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BOOK: Private Lessons (Teacher + Student)
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Private Lessons


by Lia Marsh


Copyright © 2013 Lia Marsh


All rights reserved.


This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without expressed written permission from the author; exceptions are made for brief excerpts used in published reviews.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are above the age of eighteen, and all sexual acts depicted are consensual.

Chapter One: Temptation



It was a flurry of adrenaline, as if every nerve ending in her body was standing on edge in response to his touch. A moan passed her swollen lips as her body arched against him, desperate to feel the hard angles of his body mold against her soft curves. He was teasing her, bringing her right to the brink of explosion before pulling back with a wicked grin. Tongues flicked against each other, battling for do
minance though they both knew who the true winner in any of their games was.


She was his.


She had been since the first moment his lips had met hers, forcefully and claiming. He had marked her, a string of dark bruises from his teeth and lips down the span of her pale neck, removing any doubt from anyone who saw her about where her loyalty truly lied.


A desperate whimper tore from her lips, a plea for the release that had steadily been building since the first moment he’d thrown her on the bed. Her entire body quaked, shivering and shaking with anticipation as his lips dropped lower, just barely hovering over her bundle of nerves.


The alarm blared in her ear, brutally ripping Laura from the fantasy that had been playing in her sleep. Her entire body was taunt, almost as if it had actually been experiencing the things that had been happening in her dreams.


A low sigh of frustration escaped her as her blonde head fell back down against the pillow, her muscles forcing themselves to relax. She felt Paul stir next to her, the simple brush of his arm against hers enough to cause her entire body to quiver again. The woman’s cheeks flared red, no longer with lust but now with embarrassment.


In their five years, each and every one of her dreams had consisted of him. She would wake, rolling over to plant her body above his and reenact each and every action she had just envisioned. It used to be her favorite way to start the morning. But that wasn’t the case anymore and Laura felt the guilt ebb away inside her.


It wasn’t her boyfriend’s sandy head that she now saw ducking down her body in her sleep, but rather the raven locks of a man she had no business thinking of outside of the large classroom of Montclair University. It wasn’t Paul that left her body practically aching, but the fantasies of a man that couldn’t be more wrong for her.


This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. Laura wasn’t an overly sexual person. In fact, it had taken six months of roses and dinner dates before she would even invited Paul upstairs. Being raised in a strict Catholic family had left the blonde with certain morals that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t seem to shake.


Laura knew that most women in her generation were more open with exploring their sexuality, with engaging with new partners and figuring out their bodies, but she had never felt that rush of courage.


Except in the very dreams that had plagued her the night before.


Her dream self, the woman she wished she could be, seemed so much more comfortable with herself than Laura ever really was. She had no fear. She was passionate, sexy in a way that Laura only thought fictional women in the movies could be.


The dream version of the blonde had no fear when it came to taking what she wanted, and even in her conscience state, Laura knew that what she wanted was Professor Alexander Harmon.


“Morning babe.” Paul’s rough voice drew her from her tantalizing thoughts, crashing her back down to reality as she looked over and met his loving gaze. She knew her own eyes didn’t reflect back the same amount of devotion his showed and felt her stomach turn. 


“Morning.” The blonde murmured, pushing herself off the bed. “I’m going to be late for class.” It was a pathetic excuse. There was still an hour before she had to leave but for Laura, that hour was precious time spent in the bathroom making herself appear as beautiful as possible. It wasn’t as though she needed to do much, she was a classically attractive woman, but the extra time spent always made her feel more confident when stepping into Alex’s classroom.


A few minutes later, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Her blonde curls were wet from her shower, just barely twisting around the frame of her heart shaped face. Her wide green eyes stared back at her, delicately lined by long lashes that would only seem impossibly longer once coated with mascara.


Her nose was small and came to the slightest of upturns at the bottom, her lips bow shaped, and her cheekbones softer than most people. At twenty-three, Laura knew that barefaced she could appear about sixteen.


The process was one that she had perfected since she was a teenager. Her lashes were curled, her eyes artfully lined with black liner. Soft cheekbones were defined with bronzer, topped with a light pink color on the apples of her cheeks that made it appear as though she was permanently blushing. A light swipe of pink coated her already colored lips and her hair was perfectly dried to fall angelically around her face.


Laura dressed simply, not wanting to appear too overzealous about a simple college lecture. Her skirt fell just above her bare knee, shifting slightly to show the smallest wisp of thigh when she moved. The blue sweater brought out the flecks in her eyes, hugging her curves in a way that made her feel undeniably sexy.


Butterflies seemed to have exploded within her stomach just at the idea of seeing Alex. Regardless of how wrong it was, there was a delicious anticipation that seemed radiate through her.


Her heart raced inside her chest, her breath coming in short gasps just at the idea of being in the same room as him. Everything between them was innocent and logically, Laura knew there was no real reason for her to feel the way she did about the older man.


But that didn’t stop the fact that as she blew out of the apartment with a bright smile on her face and she’d completely forgotten to say goodbye to Paul.



Laura hoped that a quick on-the-go coffee during her car trip might help wake her up from her dazed state and hopefully push those deliciously devilish thoughts from her mind however all the caffeine did for Laura was make her restless and over-think every last part of her dream.


She was sat there analy
zing the way this man made her feel; the way his hands crawled on her skin and made her whimper like a helpless girl.


