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This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.


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Published in 2011 by Total-E-Bound Publishing, Think Tank,

, Lincoln,
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This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers.
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Jenika Snow








Love can leave you breathless, aching, and hurt. Love can flourish, grow, and die. Love can be everlasting or wither like a dying rose. Follow your hurt because it will always lead you in the right direction.








Chapter One




As soon as I awoke that morning, I knew I was in my mating heat. It wasn’t a slight feeling of impending doom, or even a joyous event which had everything else in my life taking second best. It’s a burden and a bother when you don’t have someone to share it with. I am part of an ancient species known as the
. We make our home high in the mountains in the small town of Forest Haven, where we have a small community set up, the thick surrounding trees giving us the privacy we seek and the openness we crave.

wolf goes through the heat when their bodies are at their physical prime. It is also the time when a female is at her most fertile. This was my first mating heat, and I could already tell how horrendous it would be. My skin was so sensitive I could feel the very threads that made up the sheets I lay between. My breasts were swollen, my nipples tight and hard. My pussy throbbed and my clit tingled. I shifted my legs, moaning softly when fluid gushed out of my pussy and coated my labia. I was so ready to be taken, to be under a male and feel him pump inside me. I could think of nothing but having a big, hard cock thrust inside me over and over until I screamed to the heavens. I wanted to be used, to be sated.

My arousal was so intense, the very act of moving in bed had me wanting to thrust my fingers into my dripping hole and relieve the ache that had settled there. With all the strength I could muster, I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. Every step jiggled my breasts in just the right way. The way my legs moved together seemed to pinch my pussy lips together until they were squeezing my clit mercilessly. It was hell, plain and simple. You would think for as many times as I’d seen it happen to my friends and family, I would have been prepared for how powerful it was. Well, I wasn’t.

I showered quickly, gritting my teeth with every second the water caressed my flesh. All it did was drive my arousal higher. Even if I got myself off, I knew it wouldn’t help. The end result might be a semi-satisfying orgasm, but the lust would slowly climb until it was worse than before. My only true relief would be intimacy with one of my own kind, feeling their hot semen fill me. It sounded like euphoria at the moment, but
males were notoriously possessive, aggressive and dominant. I really didn’t want to have to deal with a he-man, yelling alpha that liked it his way or no way. That’s not to say all males of my kind are like that, but it was safe enough to assume the majority of them would fall into that category. It also didn’t help that I wasn’t claimed. Sure, I could fuck whomever I choose, but when my mating heat ended, I would be left alone, aching for something to fill me other than a cock. The sex would be emotionless, just two people filling a void and taming the animal that resides in all of us.

Only once had I ever attempted sex, and to say it was a less than memorable experience would be an understatement. It had been with a human, and although he had been gorgeous and well hung, there’d been something missing. After it was all said and done and we lay there in an awkward silence, it had dawned on me. The sex hadn’t been primal enough. I wanted something wilder, more feral. I know it sounded like I was contradicting myself given the fact that was exactly what I
want, but I am naturally an animal, a wolf. The creature that dwells within me revels in the untamed, in the testosterone in a commanding male that makes any sane female’s heart skip a beat. I now blamed these feelings on the fact that the damn heat had been approaching. During the heat, we are more animal than human, and so we want it harder, faster—rougher.

I stepped outside and was instantly assaulted by the sights, smells, and sounds of my community. I curled my fingers around the
of my porch as the most intoxicating and potent aroma hit me. Instantly I became soaked and my nipples tingled. I knew the smell, had fantasised about that scent my whole life. It was as if my body knew what it wanted—and what it wanted was striding right by my cabin.

I slipped off my porch and cloaked myself in the shadows the trees provided. I had known Chase and Xavier my entire life. They were the two males I dreamt about, the two
I actually wanted to be intimate with. The only problem was they didn’t let females get in the way of their mission. Said mission was finding their mate and starting a family. This, of course, didn’t exclude them from fucking a willing female, and the fact was, never once had they shown an interest in me. I felt something stronger than just a physical pull towards them. It went bone deep, but I knew I wasn’t their mate, because if I was they would have claimed me by now.

