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Authors: Desirae Williams

Tags: #romance, #crime, #suspense, #relationships

Lyfe Changing

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My Rolex kept ticking as I
waited outside the apartment buildings of Green point Avenue. I
puffed on a black and mild while I laid low in a dark Nissan
waiting for my target to arrive. The night was dark and cold
leaving the streets abandoned in the late hours; unlike most people
I didn’t mind roaming the streets at night. I considered the pitch
black darkness to be a friend of mine. Still in wait, I leaned back
against the headrest and sighed in frustration.
I wish this muthafucka hurry up,
thought. It was a quarter to twelve and I wanted to make it to club
Nitro to chill with my boys De and Ray so we could discuss our next
business venture, but this fool’s late arrival was causing a delay
in my plans.

I glanced at my rearview
and noticed a couple of people struggling to get off of the streets
and into their homes quickly, knowing better than to be out at this
, I
The less witnesses I have to deal
with the better. The last thing I needed was an extra body to drop
while I’m out here taking care of business…and here’s come my
target now.
Oliver Omaya pulled up in front
of his apartment building a little later than usual, hence my
frustration, but I knew it was a matter of time before he finally
appeared. Oliver was popular drug dealer known as Double O. He was
real good at promoting himself throughout the neighborhood but his
products were garbage. They were nothing more than party pills and
generic weed for college kids to get high off of, not any real
heavy weight.

However, the shit was
selling quite nicely among the community. Double O may have been a
joke of a drug dealer but he was making a good chunk of change…and
I didn’t mind adding his dollars to my bank account. After watching
and studying his movements around town for a while it was easy for
me to catch him alone.

On the nights he wasn’t
heading out to the docks to meet up with connects for another drug
shipment, he was fucking around with some broads in the Bronx
trying to get it from any chicken head in need of a few dollars.
Good thing he was alone tonight. I was already on the edge and
would have hated to have a female caught up in some of this
dangerous shit I was about to get into. I watched Double O step out
of his red sports car and head to the back of his trunk. That was
another thing about this clown I didn’t like, he felt the need to
flash his wealth around making it know to the world that he had
money…once again this fool was an easy target.

I slowly exited my Nissan
while he unloaded some drug and money bags from his trunk. A wicked
grin spread across my face as I came closer to him. Double O was
not a real threat body wise; he was tall and real skinny, clearly
nothing to be worried about. Yet in still, I knew better then to
underestimate my opponent. I snuck up behind him slowly, careful
not to tip him off. His dark skin contrasted with the white Armani
suit he was wearing. I watched as he nonchalantly ducked down and
reached for another black bag out of his trunk. WHACK!

Double O thudded to the
ground as the bud of my gun ran across the back of his head. “What
the fuck?” he yelled. He grew silent as his eyes made contact with
mine and fear and panic spread across his face. “Who the fuck are
you?” He yelled out. Double O tried to scoot back from me as he saw
the .22 caliber in my hand but that was pointless.
Look at his bitch ass
, I
Does he really think he can get
away from me?
“Look bruh, it’s all good…”
He began to plead. “I got a few stacks in the trunk, a lot of money
baby…just take em.” He tried to bargain as I stood over him with a
cold stare, thinking I didn’t notice his little punk ass reaching
in the back of his pants for the pistol that I knew he carried from
time to time. Before he even touched the damn thing I gripped up on
my caliber and repeatedly hammered his head to the ground. Double O
howled in pain as the bud of my gun continually came down on his
skull. Blood had permanently damaged that white Armani suit of his
and he lay against the ground damn near to the grave. As my hand
grew tired I leaned back up and witnessed the bloody mess I had

After a while I finally got
my breathing under control giving the adrenaline rush that had
surged through me time enough to subside. It was funny how I always
caught a rush when planning an attack on one of my many sitting
ducks…especially when they the least expected it. Don’t call me a
crazy but the feeling I felt when I was raining down blows on
somebody was just as satisfying and pleasurable as fucking…well
almost. One by one I loaded all of the black bags into my Nissan
and I left Double O‘s sorry ass on the pavement as I made off with
the loot.

Damn boy you put in work.”
I said to myself as I looked in the backseat of the car at all the
Benjamin’s accompanying me home. I reached back into one of the
bags and ran my finger across the green paper bound together by
rubber bands and smiled. “Yeah! Just what I like.” I laughed
feeling damn good that I had just successfully completed another
assignment. After my short celebration, I got unto the main road
and switched into the fast lane, speeding ahead past other slow ass
cars feeling an all-time high. A successful score like that always
put me in a good ass mood. I took off unto an exit and drove off
into a nearby field where an abandoned ware house was located. I
eased on in the vacant lot and laid eyes on the love of my life….
my beautiful black custom made Lamborghini. “Hey baby.”

I said making my way out of
the Nissan, removing my blood stained gloves, and tossing them in a
waste bag. “You must have missed me huh?” I was thankful that
nobody ever came to these ware houses anymore since the nearby
factory that used to own them shut down, leaving them wide open to
be taken advantage of. This place made it perfectly easy to handle
my business, stash my equipment, and exchange my cars that I loved
so much. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if someone jacked my Lambo
that I hid out here…talk about devastated. I unloaded all the bags
from the back of the Nissan and into the Lambo and cranked up.
“Alright now...Let’s roll out.” I huffed, strapping myself into the
driver’s seat.

