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Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend? (Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever)

BOOK: Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend? (Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever)
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A Sneak Peek of
Ghoulfriends Forever!

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Special thanks to Emily Kelly and Darren Sander

For the original Miss Stein—Erin. Thank you for your inexhaustible patience and encouragement.

ax splashed softly against the cold stone floor as six fashionably clad feet tiptoed along a candlelit corridor. Left, right, left, right—the rot-iron heels, copper boots, and wedge sneakers moved in military-like unison. Quiet but for the faint sounds of a storm raging outside, an eerie tension gripped the space. Flames flickered fitfully, condensation clung to the windows, and the unmistakable scent of staleness flourished. A smooth green hand emerged from the darkness, grabbed hold of a tarnished brass
doorknob, and pulled. High-pitched squeals erupted from the rusted hinges as the attic door opened, revealing a dark stairwell.

“Whether by fate or by choice, ever since our arrival at Monster High, we’ve found ourselves protecting the school. But tonight I think we can all agree that the stakes have been raised,” Venus McFlytrap, the daughter of the plant monster, said somberly, her jade complexion and bright pink-and-green hair shimmering in the candlelight. “So before we go up there, I just want to know one thing. Are you ready?”

“For clarification’s sake, when you ask if we’re ready, are you referring to finding Headmistress Bloodgood, thwarting the anonymous forces wishing to control Monster High, or confronting the spider ghoul in the attic?” Rochelle Goyle, a
petite gargoyle from Scaris, inquired in her usual formal manner.

“I’m pretty sure they’re all connected… somehow. But seeing as we’re seconds away from heading into the attic, I’d say the spider ghoul is the most important,” Venus responded as the vines around her arms bristled with nervous anticipation.

“Spider ghouls have always fascinated me. With six hands they are natural multitaskers. They can simultaneously brush their hair, floss their teeth, apply makeup, type an e-mail, carry a handbag, and pet the dog. If you ask me, it’s
impressive,” Rochelle said as she lifted one of her granite hands in the air. “Of course, having said that, depending on the spider ghoul’s disposition, six hands could also make
her a very lively adversary. She could literally throw a stapler, a Casketball, a book, a lamp, an iCoffin, and a shoe at us—all at the same time.”

“Bottom line, Rochelle, yes or no?” Venus tried to make her loquacious friend focus.

“Yes,” Rochelle replied as she pulled her long pink mane with teal streaks into a bun, showcasing her small stone wings in the process. “By the way, paragraph 13.3 of the Gargoyle Code of Ethics clearly states that when in the company of candles, long-haired ghouls must pull their hair back to avoid follicular fires.”

“I’ll be sure to try and remember that,” Venus said carefully before turning to Robecca Steam, a beautiful blue-and-black-haired ghoul crafted from a copper steam engine by her
mad-scientist father. “What about you, Becs? Are you ready?”

“You needn’t worry if you didn’t bring the proper hair accessories. I always carry extra rubber bands and scarves,” Rochelle interrupted. “They may not match your outfits, but as we say in Scaris,
la securité avant la mode
, safety before fashion!”

“Thank you, Rochelle,” Venus barked dismissively, and then raised her eyebrows at Robecca. “Well?”

“Of course, ideally, one would have both safety
fashion,” Rochelle once again interjected.

“Rochelle! Enough about candles and hair and fashion! In case you haven’t noticed I’m trying to talk to Robecca!” Venus exploded in exasperation.

, no need to get your pollens pumping. I was only trying to help,” Rochelle
chastised Venus, who promptly rolled her eyes in response.

“So, Becs? Are you ready?” Venus once again asked her friend.

“Jeepers creepers!
feels like an awfully strong word. I think
sort of ready
kind of ready
is more appropriate,” Robecca babbled as small clouds of steam puffed from her copper-covered ears.

“Robecca, if you cannot accompany us to the attic, you needn’t worry. Venus and I can handle it,” Rochelle explained calmly. “Or, to be precise, I am sixty-eight to seventy-five percent certain that we can handle it.”

“Sometimes I think you just make all these statistics up,” Venus mumbled under her breath.

Ce n’est pas vrai
! A gargoyle is nothing if
not honest with her statistics,” Rochelle huffed, and then grabbed Robecca’s warm metallic arm. “Now then, we shouldn’t be gone too long.”

“Oh no! You misunderstood me,” said Robecca. “I might not be ready, but I’m definitely coming with you ghouls. How could I not? We’re Headmistress Bloodgood’s only chance!”

So much had happened in the short time that Robecca, Rochelle, and Venus had been at Monster High. Why, only the semester before, the threesome had battled the Whisper, a powerful spell that robbed students and teachers alike of their ability to think for themselves. And though the perpetrator of the Whisper, Miss Flapper, claimed to have been under a spell as well, the threesome remained unconvinced of her innocence. However, they were the only ones.

By the start of the following semester, it had appeared as though everyone at Monster High had forgotten about Miss Flapper using the Whisper to control the school. Even the appearance of dolls of doom and fluffy white cats—traditionally considered signs of bad luck—hardly elicited a response from the student body. In fact, it was not until the arrival of notes and graffiti warning of an ominous “them” that alarms were sounded. Yet even so, Miss Flapper continued to avoid the shadow of suspicion. At least until tonight…

High winds, pounding rain, and splintering strands of lightning had barreled through Salem, knocking out the power and stranding students and staff on the Monster High campus. Eager to keep her captive campers entertained, Headmistress Bloodgood had allowed the Hex Factor Talon
Show to go on as planned. However, at 9
sharp, the show took a most unexpected turn when a DeadEx zombie arrived. The slow-moving courier delivered a letter, which shortly thereafter was read to the student body and teachers: Headmistress Bloodgood had been taken by normies and would not be returned until a wall was erected around Salem—effectively imprisoning the town!

As fear and anxiety swept through the school, blogger Spectra Vondergeist had made a shocking confession to Robecca, Rochelle, and Venus. Having spotted Miss Flapper sneaking into the attic on numerous occasions, the violet-haired ghost had decided to check out the oft-forgotten space for herself. And though Spectra hadn’t a clue what to expect, she was rather surprised to find a slumbering spider ghoul up there.

The sound of shuffling feet captured the ghouls’ attention, instantly waking them from their recollections of the events earlier that evening.

“Hey,” a soft male voice called out.

Cy Clops, a tall and lanky boy, stepped into the faint pool of light cast by Robecca’s, Rochelle’s, and Venus’s candles. With his shoulders slightly hunched, the naturally timid Cyclops flashed his friends and dormmates a quick smile. Having weathered the Whisper and its aftermath with the trio, Cy had more than proven himself a trustworthy friend.

“Oh, Cy! You’re here!” Robecca squealed happily as she threw one arm around the one-eyed boy’s shoulders and squeezed.

Cy’s normally alabaster cheeks turned pink at the touch of his faithful crush Robecca.

“I hardly think this reunion warrants so much enthusiasm. You only left Cy ten minutes ago,” Venus remarked wryly to Robecca.

BOOK: Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend? (Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever)
10.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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