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BOOK: Love Thy Enemy (Red Stone Security Series) (Volume 13)
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Lucy gasped and rolled her hips again, her inner walls clenching around him as he added another finger into her tight body. She was biting her lower lip now, her cheeks flushed, eyes glowing with need.

Her fingers dug into his scalp as he continued teasing her clit, flicking his tongue against it over and over. The more pressure he added, the more she jerked against him, practically riding his face.

He wanted to lie flat on his back and let her do it from above, to completely bury his face in her sweet pussy.

.” Her body jerked and he knew she was going to come, could feel the way her inner walls convulsed faster and faster. “Oh…”

When her fingers dug into his scalp he savored the sweet bite of pain as she fell over the edge, her breathing out of control, her cries of pleasure music to his ears as she reached climax.

He didn’t stop licking her until she gasped “Too much,” the words coming out breathless.

Feeling almost drunk, he looked up to find her staring at him through heavy-lidded eyes. She looked as if she’d been thoroughly fucked, which she had, by his tongue. Too bad it hadn’t been his cock yet. But it would soon. Tonight, if he had any say about it.

But not up against his office door. She deserved better than that. He wanted to take her back to his place, to completely worship her body, bring her orgasm after orgasm. Then he wanted to talk about their future, because he couldn’t let her walk away after this.

They both jumped at the sound of a soft knocking coming from the outer office. “Hello? Mr. Ivanov?” a male voice called out.

“Oh God,” Lucy rasped out, her expression morphing to one of horror. Her eyes widened as she slid her leg off his shoulder. Her legs wobbled and he set a hand on her hip to steady her, a rush of masculine pride roaring through him. He’d loved making her come against his tongue, loved that he’d made her unravel. Avoiding his gaze, she shoved her skirt down with trembling hands as he pushed to his feet.

He pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his face. His fingers smelled like Lucy and sex so he just shoved his hand in his pocket. He didn’t want to lose that scent.

He also didn’t want her to regret anything because he certainly didn’t. “Lucy—”

She shook her head. “I don’t want to talk about this here,” she rushed out, her cheeks crimson. She quickly turned away from him, smoothing her hair down before she jerked the door open.

One of his drivers and another employee who worked in HR were standing in the doorway.
He couldn’t chase after Lucy now, not when it was clear two employees needed to talk to him. He didn’t want to embarrass her and he wasn’t sure if they’d heard anything. From their expressions he didn’t think so, but who the hell knew.

He nodded once at Kir. “I’ll be down in twenty,” he said.

The HR employee asked, “Got a few minutes?”

“Yeah.” Even if all he wanted to do was chase after his very sexy assistant who was covertly trying to make her escape. She’d gone into Viktor’s office but Abram knew that as soon as he stepped back into his own she’d be leaving for the night.

To escape him and what had happened here.

If she thought she could run from him, she was very much mistaken. Now that he’d tasted her come, felt her climax against his face, he didn’t think he was ever letting her go.

* * *

Viktor wiped his damp palms against his pants as he headed up to Dominique’s condo. He hadn’t been this nervous in…

He’d never been this nervous. It was ridiculous.

She was on the second floor of a small, Mediterranean-style complex. It was in a good area and had decent security. Not good enough for her though. He’d never been particularly protective of anyone before. Well, other than his mother, but he’d been a child when she’d died. And of course Lucy.

But the protectiveness he felt for Dominique was very different. He wanted to put himself between her and anything that might ever threaten her. He wanted to make sure she never got hurt again. When he reached her door it swung open before he could knock.

As usual his heart rate kicked up at the sight of her. She had on a green and white summer dress that fell a little lower than mid-thigh. With her legs it was pretty much guaranteed that anything showing off all that skin looked good on her. She’d left her pale blonde hair down so that it fell in soft waves around her shoulders and face.

“I was waiting for you,” she said, her light laugh just a little nervous. “Did you want to come in for a drink before we head out?”

He wanted to say yes, but shook his head. Viktor didn’t want to know more about her, to see more of her life, because it would just show him what he couldn’t have.

