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Panther Protection

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Panther Protection
The Hidden Pack [3]
Gracie Meadows
JK Publishing, Inc. (2014)
Tags: Erotic, Fiction, Menage, Paranormal, Romance

   Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Ménage – MFM.

   In book three of the Hidden Pack: When magic was released and truths came out, Millie was left with an uneasiness, making her question everything—especially her own judgment.  However, reality waits for no one and she is forced to go back to work.  With her powers coming to the forefront, can she overcome her past, and finally look toward the future?

   Axel and Gage discovered their mate and while one embraces it, the other fights it.  The time has come for them to open up and confront their past, but will Millie understand why the pair are the way they are.  Can the two adjust to the change in their lives or will they break the bond they have carried since birth over a woman.

   When an unexpected threat comes into their lives, the three find themselves asking for help from the one person they have been avoiding most—Millie's mother.  Will Axel and Gage be able to keep Millie safe, or will they fall prey to the new threat?

   Join the Hidden Pack as three lives unfold, either together, or with a pair walking into the sunset while one stands alone.



Panther Protection


The Hidden Pack

Book Three


by Gracie Meadows


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~ Gracie



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Chapter One


Millie was still sleeping as Axel and Gage sat outside on the small porch of her ranch style home. Becky had stopped by earlier and Gage had been the one to actually talk with her.

“Becky, she will talk when she is ready. Until then, we will watch over her. She is safe with us,” was all he needed to say, but in truth, there was so much more. He was the quiet one, understanding more than people realized. When magic had been unleashed, Millie was discovered to be some type of fairy princess; however, all it did was make them realize she was their mate. He'd had a feeling when they first met and his panther clawed at him, but as a man, he hadn't made the connection. Axel was the one having real issues. He had always wanted to avoid a mate for the longest time.

Gage knew if Axel didn’t get his head out of his ass, then he would claim her for himself. He couldn’t let the only chance he had to be happy run away. However, right now, they had so many things to worry about besides claiming their hotheaded, quick-witted, sexy as sin, mate. Millie was everything he loved in a woman, and then some.

Taking another drink of his coffee, he looked at the sun as it started to rise, letting them know the day was beginning once again. Axel shouted and he jumped as Xandria popped in unexpectedly. He still couldn’t get use to her doing that.

“Good morning, gentlemen. I am glad I caught you both before Amelia awoke. Trouble is coming I fear. Magic is open to all, good and bad, and Amelia is going to be drawn into it. Just like you have said, other packs have noticed missing shifters, and those who now crave the dark arts will be going after them. Just like Rebecca was the key, and her child will help guide those lost to safety, Amelia plays her part as well. She is pure, inside and out. Your strength will center her, and help her as challenges will be thrown at her. As her mates, I expect you to take care of her, and claim her as your own.”

“My what! Oh hell no.” Everyone turned to see Millie standing by the door, in just an oversized t-shirt, and mad as hell. “I am not mating with fricking panthers, not now—not ever. I don’t want anyone. You all can pack sand for all I care. I’m done with this shit. I’m getting coffee,” with that she slammed the door heading inside.

“Well that went well,” Axel said as he took another drink of coffee.


Millie took another look in the mirror and was still unable to see any changes. She could feel them, but that was all. For someone who was supposed to be a fairy princess, she sure as hell didn’t look like one. She would die right now to have a bigger rack to fill out some of her dresses, but as it sat, she was still a perky B and never growing. She was still trying to grasp the fact her mother was now real and she was some super magical creature who had all these super awesome powers and worked with the Moon Goddess. Millie knew she didn’t have much, hell, her Granny raised her the best she could, but even then, Millie went without a lot of things. She never complained and was always grateful to her for taking her in, and now that she knew the truth, she was beyond blessed to actually know her and have shared a special connection with her. Her mother, hell, she couldn’t even call her that, Xandria wanted to try to connect, but she was hesitant.

Millie may not have the physical scars and bruises from her abduction, but the mental one’s still remained. She could smell the bastard on her as he grabbed her breasts as if they damn water balloons that would pop if you squeezed hard enough. The smell of alcohol and sweat poured off him as he licked her skin telling her all the things he was going to do to her. Running to the bathroom, she threw up again. This had been the normal routine, and she was in serious need of sleep, but it never really came. She had managed to avoid all issues with using makeup, and lots of coffee. So far no one had heard her screaming at night, but ever since Xandria had told her she was in danger, both Gage and Axel were staying in the other spare rooms to try to protect her from… God, she had no clue.

Heading down the stairs, she assumed everyone was out doing whatever the hell they do. She was in serious need of coffee. Today she had an interview since money didn’t fall from trees. Once she was down the stairs she heard voices, well more precisely she heard Xandria’s.
Crap on a cracker, this isn’t going to be a good day.
As she approached she heard her tell the men that she was in danger, blah, blah, blah. And that’s when she heard it… Mate. She was their mate.
Oh, I don’t think so

Millie had had enough with egotistical males telling her what and who she could be with. Ever since she found the truth about Becky, shit was rolling down hill, and she was recently the one who took a good chunk of it. Now she was stuck in the realm of this reality, where she was some fairy princess, stuck to life with two men, who, she had to admit were yummy in their own right, but she didn’t want them. She was done with men, she was done with being told this and that. She was being a brat, but right now, she didn’t give a shit. She had another bad night, and didn’t know how much more she could take. She wanted to talk with Becky about trying to get the damn dream blocked, but knew with her little bun in the oven that she wouldn’t be allowed to do anything like that. Pouring her cup of coffee, she sat down and looked at the number written by a friend. It was for a doctor. She was half tempted to call him, no she would call him and get some sleeping pills. A dreamless sleep is what she needed to recharge before she joined the workforce.

BOOK: Panther Protection
6.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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