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Overcome (Hidden Pleasures, #1)

BOOK: Overcome (Hidden Pleasures, #1)
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Hidden Pleasures Book One




Kitty Hunter

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First A Tale of Two Kitties Press publication August 2013

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Chapter One

he thump and crash of a bedroom door closing reverberated through the wall behind her bed. A long, loud groan on the heels of feminine squeals woke her the rest of the way.

“Uh. Again?” Ronnie rolled over and checked her phone. Middle of the night. Three A.M. and her roommate Shea had brought someone home again from her favorite club, Hidden Pleasures.

Shea kept nagging her to go, but Ronnie always managed to find an extra shift at work in the morning to get up for. Or something. A nervous thrill raced though her belly at the thought of visiting a BDSM club.

She was a good girl, and good girls weren’t supposed to get turned on that.

“Whip me, beat me, call me trash,” she whispered the words to the dark room and sighed.

Low toned words cut through the plaster, and her friend moaned. The mattress creaked. More talking, but this time it sounded like a different man. The pitch was different than the first time. Shea moaned over and over, got louder until even without her ear stuck to the wall, Ronnie heard every word clearly.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard. Oh yeah. Hard.” Shea’s headboard bounced off the wall with a steady rhythm and despite all her mental castigations, wetness pooled between Ronnie’s legs.

She scissored her legs and squirmed across her bed. Kicked the blankets off, rolled over onto her stomach, and dragged a pillow over her head. The low, deep, second male voice came through the drywall, clearer this time. He must have gotten closer to the wall.

“Suck me. All of it. That’s right. All the way. Good girl.”

A tiny spear of jealousy wormed its way around inside her and she smacked the bed in frustration. What to do now? Ronnie found her television remote and toyed with it. She should turn the T.V. or radio on instead of eavesdrop on her roommate and the guys...she’d picked up. Her finger hovered over the power button.

But she didn’t press it.

“Damn. Your pussy is tight.” The mattress springs squeaked and garbled grunts accompanied the renewed bounce of the headboard off the wall. “Take it. That’s right. You like it like this? Two guys at once stuffing you full of cock, don’t you?”

She blinked and sat up. Stared at the wall. Both guys at once? Shit. Shea really was as wild as she claimed to be.

And here she was, a perverted, hard up voyeur. What would have happened if she’d gone out with Shea tonight? Would she be the one with two men at once instead of Shea? Would they all be in bed together?


The first man spoke again. “Lick my balls. Suck them into your mouth...Hold still. Now. Let me fuck your mouth.”

The dirty language tightened her nipples and her clit swelled. Giving up on pretending she wasn’t more turned on than she’d ever been in her life, she dipped her fingers down the front of her panties and circled her clit, then moved lower to finger fuck herself.

The distinct slap of bodies meeting rose over Shea’s enthusiastic cries. The light friction offered by her finger proved to be a terrible tease. She needed more. Loose change and pens rattled in her nightstand drawer as she rooted around looking for her vibrator.

With a flick from her thumb, she switched it on, scooted her panties down to her knees, and flopped back on the bed. With the noise coming through the wall, she easily painted a mental picture of her roommate on her hands and knees, one guy fucking her mouth with his dick while the other fucked her pussy.

The toy slid into her slick cunt and she plunged it in and out, occasionally circling her clit. The fingers of her free hand pinched and rubbed her nipples, a loop of pleasure racing from her tits to her pussy.

The man with the deep voice spoke. “Swallow my cum. All of it.”

The rough timbre of the words threw her over the edge, and her pussy fluttered and spasmed around the slim purple vibe.

“Fuck.” Maybe next time Shea asked her if she wanted to go to the club, she’d say yes. Being so hard up she got more action listening in on her roommate than she did from dating was pathetic and sad.

And she kinda really wanted a man with a voice like single-malt whiskey to tell her what to do. What he was going to do to her.

To take control of her and strip away her inhibitions until she was a barely leashed sexual animal. Yes. That was what she wanted.

God she was sick. After lying on the bed for a few moments, she tossed the vibrator aside and yanked her panties back up. So sad that the toy and some dirty talk through the wall did more for her than either of her boyfriends she’d had.

She stood on shaky legs and left the room to get a glass of water. The reflection of her curvy, full figure taunted her from the mirror over her dresser. She wasn’t fashionably thin like Shea, but she was pretty. Long tousled red hair, a wide pouty mouth, pretty eyes. Nothing wrong with the physical department...but she just didn’t get asked out for dates.

And generally she didn’t care. The men she met didn’t do anything for her in that
oh yeah fuck me now
kind of way. More than anything she wanted to feel that zing of attraction, that recognition where her body told her right off that it wanted a man.

The worn carpet scratched at the bottom of her feet and she wondered if she’d make it back to her room without anyone knowing she’d heard everything. What would they think? What if they liked it and had been loud on purpose? It was no secret Shea loved attention.

Two pairs of men’s shoes sat near the front door. It hadn’t been her imagination. Everything was real.

Shea had two guys in her room, fucking them at the same time.

