound
atop the hill. He always came here before his rounds to relax,
perhaps, or to get philosophical. He had many questions, and the
stars above provided little answers for him; but as little as they
did, they seemed to give him more than the Ackach, the rulers of his
world. Antash was no ordinary person, in any form. He came from the
planet Solaris, which resembled that of an advanced state of earth,
and fell a few thousand miles south of Mars. Or at least that’s
what they told him. He had never left his home planet, but always had
high hopes of doing so one day. He just wasn’t sure how that
was going to happen.

sighed as he stood and surveyed the ground beneath his webbed feet.
It was soft, almost like mud, and he liked feeling it between his
toes. He often, conveniently, forgot his foot wear, but then, he
didn’t need it most of the times. His feet were hardened by the
scales covering his body; foot wear was only necessary when he was
sure to be trudging on unfamiliar ground which might bear thorns and
harsher elements.

the usual are you?” someone from behind him said.

I didn’t hear you come up,” Antash said as he turned to
face his leader. Or one of them, that is. They were a unique kind,
and looked nothing like Antash at all. While Antash was green, with
piercing black eyes and possessing a human form, Mekhi was of a
different breed. He had an animal form, almost like that of an
armadillo, but with the ability to stand upright if need be. He
needed to now, to face the Antash, one of Solaris’ finest

rarely do, especially on this hill,” he squeaked as he scurried
closer to Antash. “You know, stars rarely speak back.”

I have come to see Master,” Antash responded. “But I ask
anyway, because there is nowhere else I can probe.”

having thoughts of visiting another planet are you?” Mekhi

know you have told me, on numerous occasions, that there are other
worlds out there, some farther away, others close enough to visit. We
have the ships, so how is it that we have never gone anywhere? I
would like to see the planet my people were taken from. We did not
come from here, and that is obvious by the difference I see in the
people here.”

you will just have to trust in the wisdom of the elders my son; we
know best, and sometimes it is better to stay ignorant of the things
that plague our minds. Knowledge can be a dangerous weapon in the
wrong hands.”

I the wrong hand?” Antash wanted to know. “What harm
would I possibly do with information about my lineage?”

never know Antash, you never know,” Mekhi responded. “Other
worlds are there that are more advanced than ours, and others, not so
much,” he told him. “The people on earth are less
sophisticated than us, and they would not be welcoming of our kind
because they do not know of the existence of other worlds. They can’t
handle it. If you attempt to go there, like many before you have
tried, they will hunt you, capture you and make you a specimen in a
lab for the rest of your days. Is that what you want?”

Sir,” Antash admitted. “But if I could just...”

one day you will Antash, if your destiny allows,” he said as he
walked away to leave the young man to his thoughts and his demons.

was not satisfied with the answer he received, but he was forced to
lie content with it for the time being. He gazed up at the stars, and
what he assumed might be another world, and let out a long sigh
before he walked off. The glider hovered a few yards away in the
valley, and he took long strides that got him within feet of it in no
time. He prided himself in his height, an advantage not shared by
many, though he was often mocked for being abnormal. Antash rarely
paid anyone much attention, and went about his duties, his mind
always farther than the petty nuisances his planet afforded.

he heard a small voice call from his right.

he said as he saw his only sister running towards him with a pouch.
She was the only reason Antash remained cool and collected, because
their mother worked too much and let the responsibility of being her
father fall on him.

small one,” he said as he knelt and held out his hand for her.
She charged into him and he wrapped his arm around her. “What
are you doing all the way out here?”

wanted to give you this,” she said as she held out a string of
shells she had woven together around a wooden frame. “It’s
for luck.”

smiled and looked at her before taking the totem. “You made
this?” he asked her.

did,” she beamed. She resembled Antash in every way, and he
could already tell she was going to be taller than the average women
on Solaris.

you. I will keep it safe,” he said as he smoothed the scales on
her head. “Now run along; I have work to do.”