Laura hadn’t felt like this before, an explosion of euphoria roamed through her stomach and down her thighs as she pulled over in her car to catch her breath. She’d almost erupted from the thoughts of Alexander, the way he caressed her in her mind made Laura feel as if it was actually happening; a burning passion lusting between her legs was almost overwhelming.


The closer she got to the lecture hall the more Laura succumbed to her confusing and destructive desire. She knew she couldn’t ever be with him, she knew that she shouldn’t even think these thoughts but as she left her car and climbed the stairs only to gaze through the open doorway it hit her – she was a victim of Alexander Harmon’s charms.


Standing steady with her rose-colored cheeks looking to the ground Laura tried to calm herself. She assumed her life would always be what it was, her and Paul until the end of time. That’s what she was raised to believe; she had his family’s approval and he had her father’s blessing. Still, looking towards the tall, dark and handsome lecturer she felt a need for release.


He’d left her shaken, her knees uncountable like jelly as flashbacks from her dream crippled her. People were passing by until eventually Laura noticed the entire class was full and the only seat left was the one right at the front; her fear caused her to gulp and in the same breath she began to walk forward.


Laura felt an odd sense of guilt as her skirt lifted slightly when walking down the steps towards the front of the lecture hall. She felt like a thousand eyes were on her, like there was a spotlight or sign revealing her true feelings towards Mr. Harmon.


Trying not to make eye contact with her new-found obsession she continued to look to the ground at her little shoes and scurried on over to the last available seat. As she placed her books in-front of us a shadow was cast over her; forced to look up Laura noticed the Alexander smiling at her, his intoxicating smell lingering around her nostrils – a mixture of whisky and aftershave to cover it up and his bottomless brown eyes which seemed to be scanning Laura’s outfit as if he was passing judgment on her appearance.


“Nice of you to join us.” The moment his deep, sharp voice hit Laura’s ears she was brought right back to that point of eruption. She had to calm herself before a whimper left her lips.


Her heart was beating so hard against her breasts, she felt as if it would burst out of her skin, she felt like any movement would leave her gasping for air as she exploded right there in her seat.


Laura tried to mutter out some sort of response but all she could manage was half a smile and a nod. She crossed her legs as a burning sensation for the man before her was seeping from her body; her whole face had turned the same color as her rosy-cheeks.


Alexander seemed to be smirking down at the nervous Laura and after what felt like hours of him standing before her Laura finally managed to look up to the man.


“As I was saying…” He walked away from her. Laura sighed with relief as her body seemed to calm down the more distance he left between them. She couldn’t believe how close he brought her, just by standing and saying a few words Laura felt as if her entire body was being touched by the man. His sharp tongue and deep voice caressed her skin like she’d never felt before; flashes of her dream consumed the lecture and she constantly found her vision being blocked with images in her mind.


Laura could see it as if it was actually happening. She could see him pulling her body in, she knew they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle and his throbbing member would press right up against her little, provocative skirt. She would cry out as he soothed the flesh of her neck with the tip of his tongue; a feeling that sent chills down her spine but excitement between her thighs.


Laura let out a sudden whimper which tore her away from her daydream and threw her back into the lecture-hall chair.


The girl to her left was giving her a funny look, Laura knew it best to try and focus on what Alexander was saying and not what she wanted him to do. It was hard but with her eyes set on the desk in-front of her Laura let her ears do the rest; she knew that one look at Alexander would transport her back into her head where he was tearing that little skirt from her skin and leaning her over his desk.


“So all I want is this – a short story to do with the word ‘temptation.’ It’s due Monday; go and enjoy the weekend.” Suddenly everyone was to their feet. Laura looked around confused, she’d spent an entire forty minutes inside her own head, thinking of all the ways Mr. Harmon could pleasure her.


She wrote down the word ‘temptation’ on a piece of paper and folded it up before placing it in her blue-cardigan pocket. It was the only note she’d taken during the whole lecture and she was starting to think of her attraction somewhat obsessive. Surely this wasn’t normal? Laura asked herself that question over and over as she slowly paced back up the steps and out the room, her skirt flowing freely and a part of Laura hoped that Alexander was watching her leave.


The entire walk to the car she felt embarrassed; tightly grasping her books against her chest Laura couldn’t help but feel she’d made a fool of herself in-front of Alexander. It was the first time he’d directly spoken to her, the first time his smile was aimed at her blushing face and the first time she’d ever struggled to form words. Laura felt helpless, a victim to her own desires and yet a part of her enjoyed it. Alexander had acknowledged her; he’d seen her for what she assumed was the first time. It added a slight bounce to her step as she made her way to her car however now that she’d left the little world of her and Alexander she was about to return to the reality that was her and Paul and an overwhelming sense of guilt fell upon her harshly.


Laura took the time at her car-door to punish her sinful thoughts of the older Alexander. She stood having an argument with herself in her own mind, trying to rectify her feelings. It was guilt like she’d never felt, it was almost as if she’d cheated on Paul even though it was all in her head. There was only one question that kept coming back to her during this process –


Was it right?

She had to assume it was only natural for a woman like herself to be attracted to a man like Alexander. She’d been brought up to what her family called ‘the proper way’ and Alexander went against all of that. He stank of booze, his clothes always carried the night-before’s smell and Laura had never really touched alcohol her entire life. It was something she associated with bad behavior and everything that was wrong. To her own mind Laura wasn’t boring – she was careful and Alexander was the dangerous once-in-a-lifetime man that she knew she should stay away from.

BOOK: Private Lessons (Teacher + Student)
5.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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