No Such Thing As Werewolves

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Chapter 1- A Bigger Bullet

Chapter 2- Prehistoric Aliens my Ass

Chapter 3- Runaway Bride

Chapter 4- Memories

Chapter 5- Arrival

Chapter 6- Ahiga

Chapter 7- The Ark

Chapter 8- Steve

Chapter 9- Decisions

Chapter 10- Answers

Chapter 11- The Mother's Hand

Chapter 12- Blair's Dead

Chapter 13- The Worst Thief of All

Chapter 14- Blair's Funeral

Chapter 15- The Beast

Chapter 16- It's Back

Chapter 17- Doctor Liz

Chapter 18- Not Dead

Chapter 19- Numb

Chapter 20- Hunted

Chapter 21- Nowhere to Run

Chapter 22- Not Just an Animal

Chapter 23- Wrath

Chapter 24- Need a Drink

Chapter 25- Your She

Chapter 26- Held Accountable

Chapter 27- Naked

Chapter 28- Sunburned

Chapter 29- Clash of Wills

Chapter 30- La Multa

Chapter 31- One Who Fights

Chapter 32- Surprise Guests

Chapter 33- The Boat

Chapter 34- A Spiral

Chapter 35- Acapulco

Chapter 36- More Questions

Chapter 37- Old

Chapter 38- Two Words

Chapter 39- Field Test

Chapter 40- Clash of the Titans

Chapter 41- The Hunger

Chapter 42- Bruce

Chapter 43- Watched

Chapter 44- Helio-seismology

Chapter 45- Reconciliation

Chapter 46- Moonlight

Chapter 47- Gun Safe

Chapter 48- Blur

Chapter 49- Feed

Chapter 50- Bonita

Chapter 51- Sorry

Chapter 52- We have them

Chapter 53- CellScope

Chapter 54- Silver nitrate

Chapter 55- This is a .45

Chapter 56- World of Hurt

Chapter 57- On the Hunt

Chapter 58- Mind Ride

Chapter 59- Final Hour

Chapter 60- Now

Chapter 61- The Deathless

Chapter 62- Permanent Vacation

Chapter 63- Garland

Chapter 64- Desperate Measures

Chapter 65- Object One

Chapter 66- Fight for Alpha

Chapter 67- I Know Spanish

Chapter 68- Hope

Chapter 69- First Wave

Chapter 70- It's Time

Chapter 71- Infiltrated

Chapter 72- Jedi Mind Tricks

Chapter 73- Free

Chapter 74- Unexpected Allies

Chapter 75- Casualties

Chapter 76- Waking the Mother

Chapter 77- The First Ark

Chapter 78- Too Late

Chapter 79- Embarassing Accident

Chapter 80- The Mother

Chapter 81- Mother's Wrath

Chapter 82- Answers


Note to the reader

No Such Thing As


Deathless Book 1

Chris Fox

This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t.

Copyright © 2014 by Chris Fox

All rights reserved.



For Lisa. The most imaginative part of O.W.L. yet…


"How the hell did we end up in Peru? And not even the good part, down in Lima where the locals think we’re marines,” Jordan asked, shading his eyes from the sun’s relentless glare as he peered over the helicopter’s console at the wide valley below. It was flanked by high peaks, some of the tallest in the Andes. At eleven-thousand feet, it was a place none of the locals ever came willingly.

“Is shit,” Yuri agreed, the Russian’s face hidden behind a large pair of aviator glasses and a thick black goatee. The wiry pilot eased the yoke, tilting the copter forward to afford a better view of the scrubby hillsides. “Should be in jungle, is pretty there. Birds. I like birds.”

they here? The team had been put together with incredible haste, dispatched from a dozen different countries to the Peruvian city of Cajamarca where they’d been given one day to acclimate to each other. They’d been dispatched here, given four old Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters—the type that had been mothballed back in the 1980s after serving since Iran Contra.

“Commander, are you seeing this?” a female voice crackled over the com. It was either Savinsky or Jewel, but having just met them Jordan couldn’t readily identify which was speaking.

A massive chunk of stone broke loose from the southern face of one of the mountains, plummeting to the valley floor with a crash so loud he could hear it over the rotors.

“Pretty tough to miss,” Jordan replied, studying the cloud of dust curling skyward. A smaller piece broke loose from a neighboring peak. Boulders began jouncing all over the place, bucking about like Mexican jumping beans. “Carter, this place isn’t seismically active, is it?”

“Not even slightly,” Carter’s nasally voice echoed back over the com. “We’re nowhere near a fault line.”

“Holy shit,” another voice broke onto the com. That one was definitely Jewel.

A black spike bored out of the earth like the tip of some gigantic drill. It was nearly as large as the peaks surrounding it, a jet-black pyramid unlike anything he’d ever seen. Jordan’s eyes widened as the structure approached. “Pull up, pull up.”

Yuri yanked back on the stick, guiding the Apache up and away from the approaching structure. Savinsky wasn’t so lucky. Evidently she’d been distracted or maybe just surprised by the structure’s momentum. The pyramid slammed into the Apache, unleashing a fireball of flaming wreckage as it continued its ascent.

“Get clear,” Jordan roared. The other three copters veered safely away, hovering around the strange pyramid like angry wasps. Up and up it went, until it was towered over their comparatively tiny copters. He turned to Yuri, “What’s our current elevation?”

