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I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it all sounded good. He wouldn’t finish playing with me, though, until I fully understood. “You remember that night in the woods, when you were with your father and your brother? You were lost for hours and you called out to them. ‘Jerry! Dad!’ you pleaded.”

I sat up in a fright. How did he know that? I hadn’t told him that. The memory of that night flashed back to me. I had strayed off the path. I wasn’t paying attention, probably looking down, fuming over why I had to be out here, and when I looked up, I was in a totally unfamiliar part of the woods. I whipped around, hoping to see that Dad or Jerry were behind me, but they weren’t. I had no idea how long I had been walking like that. They may not even know I wasn’t with them. Then, to my right, I saw a man move. He looked just like my dad, so I called out to him and started walking that way. He couldn’t hear me, and he didn’t turn his head, so I called again and started running towards him. Suddenly, he dropped down out of sight and he was gone. When I got to the spot where he should have been, there was nothing but trampled underbrush. Then I panicked. I had gotten even farther away from the trail. Looking behind me, the brush had woven back together as if I hadn’t run through it at all. I cried out for Dad and Jerry over and over, but they couldn’t hear me.

That was when I heard several bodies moving through the trees, coming towards me. There were low snarls, and it sounded like wolves were converging on me. It happened so quickly and I was so terrified that I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even scream. Several wolves broke through the forest. They were rabid, their eyes were glazed over with lust. I didn’t stand a chance.

“Then you saw another wolf. You saw me
,” Buck explained, as if he had read the memory right from my face. “You were cornered and I protected you.”

That was true. There had been another wolf that had jumped in front of the pack. He put himself between me and the rest. He snapped and snarled until the others fled in terror. My wolf must have been the alpha male, and he had claimed his victory.

“I pinned you down. I had to know you were the one - the one I was waiting for.”

The wolf had surveyed me with his piercing green eyes. He sniffed my neck, my shoulders, my crotch, as he circled around me. When he came back to me, he started nipping at my hand; not enough to hurt me, but enough to make me bring it out and show it to him. Without warning, the wolf gave me a sharp bite on the wrist. His teeth broke the skin in a way that I knew would leave a scar. He rubbed his snout into my hand, as if to apologize for doing that, and gave my wrist several long licks to stop the bleeding.

“You were the one, so I marked you,” he said, raising my wrist to his mouth, and almost like magic, his teeth marks fit my scar perfectly.

In the glistening light, I could see they weren’t just teeth that he had: they were canines.

At first his story scared me, as I wasn’t sure how to take it. I’d heard rumors of them - werewolves - but like anybody else, I thought that’s all they were - just rumors.

He reached for my cheek again and I flinched. He seemed concerned and almost offended by it.

“I won’t hurt you. I promise to protect you,” he said. “Close your eyes. It’s still me.”

I closed my eyes, partly because I was afraid, partly because there was still a part of me that wanted to obey him, and then his lips touched mine.

His thick, soft, delicious lips, massaging my lips. His tongue was dipping into my mouth, running itself along my tongue, teasing my lips and my tongue, and I couldn’t help but kiss him back.

His kisses were deep, they were passionate, they were memorable. I loved the way he exhaled as he kissed. I loved the way his head bobbed back and forth, and how both his hands held my face in his palms. It thrilled me how he growled with pleasure. My hole was aching for him again: it was calling, beckoning, for his thick cock to come back. I wanted - no - I needed him inside of me again.

He must have sensed that: maybe he could smell the desire in my sweat. He lifted me up and allowed his cock to slip deep inside me until I was sitting on his balls.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. He rocked his hips back and forth as his hands gripped my rump.

I lifted myself up and down his pole slowly at first, allowing it to slide in and out of me gently.

“Uuuugh,” he groaned, and it turned me on even more. I wanted to please him: I needed to. So I rode it up and down faster, clenching my cheeks together as I did, swaying my hips to his rhythm. We were in perfect sync.

The sensation felt electric. We kissed deeper and deeper, our rhythm getting faster and faster and faster until...

I felt his juices shoot deep inside me, and I couldn’t help but cum at the same time, all over his hairy chest.

