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Material Girl 3: Secrets & Betrayals

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Material Girl 3: Secrets & Betrayals





By Keisha R. Ervin


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After unexpectedly becoming sick in 2012, I took a year and half off to concentrate on my health and figure out who I was. Throughout that time you, my supporters stood by my side. You all encouraged me, prayed for me, laughed with me and waited patiently for my return to the literary world. I can’t say thank you enough. You all have truly blessed my life. I am a better woman because of your consistent love and support so I dedicate this long-awaited novel to you…

























Lord, I wanna say thank you!!! Thank you for keeping me wrapped in your arms when the world seemed too cold and unbearable. You are my savior, my friend and confidant. With you Lord, I share my deepest darkest secrets, my desires, my fears and my dreams. Without you I wouldn’t have made it through one of the most trying times of my life. You’re love kept me sane. You have shown me what it means to truly believe in your word and how when you do, you are blessed for it. Thank you for giving me a new outlook on life. Lord, know that I will continue to praise your name. I love you, Lord.


            To my angel on earth, Kyrese. You are the love of my life. Without you, there is no me. You’re the Clyde to my Bonnie. When I started in this literary game eleven years ago, you were just four years old. Fast forward eleven years later and now you are fourteen years old and about to start high school. My, how times flies. You are becoming a young man and I’m proud to say that you are my son. God blessing me with you is the greatest gift I have and will ever receive.


                        Daddy, I love you to infinity and beyond. Thank you for stepping up and being the father that I have always prayed for. I’m so happy that you and I have become as close as we are now. I will forever be your, Fat Mama.


            Mama, girl, smh. I love you like a fat kid loves cake, like Ike loved to beat Tina, like Diddy liked to wear shiny suits. You are the best mother that a girl could ask for, muah!


            To 3LB aka 3 Little Bitches, Locia, Sharissa and Mo. Ya’ll are not just my friends but you are my sisters. We are a family. If I didn’t have you ladies in my life, I would be lost. When I’m sad, angry, curious, concerned, irked, happy or stressed out you all are there. Thank you for encouraging me, loving me, praying for me, laughing with me, singing with me, dancing with me, cracking jokes with me, doing business with me and most of all thank you for being my friend.


            Miesha, you are my sister in Christ. On those late nights when I call you in need of the word, you are always there. I thank god for blessing me with you and my nieces and nephews. You are not only the best sister but the best hairstylist in the world.


            Last but certainly not least, Brenda Hampton, words can’t express how much of a blessing you have to been to my life. You’re my second mother, my agent and friend. I love you and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter of my life takes us. 







They say that what goes up must come down but don’t let me fall.

-B.o.B, “Don’t Let Me Fall”
















Chapter 1



“But it was just a dream, just a moment ago. I was up so high, lookin’ down at the sky, don’t let me fall,”
Dylan sang B.o.B’s hit song while gazing happily down at her left hand. The ten carat emerald cut diamond ring by Harry Winston was so icy it almost blinded her eyesight. This was the moment in life that Musiq, Cee Lo Green, and Kindred the Family Soul sang about. Nothing else in life mattered but the sheer bliss that filled her soul. 

Everything in her life was cool; she had a perfectly healthy happy baby boy who she loved more then life itself, two best friends that loved her unconditionally, she and her mother were on good terms, and after all the drama she’d gone through the past two years, she was now married to the love of her life.

Ecstatic about her decision, she sat Indian-style on top of a king size bed inside the Bellagio hotel. The Bellagio hotel was one of the premiere hotels in Las Vegas. It had been around for years. Icon’s such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. often frequented the hotel when alive and the box office hit Ocean’s Eleven movie was filmed there. 

Still dressed in her Vera Wang wedding gown, Dylan unfolded her legs and watched as Angel, her husband, popped open a bottle of Dom. With the bottle open, he poured them both a glass of champagne then headed towards Dylan. Layers of white crinoline surrounded her. She looked like a princess. Angel couldn’t have been happier to call her his wife.

And yes the circumstance of how they became one was like a plotline from the soap opera General Hospital but he didn’t care. Dylan was his. He’d known it from the moment they met.

“Here.” He handed her a glass.

“Thanks hubby,” Dylan smiled, gleefully.

“You wanna make a toast?”

