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Official Girl 2

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Official Girl 2

Secrets Revealed


Charmanie Saquea




Click, Clack

The house got quiet at the sound of a gun
cocking. Neicey had that same possessed look on her face that she had when Mykell had slapped her. Mykell just looked at her wondering where she had gotten a gun from while raising his hands in the air.

“Oh no, don’t get quiet now bitch. You sho had a lot
to say a minute ago. Gon’ on ahead and finish what you were saying. I got raped because of what bitch?” She pointed the gun at Mykell. “And you nigga, you’re up here pillow talking and discussing me with this bitch? What type of shit is that? I never would have thought that you would be a bitch nigga!”

, look, it ain’t even like that, I never talked about you to this bitch. She’s just doing that to fuck with you.”

“Oh really
? You expect me to believe that? Then how the fuck did she know I was raped then? That shit damn sure wasn’t a national headline!”

“Because while you
were too stuck on stupid to do anything, he was with me every night,” Kya said with a smug look.

All of a sudden
, Neicey started praying while moving the gun from Kya to Mykell, back and forth, still looking possessed.

Lord, please forgive me for what I’m about to do. You know my struggle and you know my feelings. Don’t charge it to my head and don’t charge it to my heart
. Charge it to the game.

She aimed the gun at her target and pulled the trigger.



Chapter 1

After I shot that bitch Kya, I turned the gun on Mykell. That nigga was looking like a deer caught in headlights. Kya was on the floor screaming, acting like I did some real damage. I was getting pissed off.

“Shut up bitch! Ain’t shit wrong with you, it’s just a flesh wound.” I turned my attention back to Mykell. “I loved you with all my heart but that still wasn’t good enough for you
, huh? You wanted this triflin’ bitch, well you can have her. Ain’t neither one of you dumb birds worth sitting on a double murder charge. Don’t call me for shit. As a matter of fact, lose my number. My baby will call and know another nigga as its daddy.”

With that
said, I put my boyfriend back in my purse and walked out the front door, never looking back. When I got in the car, I broke down. The tears just started flowing non-stop. I called the first person I could think of.


I couldn’t stop crying
. “I need you,” was all I could get out.

“Use yo key.” That
was all I needed to hear.

                        *      *      *

I opened the door and he was waiting for me. He hugged me and wiped my tears away, like always.
That was why I loved him. He was so gentle and caring.

“What happened?”

“I just snapped Mil Mil. I didn’t mean to shoot her, but she was making fun about me getting raped and I just lost it,” I said in one big breath.

didn’t even know why I chose to go there of all places, seeing as how it was his cousin that I just shot, but that was where I needed to be.

“Whoa, whoa slow down. You shot who?”
he asked concerned.

I put my head down and looked at the floor before answering. “Your cousin Kya
. I shot your cousin.”

He lifted my head up
. “Is she dead?” he asked dryly, catching me off guard and making me lose my train of thought.

“Uhh, no. I just gave her a flesh wound.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about.”

The ringing of my phone paused our conversation momentarily. I looked at the screen and
saw Ramone’s name. I hit ignore and powered my phone off.

“You’re not going to turn me over to the police are you? For shooting your cousin?” I
had to know I didn’t make a mistake by going there.

“Like I told you before, fuck her. Just because we have the same blood doesn’t mean that I’m loyal to that girl
,” he informed me. “Where ya man?”

I didn’t know if he was trying to be funny or not. “Umm, I’ve been single for two months now
, but I left him in the house with his bitch.” I was starting to get angry all over again.

“So he was there when you shot her?” he
asked sounding a little shocked.

Yeah, he sent me a text telling me he had something important to tell me, so I walked in the house and guess who was there.”

He just shook his head. “Wow, so do you need me to take you to your
brother’s house? I don’t think you’re in any condition to be driving.”

“I’m not tryna be around him right now, we’re just going to end up getting into it and I don’t think that's healthy for the baby.

Kamil just looked at me sideways. It was then that I realized
he was the only one besides Mykell that I hadn’t told about the baby.
That’s probably why Mone keeps blowing my phone up. Well that and the fact that I just shot somebody.

Kamil interrupted my thoughts. “So you’re pregnant again?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Are you keeping it?” He had a look of concern on his face.

“Yes, my baby didn’t ask to be made, so it shouldn’t have to pay for Mykell and mine’s problems. Plus, in the spur of the moment, I kind of told him that my baby would be calling another nigga daddy. He should just look at it as one less child to worry about since Kya’s pregnant.”

His eyes damn near popped out his head when I said that. “She’s what?”

“Pregnant.” I laughed at the look on his face. “But enough about that. I need somewhere to lay my head and I was wondering if I could get my job back, Boss Man.” I batted my eyes.

“You can stay here as long as you want
, but I don’t think a club is a good place for a pregnant woman to be working at, Fat Mama.” He laughed and I punched him in the arm.

“I’m not even big yet and you
’re already calling me Fat Mama,” I pouted playfully.

“Yo, but you greedy as hell.”

“Whatever, but I want to apologize,” I started and he cut me off.

“No, I owe you an apology. I didn’t tell you that she was my cousin because I didn’t want you to feel like you couldn’t talk to me. I never meant to hurt you.

