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No Easy Way Out



When Ruthanne meets Daniel, he
opens her eyes to a new world of power games—and he’s always the boss. A
blowjob in her office? Making love in a limo? All in a day’s work.

But what Ruthanne doesn’t realize
is that Daniel’s desires include more than she can handle—multiple partners,
sexual sadism and enormous dildos are on his wish list. She knows she has to finish
things before he makes her do something she will really regret. But her life is
so entangled with his that there’s no easy way to extricate herself.

Then she meets Ed, whose
surveillance equipment seems to provide an answer. But to be free of Daniel,
she has to submit to the worst humiliation yet. Will it prove to be worth it?


Inside Scoop:
sexual journey contains many darker BDSM elements. Some of the situations and
scenes may be disturbing to some readers. It is not for the faint of heart.


contemporary BDSM erotica story
from Ellora’s Cave


No Easy Way Out
Tara Tennyson
Chapter One


How had she gotten mixed up in this?

The paddle came down on her behind and she
flinched and cried out.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “How many more?”

“Just until you’re nice and pink.”
. He brought
it down hard again, sending shock waves through her flesh.

She closed her eyes tight, trying to block out the sharp,
stinging pain.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes. Please.”

He rubbed between her legs and she moaned.

“You’re so wet. I don’t think you do want me to stop, do

She shook her head. “No, yes. I don’t know.”

He touched her again between her legs and she pushed against
his hand, wanting him to touch her more, harder, to make her come finally.

“Do you want me to stop?“

“No,” she admitted.

“Do you want me to make you come?”


He hit her hard again, the paddle coming down
across her buttocks.

She wondered how much of the redness on her buttocks would
show on the film and whether Daniel would keep doing it if he knew he was being

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please,” she replied.

“That’s better.”

* * * * *

This wasn’t what she had imagined that day when Daniel had
come into the office.

He’d demanded to see Ian, the department head, and said, “I
want someone new, someone interesting. Call them all in. Let me have a look at

And Ian had done so. Every single member of the team, all eleven
of them, had crowded into Ian’s office while Daniel leaned against the desk
looking coolly at them.

Ian outlined Daniel’s business interests and his PR
requirements, emphasizing what an important client Daniel was. By important
Ruthanne knew he meant rich. And you could tell he was rich just from looking
at him—a suit that fit so well it had to be made-to-measure, leather shoes,
gold tiepin, heavy watch, slightly gray hair but a face unlined and lightly
tanned. He was rich, ridiculously successful and good-looking and he knew it.

Daniel waited for Ian to finish, then started firing
questions at people. “What was your college major?” he asked Dermott.

“What use is that to me?” he snapped when Dermott told him.

Dermott blushed and stumbled, trying to justify why a
science major might come in useful in PR.

“What’s the most original thing you’ve ever done?” he asked

She described a PR stunt involving balloons with messages on
them. It was original and fun and Ruthanne expected Daniel to be impressed.

“Did it work?” he asked.

Katie described some of the outcomes, the publicity the
company had gotten.

“Come on,” he said, “Don’t fudge the issue. Give me the
bottom line. How much more money did they make as a result of employing you to
do their PR?”

Katie hesitated before she told him. It was a small sum but
they were a small company and they had been pleased.

“Peanuts,” he said abruptly. “If I want those I’ll steal
them from the monkeys at the zoo.”

Ruthanne was starting to dislike him intensely. And Ian was
just standing there, letting him cut them down one by one.

“And you,” he turned to Daphne, who was by anyone’s
standards a bit kooky- looking. “If that’s your idea of how to present yourself
I wouldn’t consider letting you loose on something that mattered.”

Daphne blushed bright red and stared down at her admittedly
rather odd-looking shoes.

He turned back to Ian. “Is this it?” he said. “Is this all
you can offer?”

“I am happy to carry on leading on this myself,” said Ian. “I
can put together a small team on this; make sure they’re the best of the best.”
He smiled confidently but Ruthanne could tell he was worried by the way this
was going.

“No,” snapped Daniel. “You’re getting stale. And I want some
new ideas. And if I can’t get them here I’ll go elsewhere.”

“You.” Daniel stared at Ruthanne and she felt instantly on
edge. “Do you have any skills at all that might be useful?”

She stared back at him and then described her background in
marketing, her use of social media analytics and her approach. Her anger made
her clearheaded and cold. She didn’t really care if he was impressed or not.

When she had finished the room was silent. Everyone was
waiting for his judgment.

He just sighed and turned to someone else. “What about you?
How would you tackle this?” He laid out a complex problem liable to generate
negative publicity across a wide client base.

