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Never Tell Your Dreams

BOOK: Never Tell Your Dreams
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Never Tell Your


A Grandberry Falls Novel

Book Three



Tonya Kappes


This book is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or
persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part
of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical, without the permission in writing from the
author or publisher.

Edition: April 2012


Copyright © 2012 by Tonya Kappes

All rights reserved

Cover Artist: Laura Morrigan



What others are saying about
Author Tonya Kappes



of wit, humor and colorful characters, Tonya Kappes delivers a fun, fast-paced
story that will leave you hooked!” Bestselling Author, Jane Porter


Fun, fresh, and
flirty, Carpe Bead ’Em is the perfect read on a hot summer day. Tonya
Kappes’ voice shines in her debut novel.” Author Heather Webber


Tonya Kappes strings together
the perfect blend of family, friends, and fun.” Author Misa Ramirez


I loved how Tonya Kappes was able to
bring her characters to life.” Coffee Table Reviews


“I love, love, love this book.  I
enjoyed reading about Hallie's friendships and her trials and
tribulations.  Her Aunt Grace was a hoot, especially the pink
poodle.  Too darn funny.  As you already know I was crying and I had
to put the book down.  That, makes a truly awesome read for me, because I
became a part of the story and loved Aunt Grace as much as Hallie.

 Again, this was worth the wait and I
can't wait to read your next story.” Reader, Dru Ann


I don't write many
reviews but some books are so outstanding I just have to. This is one of them.
Tonya Kappes is one of the freshest new voices in women's fiction, and I can't
wait to read more from her.” Reader, Melissa Lapierre


"This book was fun, entertaining and good to
the last page. Who knew reading auras could get Olivia in so much trouble? Sit
back, smile and cozy up to, where Olivia does the dumping for
you. There's heap loads of humor, a dose of magical realism, sprinkles of
romance, and mystery when someone ends up dead!" Author Lisa Lim


“This book was funny and clever with a unique
premise. I truly couldn't put it down.” Author Diane Majeske


“Tonya Kappes has written a fast paced cozy
mystery that kept me guessing till the end. Full of likeable characters, is humerous and I was caught up in the story right from the
beginning. I'm definitely looking forward to more books in this series!” Author
Sheila Seabrook


“Unique, imaginative, funny, with a tantalizing
mystery to boot. What more could one ask. But there was more ... compassion and
passion ... Olivia is an animal lover with the good sense not to become jaded
by her "day job" of helping people break up. She gets the guy, solves
the puzzle and rises above all of life's messy situations. Aunt Matilda was the
icing on the cake ... as I said ... PURE MAGIC.” Reader PJ Schott


“I loved this book. Grandberry Falls is my
kind of town and I for one would love to live there and get to know all the
local folks. I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to read the next book
about Grandberry Falls by Tonya Kappes.
I have added Tonya Kappes as
one of my new favorite authors.” Jean Segal


“I love it when I pick up a book because
of its cover and the story to follow is just as great or better. That's what
happened here.
” Stephanie Overton


“I read this in a day and loved it! You
felt that you were part of Grandberry Falls. The small town folks who know
everyone and know everything about someone in a matter of hours.” Avid Reader


“I was looking for something different and
easy to read...meaning nothing too involved, something that if I put down could
come back to and remember all the characters and where I left off at...well I
didn't put it down I finished it in a day... what a great read !!” Cimarron


by Tonya Kappes


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To my dear husband, Eddy. He encourages me to go to
pretend places and never asks me to grow up. And to my boys (Austin, Brady, and
Jack) for always telling me how proud they are of me and sharing my books with
their friends and teachers.


Thanks to my critique group (Cathy Liggett, Heather
Webber, Hilda Linder-Knepp, and Shelley Shepard Grey) for the unwavering
support and continued guidance.


Lastly, to Mamie Lowry, my granny. She taught me all
the superstitious tales I still live by today. Thank you for loving me and
making my childhood fun! And I still NEVER tell my dreams before breakfast.




of superstition: Noun

irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.

way Maggie Greenlee lives her life…


“Please let this
weekend go better.” Maggie squeezed her eyes shut tight.

She stood on her
tiptoes, making herself a little taller. When she leaned over, shivers inched up
her legs when the cold handrail pressed against her thighs. Wanting to make
sure her quarter made it to the falls, she threw it as hard as she could.

She opened her
eyes to follow the coin, but the sun blinded her, leaving the ‘kerplunk’ into
the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall, Grandberry Fall’s major
attraction, enough proof that it did make it.

