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2015 James Cox



ISBN: 978-1-77233-630-6


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Editor: Kerry Genova







WARNING: The unauthorized
reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.
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reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the
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This is a work of fiction.
All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual
events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely






This is the end. At least,
for my Outlaws it is. Their journey ends here and because I'm a sucker for
happy endings, I had to give them one last chance to find it. I'd like to thank
Evernight Publishing. They are amazing and dedicated. Thank you so much for
making my Outlaws shine. And I couldn't have done any of this without my
fantastic readers. Enjoy!




A Christmas Story


Outlaw MC, 9


James Cox


Copyright © 2015




Chapter One


name is Liam. Lover to those at my MC club. Although nowadays I have a hard
time remembering what they called me. Memory was failing me, pain filling up
the gaps and voids in my head. The heat was like a knife. It slashed at my skin
without mercy. Each breath I took filled my lungs with that burning breeze. It
made my movements slower, harder to control. My feet
against the smooth rock as I ran. My pounding heartbeat was
the only sound I heard.

was coming.

lips trembled as the intense heat raced up my spine. I missed Outlaw. My lover.
President of my club. The longing for him was so strong. Just picturing his
face pulled me out of my misery. It gave me the strength when I hung on by the
thinnest of threads.

was here.

roar was unbelievably loud, echoing down the tunnel to the arena where I was to
fight. But the beast after me broke out sooner than they expected. The guards
in this prison didn’t show much concern for the prisoners. Here, on Earth, it
was survival of the fittest. And I refused to give my life for their
entertainment. I ran through the large, round opening that led to the “arena.”
It was a
, circular room where
guards and other prisoners could watch from a safe distance. Bastards. Another
deep roar bellowed and I spun around to face the enemy. With nothing but the
flimsiest of
I watched the beast

name is Liam.

love Outlaw.

And I
will not break.


octopus was gigantic, mutated, and vicious. It squeezed through the opening in
a roll of tentacles and slime. My bottom lip quivered. It was the only
noticeable nerve that I couldn’t control. Even as the hot air filtered through
the thin pants I wore, it felt like a damn sauna. The beast used its numerous
limbs to advance. It wasn’t a walk but a coordinated roll forward. Large eyes
watched me. Slimy skin slid along the ground. I tightened my grip on the weapon
in my hand.

name is Liam.

love Outlaw.

I will not die in this prison.

beast attacked. One large tentacle swung toward me. I ducked as another slammed
against my bent legs. There was a cheer from the guards. Those fuckers would
not get the satisfaction of watching me take my last breath. I slammed my six-inch
knife into the creature’s limb. Blood spurted. It jerked the injured tentacle
back but a scratch would not stop this killing machine. I rolled
and landed on my knees. It lunged
toward me. That fetid smell caused my face to scrunch up in disgust. The
tentacle wrapped around my waist. I jabbed it as hard as I could, forcing the
blade to go deep. It dropped me, hard. Thankfully, not from a high distance. I
landed, rolled, stood, and faced it.

beast had a track record in this prison. It helped curb overpopulation. I would
not be on its lists of meals. I was breathing heavily as it struck again. This
time two tentacles. One at my head. I ducked. One at my legs. I jumped. It
roared. The crowd cheered. I blocked them out and focused on survival. Fuck
them. Fuck this creature. Fuck the government that sent me here. I was going to
survive this shit and reunite with Outlaw. I ran toward it, hopped onto a large
boulder that fell long ago from the wall. Propelled upward, I jammed my knife
into its widening eye. The beast cried out, the sound
and fucking terrifying.

flung a tentacle at me. The force of it knocked the air from my lungs. I fell
back, twisting so I fell on my side. A broken back would be the end. A broken
anything would mean death. Blood and other liquids gushed from the ruined eye
and splattered on the floor. The creature stopped thrashing and stared at me
with its one good eye. Well, fuck. It lashed out, catching me in the shin. That
damn limb wrapped around my calf and tugged me toward that giant mouth filled with
sharp teeth.

will not die!” I shouted the words then spun onto my stomach as it hauled me
along and caught hold of the boulder. The more it
the looser my pants became. Another tentacle wrapped around
my arm. I slashed at it with the knife. My pants slid down my hips, coming off
and freeing me from the beast’s grip. Great, now I had to fight this fucker
naked. It sprung for me again, rolling closer but not enough to reach. I think
it learned its lesson. That left eye was closed and oozing. One limb grasped my
waist. Another had my hand with the weapon as a third whipped at my face. I
felt this jolt against my
like I’d
smashed against a rock going eighty miles an hour on my
hover bike
. My head jerked backward. The agony that ran through my
body was indescribable. The beast lifted me and hauled me closer to that mouth.
Panic set in. I couldn’t die here. Outlaw would come for me. He would save me.
The mouth came closer. I had one free hand. As this creature’s abominable breath
threatened to knock me out, I dropped the knife from my captured fingers. It
fell wide for a
but landed at the
edge of my free hand. I slammed my fist upward. The blade sunk into its mouth.
The thing cried out. Its lips closed. One large tooth ripped across my face.

agony was so intense I couldn’t breathe. Cheers rang out. Blood drenched my
face and chest. I pulled the knife free and struck repeatedly. The limbs
loosened. I held on to its face. I used every ounce of strength I had to
continue on. Each puncture of the knife had the beast backing up, trying to

Not today, you bastard. You will not get me

creature gave one bloodcurdling roar and then stilled under me. I was gasping
as I finally stopped hacking at it. My face was on fire. Blood still streamed down
my cheek and onto my nude body. Energy fled
but I managed to stay on my feet. The cheers had quieted. No one expected this
outcome. They thought I’d be another forgotten victim.

name is Liam Delacruise and I am an Outlaw.


