Powerful Moves [L.U.S.T.] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Powerful Moves [L.U.S.T.] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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Powerful Moves

As an agent with the Logistical Unit of Specialized Talents, Elena Cabot’s primary mission is to use her abilities to solve crimes against humanity that government agencies can’t. But when she joins forces with the confident, sexy, and powerful Tavius Zolan in a race against time, terrorists, and a centuries-old vampire threatening everyone and everything she holds dear, she finds herself on a mission to protect her heart.

Providing security for his family’s weapons research and development agency can keep a man on his toes, especially when a portal is opened between Tavius’s realm and Earth. But he’s about to encounter a mission that will call on every ounce of power and brains he possesses even as it stirs his blood and libido for a delectably lustful Earth-realm agent.

Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

65,219 words









Tonya Ramagos










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Chapter One


Tavius Zolan stayed in the shadows, careful to keep his shields in place. If Lerak sensed his presence, the dark elf would be gone in a flash.


How did that urban saying go? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Tavius ran out of fingers trying to count how many times Lerak had fooled him in recent months. As head of security at ZWRD and the middle son of the frigging boss, being the laughing stock of an assigned mission didn’t bode well for Tavius’s otherwise-pristine reputation.

The bastard always knew. Just when Tavius started to think he pulled off the inconspicuous act and might possibly,
discover the identity of Lerak’s employer, the dark elf disappeared without a trace. Sometimes his vanishing act lasted a mere hour or two. Other times days passed before Tavius caught up with him again.

Not this time. Tavius felt the power and adrenaline pumping furiously through his veins. Tonight was his night.

Where are you going, you prick

Lerak walked casually along the street, detouring now and then at an open shop and pausing frequently to talk and laugh with others of his kind. He had led Tavius from one side of the township to the other tonight, taking each step as if he hadn’t a care in the realm. First they had gone to the bazaars in town center then the dark-elf city-state beneath the mountain of Atamia.

Tavius had to watch himself there. Shielding his presence from one dark elf’s sensing ability was one thing. Hiding it from a whole clan, most of whom were far more powerful than Lerak, was another.

Tavius kept far back while Lerak remained beneath Atamia. He relied on his augmented sight and hearing, coupled with his transparent vision that allowed him to see through most things as if they weren’t there, to spy on Lerak and the Warbat clan.

And he finally got a clue.

Not that he knew what to do with it now. Lerak had spoken with another dark elf, the second in hierarchy to the leader, an elf known as Kerta, about someone called The Whisperer. Who on Terra was that? It certainly wasn’t anyone in Tavius’s extensive list of contacts.

And if it was, you wouldn’t be spending your night following this bottom-feeding dark elf to figure it out

No, he’d be at home, kicked back with a brew and a big-breasted blonde or brunette or redhead. He wasn’t picky. Except lately he had been. Women, no matter the hair color, seemed to have lost their appeal.

Not possible. Tavius loved women.
women. He had merely sunk into a mood. After two weeks of no sex, his throbbing cock was proving the deciding force to pole-vault him right out of that mood.

Two frigging weeks.
He didn’t know if he should be amused or disgusted. His own fault, he mused, and would’ve kicked his own ass if he hadn’t needed both his feet to walk. He’d had it made with a stunning brunette. She’d given him sex anytime he wanted it. A side-long look and,
, on her back she went. It had been fun for a while, easy. Then it got unfun, became too easy. That’s when she lost her appeal.

Tavius wanted a woman with spark, one who presented a bit of a challenge. He wanted a woman who tempted him as much out of bed as she did between the sheets. Stunning Brunette, and the five or eight that came before her, turned out not to be that woman. So he ended it and found himself two weeks later sex-deprived and skulking through the darkness, ducking behind buildings and getting one hell of a workout. As good as a night of marathon sex sounded to his cock, Tavius thought this just might be better.

Okay, now you’re pushing it

Better? Not a chance, but the assignment would do him good, keep him on his toes. He hadn’t expected the challenge out of such simplistic instructions. Follow Lerak, find out how the dark elf was stealing weapon plans from ZWRD despite the tightest security in Atnalta and exactly what he planned to do with the information. Easy as pie.

That’s what you get for thinking

It could’ve been easy. A little mind talk here, a suggestive push there, and he’d have the intel from the dark elf in a snap. It might be worth the sacrifice. How long would it take to make his power functional enough to serve his purpose? Three minutes? Five? Once he brought it on-line he’d have it for a good hour or more after.

Lerak stopped on the sidewalk beneath a streetlamp, paying little mind to the small crowd of teens behind him. The teens scowled as they were forced to file around the elf, shooting him looks the elf ignored as they continued on. Light shone off Lerak’s stark-white hair and polished-obsidian flesh. The dark elf tipped his head back. The angle of his face gave Tavius a peek at the paleness of the elf’s eyes. He wore dark leather pants and a dark cloak over his short, slender frame.

Tavius suppressed a shudder that had nothing to do with the sub-zero temperature of the night. He didn’t care how badly ZWRD wanted the information. There was only one way to fully tap into his evocative mind-play power. Sex. Pulse-pounding, sweaty, fierce fucking. Aching cock and sexless nights be damned. It would take a lot more than the promise of power and a little intel to make him desperate enough to spend even three minutes fucking this guy.

He could realm jump them to the other side of Terra, corner the elf where no one else would be around, and beat him senseless until he talked.

No can do, Zolan

The dark elf already proved he didn’t possess much sense when he stole weapon plans from the largest research-and-development facility on Terra. Besides, Tavius’s assignment included the strict orders to remain in the shadows, to shield his presence at all costs. So why did he suddenly feel as though he had been led on a wild-goose chase tonight?

Lerak straightened and turned. He strode toward the door of an all-night tavern, stopping just short of entering. He looked right, then left. Watching for The Whisperer?

Tavius scanned the street. A scattering of people walked the sidewalks. A light amount of traffic drove at cruising speed. He didn’t see anything or anyone suspicious. Then the elf turned. An alarm sounded in Tavius’s mind at the obviously calculated move of the elf’s head. Lerak’s roughly chiseled features showed plain in the murky light as he stared openly at Tavius.

Tavius froze. No way. No fucking way could the elf sense his presence! He shifted his focus inward long enough to ensure his shields were still holding. They were.

He’d stopped a full sixty yards from the dark elf. Lerak could see Tavius at that distance if Tavius stood in the open. Tavius made it a point to hide. Stone walls and objects put a damper on the dark elf’s infravision. Lerak could see through any darkness, no matter how thick, but he couldn’t see through objects.

Tavius’s transparent vision, however, allowed him to see Lerak through the stone wall and all the objects between them. When he enhanced that ability with his augmented sight, which amplified whatever he looked at like a magnifying glass, he could see Lerak as clearly as if the elf stood close enough to kiss. Together, the powers allowed him to see the way the elf’s lips slowly curved in a nasty leer.

BOOK: Powerful Moves [L.U.S.T.] (Siren Publishing Classic)
2.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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