“It’s cool Boss Man, and you can make it up to me by cooking dinner. Now get to it!” I hit him on the butt
and laughed.

I would be lying if I said I
hadn’t missed Kamil the past two months. He was really fun to be around; he was silly and willing to do anything to make me smile or laugh.



couldn’t believe Reneice’s crazy ass pulled a gun out on me; I was even more shocked that she shot Kya. I knew I should be feeling bad but I wasn’t. She had gotten what she deserved. Besides, as Neicey said, it was only a flesh wound. A little ointment and a couple of gauze pads and she would be straight. She shouldn’t have been popping off at the mouth. Usually, I would intervene in situations like that; end that shit before it could even start. I didn’t because I knew Neicey could handle her own and I wasn’t expecting it to get to that level. Kya should have been a good side bitch and stayed in her place, but nope she had gotten her position mixed up. That shit was way out of line, what she had said about Neicey being raped.

I called Mone and Mack to come over because we had a lot of shit to discuss. That picture and phone call had fucked me all the way up. It had been two months since some grimy niggas took my son. I had a feeling they were the same niggas that had something to do with Neicey being raped. I could feel it in my gut. About twenty minutes later, those happy go lucky niggas came walking through the door. The look my brother gave me told me he knew something wasn’t right with me. “Talk to me Kell.”

I just shook my head and looked at Mone. “What did she do now?” he asked already knowing it was about his sister.

“Her ass done came up in here and shot Kya.”

“Why the fuck would you have Kya over here when you knew you told Neicey to come over here?” Mack asked scolding me.

“Man, yo check this out. I did not,
I repeat, I did not invite that bitch over here. The doorbell rang so I was thinking it was Neicey tryna be funny by not using her key. I opened the door and that bitch was standing there smiling like the damn Joker. I told her ass to leave and she got to popping off at the mouth. Neicey showed up and walked in, but she was calm about everything. Until Kya said, it was her own fault she was raped. That’s when all hell broke loose. Neicey was looking fucking possessed yo!”

“She didn’t! So what baby girl do?” Mack asked like I was telling the best story ever.

“Nigga, I told you she shot her. Straight whipped the gun out so fast I didn’t see where she got it. She started praying then POP! Thank God it was only a flesh wound.” I looked over at Mone and he didn’t even seem fazed about what I was saying.

“Damn Money Mone yo sister a real thoroughbred
! I didn’t know she got down like that,” Mack said.

“One of my homeboys use
d to take her to the shooting range when he was supposed to be watching her after school. By the time I found out, it was too late. I knew she had a badass temper on her, so I never put a gun in her hands. When I asked him why he did it, he told me, and I fully understood.” He shrugged as if it was nothing.

, would you like to let us in on why he did it?” I asked trying to figure that shit out.

“If I tell you, she’ll kill me.”

“C’mon now man, we don’t run our mouths like bitches.”

“Aight,” he
said and took a deep breath. “He did it because this nigga that lived in our neighborhood was a pervert. Neicey got tired of me and my niggas following her everywhere, so one day she didn’t tell us that she had a half-day at school. While she was walking home, he tried to grab her and rape her, but he didn’t know who he was fucking with. She fought him like I taught her to and she got away. She went home, found one of my guns, and went looking for the nigga. She found him and put a bullet right in the middle of his forehead. My Ladybug caught her first body at the age of nine. She told my boy and he started taking her to the shooting range. After that, she ain’t never been the same. Then two years later, we lost our mom, and that didn’t help none.”

Damn, I didn’t know she had issues like that. I
had thought she was just hot headed but she was actually hurting.
I feel like shit because I didn’t do anything but add to the pain.
Damn man.


“Mone, let me see yo phone real fast,” I said. I knew if I called from my phone, she wouldn’t answer. I called her and it rung two times before going straight to voicemail.

“Damn man,” I said giving Ramone his phone back. I just knew she would answer if she saw his name pop up on her phone. I just had to talk to her and let her know that shit wasn’t what it seemed. We had worked through everything else, so I knew that wouldn’t be any different. I would just give her some time to cool off.


              It had been four weeks since Reneice walked through my door and she had been by my side ever since. I loved having her around and I hoped she never left. We were lying around watching TV when her phone rang. She looked at the phone funny and then answered. “Uh, hello?”

I was listening intently to the one-sided conversation. “Right now? Are you sure?” She jumped off the couch. “Alright thank you so much, I’m on the way.”

I got up right along with her. I was confused as to what was going on but I was ready for whatever. “What’s up?”

“We need to get to the hospital, NOW!” She ran for the door.

On the way to the hospital, she kept mumbling about some nigga not ever answering his phone when it was important. I figured she was talking about that bitch nigga Mykell. Sometimes I wondered if she really knew who I was or what I was about, would she still fuck with me?
Why the fuck not, I’m no different than her ex nigga.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before that nigga would fuck up, which meant that I would luck up. She told me we were going to have to take it slow, which was fine with me. I didn’t even give a fuck about her being pregnant with that nigga’s baby. I didn’t have a problem playing daddy. Especially to that nigga’s baby since he already didn’t care for a nigga.

BOOK: Official Girl 2
13.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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