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analyzing is interrupted when Cody dives on the bed with a wide smile. “Can we
go swimming?”

get some breakfast, first, honey.”

he asks, hopefully.

good to me.”




has been the most fucked up, amazing, turbulent day, beginning with a funeral
and ending with a miracle. After accompanying Ev to her father’s funeral, I
walked into Mason’s hospital room in time to overhear a nurse tell Ev she’s

she balked and protested, I stayed glued to her throughout the obstetrician
visit and exam. If Mason couldn’t be there for such a significant moment, I
sure as hell was going to be. It blew Ev’s mind to find out she’s carrying my
brother’s child, and I could see her fear that he’d never know.

worry wasn’t long lived. Just a few minutes ago, Mason finally woke up and
promptly kicked Alex and me out of his room so he could be alone with his girl.
My face actually aches from smiling when I call Macy. “Hello,” she answers,
trepidation thick in her voice. She’s afraid I’m calling with bad news.

awake!” I exclaim.

my god, Parker, that’s great. How is he doing?”

exhausted, but other than that, he seems like his normal self.”

so happy to hear that. How are you?”

ecstatic.” I laugh, pacing the hall.

you need to take a break,” she lectures. “If you know he’s okay, you need to
get some rest.”

dear,” I tease. “I was hoping this dark haired beauty I know might make me

tell that bitch that’s my job.”

I’m crazy about this woman. “I’ll be there in a couple of hours.”

approaches smiling ear to ear and throws her arms around me. “Thank you for
everything, Parker. I’d never have made it through this day without you.”

family now, babe. Did you tell him about the baby?”

her head, she steps back. “No, I want to give it a little time, let him recover
before I give him heart failure again.”

steps up beside her and slides an arm around her shoulders. “Mason will be
thrilled, Ev.”

hope so,” she murmurs. “We haven’t been together long and never discussed kids
since I didn’t think it was possible.”

intervenes and all we can do is submit. You never know what will happen. I
mean, look at Parker, all smitten with Macy. Never thought I’d see the day.”

on the tip of my tongue to deny it, but there’s no use. Alex knows me too well,
and besides, I’m not ashamed. Mason will be pissed, but he’ll get over it. “Who
the hell says smitten?” I scoff, shoving him.

grins at Ev. “See? No denial.”

places a palm on my cheek. “You deserve a good girl like Macy. Does she know
how you feel?”

telling her tonight.”

don’t fuck it up by whoring around.”

for the advice. Let’s give Mason some recovery time before he finds out, okay?”

going to kick your ass,” Alex says, trying to get me in a headlock.

going to happen,” I grunt, slipping out of his grip and twisting his arm. Ev
shakes her head when a nurse gives us a dirty look for roughhousing in the
hall. I don’t give a shit. Our relief and joy is overwhelming, nothing can wipe
the smile from our faces.

phone buzzes in my pocket, and I shove Alex away so I can answer. “Officer
Roberts, hey, good timing. Mason just woke up.”

glad to hear it. You tell that stubborn son of a bitch I’m making him wear
Kevlar from now on.”

do.” I laugh.

I’m calling because I got some hits on Allen Pearson’s credit card. It appears
he’s in Miami, jumping from roach motel to roach motel.”

the sound of that bastard’s name makes my fists tighten. “What’s he doing in

clue. Probably trying to escape the heat after burglarizing the safe house.
There’s an APB out on him, so it’s a matter of time. Just wanted to let you
know he isn’t close.”

Jack. Keep me posted.”

you can woo Macy properly,” Alex taunts after I relay the news.

her? That’s worse than smitten. I’m going to say goodbye to Mason, then head

and Cody are giggling in the kitchen when I arrive, and I laugh out loud at the
sight of them. Whatever they’re cooking apparently requires them to dust
themselves head to toe with flour. “Parker!” Cody rushes into me, grabbing my
leg. “Daddy called. He’s getting better!”

know, little man. I told him how brave you’ve been.”

he coming home?” A white cloud of flour puffs from his shirt when I scoop him

a couple of days. Tonight, though, I want to go see a movie. What do you say?”

Macy come?”

bet. Go pick out some pajamas and I’ll run you a bath after I talk to Macy.”

His brow wrinkles and he looks at me like I’m insane.

This movie is outside. We watch it from my truck, so you can wear your Hulk
pj’s if you want.” His feet are moving before they hit the ground and he darts
to his room.

you be my date tonight?” I ask Macy, sliding my arms around her waist.

eyes meet mine. “I’d love to, if you think it’s safe.”

is apparently hiding out in Miami. He’s been using his credit cards. It
shouldn’t be long now before he’s behind bars.”

just keeps getting better,” she says, dropping a soft tentative kiss on my jaw.

until tonight,” I murmur, taking her lips with mine. No one has ever affected
me like she does. The world around us drains away until there’s nothing but her
taste, her soft moans, the heat between her legs pressed against me.

tease me,” she whispers, kissing me again.

I’m going to tease you. All evening. But I’ll make it all worth it tonight.”
Her tits press into my chest, and I run my lips down her neck.

