McCade's Wish (The McCade Family Series Book 2)

BOOK: McCade's Wish (The McCade Family Series Book 2)
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McCade’s Wish

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I want to wish special thanks to everyone that read McCade’s Way and begged me to continue the family’s story. This one is for you. ♥



Love ~ Mara

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Chapter One


The festive aroma of spices and the first hint of roasting turkey wafted through the McCade kitchen in the early morning hours. An odd combination of contentment and excitement gripped Genevieve as she prepared her first Thanksgiving dinner as a married woman. She had so much to be thankful for and Trey was responsible for most of it. She smiled. After a shaky start, she wanted to make this first holiday together a new beginning for them all.

As if on cue, the smart click of heels on the stairs made her turn to greet her best friend. Enfolding the petite brunette in a tight hug, she beamed. Having Adrienne here made everything perfect. She ran her hands down the sleeves of Adri’s emerald green dress as they parted and caught her hands.

“You’re beautiful. This dress matches your eyes perfectly,” she said. “We’ll be lucky if Cole can pull his attention away from you long enough to eat.”

“With the smells coming out of this kitchen, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Adrienne said, dismissing her compliment to turn and tie on an apron. “Now that I’ve pried my pampered butt out of bed, what can I do to help?”

“If you could bring some sweet potatoes up from the cellar, we can get those roasting. I forgot them when I brought up the other stuff,” Gen said, glancing around the kitchen and checking things off her mental list. She moved the pies into the dining room, placing them carefully on the buffet out of the way. Hearing her friend mutter, she moved to the top of the stairs. “Did you find them?”

“I found them. I was just browsing your shelves.”

Gen shook her head hearing the teasing in Adri’s voice, but stepped back to the stove at the sound of her heels on the steps.

“Everything is so neatly arranged and labeled down there. It’s more organized than most grocery stores.” Laughing, Adri fumbled the load as she tried to dump her apron full of sweet potatoes into the sink.

Bending to sweep up a runaway, Gen felt a wave of dizziness as she straightened. Catching the back of a chair for balance, she swallowed desperately against the accompanying nausea and closed her eyes.
God, please not today,
she prayed.

“Are you okay?”

Pushing a loose strand of her copper hair behind an ear, she forced a shaky smile. “I’m fine. I must’ve just got a little warm.”

Prying her fingers from the back of the chair, she stepped to the sink to splash her face with cold water. The simple movement made her stomach heave.  She retched. Shuddering, she gripped the counter, mortified. There was nothing she could do but ride out her body’s perverse desire to purge, when there was nothing to dispel. She could feel Adrienne hovering behind her. Gen knew her face flushed as much from embarrassment as exertion. When the gasping heaves let up, she rinsed her mouth, arms trembling. Shutting off the faucet, she ran a hand over the back of her neck before drying them on a towel. She didn’t want to look at her friend.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why don’t you sit down?”

“I’ll be fine,” she said, tugging open the window over the sink to let some fresh air in.

“How long has this been going on?”

“For the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting a little lightheaded if I stand up too quickly. I’ve only been nauseous a few times,” she said, fingers playing over the edge of the counter. “I haven’t told Trey yet.”

“Then you’re fairly sure?”

Gen nodded and finally forced herself to turn. She didn’t like the look on Adrienne’s face. “I wanted to be sure and with everything that has been going on, I didn’t want to add to his stress,” she said, knowing she sounded defensive.

“And what would you have done if Catherine’s baby had been Trey’s?” Adri demanded.

“I would’ve crossed that bridge when I had to, but she wasn’t his and, crazy or not, I actually I think the whole incident brought us closer.”  

Adrienne’s lips pressed together in displeasure for a moment, but then she nodded and her expression softened. “I can’t argue with that. I’m sorry. When are you going to tell him?”

“Today,” she said, stroking her flat belly with a small smile. “This baby is one more thing to be thankful for.” Her smile faltered when Adri opened her mouth and then closed it again without saying anything. She frowned. Adrienne wasn’t one to hold back. “What?”

“Nothing. Why don’t you sit down here and peel the spuds.”

Jumping up Adri grabbed a stool, patting the top of it, silently urging her to sit down.

“You don’t think Trey will be happy about the baby?”

“I didn’t say that at all,” Adrienne protested, shaking her head. “I was going to ask if the two of you had discussed children. That’s all. Then I got to thinking about last time I stuck my nose into the man’s business and decided it would be best to butt out.”