He was only here tonight because she wanted to talk about the contract. Okay, that was a lie—he wanted to spend time with her. But he knew that she was only here for one reason. So he wouldn’t pretend otherwise. And going into her place and having a drink before they went out sounded like something people on dates did. This wasn’t a date. “I wasn’t sure where you would want to go so I chose a place on the beach. Cuban food, and mainly locals eat there.”

“Sounds good.” She grabbed her purse, which was more of a small pocketbook than anything, before shutting the door behind her.

“Don’t you need to set your alarm?” he asked as she locked her door.

Her eyes widened slightly as she turned to him. “Ah…I don’t have a system. Well, my place is wired for it. I just don’t have a paid service right now.”

He frowned as she fell in step beside him.


He lifted a shoulder. It wasn’t as if she was his. He had no say over her life. “Nothing. I brought a couple copies of the contract,” he said. “If there’s something you don’t like we can fix it, but I think you’ll be okay with it. You should still have an attorney look at it, regardless.”

“I lied,” she blurted as they reached the stairs. “I don’t want to talk about the contract.”

Ah, here it came. Keeping his expression neutral, he braced himself for what she was going to say. His brother had been right. Maybe she’d asked him out tonight to—

“I just wanted to spend time with you. As in…a date.” She cringed, guilt flickering in her dark eyes. “I’m sorry. I should have just been honest with you.”

He blinked in surprise, wondering when she’d drop the punch line, but he realized she was being serious. “You want to go on a date with me?”

She nodded, looking almost miserable. “I shouldn’t have used the contract as an—”

“It’s fine.” His words came out more harshly than he’d intended. Viktor cleared his throat. All his muscles tightened as her words sank in. She wanted to go out with him. For no other reason than she wanted to spend time with him. “I would like to take you out as well.” He inwardly cringed at how formal he sounded. But everything about this woman made him forget how to function.

Her cheeks flushed the sexiest shade of pink. “Okay, then. No contract talk tonight?”


“Good.” She lightly curled her fingers around his upper arm and gave him a soft, almost shy smile that made him half desperate to kiss her. He could easily imagine her hands stroking over his naked body and had to shut that thought down. “I’m hungry. Let’s get out of here.”

He was hungry too, but not for food. Keeping that thought at bay, he nodded once. The feel of her fingers grazing him ever so lightly was heaven and hell.

This woman made him want too much.

That was a very dangerous thing. The last time he’d fallen for a woman he’d learned too late that everything they’d shared was a lie. That she’d felt nothing for him. The shame of that memory flared inside him now, nearly consuming him. It also reminded him why he only used escorts. There was never any question of where they stood.

But when he looked at the beautiful woman on his arm he knew that he wouldn’t be able to simply walk away from Dominique, no matter how great the risk.

Even if she did have ulterior motives, a dark part of him didn’t care if she used him. He’d let himself be used by her if it meant he got a taste of her in the bargain.

Chapter 8

Dominique couldn’t fight the jitters humming through her as Viktor opened the front door of the restaurant leading out into the parking lot. Dinner with him had been fun, even if he had seemed awkward at times. If anything, it endeared him even more to her.

He truly was nothing like she’d expected.

When he placed his big hand at the small of her back she could feel the heat of his touch straight to her skin. And she wondered what it would feel like to have him touching her bare skin. She’d been thinking about it all through dinner and questioning if she’d lost her mind. More than anything, she wondered if he’d be sensual, gentle…maybe a little rough.

“Thank you for dinner,” she murmured. Her flat sandals crunched over the gravelly parking lot as they made their way to his SUV. She was glad that he hadn’t had a driver tonight, that it was just them. She kept obsessing, wondering if he was going to kiss her—and really hoping he would. Everything about him screamed sex and power, and she really,
wanted to see what it would be like to lose herself with a man like Viktor.

He grunted a non-response before clearing his throat. “I’d like to take you out again. Tomorrow.”

Yep, those butterflies were out of control in her stomach right about now. “I’d like that too,” she said as they reached the passenger-side door.