Ruthanne wasn’t listening. She was too angry that he hadn’t
even had the decency to say anything. Had he even listened as she’d spoken?

Then Ian was ushering them all out of the room. Ten minutes
later Daniel left.

Ian sent round an email thanking them all for coming to the
meeting at such short notice and letting them know that Daniel would be making
a decision very soon. He also warned them to be prepared for another scenario
like that in the future. “In these tough economic times,” he wrote, “companies
are more demanding and each of you should be prepared to face situations like
that at any time.”

“Thanks, Ian,” Ruthanne muttered to herself as she read it. “Very
supportive.” She deleted the email, getting back to her work.

Then Katie came over. “I’ve just been doing a little
research on our visitor,” she said. “He is seriously rich. And he was hot.” She
giggled. “I hope he picks me. I wish I hadn’t said that stupid stuff about the

“At least he answered you,” said Ruthanne. “And do you
really think he’s hot?”

“Yes,” said Katie. “And he’s rich, really rich. That makes
him extra-hot.” She laughed, her blonde curls bouncing around her face.

He’ll pick her
, thought Ruthanne.
She’s the
prettiest in the office and she has great ideas. I’m just efficient and
efficiency doesn’t stand out from the crowd.
“He’s bound to choose you,”
said Ruthanne.

“Do you think so?” said Katie. “I hope so. I could do with a
rich, handsome client.”

Ruthanne felt a bit cross that Katie didn’t return the
compliment and insist that Daniel would choose her, Ruthanne, even though they
both knew he wouldn’t. Katie could have at least pretended that he might have
been impressed by Ruthanne’s approach.

“We won’t see him again,” said Ruthanne. “He’ll be off to
another firm, making them feel like idiots until he finds someone who says
something he likes or someone really attractive.” Ruthanne wondered if Katie would
notice that she’d just been insulted but she didn’t. She never did. She was
already talking again.

“Ian will be mad if he leaves. He brings in over half our
departmental revenue. I just hope no one loses their job.” They both looked
across at Daphne’s desk, sure she’d be the first to go.

“Oh well,” said Katie. “I’d better get back to making

Chapter Two


Ruthanne left work by herself. Katie had gone early, wanting
to get ready for a date. “With a waiter,” she’d moaned to Ruthanne. “He’s
really cute but a waiter! He doesn’t make any money. Why do I only ever date

“How cute is he?” asked Ruthanne.

“Oh, to die for. I mean he’s gorgeous.” And she’d gone on
for ages about his big brown eyes, the way his hair curled over the back of his

“He sounds more like a puppy,” said Ruthanne. “Why don’t you
just visit the dog shelter?”

Katie laughed. “I could have a waiter and a puppy.”

“Two little waifs and strays to support,” said Ruthanne.

“Yeah.” Katie grinned. “Still he’ll do for now until a rich
little puppy comes along anyway.”

“Give him a kiss for me,” called Ruthanne as Katie left.

“I will,” she shouted back. “And more.”

Ruthanne carried on working. She didn’t have much to rush
home for at the moment. Her last relationship had fizzled out weeks ago and she
wasn’t really enjoying being single again, not when all her friends were

Perhaps she should call her ex. They could have make-up sex.
Ruthanne considered it but no, it wasn’t worth it. She didn’t really want to
see him again and the sex had never been that good anyway—certainly not good
enough to risk him thinking it was all back on again. Before she knew it, he’d
have moved half his stuff in again. They’d be staying in almost every night, he’d
ramble on about work or golf. She’d pretend to listen but keep one eye on the
TV. Then they’d go to bed and have tedious sex and she’d wonder if it was all
worth it.

She buried her head in her hands. No, she’d rather be single
and lonely forever than give in and settle down with someone just because they
were there.

The phone rang. She picked it up automatically, although she
could have left it go to voicemail given that it was well after six p.m.. “Ruthanne
Ellis, how can I help you?”

“I don’t know,” replied the voice. “But I have one or two

“Who is this?” she asked, the hairs prickling on the back of
her neck.

“Surely you know,” said the voice, sounding educated,
cultured, slightly superior. “I’m waiting outside for you. I want to take you
for dinner so we can discuss the PR work you’ll be doing for my company. We’ll
swing by Reynard’s. I’m sure they will be able to fit us in. We’ll be leaving
in ten minutes. Be downstairs by then. I do hate it when people are late.” And
the phone went dead.

Ruthanne stared at the phone. Who was that? Could it have
been him? She quickly googled Reynard’s. Yes, as she thought—a highly
expensive, utterly exclusive restaurant. You needed reservations months, years
even in advance. But he thought they would swing by and get a table? It had to
be Daniel Rolleston. Her stomach turned over. Had he picked her? If she had
this contract it would be the kick-start her career needed. It would push her
up into the big leagues.

