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Lyon's Heart

BOOK: Lyon's Heart
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Lyon’s Heart


Jordan Silver


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Fuck me what the fuck has
happened to my life? My world has been turned upside down by
females. I’m surrounded, out numbered and outgunned. I haven’t had
a moment’s peace since I met my Angel and that’s no fucking joke.
Not that I’m complaining or anything but she’s like a whirlwind.
She runs circles around me. The fucking girl completely owns and
consumes me; and if that shit isn’t bad enough she brought in a
ringer. Fucking daughters and shit. I’m pretty sure my life is
never going to be the same ever again in this lifetime. My once
calm existence is a thing of the past. I’m now in a constant state
of high alert, it’s enough to make a motherfucker lose his shit. I
don’t think I’ve taken a calm breath since she put that little
stick in my hand on the dance floor. I’m not sure what other men do
when they first hear those words. I mean it’s not like they’ve got
a playbook somewhere out there with instructions on how the fuck to
deal with your whole world being knocked the fuck off its axis. The
fuckers around here thinks it’s funny to watch me come undone. I’ve
doled out plenty of threats for an ass kicking if they don’t fuck
off and leave me the hell alone. My own crew, men I’ve run with for
years now think I’ve lost it. So what if I’m a little over
protective have you seen the shit that’s going on in the news? I
have, and let me tell you that shit’s enough to make me want to
lock my little family behind iron gates with twenty-four hour
guards. I brought up the idea to Kat and she called me crazy and
went on about business as usual. Like bringing a baby girl into the
world wasn’t cause for any sane man to want to take drastic
measures. She treated all my ideas about her and the new baby’s
protection like they were some cosmic joke or something. Of all my
naysayers she and her crew, which now consisted of mom and her hen
pack are the worse.

I asked both her father and
mine how they did it. They’re men, they should know what the fuck
I’m talking about. Drake was a little more understanding but he
didn’t have much to offer since he wasn’t there when she was
growing up, through no fault of his own. Daniel the pothead on the
other hand was a lost cause. Everything was roses in his world. His
advice was to relax and enjoy it; like that shit was going to
happen. A boy would’ve been easier, a son I could teach to fuck
somebody’s shit up but girls were like fucking targets for the
fuckwits of the world. I have two assholes under my belt already
and we all know I have no problem offing a motherfucker for messing
with me and mine. But damn I can’t keep doing that shit. If I keep
that shit up there won’t be a motherfucker left standing. I
personally think it’s best if I keep my little family secluded.
That way no one gets fucked up and I can keep my hands clean. The
only option I had was to keep them as shielded as it was possible
for me to, but that too was laughed to scorn. It seems everyone
thought I was going overboard. That I was taking shit way too far,
but they didn’t understand what was going on inside my head. They
didn’t understand what it meant to deal with a woman like my wife.
Since she came out of that shell she’s been like a runaway train.
And now I have my mother and hers on my ass about shit because she
tells them damn near everything, and then they come to me with
their fuckery, sticking their noses in my damn business. Kat can
talk all the shit she wants to but she’s not allowed outside after
dark without me and she can’t go anywhere that I don’t know about.
She sure the fuck doesn’t take our daughter anywhere after dark
without me, which almost never happens anyway unless we’re at my
parents or hers. She has a list of rules that she pretty much tries
to ignore until I spank her ass and drag her back in line. Only
then do I have some peace and quiet. At least for a little while
until she starts her shit again. We’ve settled into the whole
parenting thing pretty easily too, which is a relief because for a
while there I thought I really was going to lose my shit. Having a
baby is about the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I’m
getting used to it now; well sort of. I still have moments where
I’m not sure what the fuck!


“Colt, hurry before Caitlin
wakes up.” Her horny ass is busy pushing back against me trying to
get my cock all the way inside her. I was more interested in
teasing her with the piercing in my cock head as I ran my hands
over my stamp of ownership that covers her back. She was nice and
wet just the way I like her because I’d just sucked on her little
kitty until she filled my mouth with pussy juice. It’s fun getting
her even more heated up; she does crazy shit when she’s beyond
gone. I teased her wet opening, my cock juice mixing with her own
sweet honey. My engorged cock head looked like a monster when I
held it against her little slit that was now all pink and dewy. I
tapped her clit with my cock one last time before deciding it was
time to get down to it.

“Hold on tight babygirl this
is gonna be hard and quick.” I slammed into her and she screamed
into the pillow. I haven’t really fucked her hard and deep since
she had the baby, even though she begs for it. It feels kinda
strange fucking the mother of my child like a porn star; but she
pulled a fast one on me with the shit she wore to bed last night.
The red lacy bit of fluff she’d had on had barely made it five
minutes after she sauntered into the bedroom all smiles. She got
the nailing she’d been begging for and then some. Now we were on to
the encore. She’s been begging for weeks for a rough ride and I’ve
been holding off. I should’ve known something was up when she came
back from shopping with Carol and wouldn’t let me see all the shit
she’d bought huh; Xmas presents my ass.



“Kat what the fuck are you

“You like it?” She posed in
the bathroom doorway, her ass hanging out of some type of one-piece
thing that showed off her milky tits and her perfect

“Get your ass over here.” My
cock was already leaking when I started stroking him. My mouth
watered and longed to get on her tits. She grinned and ran to the
bed jumping on me.