I knew they could smell me, knew that the mediocre darkness that shielded me was a poor escape from their highly trained and astute senses. The two men that I now desperately wanted to fuck were lethal, powerful. Their rank in our pack was high, and whether it was all of that male prowess or the fact that the mating heat was just too much, I wanted them desperately…both of them. When they passed my cabin without a sideways glance, I breathed out in relief. I wanted them, true, but not at this moment. I needed to show a semblance of control. I knew if I showed the tiniest bit of interest, they would be on me in a second.

No male could resist a female in their mating heat.

A gust of wind blew from the north, causing the branches to sway and creak overhead. I pushed the hair from my eyes and watched as Chase and Xavier stopped walking. My heart leapt in my chest as they slowly turned around and stared at me. I could tell they were scenting the air, knew they could smell the pheromones that were pouring off me in waves. My mouth went dry at the same time a few other males nearby stopped what they were doing and looked over at me. It seemed like I had all of the unmated males’ attention.

For a moment I couldn’t do anything but watch them. Some growled low in their throats as they turned fully around to face me. I swallowed and quickly went back into my cabin. I shut the door and pressed my back to it, breathing out heavily and wondering what in the hell I was going to do.

Every day that I wasn’t with a male would only make my symptoms worse. The longer I held out, the more restless the males would become. I had never known a
female to deny a male during her heat. I was stubborn, true, but was I really prepared to let myself fully go? Let all of my inhibitions leave me and succumb to the pleasure only a male of my kind could give me? It frightened me, to be honest, and although I wanted to be strong and retain a semblance of control over this need inside of me, I didn’t know if I was
strong. Why did nature have to rule over us? Why did I have to go along with this just because it was the way of things?


* * * *


I stayed in my house for as long as I could. I paced restlessly in my living room, knowing that just beyond the wood that sheltered me, there were males that could ease my pain. And it
starting to become painful. My nipples felt hard, ultra-sensitive as my shirt moved against them.
To hell with a bra and panties.
Both articles of clothing seemed to exacerbate everything.

I decided I couldn’t stay cooped up forever. I stepped outside, instantly feeling more at ease as the cool air brushed by me. I wasn’t going to let myself change into a wolf, because all that would do is make the animal inside me more feral, more eager. It felt as if all eyes were on me, as if every single person could tell that my pussy was perpetually swollen and wet. Of course it was true since you couldn’t hide anything from a
wolf, and that fact alone had my cheeks constantly warm with embarrassment.

I headed off onto one of the worn paths behind my cabin. A walk couldn’t make any of this worse, or so I thought. The deeper I ventured into the forest, the closer I came to rustling and deep murmurs. The wind was blowing downwind and I couldn’t get a clear scent on who was ahead of me. I should have turned around, but when I smelt the distinct aroma of people fucking, it was as if my mind hazed over. My feet moved of
their own
accord, taking me closer and closer to what I needed. I slipped behind a monstrous oak tree and watched the scene before me in rapt awe.

A threesome was taking place no more than ten feet from me. The two males and one female grunted and moaned their ecstasy. They were too engaged in their fuck session to even realise I was hidden behind the tree. The visual display of hard male bodies and straining cocks made my whole body hotter with need. I had no particular interest in the two males, but the way my body was behaving I would have submitted to them right then. As if they read my mind, all thrusting and panting stopped as everyone turned their attention to me.

My eyes grew wide and I stumbled back, mortified that my voyeurism had been caught. The two men inhaled deeply and grinned widely. The female on the other hand huffed at the fact that she didn’t have them pumping into her. I could completely relate to her aggravation. Both males eyes grew heavy lidded as they picked up on my mating scent.

“Come here, little wolf, and let us ease your suffering.”

