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Pop Star Princess

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Poppy is so excited! Her cousin Daisy's band is entering a talent contest and Poppy and Honey are going to be backing singers. With a great song and a fab dance routine Poppy is sure they're going to win – until she reads about Lilac and the Mermaids in the local paper . . .

Will she ever get to be a pop star princess?

Princess Poppy
Pop Star Princess
written by Janey Louise Jones
Illustrated by Samantha Chaffey

Chapter One

were so excited. Along with Poppy's older cousin, Daisy, and her two friends, Lily and Rose, they were the Beach Babes. In just two weeks' time they were going to be taking part in the local heats of the
You're a Star!
talent contest, which were being filmed in Camomile Cove.

Poppy and Honey had been backing singers for Daisy's band ever since the Smuggler's Cove High School Battle of the Bands the summer before and they
couldn't wait to perform with them again.

“It will be so cool if we win,” said Poppy breathlessly. “I can't wait.”

“But won't there be loads of other really good bands taking part?” asked Honey, already feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. “Do you think we have a
chance of winning?”

“I think we will definitely be the best,” replied Poppy confidently. “Saffron is going to make our stage outfits, Madame
Angelwing's assistant, Claudine, is going to teach us a brilliant dance routine, and I know that Daisy, Lily and Rose are working on a really cool new song.”

“Ooooh, how exciting!” replied Honey. “I love dancing!”

“Me too,” giggled Poppy. “and it's mainly you and me doing the dancing because the others will be playing their instruments. I bet none of the other bands will have a proper dance routine. I've made a plan with Daisy that we'll meet her, Lily and Rose at the Lavender Lake School of Dance on Saturday at ten o'clock. They're going to play us the song and Claudine is going to start teaching us our dance.”

“What's the new song like?” asked Honey.

“Ummm, I don't actually know yet because they're still writing it,” explained Poppy. “Daisy said that they're meeting in her summer house every day after school
to work on the words and the music.”

“I wish I had a cool cousin like you do,” sighed Honey, who thought her life might be rather dull without the connections of her beloved best friend.

“Daisy practically
your cousin, Honey!” laughed Poppy. “You see her just as much as I do.”

On Saturday morning, Poppy and Honey set off to meet Daisy and her friends. They were desperate to hear the new song and so excited to be involved.

When they arrived at the dance studio, Daisy, Lily and Rose were already there. Poppy hugged her cousin and said ‘Hi' to the other two girls,
and Honey shyly followed suit.

“Is the song finished?” asked Poppy. “Can we hear it?”

“Hang on a minute,” laughed Daisy. “We've only just got here. We need to set everything up first.”

“OK,” replied Poppy. “but can you at least tell me what the song's called?”

“It's called
Chocolate Sundae Girls
. It was inspired by our favourite treats at the Lighthouse Café! And, even better,” Daisy continued. “the owners of the café, Fleur and Harvey, have said that if we win the competition, we'll all get free chocolate sundaes for the rest of the year!”

Poppy thought that the Lighthouse Café was the coolest place on earth and she knew that their chocolate sundaes were heavenly. “Wow!” she said. “Deeelicious!”

Just then Claudine came out of the staff room, ready to get to work, and Daisy pressed PLAY on the CD player. The Beach Babes' new song filled the room and all the girls, including Claudine, couldn't help dancing and humming along to its catchy pop tune and brilliant words:

Daisy, Lily and Rose were thrilled that everybody liked their song – they'd put so much hard work into it. But there was still lots to do before the talent contest.

“Let's get going with the dance routine for Poppy and Honey!” urged Daisy. “Claudine, what do you think we should do?”

“I have this idea that we should base it around street café life. What do you think?” she asked as she showed the girls a scenario she had in mind, where the younger girls
started singing while sitting at chairs at a round table in the middle of the stage. Gradually they would get up and start dancing and singing around the table, picking up their tambourines and shaking them from time to time.

BOOK: Pop Star Princess
8.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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