My Rock #7 (The Rock Star Romance Series - Book #7)

BOOK: My Rock #7 (The Rock Star Romance Series - Book #7)
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Alycia Taylor

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I don’t know how long I stood there, leaning against
that bus in the rain. I zoned out for a while, feeling sorry for myself and
wondering why I attracted men who wanted nothing from me but sex. Did I give
off some kind of slut vibe? My ex, the one who died, he was the only one who
ever talked about forever, and look how that turned out. The son of a bitch
found the pills more attractive than a life with me and then he left me all
alone. After that, while I was trying to deal with it with my own substances, I
had a short, but torrid affair with a guy who had never been anything but my
friend, Cole. The thing about Cole that was so comforting to me was that we
both knew it would never go any further than sex. We knew so much about each
other and we knew that a relationship between the two of us would never work. I
finally got cleaned up and I haven’t seen him since. I was a little sad to have
lost the friendship, but it was better to just make a clean break after we’d
crossed that line.

After doing well on my own for a while…I went and
hooked up with Tristan. That was supposed to only be about sex, too. It was
supposed to be about satisfying a fantasy I’d had since I was a kid. Stupid,
stupid me! I let myself start feeling things for the bastard and there I was,
standing in the rain, feeling like a fool. Maybe I was a slut.

Then, of course, there was still Jake. The uber
wealthy record producer, show producer, CEO, and my boss who very casually
offered to get you whatever I need if I was willing to sleep with him. The
bastard! The one thing I always thought for sure I was doing right was my job.
I guess that was not really true though—I slept with Tristan when I wasn’t
supposed to and got myself fired for it. Jeez! Jake only confirmed that I was
only good for one thing where men were concerned. He’d built me up and made me
think I was so good that he wanted to recruit me for his team—his team of
chicks that warmed his bed on the road, I guess.

I finally pulled myself together enough to walk my
wet ass back to my own bus. Of course, two of the other girls were still there.

“Oh my God, Elly!
What happened to you, honey? Here, let me get you a towel.” Hannah, one of the
nicest of the show’s production crew jumped up to go get a towel. Tammy, the
girl who I’d walked out with that night was staring at me.

“What?” I said, maybe a little too bitchy.

She had the decency not to smile, but I saw her lips
twitch. She continued to stare at me while I dried myself off with the towel
Hannah brought me. Finally she said, “Elly, we all know about you and Tristan.
I know you were going to hang out with him tonight.
okay, we all think he’s hot and we completely understand what you see in him.
But, you don’t look like you had much fun tonight. You want to talk about it?”

I glanced at Hannah and she smiled reassuringly.
“Whatever you say is staying right here between us, hon. I’m not a gossip and
neither is Tammy. Sometimes it helps to talk about it. Sometimes it doesn’t.
It’s entirely up to you.”

I broke down then and started sobbing. Sweet Hannah,
not even worried about getting all wet, put her arm around me and pulled me
into her shoulder. I cried again in big, heaving sobs. It was ridiculous. I was
not a crier, at all, yet this was the second time that night I turned loose
with the water works.

When I could finally speak I said, “Shit! I’m so
sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Tammy said, “Tell you what,
put on some dry, warm comfy clothes and I’ll make us some hot chocolate.
That’ll make you feel better.”

“Aren’t you guys going out?”

“Nah, I was planning to stay here all along. It’s
too wet out there, I’m not that desperate,” Hannah said with a laugh.

Then Tammy added, “I am that desperate, but lazy. So
I decided not to go, either.”

That made me laugh
I agreed to change and have hot chocolate with them. I went in and put on a
green velour jogging suit and blow dried my hair. I pulled it into a pony-tail
and, now fresh-faced and warm and dry, I went back out where the girls were.

Tammy handed me a cup and I saw that there were
mini-marshmallows floating on top and a stick of cinnamon inside the cup. It
was just like my mother made it for me when I was a kid. I almost started
crying again. I must have been hormonal

“Thank you, Tammy. It looks yummy.” I sat down with
them and after taking a sip and letting the sweet, warm liquid get into my
veins and take away that deep, bone-chill I said, “I feel like a fool.”

“What did he do?” Tammy asked.

Hannah sat down across from us. She looked so
genuinely sympathetic that I didn’t want to look at her. I was afraid she’d
make the tears flow again. I looked at Tammy instead and said, “You guys are
right…but you know that. I am still seeing Tristan. Worse than that, I was
letting him stay with me. We decided to be exclusive a few months ago. I
thought things were going good until a few days ago when I found out he’d lied
to me about something pretty important. I don’t want to say what that was, it’s
his business to tell, but I was hurt. After a couple of days, I decided to suck
it up and be the bigger person. I went to him and I actually apologized for
accusing him of lying…although I know he lied. I’m an idiot.”

Looking confused Tammy said, “So is that what you’re
upset about tonight?”

With a sigh I told her, “No, it gets better…or worse,
I guess. I forgave him and we were supposed to hang out tonight. When I got
there and walked in he was sitting in a chair in nothing but a towel—with a
very naked Brooke in his lap.”

Tammy raised her eyebrows. “Brooke?
Contestant Brooke?
That Ho!”