Her heart was beating too fast.
Ten minutes!
raced to the ladies and checked her makeup, applying a little more of
everything. This was hopeless. She needed hours days!—to get ready to go to
Reynard’s. And she was wearing a business suit. But at least her stockings
weren’t run and she had decent shoes on. She brushed her teeth quickly, then
put another layer of lipstick on.

Ten minutes!
She ran to the lifts and pressed all the
buttons, then stared at them, willing a lift to appear. Finally it did. Had she
even closed her workstation down? Never mind. Ian would understand if this
really was Daniel.

She breathed deeply as the lift descended, trying to slow
down her pulse, wanting to look calm and collected. She stepped out and walked
slowly to the front of the building.

A man in a uniform was waiting. “Miss Ellis?” He bowed

“Er, yes.”

“If you would care to follow me the car is waiting.”

“Okay. Thanks.” She then wondered if you should thank
servants. How would she know?

She followed him out to where a big shiny car waited. What
was it? Not a limousine, something that looked older, more English. A Rolls-Royce
maybe? The uniformed man held the door open and she got in. It was big inside
and she looked around, trying to stop her mouth from falling open.

Daniel was sitting there smiling, a glass of what looked
like whiskey in his hand.

“So glad you could make it. I don’t think I have formally
introduced myself. Daniel Rolleston, CEO and owner of Rolleston Industries.”

She smiled and held out her hand. “Ruthanne Ellis.”

“I know.” He shook her hand. “So a bite to eat and we’ll
talk business?”

“Of course.” She wished she’d spent the afternoon
familiarizing herself with his company and his business interests like Katie

“So. Does this mean…” How could she ask him if she’d gotten
the job?

“Does this mean?” he repeated, smiling.

“That you will be staying with our company?”

“It might mean that. It might not. It all depends. On you.
On tonight.”

No pressure then

“You look tense. Are you tense, Ruthanne?”

“No, no,” she lied.

“You don’t have to worry. I was a bit of a beast this
afternoon, wasn’t I? But I promise I won’t be like that tonight. I’ll behave
myself. I don’t bite. Well, not very hard.” He laughed.

Ruthanne laughed with him but she didn’t believe a word of

“Drink?” he offered.

She shook her head. “Thank you but no.”

“You do drink?” he asked.

“Yes but I need to keep a clear head.”

“Not tonight. We won’t talk too much business. I just want
to find out if we can get along. After all if you are managing the PR for my
company we’ll have to spend a lot of time together. I don’t want to have to
spend my time with someone dull.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “Just a small white wine.”

They arrived at Reynard’s. Ruthanne kept her face blank when
really she wanted to jump up and down and shriek “I’m at Reynard’s” and then
point at all the famous faces she could see and run up and ask if she could
have her photo taken with them. But she didn’t. She stayed calm, storing it all
up to tell Katie. In fact she might disappear to the ladies’ in a minute and
text Katie.

Of course there was a table for Mr. Rolleston. The waiters
ushered them in.

She sat down and stared blankly at the menu. French really
wasn’t her strong point.

“What do you fancy?” asked Daniel.

She blushed slightly and admitted that she didn’t really
know what half the things were.

“Don’t worry. I think I know what you’ll like.” He ordered
for her.

He was charming and sweet and nice, quite a different person
from the man who had grilled her that afternoon. Gradually she relaxed. He
seemed to think she was charming and funny too, encouraging her to talk, to
tell him about her family, her college days, her hometown, anything except work
really. But all the time she was waiting for him to turn to her and throw a
killer question out and watch her squirm as she failed to answer it.

The food was delicious. Ruthanne wasn’t sure what she was
eating and she didn’t like to ask but it was heavenly. If she hadn’t been here she’d
be at home on her own eating whatever was left in the fridge or sending out for
a pizza. But here she was, sipping ridiculously expensive wine, eating food
that looked like a work of art on the plate, being charmed by a rich, handsome

At the next table sat someone she’d seen reading the news on
her favorite breakfast-time channel. There was a woman with him who she
recognized from a soap she didn’t like to tell anyone she watched. This was the
life she’d dreamed of when she moved to the city after college—not living in a
damp apartment eating pizza and getting drunk on cheap wine with her

Then the meal was over. They’d had coffee and some delicious
little chocolates and he was driving her home. He leaned back and looked at
her. “So, Ruthanne,” he said, “Do you think we can work together?” He was
looking at her, searching her face.

