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My Wife's Little Sister

BOOK: My Wife's Little Sister
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My Wife's Little Sister

by Cassandra Zara

Published by Cassandra Zara, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. June 21, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Cassandra Zara.

Written by Cassandra Zara.

Table of Contents

Deflowering My Wife's Sexy Little Sister

Breeding My Wife's Bratty Little Sister

Shower Sex With My Wife's Hot Little Sister

Defiling My Wife's Adorable Little Sister

Threesome with My Wife's Bisexual Little Sister

Anal Sex With My Wife's Pregnant Little Sister

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Deflowering My Wife's Sexy Little Sister

Life is good, I thought to myself. Here I was, done early with my work for the day, sitting on my couch playing video games. Not only that, when my sexy wife Lynn got home, I was going to plow her pussy in celebration of the huge bonus I got for securing a new contract.

Yeah, life was good. No debt except the mortgage on our huge house. My wife's career was almost going as swimmingly as mine was, even if she did just work in a lab. And, tonight, when I wanted to go out clubbing, we wouldn't have to find a babysitter for a kid that we weren't ready for yet.

For that last thing, I really had to thank Lynn. She had gone in to the doctor a few years ago after a pregnancy scare to get an inter-uterine device, and it was a godsend. I could fuck her as much as I like. I could cum on her face, her tits, or in her pussy, wherever I wanted. I never had to worry about getting her pregnant, and she never had to worry about forgetting to take her pill. The only issue was that if I went too deep inside her, it poked me. It wasn't bad enough to give me nightmares about vagina dentata, but last night it threw me out of the mood so much that I had to stop.

An occasional case of blue balls was a small price to pay for the fantastic sex life we enjoyed. Lynn was always willing to be adventurous when it came to sex. We had even talked about going out and trying to pull in some other girl while we went clubbing so she could give me the threesome I always dreamed of. Yeah, my wife was one sexy princess, no doubt about it. She deserved every bit of the good life I was able to provide for her.


The two of us had met in college six years ago. I had just turned 21 and had been about to graduate and Lynn was a freshman, just out of high school. We had met at the club, which she obviously got into with a fake ID, and it had been love at first sight. Tall, skinny, full of exciting dreams about what she was going to do as a biologist. We talked all night, made love in the back of my car, and ever since then she had me wrapped around her little finger.

About a year into our relationship, she had brought me to her home state to meet her parents. They had been pretty cool, even her overprotective dad. I had charmed her mother. I had even brought a flower for her little sister, Kelsey. Kelsey instantly adored me for that stupid little flower. She was so sweet, telling me about her dolls and her friends at school like I was the most important person she had ever met. I've regretted that gift ever since.

A couple years later, I scored my first major contract for my software firm. They could already tell that I was a hell of a salesman, and they offered to move me wherever I wanted. My girlfriend had just graduated, and she suggested we move near her parents. I told her I'd think about it on one condition: that she'd marry me. She said yes.

I still thought it might be a mistake, but I've learned as a salesman that some deals are non-negotiable. As a compromise, we moved fifteen miles away from them, which was still fifty times closer than we had been. Her parents were thrilled to have her closer to home, but her sister seemed to have reservations. Even during the wedding, I barely saw her. When I went around and danced with every woman there, she seemed shocked that I asked her to dance. Even after she accepted, she looked down at her feet the entire time I danced with her.

I barely saw Kelsey for the next couple years as she always seemed to be locked in her room or out with her high school friends when I came over. I didn't think too much of it.

All that changed when we went over to their place to stay the night one night about two years ago. Lynn's parents have a hot tub and the two of us jumped in it. It was outside, but it was dark, so I began to get a little frisky with her. Suddenly, the lights snapped on, and Kelsey walked out wrapped in a towel.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked.

I kicked Lynn under the water but she didn't take the hint. "Of course you can," she said.

Kelsey smiled and threw her towel on the deck. I gave her a once-over, drinking in the sight for a moment before making a conscious effort to look away, but she had been wearing a skimpy two-piece bikini. Her B-sized tits were developing nicely and complimented her slender frame nicely. She looked remarkably like Lynn. No, not quite like she looked now. She looked like my wife did when I met her.

She probably noticed the look that she got, and that probably encouraged her. I wished I could take it back, but my penis had acted before my brain could override it. She turned on the jets before slipping into the hot tub, and crossed right in front of me, her ass right in my face, before sitting across from us.

"This is nice," she said. Thankfully the jets obscured everything under the water, so I was able to relax and look over at her again without seeing her body. I shouldn't have gotten so comfortable.

As we talked about some bullshit that I don't remember, I felt a foot brush against my leg. I thought it was kind of weird that Lynn was playing around with me while her sister was right here in the hot tub, but whatever. I moved my hand to her leg, rubbing it up and down. I couldn't feel her muscles moving, and Lynn looked over and gave me a weird look. I knew exactly what she was thinking: Don't do that, my sister is right there.

I looked back over at Kelsey. As the foot moved farther up my leg at an angle that Lynn couldn't have pulled off without me noticing, she smiled and bit her lip. I couldn't help it, my cock immediately began to get hard. As it got bigger and moved towards Kelsey, and Kelsey's foot got closer, I didn't know what to do.

When Kelsey's foot touched it, her jaw dropped a little bit. It might have been the first cock she ever touched, and mine was big, no doubt. Her foot froze, and I could see her sexual excitement cross her face. Our eyes locked. It was the longest second of my life, but when her foot began to stroke it through my bathing suit, I quickly took action.