The lucky bitch.

The jealousy surged again and she shook her head. She’d never have the guts to pick up two guys.

And if she did, she wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them once she got them home. The whole thing would be an awkward disaster. Unless one or even both of them could command her...take the choices away so she didn’t have to think or consider or worry...

Shea’s door crept open and she jumped, her heart leaping in her chest. She’d been standing in the hall, staring at the shoes like an idiot. The light from the small foyer area near the door illuminated the tall, dark haired, and caramel skinned Latino who exited.

He wore nothing but a pair of unbuttoned jeans. Every inch of his body rippled with muscles. Beautiful pectorals, rippling abs with a trail of dark hair that arrowed down to his groin, and arms corded with long, lean muscles. Her mouth watered and prickles raced across her skin.

She stared at his crotch, too shocked to move. The thick line of his cock was outlined by the snug fabric of his pants. He cleared his throat, and she glanced up at his face. A smirk pulled his lips back and revealed twin dimples. A deep blush swept from her chest into her cheeks and she hugged her middle, too aware of the tiny baby doll T-shirt she wore and the slick remnants of her cum sticking to her underwear.

“Nice panties.”

Oh God. She knew that voice. It was
voice. He was the one who’d been getting blown. He’d told Shea to suck his dick and swallow his cum. Her nipples hardened into tight points and her clit thrummed.

Command me, Master.

A nervous laugh crawled up her throat and she choked on the sound. Would she so easily say that to a man? To this man?

He prowled closer, crowding her personal space. She could back up, into her room, but the sexuality and power he emanated held her rooted to the spot. The smell of sweat, the musk of sex, and traces of Shea’s perfume clung to him. Arousal crested in her pussy, and she found herself held captive by his dark gaze.

There it was. That
that connection she wanted.

Yes, yes she could call him Master, like Shea had told her the submissives at Hidden Pleasures called their sexual dominants. This man, here in the dark, he was in complete and total control of her with nothing more than two words and an invisible power that wrapped around him and entranced her.

Was she a total deviant? Being turned on by the smell of another woman’s cum on him?

“Why don’t you come join us? These luscious breasts are begging to be titty fucked.” He traced a circle around her areola through the cotton of her shirt. She should shove him away; slam the door in his face. Instead she leaned into the touch, her stare glued to his chest. He moved to the other breast and pinched her nipple. Hard. Heat coursed through her veins from the pain and pleasure of the move, the strange violation of her body thrilling.

She gasped and flinched, but didn’t try to knock his hand away. With slow movements, he brushed his knuckles over each nipple and all she could do was watch in fascination, overcome with the power and heat of him. A sheer magnetism that clung to him and froze her in place.

If he told her to get on her knees, she’d do it. Nothing mattered but what he told her to do.

Give me something to do. Anything. Anything at all.

This was madness, she knew it was. A madness she embraced and clung to with both hands. No matter what he commanded, she’d do it. She wanted it, wanted him more than air.

He remained in front of her, unmoving except for the rise and fall of his chest. Each breath brought his pectorals almost, but not quite, close enough to touch her breasts.

Finally she peeked up at him, and the raw look in his eyes held her captive.

She gulped. There was nothing about him she could control. Unless she ran away from him now, he would take complete and utter control. Trepidation crawled its way from her gut to her chest and she shook her head. “I’m not really, um....”

He slid the tip of his finger into her mouth and she jerked her head back. One large hand found the back of her skull, held her in place with a gentle, steady touch, and he pressed his finger in further. Held still by the power in his fingers and frozen by the set of his expression, she curled her tongue around the digit on reflex. “Close your lips.”

The flex of his fingers in her hair reassured and calmed her. The heat of his long fingers captivated her.

Despite wondering if he’d touched Shea’s pussy, she complied with the command, caught in his web of influence and carnal sexuality.

“Suck on it. Suck on it like it’s my dick in your mouth.”

She hollowed her cheeks and gave an experimental pull on his digit, ashamed and vaguely scared. She could count the number of times she’d had sex on one hand, and that’d only been with two people. Her last boyfriend broke up with her when she’d been unable to give him a blow job. She just didn’t know what to do, and had never been aroused enough to try.

The boyfriend who took her virginity at sixteen got dressed right after and left her bedroom. He never called her again.

“Hmmm.” One black eyebrow cocked and he removed his finger. “I think Shea was right about you.”

“Right about me?” God she sounded like a scared little rabbit, a virginal mouse. Was she going to faint next?

“You’re submissive.” Arrogance and something else, something
flashed in his dark eyes.

She shook her head no and wanted to run away, despite the truth of his statement.

She wanted to throw herself at his feet and wait for him to command her. Or run from the apartment and down the street. The claws of arousal dug in deeper, demanded that she do something. Anything.

Anything he wanted.

Normal people didn’t want to be told what to do in bed, to have all their choices taken away. Normal people wouldn’t want to fuck someone who’d just been with their friend. She was a fucking deviant or something.

BOOK: Overcome (Hidden Pleasures, #1)
12.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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