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Maidens on Mercury

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Maidens on Mercury—Planetary Erotica Book 1
© August 2014 by Dani


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is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the
product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any
resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or
locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work
are 18 years of age or older.


book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually
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First Edition August 2014


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Maidens on Mercury

Erotica—Book 1)

By Dani Beck






turn off the vibration on my cell phone so I won’t notice when my cheating,
good-for-nothing newly
boyfriend calls me again. And again.

shove the phone into the front of my low-rise jeans pocket. “You’re such an
asshole!” I hiss through clenched teeth.


jump. I  hadn’t noticed the car pull up to the drive through. My face heats up
but I sigh with relief because it’s one of our regulars. Tessa Smothers won’t
be offended by my outburst. In fact, she’d likely agree. She knows my cheating,
good-for-nothing newly

press a hand to my heart. “Oh, whew. I’m glad it’s just you.”

a lot, Melody.” She gives me a look.

giggle. “You know what I meant. I’m glad it was just you who heard me cussing
out Chase and not a different customer who might not be so understanding.”

did he do this time?”

make my friend’s drink—she always orders a sugar-free white-chocolate
Americano. “I caught him fucking another girl last night.”

eyes widen. “Seriously? What a pig.”

swears he didn’t cheat, that it wasn’t what it looked like. Right.” I roll my
eyes, and it pisses me off they burn with unshed tears. He is
worth it. “I am
over men.”

don’t say that. Your Mr. Right could show up any time now. It’d be a shame for
you to miss the opportunity.”

resist the urge to roll my eyes again. Tessa is such a romantic, and sometimes
just a bit too Mary Sunshine. Not everything happens for a reason, and not
everybody gets a happy ending.

miss the sex eventually,” Tessa says as I hand over the hot drink and take the
money in exchange.

didn’t say I was giving up sex. Just relationships.” I wink at my friend as she
drives off, but I really just want to hit something. Or scream at the top of my
lungs. I compromise by pulling a small bottle of whiskey from my purse and
chugging it. My boss would probably fire me if he saw me do that but—no,
he wouldn’t. I am his best barista. I bring in the most traffic. I might not
have the biggest tits, but I get the biggest tips.

glance down at my meager cleavage, barely covered in the candy apple red bikini
top. If I ever make enough money, I’ll get a boob job. Working as a bikini
barista in Seattle might not be the most glamorous job in the world, and some
of my friends–and my mother–think I am demeaning myself, but pays
my way through college. So they can take their opinions and suck it.

finish closing up for the night and grab the bag of garbage, holding it in one
hand while I set the alarm and lock the door.  The dumpster is on the other
side of the parking lot. I’ve  bugged the owner to put in better lights out
here. I hate closing by myself at night. Kinda freaks me out sometimes. I’m not
a wuss, but tonight I swear the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. I
feel like I am being watched.

straighten my posture and lengthen my gait, trying to look strong and
confident. I don’t see anyone lurking in the shadows, but I adjust the keys in
my fist so my keys face pointy side out. Just in case.

am halfway across the parking lot when the hairs stand up on the back of my
neck and I just
I am being watched. Stalked.

spin around and see nothing but the buildings on either side of the coffee
stand, hear nothing but the occasional car driving by on the street.

creepy feeling remains. I tighten my grip on my keys, and put a thumb onto the
panic button. Just in case.

look around again. Nothing.

never occurs to me to look up.

* *
* *

open my eyes and immediately slam them shut again, it is so bright. My eyes
feel gritty. My body is stiff and I try to stretch my muscles but can’t move. I
open my eyes again and blink a few times to acclimate them to the brightness.

realize I’m naked and suspended spread-eagle by soft shackles on my ankles and
wrists. I squirm but can’t do much more than lift and lower my hips. Am I in a
hospital? If so, it doesn’t look like any hospital I’ve ever been in before.
Above me is…nothingness. It’s either the tallest, darkest ceiling I’ve ever
seen, or I’m outside and that’s the black sky above me, yet there are no stars
and it’s deathly quiet.

air brushes my exposed pussy. I squirm as much as the shackles will allow, as
if miraculously this time I’ll be able to break free. Of course, that doesn’t

glass or plastic shield surrounds me, shaped kind of like an Easter egg. I’m
being held in some sort of incubator or pod.

