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New Beginnings

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I dedicate this book to my family.  Thank you for your love and support.
Chapter 1

It was morning.  The night was over.  Even with her eyes closed
, Vicky could feel the sunlight streaming through the bedroom window onto her face.  Last night had been so amazing that she didn’t want to open her eyes.  Opening her eyes would mean the end to one of the most beautiful nights of her life. She snuggled just a little bit closer to Jason as her naked body lay content within his arms.  She wanted to hold on to these feelings for just a little while longer.  Who knew what life would bring once this moment was over. 

As a matter of fact, i
t was hard to believe that just a couple of days ago, she was trying to figure out how she and Angel were going to adjust to life without him.  But, when they wake up this morning, it will be a new beginning.  They still didn’t know if she was pregnant with his child or not but if so, Jason would be an amazing father.   He already was to Angel.  How many men would treat someone else’s child as if they were their own?  Not many to be sure.  Jason was special and Vicky knew it.  She was quickly learning that out of nowhere life could change course in ways you’d never thought were possible.

After a few moments, Vicky could feel that Jason was awake too
. The rhythm of his breathing had changed.  He held her a little tighter and gently kissed the top of her head.

Vicky sighed contentedly as she felt his heart beating while her head lay on his chest.  She wanted to remember everything
, including the scent of his and her bodies mingled together after making love all night.  Especially, the feeling of his strong arms holding hers. 

Jason spoke softly, “Good morning, beautiful.”

The sound of his voice made Vicky realize that she was ready to leave the past in the past.  She wanted to see his eyes.  Those amazing green eyes that always told the story of how he felt about her.  It was time to embrace her future…with him. 

She’d waited her whole life for this moment
. The moment where she felt special, protected, but mostly, loved.  It seemed she’d finally found it with Jason.  Vicky lifted her head and slowly opened her eyes.  For just a moment, she couldn’t breathe.  Those beautiful green eyes were looking back at her mirroring all the love she held in her heart for him. 

              How did she become so lucky to find this wonderful man?  He kissed her lightly on the lips.  But, it was Vicky who deepened it.  If there was a heaven this most assuredly was it. 

His body quickly responded to
hers.  She could feel him get rock hard.  His manhood was sandwiched between his stomach and her side.   His arms gently yet, firmly slid down her body.   After all the times they had made love last night, she couldn’t believe he was still as hungry for her as he had been the first time they’d made love.  Jason moved Vicky underneath him while he continued to thoroughly kiss her.  He wanted to wake up to her like this every morning. 

She entwined her hands into his hair as he pulled his lips away from hers and began to nip and kiss her
on the neck.  His lips journeyed down to her beautiful breast.  Jason loved the way they were so responsive to him.  Her nipples immediately pebbled the second he’d kissed her.  He kneaded one breast and took the other one inside his mouth.  Her knees went up around him and he almost slipped inside.  No, not yet; soon, but not yet.  Vicky’s hands were pulling Jason even closer if that were possible.  Her eyes were closed and ecstasy was etched all over her face.  Jason switched to suckle on the other breast while his hands continued to explore her body until they finally reached their destination.  He could feel the heat of her body as she lay writhing underneath him.  He loved how she was anxious for him too.  Vicky kept trying to slide him inside of her.  He was so close to penetrating her it was killing him but he held off for just a little while longer.  He wanted to prolong the pleasure.  He was aching to be inside of her and she was equally aching for him. 

Vicky almost came off of the bed when he touched he
r there.  Vicky’s skin was humming with anticipation and desire.  She couldn’t seem to hold one coherent thought in her head when Jason touched and kissed her body like this.  All she knew was that she wanted no NEEDED him to be inside of her.  She whispered, “
Jason, please this is too much
I can’t take much more of this

Jason wanted to show Vicky just how much she meant to him.  He pushed two of his fingers inside of her.  He mimicked the rhythm of making love.  She let his hair go and grabbed hold of the sheets on each side of her.  Vicky was dripping wet…..and ready.  He pulled his fingers almost all of the way out before he entered her again this time adding a third finger. 

Jason’s tongue continued the slow descent down the length of her body.  When he came to her stomach he gently kissed her there.   After a journey that seemed to take forever, finally, Jason made it to the only place on earth he wanted to be. 

Jason kissed her softly there.  He made sure to lick and love her in between her folds before he took that tight little bud into his mouth and firmly sucked on it.  He speeded up penetrating her with his fingers.  He sucked on her bud hard and moved his fingers in a circular motion.  He tried to go as deeply as he could before he replaced his fingers with his tongue.

Vicky screamed. “Jason!” It was no use trying to hold her back.  Vicky couldn’t keep from flying into a million little pieces. 

He loved the smell of her.  She was coming and he was going to drink every little bit of her juices.  He tried to hold her hips in place while he gorged himself with her essence.  Vicky’s head was now thrashing from side to side on the pillow.  Jason took his time and drank his fill. 

Once he was done he made sure to kiss every inch of her body as he slowly made his way back up.  Jason hungrily took possession of Vicky’s mouth and kissed her mercilessly.  Vicky was able to taste herself from his kisses.  Somehow, this made the pleasure even more intense.  Jason positioned himself right at her entrance. 

He entered her channel in one hard stroke.  Her body hugged him tightly.  He tried to hold still for just a moment to savor the feeling as her walls clenched around him.  It was impossible.  He needed to move.  It was his turn to not be able to stand the pleasure. 

They were both breathing deeply when Vicky pulled her knees up around Jason’s waist.   Jason was wild for her.  She felt so good.  He hoped he didn’t hurt her but he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He pumped into her as hard as he could.  Then, he pulled almost all the way out before he thrust into her as hard as he could again.  They picked up a frenzied rhythm.  Jason grabbed a hold of Vicky’s ass and almost lifted her from the bed. 