I was tempted, oh was I tempted, but I barely knew these wolves. I shook my head, using all my strength to resist the temptation they exuded.

“We can make you feel so good. We know how much you want
can smell the sweet nectar that seeps from your cunt.”

My cheeks heated further at their brash language. They may still be buried in the female, but it didn’t matter. The
pheromones exuded by one of my kind during the heat was
such a high and potent aphrodisiac it made even the sanest

“I can’t. I’m sorry for interrupting.” I hauled ass out of there, stumbling over fallen branches in my haste. I rubbed my hands on my jeans so hard and fast that the burning pain it caused slowly penetrated my brain. I tripped, landing on my hands and knees and wincing in pain.

“Are you hurt?”

I glanced up, my breath halting as Chase held his hand out to me. Xavier was behind him, arms crossed over his impressive chest as he stared at me. I slowly stood and shook my head.

“No. I’m okay, thank you.” I took a step back, clenching my hands as their purely male scent washed through me. I didn’t dare touch them. The three of us looked at each other, the silence seeming to stretch out until it bordered on awkward. A high pitched female cry rang through the air and once again my cheeks became warm. It was clear the female had just got off, and the fact that I was standing so close to the action but not receiving any of it had me on edge.

“I should go.” It was suddenly strange around them. As if I couldn’t be myself with two males I had known my whole life. Neither of them spoke and I made my way past them, keeping my head down to try and lessen the dose of their aroma I couldn’t help but inhale. A firm, large hand gripped my forearm, stopping my movements and seeming to brand my flesh. I closed my eyes and swallowed, trying to stem the desire to turn around and beg them to fill me.

“Are you feeling all right, Ophelia?” Xavier’s words were spoken softly and seemed to wrap around me in a sexual haze.

That had to be the worst question possible to ask me at the moment. They knew how on edge I was, knew that my body was so thoroughly primed for a male I could be fucked for hours without reprieve.

At the moment that sounded like heaven.

“You know what the problem is.” I snapped and pulled my arm away. I made my way towards my cabin, but the words they spoke next stopped me.

“We can help you, Ophelia.”

“We can ease you, make you feel good.”

I let their words sink in. It was exactly what I had wanted to hear for the longest time. It was a letdown, to be honest. They were offering themselves to me because at the moment, I was irresistible. Now, if they would have offered this before my heat, I would have felt something stronger than heartbroken disappointment and sorrow. But my body still jumped in excitement at the thought of having these two males.

“Let us make you feel good, baby.”

I shivered as Xavier’s whisper teased my ear. I could feel his body heat seep into mine, knew that compared to him I was small, petite. Chase stepped in front of me, his light blue eyes dipping down to my breasts. I knew my nipples strained against the material of my shirt. Hell, I could feel the fabric rubbing them raw. I wanted, no, needed a hot mouth sucking on them, easing the burn I felt.

“You’re suffering, let us help you.”

Chase sounded so rational, so comforting. I wanted to totally give myself up to them, with only the wind and fresh air as our buffers.

“Oh God.
This is hell.” I closed my eyes and breathed out as I felt Xavier move my hair off my shoulder. His lips against my neck were like fire, leaving me burning hotter, brighter. I opened my eyes and looked up into Chase’s eyes. He lifted his hand and trailed it over my collarbone, moving it down my sternum and between my breasts. He didn’t move his hand from between my breasts, just kept it there like a heavy, pleasurable reminder.

Xavier gently bit the skin where my neck met my shoulder. It was such an animalistic and primal action that I moaned in wanton lust. I tilted my head to the side more, offered him my throat in a purely submissive move. They both growled low, the sound vibrating straight to my clit.

“Come with us, baby.” Xavier murmured against my neck.

I nodded my agreement and let them lead the way. I knew I could be setting myself up for a huge letdown. Even with that knowledge, I continued to follow them, not caring because I was about to have the men I desired most ease the ache between my thighs.

BOOK: Lush
5.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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