"Welp, I'm tired baby, time to hit the hay," I said. I quickly crossed over to the steps that led out of the hot tub, and cursed at myself as I stepped out of the water. Both girls' eyes were fixated on my erection, huge in my swim shorts. I heard Kelsey gasp. Both thought that they had caused it, and both were right, in their own way.

I quickly threw a towel around me and walked into the house, dripping wet. The last thing I heard before I closed the door was the two girls giggling. Lynn and I had made love that night, quietly so that we wouldn't be heard by her parents. I'd be lying if I said I was thinking of just Lynn that night.


That was just the first in a series of incidents with Kelsey. One night while we were spending the night at Lynn's parents' house, I went to brush my teeth after finishing up some sales reports. Kelsey was brushing her teeth, wearing some pajama pants and a tank top. She scooted over to share the sink when she saw me, and I brushed my teeth, thinking nothing of it. I saw her eyes in the mirror staring at me, and they never stopped staring. Finally, she finished, leaving for her room.

I didn't think too much of it until I passed her bedroom. She had left the door open, and she was no longer wearing the pajama pants. Instead, she was laying on her bed, bent at the knee, wearing just her bra and panties. Her eyes were fixated on the door, and she did nothing to cover herself up when she saw me. It had been a long time since her big sister had done anything like that for me, and a weaker man might have done something. I closed the door, loudly, and walked away.

That was the last time I spent the night at her parents' house, but then, when Kelsey got a car, she started coming up to our house. Lynn seemed to be oblivious, but every time Kelsey came up, she'd do something to try and get me worked up. Whether it was trying on Lynn's clubbing clothes or talking about a party she had gone too, she always had something that she knew I liked. The brat could tell what kind of effect it had on me. Many times I locked myself in my office, a prisoner in my own home, rather than do something inappropriate.

But, there was some good news. Even though her attempts to tease and seduce me had intensified, I knew she was going to college soon. She and Lynn had talked about the college that we had attended, which was far enough away that I wouldn't have to worry about her coming over very often. I was really looking forward to not having her come around. Every day she grew hotter, and I knew that at some point I might not be able to resist my temptation.


But other than all that, life was good. As I sat there playing video games, I started to think about what I'd do when my wife got home. I'd tell her about the new client I had sold to, the big bonus I got, and she'd start getting horny. We'd go upstairs, mess around a little bit, and I'd ask her if she was serious about going to the club.

Yeah, we'd go to the club, pick out a girl with a nice short dress. I started to get hard. I had had blue balls last night after hitting Lynn's IUD, and I hadn't had time to jerk off since then. I thought about jerking off right there. I mean it was my living room, and Lynn wouldn't be home for a couple hours at least...

Suddenly, I heard the front door open, and footsteps enter the front door. A home intruder? In broad daylight? I was unprepared, nothing to defend myself. I just sat on the couch, paralyzed for a moment.

I heard the rhythmic sound of high heels. That's weird, I thought, as I looked at the front hallway. Suddenly, I saw Lynn, looking like she had the night I met her. Except her dress was pink, not purple like I remembered it. And her hair had blonde highlights instead of being brunette.

When she saw me, she smiled. I smiled back, unsure of what to say.

"Where's Lynn?" she asked. Her voice threw me back into reality.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you to knock before entering someone's home, Kelsey?" I asked.

She kept smiling. "I don't always do what I'm told," she replied. There was an awkward silence before she asked again. "So where's Lynn?"

"Working, like grownups have to do sometimes," I said dismissively. I unpaused my video game, figuring the conversation was over.

She kept talking behind me. "She's supposed to let me know how I look in my prom dress. Do you know when she's supposed to be home?"

"Not for another couple hours," I said.
Now please leave so I can jerk off
, I thought to myself. She walked into the living room and stood between me and the TV. I paused my game. "What?"

"What do you think?" she asked, doing a little turn.

She's gorgeous
, I thought to myself. "I prefer girls with a little less makeup, but it's nice. I'm sure your boyfriend will like it just fine." I unpaused my game again.

Her mouth shot open, and she walked over to my TV. Her dress left her back exposed, and it was incredibly sexy to see the muscles of her back move. She had to bend over to turn off my video game console, and as she did so, her ass thrust out at me, the short dress riding up her legs a little more. My erection sprang up again. She turned to face me, arms crossed.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you to tell me how good I look in this dress!" she cried.

"You look good in that dress," I said in a deadpan voice.

Her arms remained closed, but her eyes ventured down to my pants. She gestured at the growing bulge inside them. "That tells me that you think I look more than good."

I didn't respond. How could I respond?

She walked over to me, a little extra sway in her hips. She sat next to me, and I just stared ahead of me, holding the video game controller and watching a blank TV. I smelled her perfume, a fruity concoction that no girl over 21 would ever be caught dead wearing. It reminded me of youth.

She smiled, brushing her hair out of her face. "I know you have a huge crush on me," she said.

This is not happening
, I thought. "It's certainly a lot smaller than the crush you have on me," I said.

Her jaw dropped again. I turned towards her, finally taking a good glance at her body. Her tits were even bigger than I remembered from the hot tub, and they looked fantastic in her satin prom dress. There was no doubt, Kelsey would have passed for Lynn's twin if they hadn't been born seven years apart. The thought of fucking her, plowing her right on this couch, made my cock harden to it's full length.

BOOK: My Wife's Little Sister
13.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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