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Wyoming Warriors 7

Commando Cowboys Find Their Desire

Payton Camilius and Cody Jessup want Averil Stanwic. But Averil's divorce has left her uninterested in having a relationship with any man, much less two.

When they come by her cabin, Averil pushes Payton. He stumbles, hits his head, and ends up in the hospital. Cody takes his anxiety and anger out on Averil, putting distance between them. Then before Payton is released from the hospital, the enemy poisons Averil.

Kira, Averil's twin sister, unknown to everyone but her family, comes to the ranch to save her sister's life. She has abilities few know about. A special blood transfusion saves Averil. She goes with Cody and Payton to their house. But the killer persists and gets past Payton and Cody's defenses. The next attack on Averil puts her at death's door.

Will Averil respond to the desperate attempts to save her and find happiness with Cody and Payton? And who can stop the enemy who moves freely around the ranch?

Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Western/Cowboys

54,544 words



Wyoming Warriors 7






Paige Cameron










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To my dear husband, who understands when I’m quiet and my mind has drifted off while I’m thinking about another story to write. And thank you for continuing to be my strongest supporter. I love you. You’ve helped me make my dream come true.


Wyoming Warriors 7



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Chapter One


Averil Stanwic stood looking out over the property she’d chosen for her own. A cool breeze blew across the prairie, and she took a deep breath of the clean air. Since the battle against the invaders had ended, Nick Kenric, the Commandos’ architect, had been busy designing and seeing to the construction of the third tribe’s new ranch. With the help from all three tribes, the ranch was taking form quickly. Many houses and buildings were already completed.

She glanced around at her new barn and behind her at the almost-finished cabin. She hadn’t wanted a big house. Averil walked toward her future home to check inside and see how much more they had to do. Workmen nodded as she stepped around doors and other materials set out to finish the interior.

The sound of horses’ hooves had her looking toward the fence surrounding her acres. Two cowboys rode through the gate heading toward her.

She almost groaned out loud. Payton Camilius, the sharpshooter for the other tribes, rode beside his best friend, Cody Jessup. They’d been hassling her since the battle ended. They were convinced she was their soul mate. She didn’t agree, although her heart did beat faster when they were around.

They stopped their horses right in front of her and swung down. There was a grace to their movements, and they were extremely good looking. She fought her feelings for them. They wanted marriage, and she was wary of committing herself after her first attempt failed.

With her arms folded and her legs spread in a wide stance, she faced them. Maybe they’d take the hint that they weren’t welcome, but she doubted it.

“Good morning, darlin’. It’s a beautiful day, and you’re the prettiest part of it.” Cody grinned at her in spite of her frown.

“You may think you’re a silver-tongued devil, but I’m immune.” She wasn’t, but if they knew she was attracted to them at all, they’d be more persistent. “And I’m sure I told you two that you weren’t welcome to follow me around every day.”

“We didn’t come by yesterday.” Payton’s deep tones made her shiver inside, and his steel-blue eyes raised her temperature whenever he looked at her.

“There isn’t any work you can help with, and I haven’t the time to be a gracious hostess. Go away.”

“Payton, do you think she really means she isn’t interested in us?” Cody quirked an eyebrow at Averil.

“No, she’s playing hard to get. We’ll wear her down.”

A rush of unwanted desire and frustration hit Averil the wrong way. On impulse she shoved him as hard as she could. Payton hit the heel of his boot on a piece of wood and fell, hitting his temple on the corner of another plank. Blood poured out of the cut on his head.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You make me so angry. Cody, call for help.”

“I already did.”

“I’m not going to the hospital in an ambulance for a little cut.” Payton jerked off his shirt, losing several buttons in the process. He folded the shirt and put it against the cut. “It’ll stop in a minute. I’ll ride my horse to the emergency room.”

“Too late, they’re on their way.” Cody grinned. “This’ll make a great story back at the ranch. A tiny, redheaded woman knocked Payton Camilius flat and injured him.”

“Stop teasing him. He’s in pain, and it’s my fault. Why didn’t you two stay on your own ranch and leave me alone? Then this would never have happened.”

Payton frowned. “You’re blaming me? I didn’t attack you.”

“You came on property clearly marked
Private—Stay Out.
Can’t you read?”

“Heck, honey, we never believed you meant us.” Cody walked to her side and knelt by Payton. “Are you all right except for the cut?”

“I’m not sure. My stomach doesn’t feel good, and I’m dizzy.”

Cody went to the horses and came back with a blanket. “Put this under his head.”

She raised him up and tucked it under him. As she did she took a deep breath of his fresh yet spicy scent, a mixture of citrus with the woodsy scent of cedar and sandalwood, along with his own special essence.

Averil glanced into his blue eyes. His pupils dilated, and for a second she forgot everything around her as her whole being was held captive by the possessive expression on his face.

The sound of the ranch’s ambulance broke the spell. Her face flushed hot when she saw the knowing look on Cody’s face.

Pulling her dignity back around her, she stood and waited while the ambulance parked, and the medics grabbed their bags. They rushed to Payton’s side.

Soon, the crew had Payton on board, and they left, headed for the fully serviced hospital here on the main ranch. Cody and Averil watched until they were out of sight.

“I’ll take our horses back and then go to see how he’s doing.” He waved and walked off.

A number of the men who’d been working on her house had gathered to see what happened. Averil motioned for them to get back to work. She got in her father’s truck, which she’d borrowed, and drove off toward the hospital.

She had to be certain he was all right. If that darn wood hadn’t been lying around he would never have fallen. But she did push him. As she drove, Averil remembered how he’d looked when he took his shirt off. His wide, tanned chest was all muscle. He had dark-blond chest hair that narrowed to a point at his belt buckle.

Averil had wanted to run her hands across his chest and kiss his sensuous mouth. All the feelings she’d been keeping stern control of broke through and spilled into her, creating heat and hunger. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. When the hospital came into view, a sense of relief swept over her. After she checked on Payton, then she’d go far away from him and Cody. She’d give herself a chance to think about what she wanted in her life.

The ER, as usual, was busy. Jack Talisman, one of the doctors she’d met, walked by. She called out to him.

“Hi, Averil. What brings you to the emergency room?”

“Ah, Payton Camilius fell and got hurt. Could you check on his condition for me?”

“Sure.” Jack went to the desk and spoke with a nurse then went down the hall and disappeared behind some curtains.

It was only minutes but seemed much longer before he came out and walked back in her direction. Jack took her hand.

“He has to have a couple stitches in his scalp, and they’re trying to convince him to stay overnight because he has a minor concussion. Don’t cry. He’ll be fine.”

Averil wiped the tears from her face. “It’s my fault. I pushed him.”

BOOK: Paige Cameron
3.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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