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Never Be Sick Again

BOOK: Never Be Sick Again
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Never Be Sick Again . . .

“Raymond Francis will give you the information you require— and if you combine it with inspiration, self-esteem and self-love, you will accomplish wonders. Take your health into your own hands—choose life and
Never Be Sick Again

—Bernie Siegel, M.D.

author of
Love, Medicine & Miracles
Prescriptions for Living

“The world is a better place for Raymond Francis and his work. He brings hope and inspiration to those who seek the path out of illness to sustained health and well-being. For the many health mysteries caused by nutritional deficits, overload of toxins and neuro-immuno-hormonal dysfunctions, this book is a necessary and joyful treasure.”

—Russ Jaffe, M.D.

fellow, Health Studies Collegium
fellow, National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry

“You must read this inspiring story and learn how one man overcame his own illness to become a fine educator in the science of health maintenance. With our current medical system failing miserably to treat or prevent a wide variety of illnesses, this book is a timely contribution.”

—Hyla Cass, M.D.

author of
Natural Highs
St. John's Wort: Nature's Blues Buster

Raymond Francis's brush with death as a patient draws the reader to appreciate the lessons he has learned.
Never Be Sick Again
paints a clear picture of the choices that you can make to attain a healthier life. With the skill of a master teacher, he places these choices within reach.”

—Richard Kunin, M.D.

president, Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine
author of

Never Be Sick Again
presents a revolutionary new understanding of health and disease. Raymond Francis empowers readers and puts them back in charge of their health. This important book offers keen insights into the shifts in thinking about health; it is a prelude to what medicine in the future must become.”

—Al Lemerande Jr., M.D.

director of medical programs,
Advanced Physicians Medical Group
author of
Dynamic Health Through Nutrition

Never Be Sick Again
is like learning health in one lesson. This book cuts through the complexity of health and disease with the simple, yet revolutionary, concept of
one disease, two
six pathways.
This is future medicine now!”

—Len Saputo, M.D.

medical director, Health Medicine Institute




Raymond Francis, M.Sc.
with Kester Cotton

Foreword by Harvey Diamond
Coauthor of the #1
NY Times Bestseller
Fit for Life

Health Communications, Inc.
Deerfield Beach, Florida

Never Be Sick Again
and the information contained in this book are not intended as a substitute for the advice and/or medical care of the reader's physician, nor are they meant to discourage or dissuade the reader from the advice of his or her physician. The reader should regularly consult with a physician in matters relating to his or her health, and especially with regard to symptoms that may require diagnosis. Any eating or lifestyle regimen should be undertaken under the direct supervision of the reader's physician. Moreover, anyone with chronic or serious ailments should undertake any eating and lifestyle program, and/or changes to his or her personal eating and lifestyle regimen, under the direct supervision of his or her physician. If the reader has any questions concerning the information presented in this book, or its application to his or her particular medical profile, or if the reader has unusual medical or nutritional needs or constraints that may conflict with the advice in this book, he or she should consult his or her physician. If the reader is pregnant or nursing she should consult her physician before embarking on any nutrition or lifestyle program.

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   Never be sick again : Raymond Francis with Kester Cotton ; foreword by Harvey
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4. Health—Philosophy. 5. Mind and body. I. Cotton, Kester. II. Title.
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by Harvey Diamond



1. I Almost Died

2. Your Potential for Health

3. The New Theory of Health and Disease

4. Choosing Healthy Cells

5. The Nutrition Pathway

6. The Toxin Pathway

7. The Psychological Pathway

8. The Physical Pathway

9. The Genetic Pathway

10. The Medical Pathway

11. A Shift in Perspective


Author's Note: Going Beyond Health

Appendix A: Health Information

Appendix B: Vitamin Supplements

Appendix C: Foods and Personal Products

Appendix D: Alternative Cancer Treatments

Appendix E: Improving Vision

Appendix F: Health-E-America Foundation


ever Be Sick Again
takes the mystery out of disease. This groundbreaking book presents a revolutionary theory of health and disease: There are not thousands of different diseases, but only one disease: malfunctioning cells. Put simply, if the cells that make up your body are healthy, then you are healthy. Take care of your cells by providing them with all the nutrients they need, keep them free of injurious toxins, and disease will not happen. That concept is what this book is all about.

Never Be Sick Again
is health made simple, written by someone who figured it out the hard way. In 1985, author Raymond Francis (a chemist and a graduate of MIT) suffered a near-fatal health condition. He used his knowledge of biochemistry to save his own life, and during his recovery, Francis asked himself fundamental questions like, “Why do people get sick?” and, “How can disease be prevented or reversed?” The answers to these questions are the essence of Francis's new theory:
One disease, two causes
of disease and
six pathways
between health and disease. Explained in easy-to-understand language, this concept of health and disease is scientifically grounded in cutting-edge cellular biochemistry and molecular biology.
Never Be Sick Again
is the distilled wisdom of hundreds of books, thousands of scientific journals and over sixteen years of experience and observation. Francis's book provides a simple and holistic approach that can help to prevent and/or reverse almost any disease—the ultimate triumph over disease.

A book like this is needed now more than ever. Health-care costs continue to rise while the health of the American people continues to decline. The average person is lost in a glut of complex and confusing health information. When we do get sick, though, not understanding why we are sick or how to become well, we feel like powerless victims, subject to seemingly random infections and genetic predispositions. We feel helpless because our understanding of disease remains stuck in the archaic germ theory. We worry too much about our bodies being invaded by microorganisms and not enough about building and maintaining the overall health and function of our cells. Disease is not a random event. We can choose to prevent it, provided that we know how. Health is determined by what we, as individuals, are willing to do for ourselves; it is our responsibility.

Rather than being a game of chance, health is a choice. Whether we realize it or not, the daily choices we make have a direct impact on the health of our cells. When we make the wrong choices, and our health takes a turn for the worse, we blame genes or germs or the aging process rather than the way we live our lives. In truth, the only way to heal any disease is to normalize cellular function by correcting cellular malfunction, the common denominator of all disease.

Modern medicine has a poor understanding of disease and relies on suppressing the symptoms of disease rather than addressing its true causes. Little wonder most of us die from chronic and degenerative diseases—such as cancer and heart disease—that are “treated” but seldom healed. As a society, our applying the principles of the six pathways outlined in this book is crucial. Doing so will improve the health of our population to where most of existing medical practice can become irrelevant. Even now when we recognize the existence of only one disease, breaking medicine up into medical specialties becomes obsolete and counterproductive.

Raymond Francis provides real answers for real life, regardless of who you are or your state of health. By providing a powerful framework for maintaining optimal health, this book ties all the basics together in a way that anyone can put to immediate and practical use. Francis simplifies the health equation to the lowest common denominator—each individual cell.
If you take care of each cell in your body, disease cannot

An island of clarity in a sea of confusion,
Never Be Sick
is a one-stop solution for health professionals and laymen alike. Think of this book as health in one lesson. Everyone, especially our children, should learn about this cutting-edge approach to health and disease. In the past, health and disease have seemed like mysteries over which we have little control, but no longer. Now, we do have control. Knowing of just one disease and only two causes of disease gives us the power to get well and stay well. Francis's title says it all:
Never Be Sick Again.

Harvey Diamond
coauthor of the #1
New York Times
Fit for Life

BOOK: Never Be Sick Again
12.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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