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Outstanding praise for Greg Herren and
Jackson Square Jazz
“Fast-moving and entertaining, evoking the Quarter and its gay scene in a sweet, funny, steamy and action-packed way.”
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
“Herren does a fine job of moving the story along, deftly juggling the murder investigation and the intricate relationships while maintaining several running subplots.”
Echo Magazine
“An entertaining read.”
“A pleasant addition to your beach bag.”
Bay Windows
“Greg Herren keeps getting better . . .
Jackson Square Jazz
kept this reader guessing right to the end.”
The Lambda Book Report
And praise for
Bourbon Street Blues
“This enjoyable book takes its pleasures in fantastic coincidences and the outrageous behavior of its larger-than-life characters. Herren offers a paean to New Orleans, and his fondness for the streets, the sights and smells are lovingly rendered on every page . . . an entertaining, Big Easy read.”
Philadelphia Gay News
“Upbeat prose compounded of humor, caustic observations of Bourbon Street tourists and far-reaching subplots recommend this first novel.”
Library Journal
“Crackling with all the steamy heat and erotic adventure of New Orleans, this is a sexy gay noir for the twenty-first century. I couldn't put it down!”
William J. Mann, author of
Where the Boys Are
“Herren's characters, setting and dialogue make the book seem absolutely real.”
The Houston Voice
“Herren's sassy, amusing mix of sex and sleuthing marks the debut of what promises to be a titillating series.”
Richard Labonte, “Book Marks,”
Q Syndicate
“Bourbon Street Blues
shines as the first installment in a delightful new suspense series. You're bound to enjoy it. And then you'll want more.”
Michael Craft, author of the Mark Manning and
Claire Gray mystery series
“Greg Herren gives readers a tantalizing glimpse of New Orleans.”
The Midwest Book Review
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Table of Contents
You got a lot to learn about life in the Quarter.
Vieux Carré
by Tennessee Williams
This is for Aunt Julie.
As always, there are any number of people to thank for the support, kindness, and friendship that made the writing of this book much easier. But the difference with this book, opposed to the others, is that it was written in the face of several personal tragedies—and without the support, well wishes, and love, not only of my circle of friends, but also the unbelievable kindness of strangers, I would not have been able to make it through the last eighteen months, let alone write this book. So, to begin with, I would like to thank all of those complete strangers and friends of friends whose kind e-mails and cards helped both Paul and I make it through the horrible summer of 2004. May the Goddess shower you all with blessings.
I would like to single out my editor, John Scognamiglio, and everyone at Kensington. Your compassion and understanding was more than any author could have expected or asked for. Bless you, John—you have no idea how much it meant to me.
Anne Rice, her staff, and her son Christopher also, through their generosity and kindness, helped to reaffirm my faith in the ultimate goodness of human beings.
Julie Smith and Lee Pryor, as always, were there for moral support as well as offering the use of Casa Mysterioso whenever I needed it.
Ellen Johnson, Robin (the best person to stand next to at a party) and Lou Ann Morehouse, Arin Black, Karissa Kary, Steve and Katherine Ecton, Errol and Peggy Scott Laborde, Jane Hobson (who I still owe lunch), Dani Hero, Ellen Johnson, Mark Fernandez, Doug Brantley, Susie Hoskins, Michael Sartisky and Kathy Slimp, Priscilla Lawrence, Denelle Cowhart, and everyone else at the Tennessee Williams Festival also were incredible bedrocks of support.
Pat Brady is not only an amazing talent as a writer, but an incredible friend. I am so proud to know you, Pat. Thank you so much for everything.
Bev and Butch Marshall are two of the most delightful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. May the Goddess always be with both of you. I'll have dinner with you two any time.
Mark Richards helps me keep my sanity on a regular basis. Thanks for not only getting me through the last two years, but also for suggesting the ending for this book.
Jean Redmann, Felicia Wong, Heidi Nagele, Noel Twilbeck, and everyone at the NO/AIDS Task Force not only do great work for the New Orleans community, but are also incredible people I am proud to call my friends. Also deserving of mention are the members of the CAN Project staff, who have always been there for me: Roberto Rincon, Eric Johnson, Darrin Harris, Jill Boschini, Tyson Jackson, Chris Rothermel, and James Swire, as well as the volunteers and the Sparq guys. You have always made me smile no matter what insanity was going on in my life.
Also with the CAN office I have to single out Mark Buchseib (Sparqy) and Aika Mongi for special thanks.
Jay Quinn, Ian Philips and Greg Wharton, Carol Rosenfeld, Marika Christian, Trebor Healey, and Victoria Brownworth also deserve crowns in heaven. Thank you so much for always taking my calls—no matter what time of day or night I dial the phone.
David Rosen is one of the most intelligent and kind people I've had the pleasure of knowing. And for his equally wonderful partner, Robb Pearlman, blah blah blah.
Of equal importance are the following people: Darren Brewer, Harriet Campbell Young, my neighbors Michael and John, Val McDermid, Kelly Smith, Marianne Martin, Bill Cohen, Bill Palmer, John Morgan Wilson, Jim Gladstone, Michael Kooiman, Carrie Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Felice Picano, William J. Mann and Dr. Timothy Huber, Dr. Faith Joubert, Nikki and Betty, Jack Carrel, Sheila Wilkinson, Cherry Cappel and Beth Blankenship, Johnny Messenger, Eddie Coleman, Jimmy Carrera, Greg Helm-soth, Drew Zeigler, The Fabulous Deb and everyone at Garden District Books, Philip Rafshoon, Dorothy Allison, Jewelle Gomez, Amie Evans, Jess Wells, Michelle Tea, Katherine Forrest, Ellen Hart, Patrick Califia, Poppy Z. Brite, Dexter Brecht, Terry and Kathy Verrigan, Joy Bollinger, Melinda Shelton, Susan Larsen, Diana Pinckley, Philip Tettleton, M. Christian and Sage Vivant, Karen Kern, Jeffrey Jasper, Steve Soucy, Dan Boyle, Toni Amato, Dawn Lobaugh, Karen Bengtson, Lea Young, Kiki Reineke, Linda Ireland, Margaret Coble, Val McKay, Dix de la Marie, Marda Burton, Kenneth Holditch, Laura Lippman, Chris Wiltz, Ayelet Waldman, Melanie McKay, Lawrence Schimel, Charles Flowers, Patrick Merla, the folks at the Publishing Triangle, Patricia Nell Warren, Betty Berzon, Timothy J. Lambert, Becky Cochrane, all the people who post on my blog, and all the kind readers who have e-mailed me over the years.
A special thanks goes out to Eric Russell and the Gay-Straight Alliance at Manchester High School in Richmond, Virginia. You kids taught me the true meaning of courage in the face of fundamentalist Christian horror. May the Goddess shower you all with blessings, and remember—
no one can make you feel bad about yourself unless you let him or her.
Meeting you kids made me so proud. Never lose sight of who you are.
Anyone I may have forgotten, my humblest of apologies. I'm not as young as I used to be.
I love you all.
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