I yell. I cringe when my voice echoes loudly in the small pod, the sound
pounding in my eardrums.

heart races and sweat beads across my body. I look down at my nakedness again
and realize all my hair is gone. I am completely bare and hair free. My once
neatly trimmed bush is now as bare as a baby’s bum.

turn my head and jerk slightly as I meet the eyes of a girl who looks about my
age. I am sure the fear and confusion I see in her eyes mirror my own. She also
lies in a transparent pod and is naked, shackled and spread-eagled. It’s very
strange to see her suspended in the air inside her pod. Beyond her pod is a
line of similar clear pods, with naked girls suspended in each of them.


the fuck is this place and what the fuck is going on?

static filters into my pod then a voice speaks as someone is standing right
beside me. “Thank you for visiting our planet,” the robotic voice says.

? WTF?

exchange frightened glances with the girl in the next pod.

planet is dying and we need to repopulate it,” says the strange voice. “But we
need human female hosts to bear our seed. Our kind is no longer able to gestate
our spawn.”

words sink into my brain. Oh. My. God. I’ve been kidnapped by aliens who plan
to impregnate me. I take everything bad back I ever said about my loser
ex-boyfriend. I’d give everything to see him again right now.

turn and meet the eyes of the brown-haired girl in the next pod. She is crying.
I realize then I am crying too, but I can’t wipe the tears off my face because
my hands are shackled.

catches my eye, and suddenly a frightening creature stands in front of my pod.
In fact, a creepy creature stands in front of every pod. Looking like something
out of the most terrifying sci-fi horror movie, their bodies are covered in
sharp-looking scales that ooze green slime. I just assume they are “he” because
a “she” couldn’t possibly be that fucking ugly. Where a face should be is a
mass of worm-like appendages before multiple shiny golden eyes. They look like
Alien vs. Predator meets The Fly meets my worst fucking nightmare.

blink a couple of times, as if that will make my monster go away. It looks at me,
studying me from its freaky eyes, all the while the worm things on its face
freak out like long black maggots on a corpse.

creature touches the top of my pod, and it opens up from above with a soft
whirring sound. I look up and see something lowering from the cavernous space
above. At first I think it’s an alien spider on a web. Being absolutely
terrified of spiders—alien or otherwise—I open my mouth to scream.

the thing comes into focus, I realize a huge spider would’ve been a big
improvement over what I see.

looks like a glass jar filled with yellowish liquid lowers into my pod,
hovering over my naked body. Inside the jar is a wriggling, slimy creature that
looks like something out of the movie Alien. The disgusting creature presses
its sucker-like mouth against the glass, like it’s trying to get out. A metal
hand-like contraption plucks the thing from the liquid. The glass bottle whisks
away but the slimy alien creature thing hangs above me. Drops of the yellowy
liquid it had been swimming in dribbles onto my skin. I squirm in my
constraints but can’t tear my eyes away from that hideous creature hanging just
inches above my belly.

God. They aren’t going to put that thing inside me, are they? I glance over at
the other girl and her body shakes with fear. Mine does too and I can’t stop

Voice echoes in my pod again. “We will prepare your body to receive our seed.
Your womb must be ripened and readied. You will spend the next 24 Earth hours
with a pleasure transmitter.”

do not like the sound of that, and like it even less when that wriggling,
disgusting, slimy creature lowers right over my crotch. Oh, God. They are going
to insert that into my cunt. I just know it.

though that thought disgusts and terrifies me, my pussy throbs like it does
when I am about to be fucked. What the hell is wrong with me?

chance a glance down the row of other girls and those
hovering above all their crotches too. The girl next to me screams. I can’t
hear her, but her mouth is open and her body is clenched and rigid as she
fights against her constraints.