“Mmm hmm,” Dylan nodded her head.

“To me and you being together forever.” Angel clicked his glass against hers, then gulped the entire drink down.

“Mmm that’s good.” Dylan relished the taste.

“So when am I going to be able to make love to my wife?” Angel ran his hand up her leg.

“Would that be me?” Dylan pointed to her chest, coyly.

“Who else would it be?” Angel stood up and unzipped his jeans.

Grinning from ear to ear Dylan lay back in anticipation of him entering her. She never wanted this moment to end. So much joy filled her heart she felt as if she was going to explode. But the fear of what was in store for her when she returned home kept nagging at her spirit. She’d left a shit load of drama back in the Lou.

Earlier that day Dylan left her fiancé of only a month, Javier Cruz, at the altar. Without any real explanation, she lifted up her dress and ran out of the church in search of the man who held her heart in the palm of his hand. After a thirty-minute ride, she found Angel at the airport going through security. Dylan hadn’t cared that she might look like a deranged fool.

All she cared about was finding her man. It hadn’t even gone through her mind that once she found him he might not want to have anything to do with her. She wasn’t going to leave without Angel. Right there in the center of the airport Dylan professed her undying love for Angel in front of a crowd of people.

Overjoyed by her confession, Angel took her into his arms and assured that his love for her hadn’t waivered or faded. From there they booked a private plane to Vegas. During the flight, Angel wasted no time proposing to Dylan. He’d had the ring for months. Not wanting to spend another second of her life without him she said yes. When they reached Vegas, the two immediately went to the Little White Chapel were numerous celebs like Britney Spears had gotten hitched.

Ten minutes later, they were husband and wife. Now here they were making love like it was their last moment on earth. Yes, Dylan had a lot of loose ends to tie up when her foot hit St. Louis soil but for now she was going to bask in the essence of being Mrs. Angel Carter.



Dylan had only been back in town a couple of hours but she had to see her girls Billie and Tee-Tee. She and Billie had been friends since as far as back as she could remember. Over the years, they’d become more than friends. Billie was like the sister she never had and because she’d married her brother, they were now legally sisters.

Billie had it going on. She was thirty-five years old with three children and a husband that made women want to drop their panties for. Billie was a go getter. She’d been raised by the motto where there is a will there is a way. Billie’s drive and motivation was one of the things Dylan loved and despised about her. Billie often let her hard work and good deeds over shadow her own happiness.

Then there was Teyana aka Tee-Tee aka Thug Misses. Tee-Tee was Dylan’s flamboyant over the top cousin. Dylan loved him dearly. Whether she wanted his opinion or not, Tee-Tee was always there to drop jewels. Tee-Tee was a personal shopper for Nordstrom and was married to a thug named Bernard and had a beautiful adopted daughter who they named Princess Gaga to everyone’s chagrin. But nonetheless, she loved her cousin despite his crazy antics and over-the-top attitude.

Dylan pulled the entrance door to The Coffee Garden which was located around the corner from her house and walked in. It was mid-afternoon so the restaurant was crammed with people eating lunch. With her Chanel bag securely placed in the crook of her right arm, she sashayed towards the table where her best friend and cousin were sitting.

“What up bitches?!” She spoke cheerfully.

“Well, look at what the cat dragged in.” Tee-Tee looked over his shoulder at her, pursing his lips.

Dylan kissed him on the cheek.

“Good afternoon to you too Tee-Tee,” Dylan rolled her eyes.

“Bitch please,” he frowned. “Don’t try to sweet talk me. Where in the hell have you been? We have been worried sick about you. Hell, Mason done started calling me mama.”

“Don’t make me slap you,” Dylan side-eyed Tee-Tee while air kissing each of Billie’s cheeks.

“Don’t get mad at me ‘cause you one step away from becoming a Teen Mom.”

“Any-who.” Dylan waved him off. “You haters notice anything different about me?” She batted her eyes and posed like a mannequin.

“Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant again. ‘Cause you lookin’ mighty chunky around the middle.” Tee-Tee pointed his index finger.

“You better be glad it ain’t no knives on this table ‘cause if there was I’d stab you.” Dylan curled her upper lip. “Now guess!” She stomped her foot.

“You got butt injections? ‘Cause you know that’s all the rave now,” Tee-Tee quizzed.

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