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On the Fly (Crimson Romance) (31 page)

BOOK: On the Fly (Crimson Romance)
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“I didn’t know,” Flynn said, still staring.

Pride smiled. “Now, Flynn, one doesn’t spill the more yucky parts of her personal history to a man unless she wants to either put him to sleep or run him off.”

“I suppose you mean reserve is more interesting than excess openness.” Flynn glanced behind him, picked up a folder from a stack on his desk, and turned back to face her. “I’ll say this for you. You were never boring.”

“Thank you.” She gripped her hands together in her lap and maintained her bright smile.

He eyed her. “Your sarcasm is well-taken. Let’s get down to business, before that one,” he indicated Johnny, “figures out how to take my watch apart.”

“He’s only dismantled the clasp so far,” Pride said, in comforting tones. “It’ll be a while before he figures out how to scatter the little gears and gizmos all over the room.”

Flynn winced. “Thanks. I needed that.” He opened the folder. “To make things simple, your father died a wealthy man. He has left you his entire estate, except for a few minor bequests to distant relatives.”

Pride suspected her father of trying to mess with her mind from the grave. Her parents had been well-off, but not rich by any means. She grew up in a large, brick home as befitted the daughter of a judge, and she had even received a car for her sixteenth birthday. But so had some of her friends, whose parents had big mortgages and were in hock to the local car dealership.

“That’s nice.” She glanced at Gloria. “Let’s get packed. Maybe we can catch a flight to Bermuda late this afternoon.”

Gloria hadn’t taken her eyes off Flynn. She nodded and kept her mouth shut.

“Mine,” Johnny said, with satisfaction.

Pride glanced down in time to see Johnny pop something into his mouth and swallow it. She grabbed for the watch, but it was too late.

“Uh-oh.” She noted her son’s angelic face. “You’d better take your watch back, Flynn. I do believe he ate the stem.”

Flynn received the watch with disbelief.

“And,” Pride added, “if I hear one word out of you about paying for repairs, I’ll see to it that you get the bill for having Johnny’s little stomach pumped.”

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BOOK: On the Fly (Crimson Romance)
4.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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