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Praise for Steve Hamilton



“Hair-raising suspense.”



“One of those mysteries that lulls readers into a sense of security, but nothing is certain here.”

Washington Post Book World


“The chill of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula doesn’t cool the action in Edgar-winner Hamilton’s expertly paced seventh Alex McNight novel … Plot turnarounds and double-crosses ensure a startling conclusion.”

Publishers Weekly


“Hamilton’s gamble of putting the most exciting action off-stage with the girlfriend pays off big-time here. Hair-raising suspense with poignant characterization.”



“The cast is strong and the local color as vivid as ever.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Hamilton … paint[s] a rich and vivid portrait of a world where the chill in the air is often matched by that of the soul.”     —
Providence Journal-Bulletin




“A gripping, roller-coaster read… Hamilton expertly delivers sharply etched characters, a vivid setting and a thoroughly enjoyable hero, leaving us breathless, perched at the edge of our seats for this chill ride.”

Publishers Weekly


“Hamilton still delivers powerful suspense and a socko climax.”



“Ice Run
turns on edge-of-the-seat psychological suspense that Hamilton has honed to precision.”

Florida Sun-Sentinel




“Overflows with an element lacking from too many mysteries: a genuine sense of mystery…
boldly crosses genre boundaries as it turns into a thrilling outdoor adventure, then a heartfelt small-town tragedy. All along, Hamilton’s prose…remains an unselfconsciously terse pleasure.”

Entertainment Weekly


“Heartily delivers on suspense, atmosphere, and riveting action.”

Denver Post


“Hamilton never misses a beat.”

Rocky Mountain News


“Hamilton won an Edgar and an Anthony in 1998 for
A Cold Day in Paradise.
This smart, brisk, twisty tale is even better.

Kirkus Reviews


“A fine writer, [Hamilton] excels at describing the lonely locale as well as depicting such memorable characters.”

Publishers Weekly


“Blood Is the Sky
is brilliant. Some books you can’t put down because the story is so compelling. Some books you can’t put down because the prose is so spellbinding. And then, every once in a while, you read a book that combines both. Steve Hamilton has written the best private eye novel—heck, maybe the best novel—I’ve read this year.”

—Harlan Coben, author of
Left for Dead


“Steve Hamilton writes tough, passionate novels with a strong emphasis on heart and humanity. His latest flat-out smokes. This is crime writing at its very best.”

—George Pelecanos,
author of
Hell to Pay
Soul Circus


“Easily Steve Hamilton’s best novel so far—therefore an automatic book of the year. Everything is here—his
trademark sense of place, vivid, resonant characters, and a plot that will break your heart.”

—Lee Child, author of


“This book is relentless. I had to read it straight through. The best mysteries are about the past coming up out of the ground and grabbing the present by the throat. Steve Hamilton knows this.
Blood Is the Sky
fills that bill and then some. This is his best yet.”

—Michael Connelly, author of
Chasing the Dime




“Steve Hamilton writes the kind of stories that [one] can’t resist… his tensile prose… reflects the dramatic, often violent contradictions of people who live on the edge of the world.”

The New York Times Book Review


“Superb! Hamilton keeps the action fast and furious and manages to keep the reader off balance.”

Publishers Weekly


“A brisk, well-plotted tale.”

Kirkus Reviews


“A bracing, sometimes side-splitting novel.”



“Agreeable plot twists (the revelation of whodunit really is a surprise), and thoughtfully engages some larger questions about wilderness real estate developments and the limits of friendship.”

Washington Post


“A complex, solid story enhanced by unpredictable twists and turns. Psychological suspense and an excellent chase scene propels
North of Nowhere
to its most rewarding conclusion.”

Florida Sun-Sentinel


“North of Nowhere
has a twisty plot with genuine surprises, but it’s the understanding of the people who live in the Upper Peninsula and the love for both the harshness and beauty of the Lake Superior shoreline that make this another good entry in a terrific series.”

Flint Journal




“Un-put-downable… exceptionally entertaining.”

Publishers Weekly


“Hamilton spins a smooth yarn.”

The New York Times Book Review


“The surprise ending delivers a satisfying jolt.”




Los Angeles Times


“Easygoing, smoothly written tale.”

Seattle Times/Post-Intelligencer


“[The Hunting Wind]
is to the same standard…[as] Hamilton’s Edgar-winning
A Cold Day in Paradise.”

Boston Globe




“The isolated, wintry location jives well with Hamilton’s pristine prose, independent protagonist, and ingenious plot. An inviting sequel to his Edgar Award-winning first novel,
A Cold Day in Paradise

Library Journal


“[Hamilton’s] protagonist is likable as well as durable, his raffish cast is sharply observed and entertaining. Moreover, he knows how to pace a story, something of a lost art in recent crime fiction.”

Kirkus Reviews


“There’s almost as much action in the book as there is snow—and there’s heaps of white flakes. But Hamilton’s
first-person narrative has a lyric cadence and thoughtful tone that nicely counterpoints all the rough-and-tumble stuff.”

Orlando Sentinel


“In his second novel, Steve Hamilton continues the high standards he set in his Edgar-winning debut,
A Cold Day in Paradise. Winter Of The Wolf Moon
is an entertaining tale buoyed by solid plotting, wry humor and brisk pacing… characters are so well-shaped they hit the scene breathing.”

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel




“Ingenious… Hamilton unreels the mystery with a mounting tension many an old pro might envy.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Hamilton combines crisp, clear writing, wily, colorful characters and an offbeat locale in an impressive debut.”

Publishers Weekly


“[A] well-plotted and tightly written thriller.”

Detroit Free Press


“A good combination of crafty and colorful characters, an offbeat locale in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and really crisp, clear writing.”

Sullivan County Democraft


“P.I. Alex McKnight’s ‘mean streets’ are the deep pine woods and the small lakeside towns of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and here the past comes to find him, chilling as the November wind. A must for PI and suspense fans.”

—Charles Todd, author of
Wings of Fire


“His story is so fundamentally sound and stylistically rounded that Hamilton ought to be teaching whatever writing course he may have taken toward producing this novel.”

—Jeremiah Healy, author of
The Only Good Lawyer


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Steve Hamilton


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This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


Copyright © 2007 by Steve Hamilton.

Cover photo © Barry Marcus.

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BOOK: Night Work
4.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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