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On Display (A Shoe Obsession Erotic Short) (3 page)

BOOK: On Display (A Shoe Obsession Erotic Short)

In answer to her silent longing, Dylan’s
thumb found her clit, circling and rubbing in time with his finger,
and she came—a bolt of lightning rocketing through her body, a
bright white wave flooding her senses and making her tremble. Dylan
released her, let his fingers slide out and away from her body, as
she slumped in satisfaction onto the couch.

As she came down, as the mega-watt bulbs of
her climax dimmed and she returned to the dark shoe store, she
exhaled and opened her eyes. Dylan still kneeled in front of her, a
faint smile lit by the streetlights on his face. “Hello.”

“Hello,” she replied as she peeled herself
off the couch and ran her hands over his shirt. “You’re wearing far
too many clothes.”

He laughed as she undid his buttons, her
normal dexterity returned with force. She tugged the dress shirt
off his shoulders and yanked it free of his pants before throwing
it down to claw at his undershirt. He tapped her hand, a gentle
pause, and pulled the shirt off himself in a fluid tug, tossing it
onto the growing pile on the floor.

Her fingers ran over his skin, the smooth
copper peaks and valleys of his abs and chest, and marveled in his
strength and beauty. She wanted to dissolve into that masculine
physique, lose her herself in his muscle until she liquefied—a
melted pat of butter oozing and sliding over his skin. But then he
moved, his fingers grazing her collarbone, and she remembered,
remembered the magic of his touch, the friction and the sparks and
the heat their bodies could make together. She dove for his belt,
ripping the leather free to find the button of his trousers. She
shoved them down, yanking his boxers in the process, until his cock
sprang free.

Her fingers wrapped around the velvet skin of
his erection, and the throbbing pulse of his blood rushed and
whooshed through his veins with the squeeze of her hand. His body
swayed with her caress, an ebb and flow rocking in time to her
hands as her fingers swooped over and around, circling his shaft,
gripping his head and pulsing back down. He moaned, his hips coming
alive under her stroke, rolling with each pull, rocking back with
each slide. As she watched his control falter, watched him crack
under the weight of her, Mandy split her legs wide and leaned
forward, hinging at the hips until her lips found their prize.

She wrapped her mouth around his cock, let
his engorged flesh slip past her lips and fill her mouth till she
could have swallowed him whole. His hands found her hair, running
through the still-damp strands, fingers curling and twisting. Her
tongue teased him, licking and flicking the length of him as her
lips slipped and slid down and up, up and down.

As she added her hand, a gentle circle
wrapping around his shaft and bobbing in time to her mouth’s
rhythm, Dylan groaned and tightened his grip on her hair. She
smiled around his cock as his hands added pressure, guiding her
head down and up, faster and faster, till she met his speed, her
head a piston driving him into a frenzy. She was the current, the
electricity coursing through Dylan’s body with every stroke of her
tongue and lips and hand. His breathing grew hot and fast, a
shallow huff-huff as Mandy gave him all she had. She grazed his
shaft with her teeth in a pointed slide from bow to stern, and he
spasmed, releasing into her mouth and down her throat. She took all
he could give, sucking and swallowing till he collapsed around

Dylan released her hair as Mandy released his
cock, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and breathing
deep. She leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes, a momentary
rest while he recovered. Tasting his satisfaction, swallowing as it
rocketed down her throat in ecstasy made Mandy feel strong and
powerful and alive. She wanted to bottle it, cram it into a pill
she could pop every day.

The thought made her smile and lean forward,
ready to share her inner humor, but before she could speak, before
she could open her eyes, Dylan’s mouth surrounded her nipple,
sucking and pulling. She cried out, a strangled scream, as her eyes
shot open. She looked down, watched as Dylan drew her nipple into
his mouth, watched as his hands ran up and down her sides, watched
as he savored every inch of her. The electric current of his hands
and mouth coursed through her, lighting her up, making her glow
with expectation as he fondled and groped her on the couch.

As he released her breast, he slid up her
body to her lips, kissing and probing and searching with his
tongue. He slid higher, leaning over her, pressing his body into
her and she felt his erection, felt his cock hard and ready,
pulsing against her stomach. “If I had a condom …” Dylan whispered
between kisses, “Mandy … I’d … I’d be pounding you until you
screamed.” He kissed her again, his tongue relentless in its
pursuit of hers, lapping and rolling until she gasped for breath.
As he pulled back, she smiled.

“Till I screamed, hmm? Hand me my purse.” She
pointed at it, a black shoulder bag sitting prim on the far side of
the couch. He tilted his head, his whole body a question mark as he
did her bidding. She took it from him and zipped it open before
rifling through the compartments. “You mean like this?” she said as
she held a single wrapped condom in her fingers.

He leaned back, eyebrows raised as she tossed
her purse onto the floor. “You stash condoms in your purse?”

“Actually no. But I cleared out the
jerk-off’s car this morning and saw them in the glove box. Thought
I’d steal them so he’d be the one leaving disappointed from
whatever hook up he’s lined up next. It’s about time.”