Growing up, she’d
lost one too many quarters, standing in this very spot, by tossing the coin too
far or not far enough.

“Good morning,
Maggie Greenlee.” The masculine voice, all too familiar, caught her off guard.
“I thought that was you over here. Heard you were in town.”

Maggie didn’t have
to look to see who was standing behind her.

The muscles in her
jaw contracted. She loved the sound of her name when Mitch Dozier said it.
Trying not to grin too big, she turned around.

“Hi, Mitch,”
Maggie began, but stopped and stared. She wasn’t used to seeing him so put
together or without a cowboy hat. When he gave his half grin, she continued,
“You got your hair cut off.”

Mitch ran his
hands down the back of his neck; his short sleeved t-shirt exposed his biceps.
“I took your advice, and figured you were right. The mayor should be clean cut.
Compliments of Belle, too.”

Maggie blushed
when she recalled telling Mitch he needed a haircut when she saw him during her
Christmas visit.

“I heard she’s
turned the Hair Pin into one happening spa.” She referred to her sister’s hair
salon, and put the disastrous Christmas visit in the back of her mind. If she
could forget about the last time she was here, she would.

It took Maggie
another second to get past the new look. He’d never had the short, spiky hair
he was sporting, nor did she remember Mitch Dozier having muscles. Well, maybe
she never took the time to notice.

She noticed now.

Maybe her wish was
going to come true and this was going to be a more enjoyable trip than last
time she’d come home. It was off to a great start, seeing Mitch.

“I hear you’re the
man in charge.” Maggie scooted the toe of her shoe in the rocks gathered near
the curb. Maggie couldn’t bring herself to look at him. After all, he had been
the last person she saw at Christmas before she darted out of town. And under
the mistletoe, no less.

“What can I say?
Who would’ve thought?” His teeth glistened like the waterfall that flowed
behind him.

Maggie would’ve
never thought Mitch would be mayor of Grandberry Falls. He was her quiet, shy, reserved
friend. Not the go-get-‘em type that played sports or even chess. So when Hazel
Greenlee, Maggie’s grandmother and Grandberry Falls’ matchmaker, had called
Maggie to tell her the great news about Mitch being elected, Maggie had been

Hazel couldn’t
resist adding, “You could be the mayor’s wife.” It wasn’t a secret Hazel wanted
Maggie and Mitch to get married. She’d been planning it since they were

“So, I hear Belle
is throwing you a big wedding shower.” Mitch’s gaze softened and dug deep into
Maggie’s soul.

Maggie shifted her eyes down to her feet. She couldn’t
bear to look into his dark chocolate eyes any longer. He could read her like a
book, and she knew it. She dug her hands in her cropped jeans and looked over
his shoulder at the crowd gathering at the Fatted Pig. A good greasy egg
sandwich sounded really good right now, but not if she was going to fit into a
size six Vera Wang wedding dress.

She’d spent her entire savings on the perfect dress
and wasn’t going to ruin the possibility of not fitting in it because of one
weak moment.

“I told Belle not to go to the trouble because I’ve
been gone so long that I’m sure no one would want to come.”

Maggie felt a little stupid. She hadn’t been home
but a handful of times in the past six years and even then, she didn’t visit
with old friends—only Hazel, Belle and Mitch. She was out of touch with everyone
else in Grandberry Falls.

Mitch turned his head to the side, forcing Maggie to
look at him. She should’ve called Mitch when she and Grady Cohen got engaged,
but she didn’t. She left it up to him and pretty much everyone else to find out
on their own.

“Well, congratulations,” Mitch said. He pointed
toward the courthouse.  “I need to go prepare for a big meeting.” His voice
cracked and his eyes locked with hers.

“Oh, okay.” Maggie wasn’t sure if he was
uncomfortable or really did have to go. She was certain about one thing,
though. He definitely wasn’t the Mitch Dozier she left six years ago. Then
again, she wasn’t the same Maggie.

“Have a great party,” Mitch called over his

Yeah, party,
Maggie sighed.
She wondered who in the world was going to come. But Belle insisted on throwing
the shower.

Maggie pretended not to watch Mitch walk away, but
she couldn’t help herself. There was something different about him. Sure, she’d
been back to visit a few times in six years, and he’d stopped by to see her.
But it was never longer than a few minutes each time.

Once Mitch was out of sight, Maggie took her time
walking back to her car. Grandberry Falls had changed so much in the last few
years. The quaint stores had been restored to their original glory, and with
the help from the new and only interior decorator, things had really started to
resemble the old historic town Grandberry Falls was known to be, but a lot more

BOOK: Never Tell Your Dreams
3.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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