Penn, Jenny - Chasing Lacie [Sea Island Wolves 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Penn, Jenny - Chasing Lacie [Sea Island Wolves 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Sea Island Wolves 4

Chasing Lacie

Everybody knows lycan mates are pampered and indulged, which is just why Lacie Chandler sometimes fantasizes about being matched to one of the large, rough men. None of her dreams, though, ever included being hunted, caught and bound to two determined males. That’s just the kind of seduction Chance and Davis have been plotting for years.


With the threat of a demon lurking in the shadows, Chance and Davis are free to shrug off tradition and give into their more primitive desires. They only have one day to convince Lacie to do things their way or their dreams could all turn to nightmares. The only problem is chasing Lacie down turns out to be a lot harder than either man planned.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
48,805 words


Sea Island Wolves 4

Jenny Penn


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Sea Island Wolves 4


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“Well?” Davis stared pointedly at Randy, giving voice to the anxiousness that had been eating at him. “What’s up?”

Nothing good, he knew. Nobody got pulled off the front lines for a good reason. His commander cut him a hard look for his impatience, clearly annoyed. Davis didn’t blame him. Crammed into a small and utilitarian little room with no windows, no decorations, and barely enough space for three lycans to fit, they were all uncomfortable.

The Masters of Cerberus was too well staffed with humans, who happened to be a good deal smaller than lycans. They also happened to be cheaper, which was why the Lycan Nation kept their own offices.

That made Randy’s presence here, near the portal, all the more ominous. Their commander didn’t tend to care for the fluorescent-lit halls of the Masters’ headquarters. The lighting gave them all a headache, explaining why debriefings didn’t normally happen here. So that made this situation something worse than simply bad.

“Come on, man,” Chance pressed their commander, clearly braced for the answer. “Don’t leave us hanging. Just tell us who died.”

“What?” Randy scowled. Leaning against the edge of the small, metal desk cluttering the office, he crossed his arms over his chest and gave Chance a look like he’d lost it. “Nobody died. Why would you even think that?”

“His dads,” Davis explained as Chance sighed with relief and collapsed into one of the two folding chairs facing the desk.

Chance’s fathers headed up one of the larger clans in the Kragen Pack. If anything had happened to them, it would fall to Chance to lead the family. A very good reason to pull them out of a pivotal battle early, but apparently not the reason they had been.

“If nobody’s dead,” Davis cocked a brow at Randy, “what the hell are we doing here?”

“This is why you’re here.” Randy offered the file he’d been clutching in one meaty fist to Davis.

Chance shot back to his feet as Davis flipped the file open. Scanning over the pages, he took in the details until Chance’s breath began heating his shoulder. Shrugging away from the annoying sensation, Davis was about ready to bark at Chance when he turned to page three and felt his fingers go numb.

“Why are our names on this list?”

“We’re not the only ones,” Chance commented on that obvious fact before Randy could answer. “Look, the Kragen Kings, but this isn’t their mate. Jolie Benson? They’re matched to Carrie Wall.”

“They are.” Randy nodded. “But if something happened to Carrie…”

“Then you believe this would be the next mate chosen.” Davis finished what Randy clearly didn’t want to say.

He didn’t blame him. A lycan only had one true mate. If she died, though, a second mate could be chosen by the cosmos. Nobody liked to talk about it because nobody liked to admit that they could actually replace the one woman they felt would take their souls if she left them. For most lycans it wasn’t true.

“There is a threat to the kings’ mate?” Chance whispered as if the idea alone was too reprehensible to give voice to.

“We believe there is a standing threat against all the mates on that list.”

“A threat?” Davis repeated, feeling every strand of hair on the nape of his neck start to stand on end. Nobody threatened his woman, and anybody who dared would die. All he needed to know was, “Who?”

“More like what,” Randy corrected. “The Masters seem convinced that there is a current and real threat of a demon attack against lycan and werewolf mates.”

“Demon?” Davis scowled. “What the hell is going on here, Randy?”

“I don’t know,” Randy answered honestly. “But the Kragen Kings are taking this seriously.”

“Of course they are. If this list is real and the threat serious, then—you said unclaimed?”

That bit hit Davis the second Chance repeated it. “What about—”

“That’s why you’re here,” Randy cut off Davis’s panicked question. “The Kragen Kings have suspended the rest of your rotation. We’ll get your debriefing done, and I’ll get you the full report on your mate and the threat. Then you two can head home to claim her.”

For ten years Davis had fought in one war after another, being shipped all through the worlds to the next hot spot. The thing that had gotten him through every moment of every single one of those days was knowing his mate waited for him at the end of it all.

Now his waiting was over.

Chapter 1

“So? Where’s the cow?”

BOOK: Penn, Jenny - Chasing Lacie [Sea Island Wolves 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
2.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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