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Lovers’ Feud

Ann Jacobs


Book one in the Caden Kink series.


Hatfields & McCoys


What should have been simple BDSM club play becomes complicated when lifelong neighbors Bye Caden and Karen Oakley discover there’s more between them than one steamy night. But acting on their feelings is unthinkable, for if discovered, they could reignite a century-old feud between their families.

Sneaking around to be together ups the heat factor, but it’s only a matter of time before the couple must come clean. Forever is hard to come by when one’s father shoots first and asks questions later.

Against a larger-than-life ranch setting, the lovers must overcome not only their own misgivings, but the opposition of their respective families. A task that could prove to be as big as Texas.



Ann Jacobs


Chapter One


“I want you on your knees. Now.” A black spandex hood obscured his features, but she guessed from his deep, confident-sounding drawl that he was used to being in command. Though she sometimes liked playing the Domme in games like this one, the tall, muscular stranger made her want to submit.

“Yes, Master.” Keenly aware they were in a public playroom with several dozen other players, she sank down before him, her pussy clenching in anticipation when she got her first up-close look at his long, thick cock and heavy balls framed by worn, tan chaps. She cradled his scrotum in both hands as she took him in her mouth the way a kid might suck a lollipop. “Mmm. You taste good.”

He groaned, lacing his fingers in her hair and drawing her down on him until she gasped for breath. “Don’t talk, suck.”

His command sounded harsh but he held her gently, as though he realized she wasn’t used to performing this act of total submission he’d demanded. By restraining her, he denied her choice. Robbed of all inhibition, she wanted to take the pleasure he offered and give it back in equal measure. The sense of voyeurs’ eyes on her as she blew him gave her a delicious feeling of helplessness.

She liked the seductive tone of his voice and the way he’d bypassed the all-over leather some Doms affected for just the hood, the chaps and scuffed cowboy boots. He also smelled good, as if he’d just bathed before coming here.

“Come up here.”

Would he put her on the spider web? Most of the Doms who came here had latched on to it since its arrival a month ago. She hated that thing with its multiple ropes and the endless possibilities a Dom could think of for manipulating a sub’s totally helpless body. But she wouldn’t protest, not now when he’d worked his sensual magic and made her putty in his hands. Standing, she tried not to show fear when he took her hand and led her across the dungeon toward the Neon Lasso’s array of fearsome toys. “Please, Master, no.”

Studying her face with serious eyes partially concealed by his hood, he brushed her cheek with a calloused finger. “Trust me, baby. You’ll like this.”

For some reason—maybe it was the tenderness in his deep drawl or his touch—she did trust this big, hard-muscled Dom who could break her in half with hardly any effort. “I trust you.”

He led her not to the web or the cross but to a padded table where he lifted her up to perch on one end. “I’m gonna sample every inch of your luscious body. Lie back and enjoy it. That’s an order.”

She shouldn’t. She was no man’s slave. But he’d cast a spell over her. She had no choice but to accept his dominance, not now when every cell in her body longed for a climax she sensed would blow away all the previous ones from her memory bank. Smiling into the hood that obscured his face except for blue eyes that reminded her of a Texas sky on a clear day, she took a deep breath and put herself in his care.

When he clamped her wrists and ankles into shackles built into the table, her excitement peaked. He’d give her no choice but to enjoy the ride. He’d make her let go of all the inhibitions built up during a lifetime of having to be the one exercising control over one or more of her chaotic family members. With every brush of his hands, every inch of her uncovered for his exploration, her arousal intensified.

Heat radiated from his incredibly hot body. His breath, warm and damp, tickled her breasts as he moved between them, sucking her nipples then nipping them with straight, white teeth. “Please.”

He raised his head and smiled up at her. “Please what? Don’t be afraid to tell me what makes you feel good.”

“Please don’t stop.”


“No chance of that.” He nuzzled her slender throat, inhaling the scent of clean woman and light, flowery perfume. He wanted to take his time, make her come over and over before finally claiming her hot little pussy.

Yeah, it was a scene in a BDSM club, not a hearts-and-flowers seduction of a girl he might take home to Mom. He had this incredibly hot sub bound hand and foot on the fucking table he preferred to the newly acquired spider web most of the Doms here rushed to try out. Still this seemed more real, less a fantasy than the dozens of encounters he’d enjoyed with subs since discovering that BDSM play suited him.

Maybe he wasn’t as macho as the guy who was plying the cat o’ nine on the woman across the room, but that was okay. He was into giving pleasure, not pain.

“Don’t worry. I’m gonna fuck you, but first I intend to taste every inch of your delightful little body.” He moved down, sampling the sweetness of skin as soft as a baby’s until he reached her breasts again. God but she had responsive nipples, all red and puckered from his earlier attention.

“Please,” she murmured again, and in answer he took one of those nubs between his teeth and bit down gently. She was too damn perfect to chance hurting.

Reluctant to leave one feast but anxious to get to the next, he slid down the table, nipping at her flat stomach and tonguing her navel, until he reached her plump, smooth mound. No scratchy stubble like he’d experienced on other club subs, no matted tangle of pubic hair he recalled from some vanilla partners, just soft flesh he couldn’t wait to taste and swollen, inviting cunt lips that didn’t quite hide an impudent little clit. “You’ve got a cunt made for me.” Not able to wait any longer, he lowered his head and sucked that taut flesh between his lips.

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

He wouldn’t raise his head to admonish her for talking. She tasted too good. Smelled like flowers and herbs and aroused woman. When he put two fingers up her wet, hot cunt she moaned, and when he began finger-fucking her, she strained to raise her hips for every thrust.