you be back soon? Mama isn’t home as yet,” she said as
she held her head down.

will be. Come here,” he said as he held her hand and led her to
the back of the glider. “See there?” he asked as he
pointed farther north. “I am just going there, one quick turn,
just to make sure there aren’t any monsters that will sneak
under your bed when you sleep,” he said.

giggled. “There are no monsters.”

that’s just because I keep them away,” he told her. “I
will be back before you fall asleep.”

she said as she ran off. He stood there watching her, the only reason
he hadn’t tried to escape Solaris as yet.

walked around the glider and opened the door. Just then he heard a
crackling sound coming from his communicator. He shook it several
times before the audio became clear.

are you there?” he heard Jaquar asking.

really need to get this thing fixed,” he said as he gave it one
more knock. “Yes I am here.”

you gone as yet?” he asked.

Jaquar, you are not coming with me tonight either.”

one trip,” his friend begged. Jaquar had been following Antash
around ever since he got the glider and started doing night patrol.
Antash took his job seriously, and Jaquar would never understand
that. He was more of an electronics person, and sort of messy, so
Antash avoided taking him with him whenever he had to work. His job
called for a level of silence and stealth that were lacking in

you know I can’t take you with me,” Antash said as he
rubbed the scales on his head. “Furthermore I am just going to
circle Mount Marmath and return; there is nothing cool about that.”

for you to say; you are the one in the glider,” Jaquar said,
and Antash could see him pouting. “I would fix your
communicator for free. I have discovered a possible way of doing it

bye Jaquar,” Antash interrupted. “It’s getting late
and I need to go,” he said as he released the button before
Jaquar could find something else to say. He slid inside the vessel
and the door closed silently. Antash walked over to the navigation
system and punched in the coordinates for Mount Marmath. “Just
one quick tour tonight,” he whispered to himself as the glider
hummed to a start and lifted lightly off the ground. He held the
lever before him and turned the glider around pointing it at the
Mountain. From Mount Marmath, Antash could see over great distances,
so he need not circle all of Solaris. Not even most of it. Nothing
happened here anyway.

glider cruised along until it hovered over the smaller hilltop Antash
was standing on earlier. He heaved a sigh as he sailed past, hoping
to get back as soon as possible. He loved what he did, but at times
it bore him, especially when his mind had been plagued by traveling
to other words before doing his rounds. One quick trip and back, and
then he could get back to his reminiscing. The glider had auto-pilot,
so as soon as he had cleared the mountains and there was nothing left
but the openness of the black abyss of space, he punched the button
and settled in for an easy patrol.

kicked his feet up on the dashboard, careful not to let them kick any
of the emergency buttons. With his hand folded behind his head, he
relaxed into the pilot’s chair and watched as nothing happened;
the same nothing he was forced to endure every night. He stared into
the darkness until his eyes started to dim. He nodded off several
times and caught himself; even though the glider was cruising
automatically, he still had to pay attention to the monitors just in
case, on the off chance, if even remotely, something did happen, he
would need to see. But his eyes refused to remain open. He'd had a
hectic day, and he was now feeling the burn.

He flew
up from the chair, slapped his cheeks a few times to awaken himself,
and then took control of the glider once more. Maybe if he was doing
more manual work he wouldn’t feel so sleepy. He was just
circling the neighboring planet of Varen, when he looked up. Strange.
He could just make out a light in the distance, blinking, but in the
wrong place. That was the darker side of the planet, so it was odd
that a light would be there at all. Maybe some of the children had
stolen a glider again and had gone out into space on a joy ride. That
was probably the only action Antash ever got. The last time he really
got a taste of battle was when enemies from another galaxy had
entered their own, and had tried to take it over. There had been a
great battle, and though Antash was still a young boy at the time, he
had shown great courage and strength and had been named among the top
ranked warriors on Solaris. But that was a long time ago, and many
peaceful nights since.

BOOK: Love From A Star: A BWWM Alien Romance
10.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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