Some of the tension eased out of Gen and she nodded with a wry smile of agreement. That hadn’t been pretty. Sitting on the stool, she started to peel potatoes. “He might not have been completely serious when he said we should get busy making babies the other day, but Trey wants children. I’m confident of that. I was a little worried about the timing, but it’s so different here. In the shanty town, adding another mouth to feed was disastrous. Trey’s doing well and, as you pointed out, the farm is bountiful.” She waved a hand at her middle. “I’ve put weight on in the short time we’ve been married and I can’t blame the baby yet.”

Adrienne snorted. “You’re still slender as a reed, but healthy now. You were dangerously thin before you came here.”

“Hardly. There were a lot much worse off than me,” Gen said with a grim shake of her head.

Her heart ached thinking of the neighbors she’d left behind in New York City. The feast she was preparing today would’ve easily fed half-a-dozen families. The stomp of boots on the porch yanked her from her sad reverie and she put the knife aside for the moment to stand carefully and pour the men some hot coffee. She gasped, hunching her shoulders as Trey greeted her by warming his hands on the sides of her neck. He laughed, tugging her back against him for a hug.

“Hey ya, darlin’,” he drawled.

“Hey yourself, handsome. It feels like it’s a bit chilly out there this morning,” she said, giggling when his cold hands slipped under her apron to warm on her breasts this time. “How about a nice cup of coffee to warm you up?”

“You’re doing a fine job.”

“I’m glad I can be of service to my hard working husband,” she teased. “But it looks like Cole might need the coffee.”

Trey turned with her still in his arms to watch Cole stalking Adrienne around the kitchen table wiggling his cold fingers.

“Gen warmed Trey’s,” Cole wheedled.

“Trey put a ring on her.”

“You haven’t said yes.”

“It seems you’re having a difficult time catching me all around,” Adri sassed, making Gen burrow her nose in her husband’s brawny bicep to smother a laugh.

Trey reached behind him and picked up the coffee, taking a sip while he watched the show.

“My daddy always told me if something’s worth having, it’s worth working for,” Cole said as Adrienne skittered out of his reach again.

The raven haired beauty smiled at the compliment and surprised them all by stepping close and standing on tiptoe to plant a kiss on Cole’s startled lips. “Well played, cowboy.” 

Gen turned into Trey’s chest as her brother-in-law chose to warm his hands with a grope of Adri’s bottom. Kissing his chest, she closed her eyes and sped a prayer heaven bound.

“What’re you thinking?” Trey rumbled.

Her head jerked up and she felt her cheeks heat. “Just praying everything will work out for those two and they’ll be as happy as we are.”

“That’s a tall order.”

“I know. Is it selfish that I want them to get together so that all the people I love will be right here?”

“Maybe a little,” he said, sweeping a wayward strand of hair out of her face. “But your heart is in the right place so I think you can be forgiven.”

Gen tilted her cheek into his palm. “If Cole is anywhere near the husband you are, Adrienne would be very blessed to be his.”

“Now I think you’re just sucking up, little girl,” Trey said shaking his head, but his thumb brushed tenderly over her cheekbone.

“It’s the simple truth. I’m a very lucky woman.”

His growling stomach broke the moment.

“If you expect that luck to hold out, woman, you better feed me. Cole says I’m a real bastard when I’m hungry,” he growled, nipping the side of her neck.

She shivered, but the tiny thrill of apprehension that prickled down her spine at his growl was no match for the safety she felt in this man’s arms. Kissing his chest, she drummed lightly on his backside.

“Breakfast is ready. I was just keeping it warm for you,” she said, slipping free to turn to the stove. A pat to her bottom made her look back at him over her shoulder. He winked.

“Good woman.”  


The breeze lifted the hair off her sweaty nape. With the oven and stove working overtime on the Thanksgiving feast, the open window felt heavenly. Rinsing the last of the breakfast and prep dishes, Adrienne snatched up a dishtowel to dry. A gust of wind sent a shiver through her body, and she smiled to herself thinking of Trey and Gen’s earlier play. The giant was truly in love and she took perverse pleasure in watching him figure out how to express it in his fumbling alpha way.