Instead of opening the door for her, he gripped the handle and looked down at her, his body turned toward hers. She wondered what it would be like if he pressed her up against the vehicle and kissed her senseless, just took complete control. She squeezed her legs together at the thought. Everything about Viktor screamed power and control, and she found that she liked that. A lot. In college she’d dated a little, and when she hung out with her girlfriends they usually brought guys.

Now, the guys she’d dated or gone out with seemed like boys. There was nothing boyish about Viktor. He had a hard, dangerous edge to him that shouldn’t fascinate her so much, but…she couldn’t help herself.

When he reached out to cup her cheek, she sucked in a slight breath. His palm was callused and she liked the feel of it against her skin. There was nothing soft about this man. Her nipples beaded tightly against her bra at his simple touch.

His gaze fell to her mouth as he stroked a gentle thumb across her cheek. There was something intense about the moment as he looked down at her. When he looked at her like that she felt as if she was the only person who existed for him.

On instinct, she arched her body into his, erasing the space between them. He seemed to be keeping a wall up between them, but if he was going to kiss her, she wanted to feel him pressed up against her, feel that huge body on hers. And she really hoped he would take control. She might not know exactly what she wanted in a relationship or even sex, but deep down she thought that might be something she needed to be satisfied with a partner. For most of her life she’d towered over men, and while she was confident in who she was, she wanted a man who made her feel treasured and who could take complete control.

He murmured something in Russian, the words harsh sounding before he lowered his mouth to hers.

She closed her eyes as his lips barely touched hers—and cried out as a hard hand shoved into the middle of her back, sending her flying into Viktor. Her purse was ripped from her hand as she slammed into him. His back collided with the side mirror as her nose rammed against his chest. Tears stung her eyes from the abrupt impact.

She held onto him, trying to steady herself, but he grasped her upper arms and quickly shoved her behind him just as she heard the squeal of tires and flying gravel. Had someone been waiting in a car for this?

“Stay put,” he ordered, pulling out a gun before racing to the back of the SUV.

Shock punched through her at the sight of the gun, but she swiped at the tears on her cheeks and stayed crouched by the front tire.

He let out a string of angry Russian words she was pretty sure were curses, before turning back to her. “He’s gone. He had a getaway driver.”

On trembling legs she pushed up from her crouch. Her nose felt sensitive but she was just glad she and Viktor were unharmed. “You carry a gun?” she blurted out even though yeah, it was pretty freaking obvious he did.

Ignoring her question, he tucked it under his shirt and out of sight. She probably shouldn’t be surprised but it somehow took her off guard. That wasn’t the thing she should be worrying about right now though. But she was feeling off balance in a big way. Trembles racked her body as she thought about what could have truly happened, how much worse things could have been. Someone could have stabbed or shot them.

Moving to her, he ran his hands up and down her arms, his gaze sweeping over her from head to foot in a purely clinical way. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I…we need to call the police. And I need to cancel my bank card immediately. Are you okay?”

He blinked, frowning at the question, as if she’d asked the most insane thing ever. He pulled out his phone. “Do you know your bank’s number?”

“Yes… Crap, I’ve got to cancel my phone now too. God, that was insane. Did you get a look at who took my purse? Oh, maybe they have security footage here the cops can use.”

Viktor simply nodded, scanning the parking lot, and opened the passenger door for her. “Get inside.” The words came out like an order. “Ah, please,” he added when she raised her eyebrows at his brusque tone. “I want to keep you safe.”

The way he said those simple words did something strange to her insides. He said it as if he truly meant it. As if her safety was the most important thing to him.

She slid into the seat, and for some reason wasn’t really surprised when he actually buckled her in. The way he just took charge sometimes made her melt. Heart still beating out of control, she started to dial her bank as he rounded the front of the vehicle.

To her surprise he pulled out another phone and made a call, speaking in Russian as she made her own phone calls. First she canceled her bank card and then reported her phone stolen. This was a huge pain in the ass but she was just glad they were okay. Once she was done, he was wrapping up his call as well. She handed him his phone as he started the engine.

BOOK: Love Thy Enemy (Red Stone Security Series) (Volume 13)
4.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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