don’t bother struggling. I know I am helpless. These freaky aliens will do to
me whatever they want to do to me and I can’t stop them. Struggling will just
wear me out. Besides, the Voice had referred to it as a “pleasure transmitter.”
Maybe the experience won’t be completely horrible.

squeeze my eyes shut and wait for the inevitable, for when they insert that
into my hooch.

eyes are still closed when it touches my skin. It is cool and moist against my
bare skin down there. I tense and squeeze my eyes tighter, knowing where the thing
is about to go. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too bad, that I won’t pass out from
the pain. I am kind of a wuss when it comes to pain tolerance. Ask anyone who
knows me—


body just about turns inside out as that thing attaches itself to my clit and
begins to suck. Waves of intense pleasure shoot through me from clit to toes.
My eyes fly open and I see that thing pulsating on my crotch. It’s a clit
creature. Even though it’s actually pretty gross to look at, I can’t tear my
eyes away. Oh. My. God. That disgusting, slimy, wriggly thing is going to make
me come. And it is going to make me come

pleasure builds inside me, spiraling through my core and oozing its way into my
limbs, curling my toes. My pleasure climbs higher and higher and—


thing is pulled off my crotch.


the fuck?

glance down the row of pods, and all the other girls are left hanging just like

the fuck was that all about?” I scream, even though I know the creepy alien
dude outside my pod won’t answer.

Voice answers. “Our breeding hosts require a ripe womb. The breeding canals
must be 90 percent aroused for 24 Earth hours before mating can commence.”

? Plural? What does the Voice mean by—

My body jerks as something enters my anus. I lift my head to look, but can’t
see anything between my legs, so I peek over to the next pod. My eyes widen.
Something that looks like a shiny thin black snake hangs down between the legs
of all the girls. As I watch, and as I can feel on myself, the snake thing goes
deeper and deeper until it disappears. Into our asses. My sphincter muscles
tighten as the snake thing enters me all the way. It doesn’t hurt exactly, but
is a weird sense of fullness down there.

loser ex boyfriend had hounded me for anal sex before, but I never felt
comfortable letting him do that to me. I thought it would hurt. I couldn’t
imagine it feeling good.

experience makes me rethink that a bit.

What the
am I thinking? I have a snake-like
in my ass!
So what it doesn’t really hurt. It’s a snake thing in my ass! That’s fucking
weird. Fucking freaky, too. What’s it doing in there? It’s not moving. It is
just...sitting in there. I pictured it all coiled up in my anus.


glance over at the girl in the next pod. She isn’t crying anymore, although her
cheeks still glisten with her tears. She meets my gaze. The corner of her mouth
twitches like she almost smiles, even though she still looks scared and a
little confused.

how I feel.

just about jump through my skin when the slimy alien clit creature reattaches
to my crotch. It sucks and pulsates over my clit and the snake thing in my ass
wriggles around. Oh, my god. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. My
skin burns and my toes curl and my back arches against the restraints. The
pleasure courses through my veins until my skin all over my body burns hot with
the impending orgasm. Then just as quickly as my passion starts to build, it
stops. I open my eyes to see the clit creature liftin off my crotch again.

The. Fuck.

if reading my mind, the Voice says, “The breeding hosts must stay on the
precipice of orgasm until breeding commences.”

girl next to me and I share wide-eyed glances. We are going to be brought to
near orgasm and kept there—without release—for the next 24 hours?


The Voice said we can’t reach orgasm now, but will they allow us to come after
breeding commences? Oh, God. They better let us come, or my body will implode.

shit. The clit creature reattaches and the snake thing gets its groove on in my
ass. Here we go again.

* *
* *

don’t know how many hours have passed since my first near-orgasm. I’ve lost
count. My body is exhausted and electric all at once. I am dying for release.
My cunt and my clit are about to explode from pent up orgasm. I seriously
believe I will die if they don’t let me come soon.

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