Macy your girlfriend?” Cody asks, watching us with his green pajamas in hand.
Damn, that boy needs a bell around his neck.

smirks at me, waiting to see how I’m going to escape this one. “I don’t know.
She might be too pretty to be my girlfriend.”

probably,” the little brat replies, and heads toward the bathroom. I give
Macy’s ass a pinch for laughing.

going to give him a bath.”

not to hold his head underwater.”



* * * *


is one of only two drive-in theaters still operating in Indianapolis. Cody is
fascinated by the new experience. His eyes dart from the blank screens to the
dilapidated playground and everywhere in between. “Can I go swing?”

take him while you finish setting up,” Macy volunteers, watching me spread out
an air mattress in the bed of my truck. “Should I even ask why you carry around
a portable bed?”

funny. I borrowed it from Mason’s camping gear. After sitting for a couple of
hours, your ass will appreciate it.”

giggles and drops a quick kiss on my lips. “My ass thanks you.”

rushes to her cheeks when I hook my fingers in her front pockets and tug her
forward to murmur in her ear. “Your pussy will thank me later.”

on, Macy!” Cody whines, hopping around like a coked up flea. After inflating
the mattress, I head to the concession stand. When they return from the
playground, I’m sitting on the tailgate, surrounded by popcorn, candy, and

I call, grabbing a soda from Cody’s hand and replacing it with a juice box.
“You’ll wear a ditch in the ground if you have caffeine.”

is the movie going to come on?” he asks.

twenty minutes. Keep your pants on.”

fills his little face. “I wasn’t going to take my pants off!”

the urge to laugh along with me, Macy rubs her palm across his short hair.
“Parker’s just being silly. I know a game we can play to pass the time.” She
retrieves an empty fast food cup from the truck, placing it a few feet away,
and dumps a pile of gravel on the tailgate between Cody and me.

up to sit beside him, she tosses a rock into the cup. “Can you hit it, Cody?”
For something so simple, the boy is hooked, totally absorbed with landing rocks
in the cup. “My dad used to take me to the drive-in a few times each summer.
This was how we passed the time until the movie,” she says, moving to sit next
to me.

frowns and moves to her other side. “Someone is jealous,” I whisper in her ear.

be. He’s only five.” Her warm lips taste like buttered popcorn when she kisses
me. “He is awfully handsome though.”

after his uncle.” I can’t wait to get her home tonight. The expression on her
face when she came by her own hand is branded in my brain, and I need to be the
one to put it back on her face.

on!” Cody exclaims, scrambling up to lie on the mattress as the previews play.
As usual, the first film is a kid’s movie and by the time it’s over, Cody is
sound asleep.

going to move him to the cab of the truck before mosquitoes eat him alive,” I
whisper, wrapping a blanket around him. I’m so full of shit. I just want her
alone with no chance of interruption. Macy opens the door, and I place him on
the seat.

boy could sleep through a tornado,” she says fondly.

return to the air mattress, and I grab her hips and settle her ass between my
legs before she can protest. With my back against the rear window, I can check
on Cody with just a sideways glance.

arms are warm,” she remarks, her voice low and sexy.

you’re chilly,” I reply, pulling a blanket over her lap. “Better?”


perfect. Her plump little ass is nestled against my crotch, and I know she can
feel my response. There’s no way I’m waiting until I get her home to touch her.
The second movie begins, and I brush my lips down her neck. I love the way it
makes her shiver. Her breath catches when I suck her earlobe, and she tilts her
head, giving me better access.

she groans, shifting on my lap when my hand travels up her shirt.

it’s dark and no one is parked close enough to see us.” She leans her head
back, arching her back to press her breasts into my palms. “You have such soft
skin. I have to touch you.”

hand slides to the back of my head and she slams her mouth to mine. Fuck me,
this woman can kiss. She grips my hair hard and takes what she wants, her
tongue diving and wrestling with my own. My little grammar girl is hiding a
wildcat behind those soft smiles. “I swear, if Cody wasn’t with us, if we
weren’t in public,” she gasps, breaking the kiss.

asleep, and you’ll just have to be quiet. I can’t fuck you, but I can damn sure
make you come.”

body stiffens as my hand slips beneath the blanket, under her waistband and
into her panties. “I don’t think…I’m not…”

arm around her waist keeps her from fleeing. “You’re going to be still and come
on my hand, doll. Now, pull your knees up.”

a groan, she closes her eyes and complies, and I hook my feet on the inside of
hers, spreading her legs. “Oh god,” she moans as I drag one rough finger up her
wet center.

just getting started, baby,” I murmur in her ear while rubbing slow steady
circles on her clit.

shit. It’s not going to take much,” she whispers, a tremor in her voice.

Have you been horny, Mace? Have you been thinking of me touching you like


you picturing this when you touched yourself?”

she turns her face into my neck before confessing. “No, not your fingers. Your

woman is going to fucking kill me. “Tonight, doll. You’ll be whimpering under
my tongue, begging me to stop.”

hands tighten on my thighs when I slide a thick finger inside to stroke her
spot. When my thumb resumes painting circles on her clit, she bites my shoulder
and groans as her body shivers through a long orgasm. Her walls clench around
my finger, and I need to feel that around my cock more than I need to breathe.

can’t help the satisfied smile on my face at the sound of her labored breath.
“Yes, sweetheart?”

hell with the movie. Take me home and fuck my brains out.”

BOOK: Parker (Striking Back #3)
10.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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