And that’s how the legend happened.
The first beast killed by a man. But in my nightmares the beast was
unstoppable. It came after me mercilessly. Sometimes its tooth would skim along
my flesh again, parting the skin and spraying blood. This was one of those
times. No matter where I ran, it followed. That smell. That slime. The terror
was stunningly real. I cried out for Outlaw, screaming his name as loud as I


His deep voice was a beacon. I held
on to it. Savored the sound. I was being shaken and I fought the remnants of
the nightmare. I jerked, gasping as I came awake. Outlaw’s beautiful brown eyes
locked onto mine. I opened my
no sound would come out.

“It’s okay. We’re here. We’re on Mars.”
He sat next to me on our wide bed and held my hand.

“Liam?” Reilly’s soft voice came
from my right side. He reached out and brushed his fingers through my damp
hair. “The beast again?”

I nodded. My throat felt raspy and
raw. The wound on my face was healed but for a scar that marred my
. It throbbed right now like it
was brand new. Reilly bent down and kissed the skin as if he knew. His lips
pressed softly
the jagged edges. I lay
back down on the bed, trying to catch my breath. I felt like an idiot now that
the terror of the nightmare passed. If I kept waking them up like this, they’d
keep me out of our damn bed. Yeah, our bed. Outlaw was my one true
but Reilly sneaked up on us. He professed
his love to the club president before they came to rescue me. That was two
months ago. “Sorry.”

Outlaw laid his arm over my waist.
We were all naked and I wondered if they were as soft as I was. My cock was
down for the count at the memory of the beast. I leaned my head against Outlaw as
Reilly placed his on my chest. Their warmth was like this security, this
comfort. I stared up at the ceiling. It was plain, white. This was the room we
shared at the MC clubhouse on the newly changed face of Mars.

The war was over. We won. But my
fight was just beginning.

Chapter Two


Sleep eluded me. I waited for
Outlaw and Reilly to close their eyes before I slipped out from between them.
For the past few weeks, I’d been dreaming of Earth and I was damn tired of it.
I wanted to wipe those memories from my mind and get on with life. Mars was
under Justice’s rule. There
and equality for all. The human species was finally in the right direction and
I was stuck in the past.
found my way through the clubhouse and into the demolished garage.
Peacekeepers, the government lackeys, had burned it down. We were building it
back up. Right now, it was debris brushed into three large piles. The roof was
sitting on the ground in pieces with the walls. I pulled my shirt over my head
and got to work.

It was a while later. The sun had
risen, scaring away the shadows that almost made me flee inside. I was a
fucking outlaw. I wasn’t supposed to flee, let alone from shadows. It pissed me
off which kept me working hard to fight the fear. I clipped circular air movers
at each corner of a wall. Using the holographic computer, I turned them on. Air
rushed through the devices, lifting the wall. A quick order and they brought
the wall to the location against the steel beams sticking out of the ground. I
used the black, heavy bolt driver to secure the outer wall into place. It was
as simple as repeating the process. As the sun crested over the horizon on our
little patch of Mars, all the outer walls were up. I used the same system to
place flat, thin-steeled walls as a roof. The ladder was rickety as I climbed
but soon I was crawling across each panel
and securing them in place. As the air warmed for a hot day, sweat began to
form. It
my hairline and slid down
the back of my neck. But work was good. It kept me busy. Work kept me from
drowning in my own head. When the last panel was in, I sat atop the roof and
stared out at our planet.

The world we saved for humanity,
our species, our future. It was a hell of a fight. There were still a few
people trying to take Justice
they were fewer with each passing day. Women were free to roam the streets.
They could pick their lovers. Dark-skinned men were no longer slaves. Wexmen’s
rule was over.

“Couldn’t sleep again?” Outlaw’s
voice was deep like a dangerous animal’s warning. You should hear the roar when
he comes.

I glanced over the side of the
roof, resting on my stomach as he stared up at me from the ground. “Hey.”

He didn’t smile. His dark brown
hair had grown since I’d left Mars. It brushed his shoulders in wavy strands
that made him look fucking delicious. The stubble on his face was the same. It
had scratched at my thighs as he licked my balls a few nights ago. But his
brown eyes were narrowed. He wanted an answer to his question. Fucking Outlaw.

My grin faded. “No, I couldn’t.”

He crossed his muscular arms over
his chest. “Garage is looking good.”