The sounds of Tupac filled
my ears as I blasted my speakers out of the ware house and back
onto the main road. I bobbed my head to “Ambitionz Az a Ridah”
while speeding down the highway back to my place. I needed to head
home first and get cleaned up before rolling out to Nitro’s
nightclub. Although I was going there mainly for business I was not
ignorant to the fact that a lot of fine ass women were known to be
there and they were not about to catch me looking like some scrub.
Shit from the natural high I was on right now, I may have to break
em off a little something.


Taking care of


I could hear the music from
the club blasting all the way from outside as I entered into the
static filled place. After rushing home and getting a much needed
shower and shave I headed out to meet the boys. I suited up in a
dark burgundy button up shirt and denim jeans looking fresher than
a muthafucka. The neon flashing lights were giving the place a nice
allure as people sipped on their drinks and grinded on the dance
floor. The DJ had the club pumping as everybody crowded around.
“Alright sexy ladies and fly fellas, get yo ass some drinks, then
get on this floor and bounce something!” I made my way through the
crowd of beautiful people and I do mean beautiful.

I noticed a couple of
lovely ladies giving me the eye while the clowns they were with
couldn’t stop mean mugging. I didn’t give a damn either way, I had
business to take care of…money over bitches, that was always my
policy…and I lived by it proudly. I spotted my boys De and Ray at a
table in the back. They were in the midst of a conversation with
what looked like some of Magic City’s best strippers and didn’t
even notice me come up. “Well damn…” I said standing over them as
they were at the table. “I could blast y’all asses right now and
you wouldn’t have even known.” They all looked up at the intruder
who had interrupted them and smiled.

Boy I thought yo ass was
never gonna get here. What’s good?” Ray jumped up and gave me some
love while De and I just dapped each other up. Desmond and Raymond
Howard had been friends of mine since high school. They were both
tall, stocky, and had a medium brown complexion. De and Ray were
two years apart but looked just alike. They head the same small
eyes, bridged nose, and full lips…the double mint twins was how I
referred to them even though it pissed them off. “Damn Derrick you
were supposed to be here an hour ago what happened?” De complained
while leaning back in his seat sipping on a grey goose bottle. I
took a seat as they made room for me and kicked back while they
passed me a blunt.

It’s not my fault that
muthafucka rolled up so late… He had me sitting out there watching
his place like a bill collector.” We all laughed while pouring more
drinks and passing them around. We chilled for a moment cracking a
couple of jokes and flirting with the ladies until I decided to
switch lanes for a minute. I eyed De and Ray letting them know it
was time to talk business and we were among mixed company. They
caught my drift and nodded taking another puff of the much needed
blunt we were passing around. De put his arm around the pretty
brown girl with the cream colored dress that looked so damn tight
it could have been spray painted on. He leaned to his right and
whispered in her ear. “Hey baby girl, why don’t you take your
friends and go buy us another bottle.” Her eyes lit up like a
Christmas tree as he handed her a couple of hundreds and moved her
on her way.

Wait for me in the back
aight?” He further instructed her. The girl nodded and gathered up
the rest of her fine friends and headed to the bar, but not before
I got a couple of sneak peeks at what they were working with in the
minimal clothing they had on leaving nothing to the imagination. I
watched them sashay through the crowd as if they were the baddest
bitches in the place and didn’t have a care in the world. “Well got
damn… straight out an uncut video huh?” I joked causing us all to
laugh. “And you know it.” De spoke up. “I don’t except nothing but
the best.” I took a sip of cognac before we got down to business.
“Alright boys…”I said putting my game face on. “What you got for

I heard through the
grapevine there’s this Columbian cat named Julio who runs a
well-known drug trade…” Ray said. “I ran into him around the way
earlier this month.” I nodded as they went on. I had heard of
Julio, he was becoming a big name in the drug world; he had barely
been in the states for a couple of years, coming all the way from
Venezuela and already racked up a lot of workers and a lot of
money. De continued to give me the run down.

From what I know he got a
big house in the burbs not too far from the shore. There is a safe
hidden in the floor under his bed filled with a shit load of
money…I’m talking mega Benjamin’s.” He said taking another sip of
his drink.

Me and Ray have been
rolling with him for a minute now and will be heading out with him
this weekend for a new shipment at the docks. While we are out
doing that we want you to be raiding the muthafucka’s

De said nodding my way.
“How much you think he working with?” I asked feeling the buzz
settling in my system from the weed and alcohol, but I still
remained focused. “From what I have seen so far probably five
million.” I almost spit out my damn yak at the sound of those
words…now you know I had to be shocked as hell to be wasting some
good yak. “What! five mill!” They both nodded as if they couldn’t
believe it either. “Hell I was shocked too…shit.” Ray said puffing
on a blunt. I chuckled a little while looking at them both crazy.
“Well then what the hell we waiting for then? Let’s get to

De laughed at my
enthusiasm. “Calm down baby boy, we can’t just go busting in on
that fool. Julio aint stupid, he got mad protection on him.” I
nodded shaking off my eagerness and thinking more logically. I just
couldn’t believe having access to all that about being
set for life. “So how am I going to get in the house?” I asked
ready to cut through the bullshit and know exactly what I was
getting myself into. “Well he put me on security so I got access to
the alarms, security codes, and all type of shit like that. I’m
gonna give you the codes so you can disarm the house and case the
joint.” Ray said patting my shoulder. “Me and De gonna be the only
ones with Julio on the shipment, so we will slip whatever we can
from him there.” De nodded in agreement but I wasn’t

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