I collapsed on the bed and he collapsed beside me, both of us trying to catch our breath. He pulled me closer, and I could still feel his hardness behind me between my cheeks.

“Mine,” he repeated, this time kissing me on the back of my neck. “Mine.” And I started to drift off with that promise still on his lips.


I don’t know when I fell asleep, but it must have been two o’clock in the morning when my eyes cracked back open. Startled and suddenly feeling alone in the big bed, I tried to look around. But I couldn’t move properly. Something was holding my wrists together. It was coarse and scratchy, and it bound my wrists behind my back and kept me from being able to move myself. With a great shift, I rolled from my back to my side, and I saw the silhouette of Buck standing by his bedroom window. He had a look of concern on his face as he looked through the open drapes.

“Buck, what is going on?” I asked, confused.

He sighed. “They’re coming.”

“Who?” I asked, his tone sounded concerned.

“The pack,” he said, his voice steely and removed. Then I saw a beam of headlights flash across the window and turn into the driveway. Who was out there? Were they coming here?

“What do they want?” I asked him.

“You,” he said, looking at me for the first time. There was rage in his eyes, and the cut through his eyebrow throbbed as his knuckles clenched and unclenched angrily.

He was angry again and I was afraid. “They want to kill me?” I gasped.

He turned toward me, “No, Nathan. They want to fuck you. All of them. They want a gang bang. Tonight.”

A cold shiver went up my spine. What was I going to do? As if sensing this, Buck came over to me, kneeled down, looked into my eyes and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you. I have a plan.”





Marked by Love:

Werewolf Shifter Series Book 2

by: Jamie Lake





here was a sliver of fright in his eyes as Buck turned toward me, something I hadn’t ever seen before. His shoulder-length dark hair shifted, resting on his broad shoulders. “No, Nathan. They want to fuck you. All of them. They want a gang bang. Tonight.”

A cold shiver went up my spine. What was I going to do? Though I tried to control my fright, he could see my slender shoulders shake in the pale moonlight. Streaks of the silver light shone through the window, broken up by tree branches, which cast their shadows in his bedroom like bad omens. It was getting frostier in his room than before. Wearing nothing, I suddenly was feeling even more exposed.

Buck came over to me. Looking into my eyes, he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you. I have a plan.”

He put one hand on my bare shoulder, kneading some of my tension away. His other hand smoothed down my sweat-tousled hair. I struggled in my ropes, suddenly aware of how much shorter and lighter than him I was. Though his touch was comforting, it wasn’t enough to make me forget what he said.

They were coming; that I knew for sure. But as I lay there in bed, my hands bound above my head with a coarse rope, I didn’t feel as secure and safe with Buck protecting me as I had moments before.

Why I was bound with the very rope I had carried in with his bag just hours before, I didn’t know. That was before Buck had taken control of me. Before he’d revealed that he’d secretly been protecting me, guiding me, and defending me for all these years. Now, though, even knowing he’d been my ghostly guardian in the shadows wasn’t enough to quell my fears.

Buck rose from his kneeled position. He gazed out through the drapes out the window and seemed even more anxious. I could tell he, too was doing his best to control himself. It was impossible not to notice how handsome he looked, though; even the mortal shivers of fear couldn’t stop me from admiring him.

He stood by the window, light shining on his sculpted abs and chest. Naked and barefoot, every inch of him was taut and ready to spring into action. Each time he moved, the muscles in his firm ass swayed back and forth, clenching and unclenching. It
was driving me wild. I found myself lost in memories of our time together the last few hours; I remembered him pumping and sweating, gripping me, biting and sucking in all the right places. I wanted to do nothing else but forget about everything he’d said about the dangers coming and have him join me in bed again. I hungered for his thick meat between my cheeks and found myself getting lost in the moment.

I’d never been with a werewolf before, but I’d learned a few things about him quickly. Now that I’d had a taste of his “black fur”, I didn’t want to go back. Buck knew how to control me, how to dominate me. He had made me plead and beg for it, whimpering in ecstasy. He controlled me utterly, wielding my body with the confidence and control of a man who really knew what he was doing.






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BOOK: Marked for Love 1
13.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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