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The Invitation

The Present

The Party

The Balloons

The Cake

The Hat

The Best Surprise

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Olive's Ocean

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aylor always waited for Barney, the mailman. Taylor usually didn't get any mail, but he liked to sit and wait and think of all the things that might come.

That particular day, there were three long envelopes, two fat envelopes and a small blue envelope.

“Nothing for you, Taylor,” said Barney, “except this one. It says ‘The Tippet Family.' So at least part of it is for you.”

It was the small blue envelope. And it smelled like perfume. Taylor sniffed the envelope and wondered what could be in it.

“Did we get any mail?” asked his sister Margaret. “Let me see those,” she said, grabbing the envelopes. “This one smells pretty.”

“Maybe there's a flower inside,” said Taylor.

“It's too flat,” said Margaret.

“Maybe a skinny flower,” said Taylor. “Or a tiny one.”

“No, no, no,” said Margaret. “But why don't you open it up? Then we'll know for sure.”

“Shouldn't we wait for Mother to get back from the store?” asked Taylor.

“I don't think so,” said Margaret. “The envelope says ‘The Tippet Family.' And you're part of this family.”

“You are too,” said Taylor, “so you should help.”

“Okay, we'll each do half,” said Margaret. “You can go first.”

“Why?” asked Taylor.

“Because,” said Margaret, “you saw it first. And you're the one who
wants to find out what's inside.”

Taylor took the envelope from Margaret.

“Are you sure I should do this?” he asked.

“Of course,” said Margaret.

Taylor started ripping the envelope. He did his half and looked at Margaret.

“There, now it's your turn,” he said, handing her the envelope.

“You have to do a little more,” said Margaret.

“Are you sure?” asked Taylor.

“Of course,” said Margaret.

Taylor opened the envelope a tiny bit more. He looked up at Margaret.

“A little, little more,” she said.

Through the window, Margaret saw Mother coming up the driveway.

“Keep going,” she said to Taylor.

When Mother came in, Margaret said, “Look at Taylor, he's opening the mail.”

Mother took the envelope and opened it all the way.

“It's an invitation from Grandma,” said Mother. “She's having a surprise party for Grandpa's birthday.”

“When?” asked Taylor. “What should we get Grandpa? Will we have a cake?”

Before Mother could answer, Margaret said, “But, Mother, what about Taylor? He was opening the envelope.”

Mother smiled. “Sometimes,” she said, “surprises just won't wait.”


argaret and Taylor were walking to the store. It was the day of Grandpa's party and they needed a present.

Margaret walked fast. Taylor walked slow. He collected leaves and counted the rocks.

“Hurry up!” said Margaret.

“Let's look for a present in the toy department,” said Margaret.

“Would Grandpa
a toy?” asked Taylor.

“Of course,” said Margaret. “And that way we'll have something new to play with.”

Margaret saw a stuffed elephant. It was in a box covered with cellophane. The box said

BOOK: Margaret & Taylor
13.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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