“At this rate, you’ll have it done
by the end of the week.” He frowned as he spoke. “Reilly’s making food. Come

Well, this should be fun. I made my
way down the ladder and was surprised to see him standing at the bottom holding
it steady. I continued to the ground until I was trapped between him and the
ladder. “Outlaw…” His name was a whisper carried away by the subtle breeze. I
eased back, needing his comfort. He never failed to give it. Despite me being a
sweaty mess, Outlaw wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. It wasn’t
long ago he wouldn’t touch me, afraid the rumors of my rape in prison were
true. They weren’t. Those fucking guards made me fight the beast, beat me within
an inch of death, and left in me in a cell to die as they fled the prison to
join this war. No one ever touched me sexually. I turned in Outlaw’s arms and
placed my head against his chest. “I’m fine.”

“You barely sleep. We haven’t
fucked in days because you look like you’re going to fall over. You’re still
too skinny from that damn prison.” He sighed and slid his fingers into my hair.
His mouth landed beside mine. Outlaw’s tongue slid along my lower lip and I
opened wide.

The kiss was gentle at first. It
showed how
much Outlaw
loved me. Then it
became more intense, tongue and teeth. It showed how
much Outlaw
wanted me. I leaned against the ladder and pressed my
body into his. I felt his glorious erection as mine began to firm up.

“Hey.” Reilly stuck his head out the
door. “Breakfast.” He watched us. His perfect, handsome features turned down in
a frown. He was much younger than us. It was evident by his stylish blond hair
gelled in
spikes atop his head. He wore
jeans low on his hips and bare feet. Being shirtless showed off his lean body.

I knew exactly how it felt to have
him under
but Outlaw was right. It’d
been days. The nightmares were getting worse. “I am hungry.”

“Me too,” Outlaw said then growled.
He cupped my ass and squeezed. “Get your sexy ass in there before I fuck you
against this ladder where the entire club can watch us.”

I chuckled. “I ain’t no Whip.” Then
I walked toward Reilly nice and slow.

“You fucking
” he yelled.

It made me smile and rush toward
Reilly. We both took off down the hall laughing as I heard the roar of hover
bike engines. My MC brothers were here.


“Where are we going?” I rode bitch
on Outlaw’s new bike. The previous one was blown to warped bits a few months
ago. We traversed the winding roads of the city as the sun started to set. It
sent an ethereal glow over the tall buildings and some of the smaller ones.
People were still about. No curfew, no fear. It was women and men of all
different colors mingling to enjoy the end of another day. Outlaw was firm
under my hands. I hugged him closer. The wind brushed through my hair. The
engine hummed in my ears. I was home.

We pulled up to the recently
rebuilt spaceship. It had been damaged when the former president Wexmen tried
to flee with what was left of his peacekeepers. After Grim
this bad boy up, they rescued me. It
seemed like years ago and yet, just yesterday. I took a deep breath. My muscles
tensed as we pulled up a few feet away and Outlaw shut off the engine.
” I said before he could explain. He didn’t
need to. There was only one reason to bring me here. Earth.


“No.” I hopped off the bike and
shook my head as Reilly came down the open ramp. “I’m not going back there.” I
couldn’t. The dreams were bad enough. I couldn’t return to the place it all

“You don’t have a choice.” Outlaw
swung his leg off the bike and stood with his arms over his wide chest. “You’re
barely eating. You don’t sleep.
nightmares are getting worse.”

“I can’t.” My voice cracked. Damn
it, I was stronger than this. I took a deep breath. “I need time.”

Reilly stood beside Outlaw now. “We
gave you time. Please, Liam. We want to help.”

“There’s no
wanting involved
.” Outlaw’s tone was firm. “We, all three of us,
are going to Earth. You will confront your fear. Reilly and I will be at your
back the whole time. We’re staying there the night. We are going to get naked
and have sex.”

“When you think of Earth, you’ll
think of us. Naked. Smiling. Happy,” Reilly said with a hopeful rise in his
voice. He bit his plump bottom lip.

I fisted my hands and shook my

“You don’t have a choice.” Outlaw
took two determined steps and stood before me. “I’m ordering you, as your MC president.
Get your ass
that ship.”

Fuck. Fuck it all. I took a huge
breath and marched angrily toward the ship. I stopped at the ramp. My rage
deflated. I wasn’t really pissed at them. I was angry with myself. I was Lover
of the Outlaw MC. I’d fought battles with unbelievable odds. I’d been shot up,
almost blown up, and flung into space with a small chance of surviving. But I
did. Outlaw stood to my left and Reilly on my right. We walked up that forsaken
ramp together. I held my breath as I saw the familiar area. One row that led to
the cockpit and seats on either side. My last trip in here I was delirious with
pain and starvation. My body involuntarily trembled as I sat. The ramp started
to lift. I could still get out. One quick jump and I’d skate right out of the
ship. Instead of that foolish idea, I stayed where I was. The engines made the
floor rumble.

We were off Mars. I wondered, as the
night sky of our red planet drifted
if the beasts were still there. Hungry. Roaming the once plentiful prison.
Earth. The one place in the universe I never wanted to see again and in about nine
hours, I’d be standing on my worst nightmare.

BOOK: Outlaw MC of Mars
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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