“Nine hundred seventy-five feet above valley floor,” Yuri said, jaw still hanging open as he gaped at the pyramid. “Is taller, so structure eleven hundred feet. Give or take.”

The pyramid finally stopped moving, its jet-black slopes covered in patches of dark soil. Jordan had a million questions. How old was it? Who’d built it? Most troubling, how had their employer known it was going to appear? That they’d been dispatched to such a remote location at the precise moment this thing had appeared was no accident.

“Carter, are you getting any readings from that thing?” he asked, tightening his sunglasses. The structure seemed to drink in the light around it, reflecting none of the midday glare.

“Nothing,” Carter’s voice crackled back. “And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. It’s not sending back radar. It just absorbs the ping. It’s eating the signal somehow. Never seen anything like it.”

Something like a heat shimmer appeared around the structure. At first Jordan wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but eventually his eyes widened. The entire thing was vibrating. The dirt clinging to the sides slid off, like butter on Teflon, falling away until the structure was as pristine as it was on the day it was built, whenever that was. Great piles accumulated around the base of the structure. They surrounded the entire thing except one place where the dirt was conspicuously absent.

“Carter, check out the center of the western face. What do you make of it?”

“There’s definitely something strange there, sir,” Carter said, a rare note of uncertainty in his voice. “There’s an area in the exact center of the wall that’s devoid of debris. If you use magnification, you can see that there are poplar trees scattered all about, but their branches stop at the edge of the clearing as if they were sheared through with a really sharp plane. I don’t know what to make of it.”

“All units, make your approach. Prepare for field recon,” Jordan ordered, filling his voice with authority and confidence he didn’t feel. What the hell had they been sent into?

Yuri eased back on the yoke, and the whirring of the rotors slowed. The craft descended smoothly, drifting to the edge of the ring of dirt now surrounding the pyramid. The copter set down just beyond, between a still-standing poplar tree and a cluster of boulders.

A hawk wheeled overhead, screeching a challenge as the whir of the rotors finally died. Jordan pushed open the canopy over the craft’s rear seat. Intended more for combat than transport, it was just large enough to hold two people. An intimidating machine gun had been bolted under each stubby little wing, along with a boxy missile launcher on the right. Hardly the sort of hardware you’d send to scout unless you were expecting serious trouble.

Jordan slid from the cockpit, dropping to the dry earth with a puff of dust. The high desert made his eyes water beneath his sunglasses even though the wind was bitterly cold at this elevation. He withdrew his pack from the boot, the harness jingling as he buckled it at his waist and chest. The black nylon was compact enough to not restrict movement and still contain the basic supplies they might need on such an op.

“We’re going in hot. No sense in taking chances,” he said into the sub-dermal microphone that Mohn Corp. had so graciously provided. It was state of the art, picking up words people right next to him would miss. Jordan buckled his side arm, an M-411 smart pistol, into place. The weapon fed targeting data to his goggles, making combat nearly as easy as your average video game.

“Is very strange,” Yuri said, dropping to the dirt beside Jordan. His gaze was fixed on the pyramid, or more specifically, the clear space in front of the wall some fifty yards from where they’d set down. He could tell the break in debris was clearly something the builders had intended, because it lay directly outside a gap in the structure. It was as if a square section had been cut away, allowing visitors to enter a tunnel that led inside.

“Carter, what can you tell me?” Jordan said, turning toward the third helicopter as the short, sandy-haired tech fell awkwardly to the ground. He got up quickly, dusting off his pants and trying to act like he wasn’t as clumsy as they all knew him to be.

The tech trotted over, taking a sip of water from the blue hose leading into his pack. “I ran a full scan on the valley. We use sonar imaging to build maps, which the satellites confirm. Only there’s gaps in my model, gaps caused by that thing. It’s eating the signal, sir. That shouldn’t be possible.”

“Yeah, you mentioned that in the air. What else can you tell me?”

“Not much,” Carter admitted, turning to face the structure. He withdrew a bulky black box from his belt and aimed it at the tunnel. It beeped and hummed for several seconds before Carter turned back to face him. “Sir, this is damn odd. That tunnel is emitting ELF.”

“Ee el eff?” Jordan asked. Carter would speak in nothing but obscure abbreviations and acronyms if allowed to do so.

“Extremely low frequency waves, sir. A very special type of signal we used back in World War Two to transmit codes. It’s slower than most signals, so you don’t see it much today,” Carter explained, adjusting his goggles as he watched the pyramid. “They’re also given off by power plants. Nuclear power plants for the most part. It’s possible there’s a power source inside, or maybe whoever built this place is using them for communication. No way to know without checking it out, sir.”

“Then that’s exactly what we’ll do. Yuri, take Carter down that tunnel to see if you can find a way inside. If there isn’t one, then make it. No chances. If you run into anything, topside. If you have a question you can’t answer, topside. Back in ten minutes,” he ordered. Jordan could have sent a larger team, but with Savinsky’s team gone there were only six of them and he didn’t want to risk any more personnel than he had to—one tech and one experienced soldier to keep him alive.

Yuri fished his M4 rifle from the cockpit. The smooth bored weapon menacing as he propped the barrel up over his shoulder. The weapon was standard issue, but in the hands of a crack shot like Yuri, it could devastate a battlefield.

BOOK: No Such Thing As Werewolves
12.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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