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Office Seduction

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2012 by Lucia Jordan

This book is a work of
fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the
writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be
constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events,
locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


All rights reserved


part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any manner
whatsoever without written permission from the author except in the case of
brief quotation embodied in critical articles and reviews.


Off%ice Seduction


Chapter 1


Allison Sanders
had zero tolerance for office romance. She’d managed to last six months in the
financial consulting firm without falling into any of the clutches of the many
well-known Casanovas. Considering she’d been prime target since the day she
arrived, it was a wonder she hadn’t succumbed after the many months of pursuit.

She’d managed to
hold on to her common sense no matter the temptations. Hey, she was a single,
young female, not bad looking at all and with normal needs like any woman. But
somehow, she’d managed to act with decorum and kept things simple between her
and her male colleagues. But that was before Brand.

Brand Wilcox,
the latest addition to her boss’s highly driven team of finance experts. He was
supposed to be some whiz sent from head office to get things shaped up with the
new accounts the company was handling. From the day he arrived, she’d had that
sinking feeling that she’d finally met her nemesis, so to speak.


Allison had
never really believed in “types”. She had eclectic tastes in men and had dated
guys who’d appealed to her on different levels of attraction. For example, her
friends never understood how she could have dated the indolent Hank for six
months. Hank had been sort of like a struggling songwriter who never really got
down to writing many songs. But she’d liked him; he’d made her laugh and she’d
felt so at ease around him, with his carefree take on life. Then there had been
Olsen, whom her pals hadn’t liked at all. Around them he was stiff and
uncommunicative, but behind closed doors, he shed his ice-prince persona and
blew her mind with his bedroom skills. She’d met him at a business convention,
and they’d been together for almost a year. She’d been sorry when it had ended,
but he’d had to move to another state for work and anyway, their relationship
had reached his peak.


So she was
single and kind of whimsy when gorgeous Brand Wilcox appeared on the scene. He
was one of those guys with effortless athletic good looks that couldn’t be
concealed even in severe dark suits. He had thick dark brown hair and piercing
green eyes. More than half the girls at the office already had a thing for him.
The other half were married but she’d heard even a few of them say how they’d
go pants-down with him in a heartbeat. This was the kind of effect he had on
sensible, normal women.

And to think of
her, sensible and normal yes, but chaste for far too long…well, she didn’t
stand a chance. Being the boss’s personal assistant meant she had loads of
ample opportunity to come in contact with Brand. She liked to tell herself he
might have noticed her beyond the level of co-worker. He couldn’t be more than
a few years older, and the few times they got talking, he told her they had a
few things in common. But would he ever make a move? Allison figured she was
feeling too cocky, thanks to being used to getting hit on by the other guys at
work. But Brand seemed far from the type to be making an ass of himself over
some chick at work. Or maybe he already had a girlfriend?

That had to be
it, she thought and she tried not to allow too much of a sinking feeling to
settle in her stomach.


Chapter 2


Allison prepared
for the top-level meeting with little enthusiasm. The news that her best friend
Sarah was finally going to marry had not been the high point of her morning.
She was happy for her, of course, but she was still single and they had always
imagined being married at the same time and having their kids growing up
together. She wondered who she would be paired with and she hoped it wasn’t
that relative of Sarah’s who never stopped bugging her when he was around.
Well, at least they can make a day of going out and finding a nice wedding
dress for...

“Allison? Did
you hear what I said?”

She snapped to
attention at the sound of her name, and found herself in the boardroom, with
everyone staring at her and her boss with a quizzical look on his face. The
meeting had begun fifteen minutes ago but it could have been happening on
another time zone for all the attention she’d paid to it so far.

“I’m sorry Mr.
Mallory, I didn’t get your last statement,” she said, quickly gathering herself
and switching back into efficient mode. Her boss repeated what he’d been saying
earlier, a disapproving frown crossing his face as the meeting continued.

For some reason,
Allison felt the urge to turn her head to her side, and came eye to eye with
Brand’s thoughtful, penetrating stare. How long had he been looking at her, she
wondered, as she sent him a quick smile before returning her focus to her boss.
Great; just what she needed. To look like a twit in front of everyone,
especially the one person she wanted to make a good impression on.

Thankfully, the
meeting was brief and she could get back to her desk. She went through her
tasks with none of the gusto she normally applied. She loved her job but she
just wasn’t in love with her life at the moment. She was in her mid-twenties,
successful and climbing, but her personal life, she had to admit, was far from
a wining situation.

