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Authors: Renee Ashley Williams

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The wetness of Cody’s skin seeped through her blouse. She sprouted goose bumps from head to toe. His engorged cock aligned with the small of her back was much more arousing than her imagination had ever conjured.

Enjoying the warmth of Cody’s breath against her skin, she pushed her hair to the side and tilted her head to give him better access to her neck.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this.” His tongue traced a wet path from her shoulder, up her neck, and paused behind her earlobe. “I don’t want this, in any way, to change what we already have.”

“No strings attached.” The words sliced her tongue before passing through her lips. Cody wasn’t ready for more than a quick screw. If she had to agree with that to be with him, so be it. “No awkwardness at work, I get it.”

“Specifically, I meant the way you wear your low-cut t-shirts. After tonight I might start drooling at the counter.”

Her lips curved upward. “Ah, so you’ve noticed?”

“Low cut tops are hot,” Phil added as he slid his moist tongue up her inner thigh.

“It’s one of the reasons I go back every morning.” Cody chuckled and glided his palms across her breasts. “Or should I say two?”

She tilted her head to the other side for an even arousal on her skin. “I don’t wear those shirts to please myself. Of course I’ll continue with your morning eye candy. I’ll just make sure I have extra napkins on hand from now on.” She spread her thighs further apart and ran her fingers through Phil’s hair. His teasing made her want more than his fingertips gliding across her panties.

“Perfect.” Cody nipped her earlobe with his teeth. “I’d hate to be tossed out of the diner for sexual harassment come Monday morning.”

She pressed her shoulders closer against him. The sun beating down on them had nothing on how Cody raised her body temperature. “I won’t complain to the boss if you don’t.”

“Deal.” He lifted her blouse over her head and exposed her white pink-polka-dotted bra. “Sexy. Phil, look under the hood. Is it a matching pair?”

“In a minute. I take my time unwrapping delicate merchandise.” Phil’s hand glided up one inner thigh, grazed a fingertip across her damp panties, and then descended down the other.

She bucked against his touch.

Noticing movement beside her, she turned her head. Apparently, she had captured Lou’s attention. He winked and licked his lips. He cupped Addison’s large breasts and the slow squeeze of his hand aroused Dakota.

Addison’s legs were spread wide and Trent’s head was between them, bobbing up and down as his tongue danced across her small pubic patch before his mouth closed around her opening and sucked her.

The added company beside them was more stimulating live than she had imagined it being when Cody had mentioned others would be around them. She smiled at Lou, closed her eyes, and leaned her head against Cody’s shoulder. Her pussy became damper knowing she was being watched, and now craved the same sexual pleasure Addison was experiencing.

“You guys sure can tease a woman. Do you do this often?” She had a right to know if she had professionals or amateurs at her service.

Phil looked past her and she knew he’d made eye contact with Cody.

“I see. You’re players.”

“Not at all.” Phil nodded up. “You’ll be his first.”

Dakota turned her head and met Cody’s gaze. “Really?”

“When I heard you were coming, darlin’, I couldn’t risk letting this guy sweep you off your feet without giving it a shot.”

Phil was the epitome of sexy; tall, with dark eyes and a muscular physic. But there was more to the man than his physical appearance that caught her attention. And yet if Cody weren’t present, she’d be inside fixing a broken computer.

“Wait. Do you think I’m here to party?”

“Aren’t we all?” Phil answered.

“Whatever.” Dakota giggled. What mattered now was easing the throb between her legs. She would discuss her reason for being here with Cody later. “Enough talking. I’m ready for the two of you to give me that life-changing experience you promised.”


Cody slowly trailed his fingers down Dakota’s smooth stomach, impressed by the muscle tone beneath his touch. “You work out, darlin’?”

She nodded. “Amazing what sit-ups can do to relieve stress.”

The shit she’d been through these past few months, no wonder her abs mirrored his own. “There are more pleasurable ways to relax.”

“Let’s not waste any more time.” Phil unbuttoned her skirt and twisted it as he lowered it to the ground. “We have a match, young man.”

Cody glanced down at the cotton panties. “Do you always wear matching sets?”

“Of course. Now a quick peek at my bra each morning with your muffin, and you’ll know everything.”

