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When Alpha Nelson stood and said he had a few phone calls to make, Mike waited until he could catch Kenny’s gaze. He motioned his head to the back.

“I think I’ll take a walk,” he said. “Just let me know when you’re ready to go.”

“Sure thing,” Kenny replied. He eyed the man next to him. “There are just a few things I need to take care of.”

Mike took his time strolling around the property. He stayed away from the guest houses and kept close to the side of the Alpha house, appreciating the landscape and impressed with the way the grounds were taken care of.

He passed several young men that looked like they were heading into the main house. He nodded in greeting but didn’t stop to talk.

When he reached the front of the house he paused.

Becca was just getting out of a black SUV. She had her phone up to her ear and was talking while waving her free hand around dramatically.

Mike just watched, intrigued by the woman who had captured his attention so quickly.

His breath caught when he saw Becca had noticed him and smiled. She said something into the phone before taking it away from her ear and dropping it into her bag.

She sauntered up to him, grinning the entire time.

“Well hello there, handsome,” she greeted.

Mike couldn’t help but smile down at her. “Becca.”

He crowded into her personal space and was pleased when she didn’t
away but instead pressed closer. She tilted her head and he caressed the side of her neck.

“Good morning,” he told her.

“Would have been better if I’d woken with you next to me,” she said with a pout. “It was lonely waking all alone.”

Mike leant down just a breath away. “I know.”

He didn’t give her a chance to say anything more. Instead he pressed her lips down onto hers. She rose up and opened for him.

He dived deep, stroking her tongue with his and locking their lips together. His cock hardened and pressed against the zipper of his jeans.

He moaned into her mouth and had to pull away before he took her down to the ground again.

Her face was flushed and she put a hand to her heart. “Jeez,” she murmured.

Mike couldn’t have said it better himself. Hell he wasn’t sure he could say anything.

“I stopped by to see my dad before I went into town but that kiss… Maybe I can be late.”

He laughed. “I’m waiting on Kenny. We are heading into town ourselves. I want to look at the four sites.”

She stepped back, frowning. “I still can’t believe this. Or figure out why we were targeted.”

He raised an eyebrow but slipped his arm around her shoulder. “We’ll get to the bottom of it.”

She let him hold her close for a few moments before she sighed. “I really do need to be going. I’ll see you tonight then?”

Mike nodded. “Oh, you can count on that.”

She smiled up at him but it wasn’t the one he was used to. This smile was more strained. “I hope you find something. We can’t keep living like this. Wondering what will be next.”

“It’ll be okay,” he assured her.

She kissed his cheek and stepped away. “I better go.”

He watched her cut across the grass to open the front
. She glanced back one last time before disappearing inside.

He was hard again and didn’t want to meet up with Kenny in that state. He thought of every unsexy thing he could think of until his cock started to relax in his jeans.

He had some calls to make himself.

He dialled RJ first.

“Hello,” RJ answered, out of breath.

“Bad time?” he asked, once again reminded just how much RJ enjoyed his new mate.

RJ laughed. “I was running on the treadmill. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Mike chuckled. “Nikki’s not home?”

RJ sighed. “No, she left this morning to go to Texas. She’s doing an article on the recovery efforts from the hurricane.”

No wonder RJ was working out. “Well, I hate to hear you have to do without your woman for a few days,” Mike teased. “But I need your help.”

“Thank God! I am so bored, I was about to ask Ben and Justin if they needed help painting.”

Mike snorted. “Manual labour?”


“Okay, well, here’s what I’ve got so far…”

RJ listened to everything before he sighed again. “I’ll call Brandon and have him run the names.”


“Then I’ll call Casey and see if they have heard anything,” RJ told him.

“That’d be good. For some reason, even with Zach being the Prince of the felines, he sure does know a lot about the wolf world.”

RJ laughed and agreed. “I’ll give you a call when I get something back.”

“Tell Brandon to email me whatever he finds,” Mike told his friend.

“You got it, man. Take care.”

Mike pressed the end button and thought about calling Nikki. He decided to wait until he had more time and privacy.

