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To Milly and Charlie

The old prospectors and their vicious dog, Sniffer, are gaining on me. I plunge into a thorny bush, hoping the dog will avoid it. I'm stunned when he charges towards me, only to lick my face before running off and leading my would-be captors away from me.

Back in the city I call Boges and find out that Winter managed to keep hold of the bag with Oriana's fingerprint on it. Our plans to infiltrate Zürich Bank to recover the Ormond Jewel and Riddle are progressing.

Boges is busy working on perfecting Oriana's fingerprint, so we can fool the bank scanner. All we need now is her PIN.

Sheldrake Rathbone has Piers Ormond's will, and I want it from him. I speak to Nelson Sharkey for
advice on blackmail. He suggests a surveillance operation.

A metal trader gives me six hundred dollars for half of my gold stash.

Oriana de la Force has been charged with Gabbi's kidnapping. Winter thinks Kelvin must have dobbed her in. Boges obtains Rathbone's home address, so we begin surveillance.

Winter and I catch Rathbone at a suspicious dinner meeting where suitcases are exchanged. We follow him back to his house and watch in amazement as he digs up a wooden box in his backyard. He proceeds to transfer thousands of dollars from the suitcase into it. Winter and I both snap photos of him in the act, then flee.

Boges anonymously emails one of the
photos to Rathbone.

I call Rathbone and tell him to come to
Cemetery where he must hand over Piers Ormond's will in exchange for my discretion
about his money laundering. Boges, Winter and I arrive early to prepare for the meeting. After Rathbone hands over the will, he tries to
me to disappear and change my identity.

Piers Ormond's will reveals that if the Ormond Singularity isn't claimed by its rightful owner before 31 December, this year, it will revert to the Crown.

A chance encounter with Repro leads me to his new place—the cavern. After we spend half the night transporting his belongings over an
lake, Repro notices the writing on my ankle that appeared after I was dumped in Dingo Bones Valley. He tells me it's a safety deposit box number. Oriana's PIN!

Winter and Boges prepare their Oriana and Sumo disguises and we finalise the last details of the bank heist.

BOOK: November
12.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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