Tammy was obviously not a Brooke fan. Hannah looked
thoughtful and said, “You said he knew you were coming? Why would he be messing
around with her when he knew you were going to walk in?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Either he’s that arrogant,
or that stupid, or I am. Maybe he thought if I’d forgive him for lying, I’d
forgive him for anything. Maybe he was just so horny he didn’t even consider
what I might think or how I’d react. Brooke knew about us a long time ago. She
tried to get in his pants and he said no. She threatened to tell and get me
fired…that was before I did get fired. Anyways, if he can sleep with her after
all that, he doesn’t care about me at all.”

“Or, Brooke showed up to seduce him….” Hannah said
before Tammy interrupted her.

“But he was in a towel…and Brooke was naked….”

“What did he tell you happened?” Hannah asked. I
took another long drink of the hot chocolate. It felt good as it burned all the
way down.

“He says nothing happened. He says he told her to
leave and she wouldn’t.”

“And why was he in a towel?” Tammy asked.

I shrugged. I hadn’t really asked him. Brooke could
have shown up as he got out of the shower. But why was she naked and why was
she on his lap? “The bottom line here, I think, is that Tristan’s a lot bigger
and stronger than Brooke. If he didn’t want her on him, fighting her off should
have been easy. Why would he let her get in his lap? He had a tent underneath
that towel, too, the bastard!”

“Well, that probably means he didn’t fuck her,”
Tammy said, searching for the bright side.

“Yet,” I added. “And if he had no intentions to
screw her, why was his dick as hard as a rock?”

“Well, he is a man,” Hannah said. “He had a naked
girl, who is pretty hot, in his bus. Then she sat right down on his lap…an
erection is to be expected. If this was Brooke’s plan, she knew it, too.”

“Why are they all like this?” I asked. I didn’t
expect an answer. It was a rhetorical question and they both knew it. We sat
there quietly for a while, drinking our hot chocolate and mentally
commiserating about men when, suddenly, before I thought it through, I said,
“Jake hit on me last night.”

“Jake our boss?”
Hannah said, with wide eyes.

“Yeah, him,” I said.

“He’s a
,” Tammy said.

“Has he hit on you too?” I asked her.

“No, he likes the petite ones like you. I’m too much
woman for him,” she said with a wink. Tammy wasn’t fat by any means, but she
was a big girl. At nearly six foot tall and a hundred and ninety pounds, at
least, she cut an imposing figure.

I laughed and said, “You’re probably right. That and
starting to feel like I give off some kind of slut

Tammy laughed at that, but Hannah said, “Oh honey.
Don’t think that way about yourself. He’s the one that there’s something wrong
with. He’s your boss for crying out loud. He should know better. There are
rules against it even.”


“Yeah, it’s too much like sexual harassment,” she
said. “Don’t let him make you feel bad about yourself.”

“It’s hard not to,” I told them. “I was feeling so
good about the job I was doing and now I just feel like he hired me because he
wanted to have sex with me.”

“Oh no!
Don’t feel like that, please,” Hannah told me. “Tammy’s right, he really is a
. I think if he didn’t appreciate your work and he only
wanted to sleep with you, he would have used the thing with Tristan against
you. If the rumors are true, he sleeps with half the staff. You at least had
the integrity to say no.”

Tammy had her eyebrow raised. I knew what she was
thinking. “I said no,” I told her. She grinned and said,

“I didn’t doubt it.”




I started to follow Elly out into the rain, but I
realized that as much as I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, I really
shouldn’t risk being seen running around on the back-set butt-ass naked. I ran
into the back and slipped on a pair of pajama bottoms. The whole time, Brooke
was sitting bare-ass naked in my chair. I walked past her and said,

“Seriously, Brooke, if you don’t get the fuck out of
here, I will drag your naked ass out in the rain.”

The crazy little bitch smiled at me and said, “Go
ahead. I’ll tell them you did things to me against my will and then threw me
out. Elly will be my witness that you were naked, too. I think she’s just
pissed off enough at you to go for it.”

Even when I was wasted, I never, ever considered
hitting a girl. I wanted to punch Brooke right then though. I wanted to feel
her nose crunch underneath my fist and watch her head snap backwards. Who the
hell did she think she was? The fucking bitch really needed her ass kicked. I
wished that Elly had done it when she was there. I’d have paid money to see
that shit.

“You better be gone when I get back,” I told her as
I walked out. The little bitch wasn’t going to intimidate me. The rain was
coming down in a torrent. I could barely see my hand in front of my fucking
face and it was freezing cold. I couldn’t believe I was out in this shit
instead of kicking it in my warm, dry bus with Elly. That was the plan and
fucking Brooke had screwed it all up, bad.

I looked around the bus for Elly, but I didn’t
really expect to find her. I would have gone to her bus and tried to talk to
her, but she had all those fucking roommates and I really didn’t want everyone
on the show to know my business. Instead, spotting the two miserable bastard
security officers standing out in the rain I motioned them
They were both young and buff—probably out of work actors that needed any
paycheck to pay their bills in the meantime. Those of us who had been out of
work singers felt their pain.

“Hey man, what’s going on?” The bigger of the two
asked me. He had an umbrella, but it didn’t seem to be doing a whole hell of a
lot of good; he was still drenched.

BOOK: My Rock #7 (The Rock Star Romance Series - Book #7)
8.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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