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let me explain,” Leona continued, “Many thousands of years ago, a ship full of
protectors left its home planet, bound for the planet Tridee. It never
arrived…the ship’s log records indicated that it was caught in a meteor shower.
The only sign remaining of the ship itself was the Herculean stone, which was
found recently, activated, and used, by us, as a homing beacon.

have traveled fast and far, through many galaxies and space tunnels, to find
our lost sons and daughters. Rejoice the day, mighty sasq, as we welcome you
back into our hearts and prepare to take you back home to the planet of your
ancestors!” She stopped talking and let out a howl of triumph.

sasq in attendance let out a reply and watched as small floating trays
circulated through the crowd. They held cups of the steaming, bubbling, noxious
smelling brew known as Fire Root tea. The sasq looked at the abundance of the
sacred, ceremonial mixture, and tears ran down their faces.

walked through the crowd as well. They held pots of water and some sort of
punch. They smiled up at the sasq and down at Mel. They were much bigger and
taller than their counterparts on Earth. Mel took a taste of the punch and
smiled at the young woman who offered it. The drink, somehow, tasted like

the refreshments were served, Leona placed the sound amplifier over her mouth
again, and said, “We must go now. Our shuttles are seeking out all sasq on this
blue world, but it takes time, fuel and energy to operate with shields up. We
will go to this planet’s moon and wait until all the sasq have been recovered.”

stood still for a moment, gazing down on them with such love and compassion in
her eyes, it made Mel’s throat seize shut with emotion.
Can I come, too? Would
I even be welcome
? She wondered. As though the queen had heard her worried
thoughts, Leona smiled and added, “Human beings live with us on Sasquereen as
well. Any small human who wants to make the journey with us is welcome…just
know that it is a far we will not make again for a long time to

took her hand and Mel fell into his arms. Looking up at her husband, Onio, First
Son, she saw that his mossy green eyes were alight with joy and excitement. He
searched her eyes, and saw her answer. Then he turned and walked with his wife
and his family to the ship that would finally take him…all of them…home again.


The End


About the Author


Jeppsen is a writer of speculative fiction, science fiction, and
fantasy/paranormal romance. Her vampire novel, Detour to Dusk, has received
over 14 four and five star reviews.

latest book, Story Time, a science fiction, post-apocalyptic novel has been
touted by the Paranormal Romance Guild, Sandy’s Blog Spot and nine other
reviewers as a five star read, filled with terror, love, loss, and the
indomitable beauty and strength of the human spirit.

first short story, The Gag Gift, won third prize for the best science- fiction
short story of 2011. It is featured in two different books; The Last Astronaut,
and Mixed Blessings.

Jeppsen is the sole proprietor of New Voices Books, in Republic, Washington.
This is a new and used book store, and perfumery. Once a month she is proud to
feature a new or independently published author.  She hosts the “Writer’s Slam”
writer’s workshop, and is pleased when authors such as Judith McDowell and S.
Evan Townsend do book signings and readings for the delighted citizens in town.
She expects many more authors to promote their work in 2012.

Jeppsen is currently working on a western ghost story, and has another whole
new paranormal fantasy epic planned for 2013 as well.




son of Triku, stirred within his golden cocoon. His long, delicate antennae
twitched slightly within the embryonic jelly as a soft chime echoed through the
spacecraft. The ship was entering atmosphere, and it was time to wake up.

delicate proboscis probed the shell of the cocoon, tearing the membrane,
letting the gel escape and filtered oxygen enter. His wings fluttered briefly,
and he smiled.

left the protective shell and hopped to the craft’s small windshield. Looking
out at the blue and green marbled planet on the horizon he thought,
I must
remember what my father said.

told him that the Earth planet was a precious jewel, set against the black
velvet of this small galaxy. It was a glittering gem, but like so many faceted
jewels, it held many sharp edges.

had spent the better part of his life protecting the lost tribe of the
Sasquereen. Now it was Tirini’s turn to protect a lesser species.

went to a small desk and flipped a switch. A holographic image rose into the
air, reflecting against the bug’s galaxy-filled eyes. He studied the images
raptly, calling upon his years of study, and the racial memories buried deep
within his subconscious mind.

he whispered, and vowed that if it took a lifetime, he—Tirini, son of Triku—would
do his best to protect this fragile species, just as his father had protected
the mighty but vulnerable sasquatch.

folded its wings, rolled into a ball and braced himself for the sickening
free-fall into one of the universe’s most beautiful but dangerous planets.


BOOK: Onio
10.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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