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Dear Reader:

Dr. XYZ is a gem. She is a practicing physician in urban areas who grew tired of witnessing people playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Thus, she decided to pen
, about a group of people whose situations collide. Extremely nasty things happen when a rich divorcée, an ambitious music mogul, and an extremely horny high school virgin all cross paths in a delicious web of insatiable lust, obsession, and revenge.

This book means a lot to me personally. I feel that the wide spread of HIV in the minority community has to be taken under control. As a mother, I am cognizant daily that my children will have to seek love—and ultimately affection—in a society that could lead to them becoming victims unknowingly. Practicing safe sex is essential and we must protect ourselves. Even now, when I do events and ask the women in the audience, how many of them have been tested lately for HIV, less than two percent raise their hands. Yet, the majority of them are sexually active. There is something seriously wrong with that picture. Please take precautions with your life.

Since it is not my intention to turn this into a public service announcement, I will stop there.
is an entertaining thrill ride that can also serve as an educational tool for many.

Thank you for supporting Dr. XYZ’s efforts and thank you for supporting one of the dozens of authors published under my imprint, Strebor Books. I try my best to bring you cutting-edge works of literature that will keep your attention and make you think long after you turn the last page.

Now sit back in your favorite chair or, better yet, chill in the bed, and be prepared to be tantalized by yet another great read.

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 2009 by Dr. XYZ

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To Mrs. M, who warned me to never write about “nasty” things… and her daughter JM, who told me to ignore everything her mama said.


I want to thank the Eternal spirit for all my creativity, discipline and passion for this project. RT, you were my muse and without you, I couldn’t have finished. Bee-Maw and Pop-Pop, thanks for supporting every dream or whim I’ve had over the past ten years. Thanks to all the wonderful folks at Strebor Books who made my dream a reality: Zane, Charmaine and Anita. Keith, your cover was jammin’! Beau, thanks for the intro. To my best friend, JM, your reading of that first “butt-ugly” draft helped to keep the ball rolling. To FS for all her advice and listening to me “whine” about the edit. Dr. ND, for reviving my career, you deserve a special award. To my niece LJ, thanks for keeping me “stylish” during that long writing period. To my brothers, J & W, for the loan and family newsletter (you know who did what). To all my family and friends for their love and support during my years in the “valley.”


Author’s note: The tale you are about to read is a collage of stories and characters that all meet up at one Nasty ending. Many of these stories are true …but names and details of events have been well hidden to protect identities.


The pains are bad, real bad. This alien baby is coming out of me now! Oh my Chief …My sweet love. Those bastards stole our baby and put their demon inside me.

I remember now. It was that fat, greasy white one. Crusty boils all over his face. When they oozed and dripped out that green slime… that sick pervert made me lick them. If that wasn’t bad enough, his breath stank of old whisky and stale garlic. I can still see those boils and smell that godless odor now.

But that wasn’t the worst of it, Chief. What grossed me most were those nasty, probing experiments. That’s when he switched our baby. Night after night he’d insert his hard alien dick inside me and release his thick fluids. Sometimes he’d yell at me to suck it …suck it real hard. Then he kept slamming it down my throat…choking me when he came. That’s when I knew he wasn’t human. He didn’t taste human. More like an alien from Jupiter…Yeah, he was from Jupiter, all right.

When I found out he switched our baby…I stabbed him. Stabbed him dead! That was the end of that bastard. But Chief…it was too late. He’d already taken our love child.

That was three months ago. No…it was last week. A month ago? Oh God! They’ve taken my memory. I don’t even remember when it happened…or…or…if it happened.

But one thing is for sure, my darling Chief, he left me with this alien baby. Look at this creature. And there’s so much blood. The brightest red I’ve ever seen. The cord’s connected to me. Got to cut the cord like Mama showed me. Umm…no knife. Hey…I’ll bite it off. Yeah, that’s it. Make a knot, too. Yeah. Good! Oh no! It’s moving and crying. STOP CRYING, you beast…STOP CRYING! Why’s it crying so loud?

I know. It’s sending transmissions to the mother ship. That’s what all this crying is about. I know it. Stop crying now! It must be quiet or the head aliens will send their people down here and come and get me and their baby. Probably need me to breastfeed. They’ll kill me once it’s weaned. That’s how they do it on Jupiter.

It must be silenced. I’ll take this stick…shove it down its throat. Keep shoving till it stops.

Good…it’s only gurgling now.

The aliens are here! I didn’t stop the transmissions in time. They’re trying to knock the door down. Oh Chief…what can I do? They want their alien baby bad and they’re going to take me, too. Can’t let that happen. Got to get away. Tell the government about their plot to destroy the earth. I can’t let them catch me.

There’s a window here.


Got to leave New York now. Just fly back to my Chief…I love you, Chief…I’ll be there soon. Safe from the aliens. It’s a good thing I have my wings to fly. I knew it was right to stop taking those poison pills they were giving me. Made me forget I have powers…forget about my angel wings. I can fly back to you, Chief…back home to safety.

Here I come, baby! Here I come…


A sad New Year’s Tragedy. The body of an escaped mental patient, Lizette Odinga, was discovered in front of the Nicola Building in the early hours of the New Year. After allegedly shoving a stick down the throat of her newborn infant, she apparently jumped out of the tenth-floor window of this historic Brooklyn building. Paramedics on the scene rushed the seriously injured infant to Kings County Hospital. Doctors performed emergency surgery on the infant girl, currently listed in critical condition.


So this is where it all happened.
” Nicola stared up at the dilapidated pre-war building. This ten-story monstrosity was her birthplace. Only a few letters of their shared name had survived the unforgiving forces of neglect and time. A once bustling factory, the city’s approval for condo conversion was the only thing that blocked its path to rebirth.

A week had passed since she’d last met with the private investigator she’d hired to track down her biological parents. Initially wanting nothing to do with the information he’d gathered, Nicola had awakened that morning, determined to see the building where it had all begun.

Oblivious to the cold winter evening, she’d tried to enter and go up to the top floor where the shameful deed had taken place. All the entrances were boarded up. Frustrated, she’d banged on and repeatedly kicked the front door, stopping only when she spotted blood trickling down from her knuckles.

BOOK: Nasty
3.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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