Vicky felt another orgasm building.  Jason was incredible.  She held onto him for dear life.  Vicky was desperately trying not to scar his back from all the scratches she knew she was putting on him.

She wanted to make sure she gave it to him as good as he was giving it to her.  Vicky grabbed control of the kiss and took Jason’s tongue into her mouth.  She sucked on it hard as he pummeled into her.   She matched him stroke for stroke.  She was getting ready to come again.  Sweat from their bodies poured off of them.  She couldn’t hold it.  Vicky’s inner walls started to clench and spasm again as Jason continued to ram into her body.   A few seconds later Vicky heard Jason growl as he came inside of her.  Neither one of them was quite certain whose voice they heard when they both screamed their release. 

Jason dropped down onto the back side of Vicky, pulled her into a spooning position, and they fell into a satisfied and exhausted sleep.

Chapter 2

As the bright afternoon sun poured into the bedroom a gentle but warm breeze came through the slightly opened balcony doors.   It was the caress of the breeze on Vicky’s body that had awakened her in the first place. 

Vicky stretched like a satisfied Cheshire cat.  She was a little achy and tender from making love all night and all morning but otherwise, she felt wonderful.  Vicky immersed herself into the softness of the bed. Even though it was early afternoon she still didn’t want to move.  The downy comforter and sheets were so soft against her skin.  Vicky rolled over onto her back and noticed Jason’s side of the bed was empty.  She wondered where he’d gone.  She knew he wouldn’t be too far.  As she laid on her back staring at the ceiling with a silly smile upon her face, she couldn’t for the life of her remember the last time she’d felt this happy.  She truly couldn’t remember because this was probably the first time since before the death of her mother and the birth of Angel that she had been genuinely this content and happy. 

As she lay there basking in her bliss, she began admiring the sheer covering
s that hung from the canopy and draped the four poster bed posts until they gracefully billowed out onto the floor.  It was really beautiful.  Wait, that wasn’t there before.  As a matter of fact, Vicky sat up and looked around the room.  Jason had made a lot of changes since the last time she’d been here. 

When they arrived last night they were too pre-occupied with each other for her to notice anything but him.  Well damn, as she c
ontinued to look around, she noticed he’d bought the bedroom furniture they’d discussed after all.  Had it really only been a couple of weeks since the last time she’d been in his bedroom? It seemed like a lifetime ago.  Back then it wreaked of a past that she didn’t want to think about and this time it shown of a future she couldn’t stop thinking about.

Jason’s prized king sized maple wood bedroom furniture had been replaced with a massive light oak and rod iron poster canopy bed fit for a princess.  He’d also replaced the chocolate comforter and window covers with Vicky’s favorite colors.  The bedspread and draperies were a soft mint green and off white.  However, there were splashes of peach interwoven throughout the fabric.   Peach accents were everywhere and then there were all the pillows.  A person could get lost in all the pillows that were on the
bed.  Vicky pulled her knees to her body then hugged herself as she admired the room.  The bed was so tall Vicky would need the stairs next to it to get down.  Well, she wanted the fairy-tale and it seemed Jason was determined to give it to her down to the finest details.

It was time for Vicky to get up, find Jason, and get the day started. She’d been in bed long enough.  She needed to check on Angel and make sure she was ok.
Vicky reached for her cell phone on the night stand.  Especially since this was the first time they’d been apart overnight.   Jason’s parents had been so thoughtful for hiring a nanny to come into their home and take care of Angel while everyone enjoyed the Rutherford’s wedding anniversary party.  Who would ever have imagined that Vicky Martin would have a ‘nanny’ looking after Angel?  Well, truth be told it was wonderful having a nanny.  Angel seemed to really take to Jocelyn and that made it so much easier to leave her.  It also helped that Jocelyn was caring for Angel in the Rutherford’s home.

Vicky dialed Mrs. Rutherford’s cell. The phone rang sever
al times before she answered it.  There was a lot of commotion on the other end of the line.  She sounded out of breath.

“Hello, Mrs. Rutherford?  Is everything ok? I was calling to check on Angel.”

“Oh, hello Vicky everything is fine.” Miriam Rutherford sounded like she was laughing too.  Vicky could also hear the sounds of Angel and John laughing in the background.  “John and I are outside running around playing with Angel and Jocelyn.  She’s fine and seems to be having a good time.  We all are.  It’s nice having a little one around.  I think John has finally realized he’s not 21 anymore.  Angel is really giving him a run for his money.  If I had video, I would definitely put this on youtube.”

Their laughter was so contagious th
at Vicky giggled with the image of Mr. Rutherford all 6’4” of him running around chasing a three year old.  “Good, I’m glad you guys are having a good time. As soon as Jason and I get dressed, we’ll be over to pick her up.  Is that okay? Can I speak to her?”

“No worries honey.  You two take your time and from the sound of your voice it sounds like you’ve worked some things out.  Anyway, it’s good for you to have some alone time with Jason.  Angel’s fine, we’re fine and having a boatload of fun.  So, take your time.  I’ll put Angel on the phone.”  Miriam called out to Angel.  Vicky could hear her running over to the phone.  “It’s your mom.” and she put her on the phone. “Hello…”

“Hi baby girl.  How are you? Are you having a good time?”

I am having so much fun!  Nana and Poppy look so funny runnin’ round.  Poppy’s face is all red.”  Angel was laughing so hard. The sound of her voice full of so much joy made Vicky emotional.  That’s all she ever wanted to do was to give Angel a happy family. “Where are you mommy? And, where is J’son?”

“I’m with Jason actually, sweetheart.  I’m over Jason’s house.  We’ll be there soon to pick you up. Is that ok?”

BOOK: New Beginnings
4.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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