The front door opened and Kenny jogged out. He spotted Mike and waved before motioning to one of the trucks parked close by. Mike swiftly made his way over to the vehicle.

As soon as they were shut inside the vehicle, the obvious and strong scent of another wolf surrounded him. Kenny started the truck.

Before Mike could say anything, Kenny spoke. “I won’t ask why you smell like Becca if you don’t ask about Todd.”

Mike shrugged. It was really none of his business. Plus Casey and Zach were together and had been for years and he loved both men. RJ’s brother and Nikki’s brother were also living together and very happy. It didn’t bother him if Kenny and Todd had a relationship.

There was no question that Todd had recently marked Kenny with a ‘keep away’ warning to Mike. So Todd was a little possessive. He really couldn’t find fault with that either.

Mike chuckled. “I bet he feels better now.”

Kenny barked out a laugh. “Yeah. Yeah, he does.”

They didn’t say anything else on the subject. Instead, Kenny filled Mike in on the town. They drove through the downtown district and Mike saw signs welcoming tourists and the bright, flashy décor. It was happy and inviting.

They went farther until they got to a burned structure that had been taped off. The first stop was the community centre, the site of the latest fire. As Kenny filled him in on what the centre was used for, Mike studied the area. It had been a big chance to go after the centre. It was only twelve blocks until they reached downtown where all the hotels and businesses were.

He and Kenny opened their doors and stepped out into the cool air. The smell of fire still hung heavy around them. Kenny told him what they’d found when he’d arrived as part of the fire station crew.

“You’re a fireman too?” Mike asked.

“Yeah.” Kenny grinned. “I like my position for the Pack but I love being a firefighter. It’s what I always wanted.”

Mike nodded. He moved closer to the building and investigated as well as possible. He would have preferred to be in his other form but that would have to wait until not so many people were around. Maybe he could come back at night.

When he was ready, he motioned for Kenny to follow him back to the truck to go to the other locations.

* * * *

By the time Mike and Kenny had finished surveying all the sites, meeting with the arson investigators and police, and were seated at a booth at the local diner, Mike had a good idea that whoever was involved were not professionals.

Kenny shook his head when Mike shared that thought. “But how are they getting away with it then? No one ever saw them.”

“They have to be getting help. I’m sorry, Kenny, but someone from the Pack has to be involved.”

Kenny sighed and his shoulders slumped.

Just then the waitress came by and refilled their coffee mugs. While she was at the table, Mike studied Kenny.

He was attractive—tall, and while not as broad and muscular as himself, he had a good, steady form. His blue eyes were a crystal clear light colour and his brown hair was a little long so it curled around his ears and neck. He could see why Todd was attracted to him and why he’d wanted Mike to know.

But all Mike really wanted was the dark haired beauty he’d spent the night before with.

Kenny kicked his shin and Mike jerked and glared at him.

“I said we have company,” he told Mike.

Mike glanced over his shoulder and saw Todd walk in with Becca. She had her arm through Todd’s and was laughing at something he said. Mike felt a growl rumble in his chest.

Kenny started to chuckle. “I see Todd’s not the only jealous wolf in the room.”

Mike kicked Kenny back but couldn’t hide the smile that broke free. Kenny was right.

Becca and Todd wove through the crowded restaurant until they were at the booth. Becca dropped down beside him and grinned.

“Funny running into you two here,” she commented with a wink.

“Yeah, especially since I texted you and told you where we were,” Kenny said with a raised eyebrow.

“Like Todd wouldn’t have been able to find you anyway,” Becca teased.

“I don’t think we’ve formally been introduced,” Mike said. “Mike Jackson.”

Todd reached across the table and shook his hand. “Todd Wilkins.”

Mike released his hand and put his arm around Becca’s shoulders. She pressed close to him. Todd looked between the two of them several times. “Well, damn it.”

And even he had to laugh with everyone else when he realised he didn’t have any reason to be jealous.

Kenny patted his arm and kissed the side of his neck. “I told you, babe.”