“Hmm…” She licked the pre
cum off my cock head while fondling my nuts. I played with her hair
as she took me in until I hit the back of her throat. “My Angel.”
Fuck I love this girl. I let her have her fun sucking my cock and
teasing my balls until I needed the taste of her in my mouth.
Slapping her ass hard got her attention until she turned around and
put her pussy right over my tongue. I spread her open with my
thumbs before sucking her clit ring into my mouth and tonguing it.
She hummed around my cock and pushed her sweet hairless pussy
harder into my mouth. Her juices were sweet as I licked inside her
walls as deep as my tongue would go. Still one of my favorite
things, having her fuck my face. The way she loses control always
makes me feel ten feet tall.

After that I’d fucked her
hard and deep tearing the sheets off the bed. It was the first time
in months that I’d been that rough with her. We stayed up all night
fucking like minks because my girl is a freak, once she gets going
you can’t turn her off. We even brought out some of her toys to
play she hasn’t had her pussy and ass plugged full at the same time
in a long while. That gets her going for sure when I’m balls deep
in her pussy and ass fucking her with the lifelike ten-inch cock.
It took me about six or seven rounds to fulfill her greedy pussy
before I took her into the shower and cleaned us both up because
she was too boneless to even stand up straight.


When we woke up this morning
I’d seen my fingermarks all over her body from where I’d held her
too tight. She was just lying there on her tummy all sprawled open,
her ass just begging me to fuck. I checked the clock to see how
much time we had before easing down the bed until I was nestled
between her legs. Her fresh scent from the predawn bath we’d taken
after our fuck fest wafted up to me. Taking her slender hips in
both my hands I lifted just her ass and licked into her pussy from
behind. My heart pounded in my chest and my cock grew long and hard
as I ate at her until she awakened with a moan.

“I love the taste of your
pussy first thing in the morning Kat, so fucking good.”

I could’ve eaten her for the
rest of the morning but my cock was ready to go home and I was
ready to fuck but she had other ideas.

“I wanna taste you too

“Okay but you better make it
quick you know who is gonna be up soon and I want in that

I laid back on the bed and
pulled her over me in the classic sixty-nine. She wasn’t shy about
sucking me in deep she went right to work. I fucked her mouth hard
with my hand pushing her head down onto my meat while tongue
fucking her pussy until my cock was as hard as it had ever

“Pull off baby.” If I got
any harder I would hurt her tender pussy for sure. Last night I had
been a little hard on her, it was a long time coming but I wasn’t
about to hurt my Angel. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d left her
with a torn up pussy but now there was the baby to think of and
mommy won’t be able to take care of her if she could hardly

“Stay.” I eased her from
over me and slid out from under her on the other end. With my hand
in the small of her back I started running my cock head from her
clit to her little asshole, which wasn’t so little anymore since it
had been getting a workout while her pussy was out of commission
for those six weeks after giving birth. Maybe later I’ll go there
if my little girl didn’t wake up. I eased into her as she lifted
her ass higher to take my cock deeper.

Now I’m buried balls deep
and she’s begging me to hurry as I push two fingers into her ass. I
held her hip with my other hand as I stroked her long and deep
hitting bottom with each stroke.

“Harder Colt please fuck me
harder uh.”

I let go and gave her what
she wanted. She arched her back deeper taking me into her

“Oh yeah right there feel so
good.” She was rushing to get to climax her pussy squeezing harder
and harder.

“Play with your clit for me
baby I need you to cum on my cock so I can fuck your

She liked that idea; her
pussy clenched hard and she flooded me with her warm

Fuck Caitie baby don’t wake
up yet. That was my very un-fatherly thought as I slipped out of
her pussy and into her ass. She had already lost the little bit of
weight she’d gained from pregnancy except in her tits and her ass,
fuck am I lucky. Grabbing her hips I bottomed out in her ass as I
started fingering her pussy to keep her going. She was so wet she
flooded my hand as I plunged my fingers in and out her in time with
my cock. Damn my Angel had really been in need of a hard pounding.
I’d missed my wild girl, missed the way she now took all eleven
inches of my cock. I flexed inside her rubbing my barbell piercing
against her insides making her squeal into her pillow and push back

I fucked into her ass hard
and wild racing towards my own finish. I felt the sperm rising in
my balls and pounded harder as I pulled her back onto my spewing
cock. Fuck yeah.

“Fuck baby I’m cumming.” I
off loaded inside her both of us breathing hard and out of breath.
I pulled her head back and fed her my tongue as my cock slipped
slowly out of her ass. We settled side by side on the pillows our
mouths fused together as I calmed her body with soothing strokes. I
finally felt my heartbeat regulate and not too soon either because
Caitlin started making waking noises.

“I’ll get her you stay
there.” I stole one last kiss and a suck of her plump nipple before
hopping off the bed.

“Daddy’s coming Caitie
baby.” I had to hurry and clean up so I could go get my little
princess. Man, if her mother owns me that little girl consumes me
she also scares the living fuck out of me.

BOOK: Lyon's Heart
3.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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