“Then I’ll spend the rest of my day wanting to see the bottom.” He bit his lower lip. “Girl, you sure know how to drive a man wild and possibly get him fired for daydreaming.”

She giggled. “I wouldn’t want to get you fired.”

Phil’s mouth traced the outside of the elastic band at Dakota’s pelvis. “Where’s this diner? It will be my new favorite spot.”

Like hell.
Cody suddenly wanted her all to himself. “Never mind.”

Dakota placed her hand over Cody’s resting on her stomach, and eased their joining hands beneath the waistband of her panties. “We’re here now. Let’s not think about anything else.”

Man, this woman is incredible.
He wanted things to change after tonight, but he couldn’t express in what way right at this minute.

The first thing that came to mind was her low-cut tops. The second thought had to wait. Telling her he hoped for more time than their hour-or-so morning coffees might ruin the short flirtations, and her trust.

He hadn’t been lying to her when he’d said he was through with dating. He wanted a relationship.

The more he’d gotten to know Dakota, the more he realized he’d found the woman he’d been waiting for. But until she was ready to let the jackass—and her past—go, he couldn’t expect her to jump into another relationship.

“Look at me, darlin’.” He lowered his mouth against hers before her head fully lifted toward him. He trailed his tongue across her lips as they parted. Her soft moans aroused him and he fought to keep from bending her over and claiming her for his own right then.

Her bucking hips reminded him of where she’d parked his hand. Using his fingers, he parted the top of her flesh and used his middle finger to tease her clit.
Damn, she’s wet.

The elastic of her panties glided past his knuckles. He broke the kiss and found Phil had removed them and exposed her bald mound.

“I want to taste her,” Phil said.

Cody kept her folds open for Phil’s tongue to glide its way from her vulva upward. He wanted to be the one making her weak in the knees, biting her bottom lip, and causing her hips to thrust with desire.

If he didn’t focus on something besides her gliding up and down the sensitive side of his throbbing shaft, sandwiched between her spine and his stomach, he could guarantee the next wetness she felt wouldn’t be pool water. Hell, he had never ached this much to be with a woman.

“Feel good, darlin’?” He used his free hand to undo the latch on the back of her bra.

He waited as she slid the straps down her arms and tossed the material onto the table behind him. Her breasts were larger and perkier than he’d imagined. Her nipples were hard, begging to be touched.

“Mmm.” One of her hands rested on Phil’s head. “Oh, yeah.”

Cody teased Dakota’s taut nipple with the tip of his finger. “Lift a leg up there on the lounge.” The position would help her ride Phil’s fingers more easily when he entered her.

Fuck. I should have been the first one to enter her, but I can’t be selfish.
After all, this was a matchmaking party and she came to meet a man.

Giving her advice to help his competition please her wasn’t the brightest idea he’d ever had. It was the most honorable thing to do…for her. He hoped it wouldn’t come back to bite him in the ass. It would kill him if at the end of the night he exited the party alone. But he had to play fair.


The locals had advised Dakota not to get involved with the ranchers. They’d warned the men here wouldn’t give their hearts to one woman. She wasn’t after Cody’s heart, was she?

Her fantasies consisted of how Cody’s hard body against her bare skin would feel, and now she was making her dream come true. Nothing more.

When she’d said “no strings attached,” he hadn’t disagreed. She could do this and not want more than a goodbye kiss afterwards—and maybe to continue their flirtatious morning ritual at the diner.

“Mmm.” Her eyes wouldn’t open if she willed them. Arching her back toward Cody’s gentle touch, she mentally branded each stroke of his callused fingertips gliding slowly across her breasts. Convinced this would be their only night together, she wanted to remember every moment.

Raising her arms, she reached backward and raked her fingers through his hair. Phil’s moist tongue lapped her wetness as her legs began to weaken with desire. Her dampness aroused her. She thrust her hips toward his mouth.

“Is this really happening?” Cody whispered.

“Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming about you. They always have a happy ending and I’m not there yet.”

He chuckled. “So you dream about me fucking you?”

His dirty talk rushed moisture between her thighs. “Morning, noon, and night.”

“Hmm. And here I thought I was the only one.”