She was writhing beneath him, begging for his cock. He wasn’t about to deny her, so he gave her pussy one last long lick and stood, never taking his gaze off her hot, straining body. “Hold on, baby, I’ve got to protect you.” He tore open the packaging and unrolled a condom over his straining erection.

Standing between her firm, slender thighs he rubbed her juices over his sheathed cock before sliding it along her slit. She strained against her bonds and murmured, “Please hurry.”

“You want this?” he asked as he flexed his hips and seated himself deep in her tight, hot cunt. “How do you want it?”

“Hard. Fast. Make me come. Please.” The last word came out almost as an afterthought, as though she’d forgotten for the moment who was in charge. “Master.”

“That’s better.” It was more than good. The only thing better would be taking her bareback, nothing between his flesh and her welcoming heat. He bent over her, craving the sensation of bare skin on bare skin, the hard pounding of her heartbeat in unison with his own.

Her tight cunt milked him. His balls tightened. When she screamed out with her climax, he thrust in her once…twice…three times, exploding with a climax she’d coaxed from him too soon.

She was good. Damn good. It took all the willpower he possessed to get up and release her bonds. “Thank you, Master,” she said when he set her free.


It would be a long time before he forgot about tonight, he realized a few minutes later as he strode out to the Neon Lasso’s airstrip, did a visual walk-around and then climbed into the cockpit of the twin-engine Cessna with its distinctive Bar C logo on the tail.

He appreciated the fact that, like Vegas, the Neon Lasso had a strict rule—what went on at the remote sex club stayed here. After starting the engines and checking the readings on the instrument panel, he took off and headed home, still savoring the memory of his encounter with Karen Oakley.

Yeah, he’d recognized her. He just hadn’t matched the name and face right away. He’d wanted to date Karen when they were back in high school, but he’d known even then that wouldn’t fly. It wouldn’t go over well with his parents now, either. Especially his demanding and often disapproving father.

Fuck, I’m a grown man. I should be able to do whatever I take a notion to do as long as it isn’t against the law, but I still owe everything I have to my old man.
Bye Caden thought back on his history of fuck-ups over the years and allowed that his father had more than a few reasons to keep him on a short leash. So far, all Bye had done on his own in the two years since he’d graduated from college was build a wind farm Four still thought had been a waste of Bar C money.

Byron Caden IV wouldn’t like it if Bye started squiring around the daughter of the crazy-as-hell owner of the Rocking O, no matter how hot she might be. Cadens and Oakleys had hated each other as long as Bye could remember—much longer, if half the whispered stories were true.

Bye owed Buck Oakley a hearty thank-you for opening the very private, very exclusive sex club where he could indulge his tastes for BDSM play. He figured he owed Buck even more gratitude for allowing his pretty cousin to play there. By the time he set the Cessna down on the Bar C airstrip and taxied it into its hangar, he’d made up his mind to become a regular visitor at the Neon Lasso.

* * * * *

Still tingling all over, Karen Oakley put on her clothes and made her way through the playroom toward the exit. Tonight, she didn’t feel the need to stay and watch the other play going on at the club. Also, she wasn’t anxious to have her just-fucked sense of sexual euphoria dashed by some smart-ass remark from her cousin Buck.

Too late, damn it.
She ought to have known he’d notice her before she could escape. Buck strode out of the adult toy store that used to be a liquor storeroom and caught her. She couldn’t help being mildly disturbed when she noticed a big smirk on his weathered face. “Do you know who that was you were fucking, cousin?”

“I didn’t ask his name. I figured he was wearing a hood for a reason.” Karen wasn’t sure she wanted to know who her hooded Dom had been. After all, the man might be one of her cousin Buck’s buddies who’d just been released from the penitentiary. Buck would think it was funny, telling her she’d just had the best fuck of her life from a guy she might soon be defending against his next felony charge. Regrettably, a lot of her cousin’s acquaintances weren’t all that savory. “I assume you’re about to tell me who he is?”

“I don’t know as I should.”

Karen didn’t like the way Buck looked at her as though he was looking forward to bursting her bubble. He obviously relished the idea of revealing her playmate’s name and rattling her with the information. “No. Don’t tell me you’ve started letting married guys in here to play without their wives again.”

“You hurt me, accusing me of things like that. I learned my lesson about that not long after I opened the Neon Lasso, when Eva Johnson burst in here shooting the place up while her old man had some young sub strung up on the St. Andrew’s Cross. Good thing Eva’s aim was off or she’d still be doing time. Would you believe me, sweet cousin, if I said you just sucked the dick of Byron Caden V and let him tie you up and fuck you half to death?”

Bye Caden? Considering the venom Karen’s father had been spouting for as long as she could remember about past and present owners of the huge Bar C Ranch that bordered the Rocking O, Karen figured she should be throwing up.

But she wasn’t. Even if her hot, skilled Dom had really been Bye Caden, he’d made her come six ways from Sunday. That had to count for something. After the couple hours they’d spent playing games of dominance and submission, she’d come out feeling not only satisfied but practically cherished. When he’d left her with a hug and a quick brush of his hooded cheek against her forehead, she’d felt as though she’d been more than a convenient outlet for his lust. Maybe that was why she hadn’t wanted to stick around at the club and get off by watching the other members play.

“Hey, cousin, it’s hard to believe I finally got you speechless. I wouldn’t have said anything, but I figure you’ll want to stay away from him.” Buck laughed, a harsh sound he’d apparently developed while in prison a few years back. “Hate to think what ol’ Slade would do if he caught Caden fucking his baby gal.”

BOOK: LoversFeud
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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