Dylan laughed and shook his head. “Remind me
never to get on your bad side.”

“Hmm. Well, you’re nothing but good right
now.… So about this condom …. what was it you wanted it for?”

“This,” he replied as he took it from her and
ripped it open. He slid it down his shaft as Mandy watched and
waited. As she opened her mouth to tease him again, his hands slid
down her legs from thighs to ankles, gripping her tight. The move
made her speechless, made her cut off mid-breath as he swung her
legs together in front of him, hooking them over his shoulders and
around his neck. The patent leather trapped his head in a glossy
black embrace as his hands slid down the backs of her thighs. Mandy
reached for the top of the couch, scrabbling for a handhold as
Dylan thrust himself inside her. Mandy gasped as her fingers found
the rolled edge, digging in and holding on.

He rocked back, pulling out until his head
toyed with her, a shallow-shallow thrust until he slammed into her
again, buried to his hips. She cried out, called his name as he
picked up momentum and found a rhythm, a one-one-two that had her
panting and groaning in sync. As she moved with him, legs pinned
straight up in the air, body set in motion by his hips, Mandy felt
consumed. Her whole body a vibrating filament trapped inside a
light bulb, her energy ricocheting around the store windows and
setting the whole place aglow.

Another moan escaped her lips and Dylan
shifted, his hips sliding left and right until her muscles clenched
around him, and she groaned in pleasure. He picked up speed,
relentlessly pumping into her, the head of his cock sending sparks
shooting through her with every thrust. Mandy felt consumed, a
raging blaze caused by the shocks of their bodies joining in carnal
rhythm. She wanted to burn, wanted the fire to char her skin and
turn her to ashes, as she climaxed with Dylan inside her.

As his right hand tightened around her hip,
Dylan slid his left to her stomach, his thumb sliding down until it
found her engorged clit, slick and needy. Mandy arched off the
couch at his touch, at his fluttering over and over on the hardened
nub. She screamed his name—a shock wave belting out from her lungs
as he thrummed and thrust. With a final thrust, Dylan jerked and
spasmed, a moan escaping his lips as he released. The knowledge of
his climax, of his moment of ecstasy, sent her over, sent Mandy’s
body spiraling into a matched bliss. As the waves of exhilaration
hit her, she exploded, a blue light inferno of electric heat
pulsing and undulating on the couch in the middle of the shoe





Dylan unhooked Mandy’s legs, letting them
slide down his body to wrap around his waist. She fell on him,
draped over his body as they both emerged from their euphoria.
Their breathing slowed, calmed, and regulated—a pair of burned
filaments broken by the heat of their union.

After a few minutes, Dylan slipped out, slid
the condom off and stood up, sliding his pants back up his thighs.
He slipped his undershirt on and found Mandy’s panties, sliding
them over one boot and then another, up and up until she lifted and
he slipped them back in place. He did the same with her bra— a
gentle slide and slip until he reached around her and hooked it in
the back. As she pulled her dress back on, found the tie and
secured it tight, she looked up at him and smiled.

“I have to say, you really have turned a
terrible day into a sensational night. If it weren’t for my shoe
obsession, I’d have never come inside. And if you hadn’t forgotten
to lock the door … well, thank you.”

“Hmmm. I should be thanking you. If you
hadn’t come in, if you hadn’t looked at me with those wide eyes
full of longing over those boots…. I’d have missed out on the best
sex of my life, right here in my shop.” Dylan laughed as he reached
out a hand to help her up.

Mandy stood, her hands resting on his chest
as she reached up to kiss him. Their lips met and the briefest
spark, the briefest glow fanned out across her skin. As she broke
the kiss, she smiled. “So, I don’t suppose I could convince you to
let me keep these, could I?” Mandy said as she kicked up a heel and
grabbed the stiletto with her fingers. “Hmm?”

Dylan laughed. “Of course you can keep them.
Either that or I have to frame them—put them up on the wall so I
can remember this night every time I look up.”

“Or you could just look at the couch.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever look at the
couch the same way again.”

“Well, thank you Dylan. For … everything,”
she said as she turned to pick up her coat and purse.

“You’re welcome. But Mandy,” Dylan replied as
he grabbed her arm, “when can I see you again?”

Mandy looked at him, her eyes shining in the
streetlight, “Well, I’ve been eyeing a pair of strappy sandals over
in the corner all night. Any chance you’d stay open late for me
tomorrow? Maybe you could forget to lock up.”

Dylan smiled. “For you, I’d stay open all
night long. So … tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow.” Mandy turned and walked to the
door, picking up her umbrella as Dylan unlocked the door and held
it open for her. “Goodnight Dylan.”

“Goodnight Mandy.”

Mandy stepped out into the drizzle, popped
her umbrella and walked towards the intersection, the
clack-clack-clack of the patent leather boots echoing into the






I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Mandy and
Dylan’s night of fantasy and escape that is
On Display
. Look
for more short stories in
The Shoe Obsession
exploring what happens when a hot man, an independent woman, and a
pair of beautiful shoes collide.

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