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Ihad no real choice. Only one

answer was acceptable¸ yet giving

it meant losing everything and

anything I cared about. It meant

losing Owen, and it meant losing


"Daisy?" Owen looked deep into

my eyes.

"I love you." I didn't think, I

didn't question. I crushed my lips

against his, needing to soak up his

taste and feel. He responded

immediately, deepening the kiss as

he wrapped me up in his arms.

Always and forever. Our

promised words swirled through my

head. Promised words that couldn't

possibly be true. But in that

moment it didn't matter. The truth

couldn't hurt us. Only time could.



Ihalf expected him to walk away.

People are good at promising

things. The promise is the easy

part. Keeping the promise takes

more work. Yet there he was,

driving us from Arizona to New

Orleans in a borrowed car that had

seen better days. Owen had talked

to a friend of a friend he knew in

the area. I didn’t have any other

ideas, and at least he wasn’t

manipulating anyone to get it. I’d

had the urge. A small one I was

able to dampen by walking away,

but it was there, and that reality

scared me. It was another reminder

that I was no longer completely


“You okay?” Owen put a hand

on my leg. I was already used to his

touch. I wasn’t sure how I’d

managed so many years without it.

I also wasn’t sure how I could ever

manage without it in the future.

I wanted to pretend nothing had

changed, that I wasn’t going to lose

my ability to feel, but that crazy

thought seemed more and more

possible. My emotions were going

haywire, and more often than not, I

didn’t feel like myself.

“Okay enough.” I kept my voice

level even though I felt anything

but calm. If I didn’t know about the

Allure essence I’d have assumed I

was having a hormonal imbalance.

These mood swings made my PMS

complaints seem like a joke.

“That’s not good enough.” He

took his eyes off the road long

enough to give me a worried once


“Would you prefer I lied?” I

didn’t want to be rude to him. I

wanted to be all sugar and light,

but I couldn’t be. Not now.

“No, I want you to relax.”

“Relax? I just found out my life

as I know it is over.”

“It’s been over for years.” His

voice was flat, but I knew it wasn’t

indifference. He was trying to reign

in his true feelings as much as I


“True.” A smile slipped out

despite my sour mood. Owen was

good at making that happen.

“We’re going to fix this. We’re

going to fix everything. And after

that we’re going to work on us.” He

squeezed my thigh lightly. There

was nothing overtly sexual about

the action, but that’s exactly where

my thoughts begged to go. I’d only

had a small taste of him. I wanted

more. I wanted more of everything,

in bed and out.

“Work on us?” I raised an

eyebrow. “I wasn’t aware there was

anything to fix.” Everything causing

our problems was external, or in my

case internal, but having nothing to

do with my true thoughts or

feelings about him. We were solid.

“That came out wrong.” A

panicked look crossed his face.

“There is nothing about us to fix. I

mean focus on us.”

“Gotcha.” I smiled again. His

concern over upsetting me was


“We deserve some quality time.”

“I still can’t believe I’m sitting

next to you.” I relaxed against the

seat. Dingy or not, the car was

taking us toward help. We needed

any of it we could get.

“That makes two of us.” He took

my hand in his. “The thing is

though; there is nowhere else I’d

want to be.”

“You’d rather be flying.” I wasn’t

sure why I kept trying to sabotage

things, but my emotions didn’t give

me a choice. They changed and

pushed me to say things I didn’t

want to mean. But I did mean

them, even if another voice inside

of me was screaming that I


“Ok. I’d rather be flying—with

you. Or in bed with you for that


My body warmed thinking about

all the things I wanted to do in bed

with him. “I’m with you there.”

“Maybe that’s what you need,

huh?” He winked.

“You think you can cure my

stress with sex?” As wonderful and

enticing of a thought as it was, my

luck wasn’t that good.

“I know I can. If we weren’t in a


“If we were in a rush we could

have flown.” I closed my eyes and

imagined the sensation of flying.

The wind all around us. The feel of

his body pressed against mine.

“We needed some time before

we got there.”

“We did.” I squeezed his hand.

“I’m sorry. This isn’t me. I’m not

obnoxious and mean.”

“I know. I know who you are.”

There wasn’t a hint of wavering in

his voice. He still saw the real me,

even if it was getting more and

more buried by the minute.

“Or who I was… ugh.”

“You are still you. We’ll get rid

of the other stuff.” He changed

lanes to pass a slow moving car.

“Are you always this optimistic?”

He laughed. “No. I’m usually

considered the opposite. My friends

give me a hard time about my

unrelenting realism.”

“Then how can you be so

confident right now?” I envied his

confidence. I wondered where I’d

have been without him. Probably in

a ditch waiting out the last days of

my humanity.

He slowed down and moved into

the exit lane.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to remind you of

where my confidence comes from.”

“Owen…” Needing time together

or not, we had to move. Who knew

when the Allure part of me would

fully take over? I shivered. I

couldn’t stomach the thought of

losing the ability to feel, especially

since it meant losing my feelings for

Owen. I refused to accept that.

“Yes, Daisy?” He pulled off at

the next exit.

“What are you doing?” I looked

out at the dark night sky.

“You already asked that

question, and I answered.”

I thought over his answer.

Maybe the stop would be one I

wanted. One I needed.

He parked the car in a gas

station parking lot. “Come on. Grab

your purse, we’re leaving the car.”

“Okay.” I didn’t question him.

Despite everything, I trusted Owen

completely. I assumed he would

take care of making sure the owner

got the car back. He wasn’t like

Violet and the guys. He wasn’t an

Allure. Not like me.

By the time he met me on my

side of the car he already had his

shirt off. I’d been right. We were

going for a flight. I waited anxiously

as he moved behind me. His arms

wrapped around my waist, and my

stomach lurched the way it always

did when he took off, but soon it

settled down. I knew I was in good


I kept my eyes open as we

soared through the night sky. The

wind was cold and a stark contrast

to Owen’s warm body pressed

against mine. His body was hard,

but it gave me comfort like nothing

else could ever give.

After a few minutes, we landed

in a dense forest, and I stumbled

away from him. I took in his

muscular chest, his large black

wings, and I couldn’t wait any

longer. I reached out for him.

Before my hands could make

contact he had me in his arms

again. His lips pressed against

mine, and he quickly demanded

access to my mouth. I gladly let

him in, reveling in his taste as he

continued to deepen the kiss. His

hand slipped underneath the front

of my shirt, and I ran my hand up

and down the muscular planes of

his chest. With my other hand I

touched his back, disappointed to

find his wings gone, but his roving

BOOK: Lust
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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