ParkCrest View - The Love Chronicles Volume 2

BOOK: ParkCrest View - The Love Chronicles Volume 2
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ParkCrest View


Love Chronicles


Volume 2


By Author Candace Mumford


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August 2011

First Edition







Parkcrest View

The Love Chronicles Volume 2




Welcome to the ParkCrest View Apartments. We welcome all new and potential residents into what we hope will be a tight knit, caring community. Management is always here to help and feel free to knock on the door of a friendly neighbor when in need !

ParkCrest View Apartments – Where neighbors turn into family and friends.

The ParkView Welcome Wagon AKA Management

Please spread the word about our upcoming community mix and mingle.


Jazzlyn walked through the isles of the grocery store picking up a few things when her cell phone rang. Jazzlyn answered “ Hello ?” “ Girl where have you been?” Trevonne asked “I want to see you! Every since you hooked up with that fine ass neighbor of yours I've barely seen you. Come over tonight! Sherica is coming. We're going to cook dinner, have some drinks and stuff. You know a girls night!” Trevonne said excitedly.


OK I'll come. What time and what do you want me to bring?” Jazzlyn asked “ Girl bring some of that bomb ass macaroni and cheese you make!” Trevonne said “ I'm so glad you're coming Jazzlyn. I miss you!” “ I know me too” I said trying my best to control my growing anger at all her fake sincerity. “ But you know how it is when you meet someone new. Tyson and I have been spending a lot of time together getting to know each other and everything. You know how it is.” Jazzlyn said sweetly. “ I know,I know! I'll give you a pass for a hot minute but when you come over tonight I want the scoop on his ass!”Trevonne said. “ OK I got you. See you tonight” Jazzlyn said and hung up.


Yea I got you. You fake ass bitch! Jazzlyn thought. Since finding out a month ago how Trevonne had betrayed her Jazzlyn had made the decision not to confront her about it......Just yet. Tyson didn't think it was a good decision to keep speaking to her and not approach and handle the situation but we agreed to disagree about the topic. Besides it's not like I've spent much time with anyone but him for the last month anyways. Darien is still calling me periodically claiming he's getting his shit together as if I give a damn. Darien could turn his life around and become the second African-American president and I still would never take his ass back! I can't believe how good Tyson is. I know we're still at the getting to know each other phase but everything is different with him. We talk about real things. Life,family work. Topics that seem basic but but damn it's nice to ask how was your day at work, not when are you going to go
to work! Jazzlyn thought to herself going through the isles.

Just as she was turning the corner someone caught her eye . Is that Tyson ? Jazzlyn said to herself stepping around to get a better look. Aint this some shit right here! Jazzlyn thought watching Tyson walk down the isles with another woman. A really attractive black woman with a figure to die for and a short cropped cut. They were walking down the isle laughing and joking. Aint this some shit Jazzlyn thought to herself. These assholes are all the same. Jazzlyn thought as she dropped her basket and walked out of the store.




Now dammit Darien your time is up! We had an agreement that you were going to be here two months when you moved back in here. We're into the fourth month . The gig is up!” Dariens mother Sheila said. “ I know mom things just seem to be taking a little longer with my job search than I thought they would. These jobs out here aint trying to pay a brotha nothing!” Darien said trying his best to look sincere. He knew damn well his mom didn't play! Darien knew his mom as tough as she talked,had a soft spot for both of her boys. So whenever he could, he used his mamas boy act to the fullest! Darien started running other excuses through his head he could tell her to extend his stay. Shit I know I'm complaining about the twin bed but hell, something is better than nothing. I damn sure need somewhere steady to stay and aint no way in hell imma go stay with Trevonne. If I go lay up over there Jazzlyn will never take me back.

OK son. Let me keep it real with you... Like you young folks say. Now you know me an my old man Mr.Johnny been together some years now, since you and your brother Trenton were teenagers. You know I didn't go for having no strange men up around you boys so I kept my personal life separate from you boys. Now that both of you are grown and
to be out of the house. It's mamas turn! Mr. Johnny and I are making it official, we're getting married son! So I'm breaking the lease on this place and moving into his house . What I will
being moving into my new home with me and my new husband is a grown ass son who should be out on his damn own anyways!So you have two weeks to make arrangements.”


My damn face wanted to fall . Not because I didn't like Mr. Johnny. I did. He's always been good to all of us throughout the years. Damn...What the fuck imma do now ? Hell where am I supposed to lay my goddamn head at ? I did mange to jump up and give her a hug. Plastered a smile on my face. Sounded excited for her and all. My mom did deserve some happiness. Our dad wasn't shit. He left my mom a year after I was born to raise two kids all on her own. My mom is a trooper though....Like a lot of black women, and made it work. So she deserves her blessings. The damn blessings are coming at a bad time for
, but I couldn't knock moms hustle. I need to really make some moves now Darien thought to himself.




I think everything looks perfect Trevonne thought to herself walking around her apartment. Trevonne spent all afternoon straightening up so that everything looked great for her girls only get together. It's been a damn month since Jazzlyn and I have spent any time together she thought. I guess once you go white it's all right! Trevonne thought to herself laughing. I'm not going to trip on that at all. Jazzlyn spending so much time with this neighbor Tyson works two ways, Trevonne thought. It gives Jazzlyn all the more time to completely get over Darien and into someone new. Which frees
up to spend more time with Darien when he does decide to come over Trevonne thought with a frown. Every since their argument at Club Zooms she would have thought he would have come by more. Especially since Jazzlyn let him know beyond a shadow of a doubt they wouldn't be reconciling. Since he wasn't waiting on Jazzlyn to run back, I thought for sure he'd come around more regardless of the mean things he'd said to me that night. I'm tired of trying to babysit his dick to make sure he's not seeing other women like he said he was. During the past month all Darien has done was come by more to get his dick sucked than to hang out with me. Hell Trevonne thought, he practically made
beg him to do it. We've only really had sex about three times. That has
to change.

BOOK: ParkCrest View - The Love Chronicles Volume 2
10.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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