Todd waved the waitress over. “I hate you all,” he said, but was grinning ear to ear.

Dinner was good. The food—chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and coleslaw—reminded him of the bed and breakfast he stayed in while he’d visited Midessa.

He would have to go for a run tonight to work off breakfast and dinner. He couldn’t keep eating like this. RJ always joked that they’d skipped so many years while being out at some secret location that they should be able to eat whenever or whatever he wanted. But Mike had noticed that while RJ might say that, Nikki kept him eating healthier than RJ would let on.

That was what being mates was all about—taking care of one another.

Becca and Todd bantered across the table as Mike finally came up for air. He took a long drink of his coffee and leant back.

He was comfortable here. Settled. There were not very many places he felt he could relax, that didn’t leave him feeling an itch between his shoulder blades that made him want to reach for the service pistol he no longer carried.

He didn’t want to lose the feeling either, so long he had searched for a way to feel comfortable in his own skin again.

When talk about the fire finally made the way into the conversation, he could sense the sadness coming from Becca. He ran his fingers through Becca’s thick hair. She sighed and leaned in to his touch. Movement to the side drew his attention.

He looked over at one of the officers he’d met earlier in the day. The man smiled in passing.

Yeah, it was a pretty great community.

Chapter Five

Becca shivered in the cool night air. She only had jeans and a T-shirt on. She’d forgotten her light jacket she normally carried when she’d left the house earlier that morning.

Mike followed her to her SUV. “Cold?”

She glanced back at him. “Yes, but I think you can warm me up.”

She laughed when he reached for her and she jumped away. She hit the unlock button on the key she carried to the Tahoe and climbed in the driver side just as Mike opened the passenger door. They closed the door and were quickly surrounded by darkness.

She scooted to the edge of her seat, at the same time he reached for her. Their lips met and she moaned into his mouth. This was what she had been waiting for all day. What she had needed. Becca slipped her hands under the hem of Mike’s shirt. His skin was hot and smooth.

He broke away, panting. “What I want to do to you can’t take place in the parking lot of a diner,” he informed her.

She laughed. “My apartment is only a couple blocks away.”

“Well…what are you waiting for?” he asked.

She shook her head and with a trembling hand put the key in the ignition. She drove as carefully as she could. It wasn’t easy with Mike’s hand busy moving from her breasts to cup her pussy.

She still had her clothes on but she could swear she felt his touch burn her flesh.

She pulled into her parking space at the edge of her staircase. The apartment was behind the bakery. A remodelled garage loft that had once been the owners’ son’s place and they now rented out. She wasn’t sure if she would renew her lease when it expired a few months down the road. Oh, she loved the little place, but she spent most of her time at her cottage. The cottage was home.

She yanked her seatbelt off and lunged for Mike. He met her halfway so they were in each other’s arms once again.

She needed him. Burned for him. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours and she wasn’t sure how it had happened, but she had become addicted to Mike Jackson’s kisses and touch.

“Inside,” Mike whispered.

She tore herself away and nodded. “Come on.”

She led Mike up the stairs and unlocked the door. She pushed it open and grabbed Mike’s hand, pulling him forward.

Once he was inside, she slammed the door closed and pushed him against it.

She attacked his mouth once again. He obviously wasn’t complaining since he tightened his hands he had buried in her hair. Becca nipped his lower lip before she started to nibble her way down. He raised his arms and helped when she pushed his shirt off his chest.

She traced the tattoo over his left pectoral. It was a detailed tattoo with two wolves, a black puma, a bobcat and a hawk.

“What’s this?” she asked running her fingers over the ink. “It’s wonderful, so detailed and life-like.”

“That’s me and my brothers, the unit I was in,” he managed.

Becca grinned—his mind wasn’t on his tat. He had more pressing matters.

He hissed as she popped open his button and slid the zipper down. She reached into his boxers and pulled out his hard cock. He moaned and she dropped to her knees. She pushed and yanked his pants and boxers down his legs and removed his boots and socks.

BOOK: Pack Daughter
2.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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