Though unquestioningly masculine, Cole was just a bit more polished than his older brother. She smiled. His unique combination of charm and eagerness to please was intriguing. She’d surprised him, giving in to his teasing. She’d seen it flare in his eyes when she’d kissed him. It was fun to keep him guessing. Wiping off a plate, her mind wandered to more serious thoughts. What would life be like as Cole’s wife? She’d always pictured married life as a montage of shopping trips, luncheons, and dinner parties. She glanced out the window. The beautiful rural Virginia landscape didn’t exactly support those same mental photographs, nor did the thought of Gen standing in Trey’s den right now telling him they were expecting their first child.

She tucked the stack of clean plates in the cupboard. Her visions of marriage had been a young girl’s daydreams. This was reality. It was a sobering thought that did little to aid in the decisions she needed to make. The swish of Gen’s skirts chased thoughts away as she hurried back into the kitchen and snatched up her apron. A becoming flush colored her cheeks and she glowed with happiness. Adrienne waited impatiently while her friend checked on dinner before finally prompting,


“Oh Adri, Trey’s so happy,” Gen gushed, grabbing her hands. “You should’ve seen his chest swell up with pride. You’d think he was the first man ever to make a baby.” She giggled, grey eyes sparkling nearly silver in her happiness. “He wants to announce it at dinner so please act surprised. I didn’t tell him that you guessed.”

Excitement and joy for her friend rushed over her and Adrienne had to hold back a girlish squeal of delight. “He’s the first one to make one with you and that’s what matters! Of course I’ll act surprised, but I’m so happy for you,” she whispered, eyes darting to the door.   

Catching her glance, Genevieve let go of her hands and turned back to the stove, but the beatific smile didn’t falter.

“Did you find everything you need for your sweet potato praline? Cole sounded eager to try it,” she said, obviously making an effort to change the subject.

Unfortunately, this one made Adrienne’s stomach churn. She managed a nod. When they’d been talking about the menu, she’d waxed poetic over the sweet potato and pecan dish that had been her favorite growing up. Gen had offered to help her make it, and Cole had sealed the deal by proclaiming pecans to be his favorite. He’d even shelled the nuts for her recipe and a pie Gen had made yesterday. Her lips twisted in a wry smile.  She prayed she could do it justice. No pressure or anything.


Mums surrounded by colorful gourds made a festive centerpiece on the dining room table set with Mama’s finest. Cole smiled. Genevieve had pulled out all the stops.

“Does she realize there are just four of us?” he muttered to Trey as the big man came in with a silver platter bearing a roasted tom that even made Trey’s biceps bulge.

“Quit your yapping and make a spot for this,” his big bother growled. 

Cole shifted serving dishes around to make room. Trey eased the turkey down and glanced around. His lips were twitching in amusement. They shared a look.

“I don’t want to hear a word of complaint out of you when we’re eating leftovers for a week.”

“Not a peep,” Cole agreed with a chuckle.

“And if I were you, I’d eat the sweet potatoes even if they taste like dog shit.”

Cole choked. Trey pounded him on the back smothering his laughter. Fighting a coughing fit, all he could do was nod. Eloquent or not, the big man was right. They both sobered as the ladies came in aprons gone, hair and make-up freshened.

“Everything looks and smells fabulous, darlin’,” Trey said, pulling Gen into his arms for a kiss. “Especially you.”

Cole grinned and turned to the vision in emerald green. Luckily, she’d been watching Gen turn Trey to marshmallow too. A smile curved her lips when she looked his way.

“He stole my line,” he teased.

“Then you better come up with a better one.”

“What if I don’t have one worthy of your beauty?” he asked.

“That will do,” she said, taking his arm.

Not sure what to say to that, Cole escorted her to the table and pulled out her chair. She looked up at him as he nudged her chair in, eyes sparkling in mischief. He stroked her cheek. Trey’s baritone broke the moment.

“Sit down, boy. Some of us want to eat while it’s hot.”

Rolling his eyes at Trey, Cole hastily took a seat and bowed his head. The food did smell wonderful. He waited for Trey to give a terse thanks to the Lord for their bounty and blessings, to the ladies for their labors, and ask for continued health and prosperity in the coming year for them and the little one to come. He blinked. The what? His head jerked up. Trey’s eyes were open and on Gen. They both wore huge smiles and there was no mistaking the meaning when Trey reached over to stroke his wife’s belly.

BOOK: McCade's Wish (The McCade Family Series Book 2)
10.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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