His lips sucked the sensitive spot on her neck as Phil’s tongue split her folds apart and reached the sensitive nub. She lowered one arm onto Phil’s head. Her heart raced as she gyrated her hips against his mouth, needing him to ease the throb as his tongue found her opening and darted in and out.

“Don’t stop.”

The way Cody gently squeezed her breasts and rolled her taut nipples between his fingers had her aching for release.

“Oh, guys. That feels so good.”

Slowly, Phil slid a finger inside, stretching her walls while he sucked her clit. After months without the touch of a man, Phil might make her come sooner than she wanted. She bent her knees and took Phil’s finger deeper. When he added another, she moaned her approval.

“Thrust your pussy into his face, darlin’.”

Cody’s words surprised her. She bucked her hips against Phil’s lips as he withdrew his two fingers then re-inserted them. As she lowered to greet them, her back stroked Cody’s hard cock. Soft moans escaped her as she rode Phil’s digits like a horse on a merry-go-round. He wiggled his fingers and she bobbed, teasing herself into a frenzy.

Her breath hitched and she couldn’t hold back any longer. “Faster, Phil.”

Phil moaned as he whipped his tongue across her vulva and drilled his long slender fingers in and out of her slick channel; twisting and turning each time he entered. Cody sucked her neck and squeezed her breasts while holding her upright. Her knees gave way and she could no longer control the need to release the excitement they’d build up.

Cody whispered in her ear. “Come for me, Dakota.”

“Oh, yes.” Without a second thought, she allowed her orgasm to flow.

She bit her bottom lip and moaned as her muscles contracted and a flood of juices spilled over Phil’s fingers. Her thighs stiffened and tiny bouts of galvanizing shudders erupted in a wave through her body.

Slowly, her mind floated back to reality. She realized both Phil and Cody had been supporting her from dropping to the floor. Cody kissed her shoulder. “Isn’t that a better way to relieve stress than sit-ups?”

“You do have the best ideas.” She smiled as her muscles relaxed and she took a full breath. “Amazing.”

Phil leaned back and grinned. “Sweet pussy you have there.”

What does a woman say to that?
She’d never been complimented on her private parts before. “Umm. Thank you?”

She relaxed against Cody’s chest as her breathing returned to normal. “What’s next?”

“My turn.” Cody blew into her ear. “Unless you want something else.”

Cody steadied her while she dropped her foot back on solid ground.

She smiled at the thought of playing sex games with him. “What would my options be?”

“I’d like to bend you over and fuck your sweet ass.” He slid his cock between the flesh in question.

Steve had never ventured into that part of her anatomy. Cody would be the only man she’d allow to attempt this pleasure with. He had a gentle touch and she could trust him to stop if she requested. “I’ve never allowed anyone back there.”

Cody kissed her shoulder. “Ah, you were saving it for me.”

She smiled down at Phil, teasing him with her backside as she turned around to face Cody. Phil’s hands rested on either side of her ass cheeks while his tongue teased the broken line between them enough to arouse her. Chills snaked down her spine.

Pressing her breasts against Cody’s sweaty chest, she opened her mouth and kissed away his sexy smile. He thrust his tongue between her lips and entwined it with hers.

“Mmm.” She broke the kiss. “I know you want my virgin ass, Cody, but could you start by going in the front door first?”

She reached down and stroked his cock. The head was larger than any she’d ever seen. “But
isn’t going in the back without lube.”

“I’m on it.” Phil smacked her ass before he jumped up from behind her, and headed toward a corner table. He returned in no time with a tube, condoms, and a grin. “Ready?”

“Soon.” Cody took Dakota’s hand and sat her on the lounge.

Her spine rested against the back of the chair. Cody lifted her legs atop the armrests and settled between her legs. He cupped her bottom and raised it even with his mouth.

His warm breath heating her skin had her heart racing once again. Their being this intimate and hungry for each other turned her on more than the feel of his tongue parting her opening.

“Oh, Cody.”

Dakota raised her hips and reached down to press his face closer to her cream. She moaned as he slid a finger slowly inside and then withdrew even slower.

Phil straddled her chest and put his cock near her lips. “Suck it while Cody eats your sweet pussy.”

BOOK: Poolside Pleasure
13.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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