“Yes,” she smiled. “Of course.”

“I can be difficult. Demanding even.”

“You’re the client.” She was still smiling. “That’s your

“Yes. It is, isn’t it? But I need to know that you’ll be…”
He paused. “Shall we say amenable to my demands?”

She froze. What was he asking her? “Yes,” she said slowly.
else can I say?

“Good.” He laughed, breaking the tension. “I’ll try not to
be too unreasonable.”

She laughed too then. She had read too much into it. He was
just being charming again.

She got home feeling delighted. She had been to Reynard’s,
she had secured a hugely important client—probably saving a few of her team’s
jobs at the same time—and she had had a really lovely evening with a really
lovely man. And Katie was right. He was hot. And she was going to be seeing him
again, a lot. Perhaps this was the start of something really good.

She phoned Katie as soon as she got home. “Are you busy?”
she asked.

“Intermission.” Katie laughed. “I’ve sent him out to get us
some food. We’ve worked up quite an appetite so far.”

“So it’s going well then? For a first date?” She couldn’t
resist reminding Katie.

“I know, I know,” said Katie. “I shouldn’t do this on a
first date. But he is just irresistible. He kissed me and that was it. I had to
bring him home straight away, get his clothes off and get to it.”

Ruthanne started laughing. This was typical Katie. She could
never play the waiting game. “I hope he appreciates it.”

“Oh he does, he does. In fact he’s going to appreciate it
all over again when he gets back. The first time…” Katie lowered her voice. “We
were barely in the apartment and he had me up against the wall, his tongue so
far down my throat I thought I’d choke and his hands. You wouldn’t believe what
he can do with them. I came before I was even undressed.”

Katie always insisted on telling every little detail. And in
Katie’s life there were a lot of details. “So then we got down to it in the
hall, I was up against the wall while he had his hands down my panties and we
did it right there standing up. I hope the neighbors didn’t wonder what was
banging against the wall. It was me!” She sighed. “It was amazing. So
passionate. Wild in fact. Then we had a few glasses of wine and made out on the
sofa for ages before we got into the bedroom. Then he went down on me. Without
me even asking him to.”

Ruthanne knew that for Katie this was the sign of a good

“So I reciprocated—after all, fair’s fair.” Katie giggled. “And
soon we’re going to do all over again.” She sighed. “If only he wasn’t a
waiter. I keep trying to find out if he’s got hidden talents—well, apart from
the obvious ones—like is he writing a screenplay? Is he an actor? Is he an
artist? But no. Nothing. He’s just a waiter and happy doing it.”

“He still sounds good,” said Ruthanne. “Give him a chance.
Perhaps you can send him back to school.”

“I don’t know. He’s so cute I might never let him out of the
house again, except for walkies.” Katie laughed. “So what’s up with you?”

“Well you’ll never believe it but…”

“It’ll have to wait. Sorry, he’s back. Talk tomorrow?” She hung

Great. Thanks a lot. Well you’ll just have to wait.

She lay on the sofa thinking about Daniel and about Katie’s
waiter, wishing she could mix the two together and find a man with Daniel’s
money, culture and class and this waiter’s cuteness and passion.

She imagined Daniel Rolleston overcome with passion for her,
hustling her into the apartment and kissing her up against the wall. His hands would
be all over her, pulling at the buttons on her clothes, reaching inside them,
hot and urgent, down between her legs, finding her wet and ready.

As she imagined it she slipped her own hand under her
clothes and into her panties. She gently massaged her plump outer lips and
stroked her clit. Daniel/the waiter would do that too and she’d push up against
his hand, wanting him to touch her there.

He would stroke her, maybe slipping a finger inside, then
find her clit and rub it gently at first just like she was doing. Then harder
and heavier, his hips grinding into her too, his tongue pushing into her mouth
and his fingers working, working until she came.

As she thought about it she massaged her clit, rubbing it
harder, pressing it, imagining it was Daniel looking like Katie’s waiter with
his hand pressed up against her, not stopping—rubbing harder and harder. She
tensed and pushed harder against her hand, knowing she was going to come and
trying not to cry out as the waves of sensation rolled through her body. She climaxed,
rubbing her pearl hard against herself, picturing Daniel/the waiter thrusting
into her until he came too.

She relaxed back on the sofa, drifting, until she realized
it was late and she needed to get to bed. Feeling a bit embarrassed at
fantasizing about Daniel—even if she had made him look like someone else—she
. Life was never simple
. At least she had been to Reynard’s and
from what Daniel had said, she might be going there a lot more often from now

BOOK: NoEasyWayOut
11.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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