I need to do
something really wild and exciting, she told herself firmly, stacking the
papers on her desk as the time inched closer to closing hours. Allison decided
she needed something to get her mind over her troubles. Maybe it was high time
she got laid. She suddenly began to nurse the idea of going out with a couple
of her friends to the club or a bar, and maybe getting lucky. Nothing like some
random, no-strings-attached sex to set the blood pumping through her veins and
have her world looking brighter again.

Allison had
never been too accustomed to casual sex and one-night stands, but heck, it was
a lot better than getting involved with some dumbo and pretend to be dating him
when all she wanted was a hard cock in her pussy when she required it. Men
didn’t know that women liked sex without the commitment tags, too. Men weren’t
the only type to enjoy sex for the sake of it, without wanting to be attached
to the partner providing it. Even girls needed fuck buddies – buddies who
would just disappear when they weren’t needed, till the time came again. Now
where could Allison find such a candidate?


The sound of her
name in that voice sent her whole body into high-powered-buzzing mode. She
looked up from her desk to find Brand standing there. She blinked, and then
couldn’t help the pleased smile from spreading across her face. He seemed to do
a double take at the sight of her smile, his eyes narrowing and darkening with
a strange, fleeting expression.

“Why, hello,
Brand. Did you want anything?”

“No, I just
finished having a talk with the boss, and decided to stop by your desk for a
minute. Are you okay?” he asked, and the concern in his tone almost made her
want to burst into irrational tears. It was just so sweet of him, and so
unexpected. It caught her off her guard and she wanted to kick herself for her

“Oh, you’re
talking about how distracted I was acting at the meeting, right? I’m fine now,
though. Just a few…personal issues I have to deal with.”

“Man troubles?”
he asked with a teasing tilt to his sexy, full-bottomed lips. Allison swallowed
down the urge to want to sink her teeth into that tempting bottom lip.

“Far from it.
I’m unattached, Brand, if you must know,” she said lightly, fidgeting with the
corners of her files and hoping she didn’t sound too goofily audacious. But
then this was the first time he was showing any kind of personal attention to
her; she was decidedly pink in the cheek and smiling like an idiot.

Allison thought
of the last things that had been going through her mind when she appeared, and
tried to keep eye contact with him and not stray down to his crotch, which was
almost at her face level considering she was seated.

For a
split-second, she wondered what it would be like to fuck Brand Wilcox. Just
fuck him, with no thought to things going any further. To feel those capable
looking, well-kept hands sliding over her naked body, to have his cock in her
palms to stroke purposefully before guiding the throbbing thickness straight to
the entrance of her waiting wetness…

“Now that’s some
information I could use,” he murmured in reply to her last statement, his smile
growing wider. Damn he had such a hot smile, she thought longingly, pressing
her knees closer together. How could a man’s mere smile cause a moistness to
spread over the cotton panel of her panties? Gosh she really needed to get a
grip, soon. Or she’d be doing something crazy, like making a move on Brand

“Allison, I…” he
began, but his words were broken off as the door to Mr. Mallory’s office opened
across the expanse of the reception area, and the older man appeared. “Ah,
Brand, I was just about to send for you. Something came up and we need to
rework some details of the Jefferson account.”

“I’ll be in your
office in just a minute,” Brand said calmly to Mr. Mallory, and Allison had to
mentally applaud his coolness. Not that they’d been doing anything wrong or
suspicious, but she’d been unable to hold back a guilty start when her boss had
unexpectedly shown up seconds earlier.

Mr. Mallory
disappeared, and she looked up questioningly at Brand, who paused. “Don’t leave
without having a word. We need to talk, Allison,” he said meaningfully.

“We do?” she
asked, eyes wide.

“Yes,” he said
firmly, and with one finger, he reached out and traced the side of her face.
Allison’s eyes closed briefly at that first, simple yet intimate contact. Then
he was gone, striding away with that lithe, panther-like way of his.

Allison felt a
dreamy sensation take over her. She couldn’t have imagined Brand’s look when
he’d touched her face. The throb in his voice – she hadn’t mistaken it
either. Could he be into her? Damn, she hoped so – very deeply. So deep,
in fact, that she had a sudden spark of an idea.

It was crazy,
stupid and definitely inappropriate – but she was done being sensible.
The adrenaline was pumping through her veins and she couldn’t help the sense
that she was on the verge of a very titivating, life-shaking experience.


Chapter 3


He found her
waiting in his office when he opened the door.

Allison saw
Brand’s look of surprise, but it was only for a moment. Then he shut the door
behind him – and she could swear he turned the key.

She squirmed in
her perch on the edge of his desk. Her legs were crossed, making her skirt rise
up, revealing the edges of her thigh highs. She was leaning back on her hands,
which brought her generous C-up breasts into more prominence. She saw him take
the whole scene in a flash.

BOOK: Office Seduction
6.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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