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"No," she said. "I wouldn't. The Channel is the only thing keeping me from being scared to death right now. And you, darling Kyle, are keeping me sane."
"How about me?" The shower door opened, and Rolf stepped in. "Don't I figure anywhere in this equation?" His blue eyes were twinkling at her.
"Indeed you do, Rolfie," she said, pushing Kyle away and pressing up against the young blond man suggestively.
He gave one of her breasts a squeeze, and with his other hand pulled her head toward his for a kiss. His mouth was fleshy and seductive. His tongue pushed between her lips to play with her tongue as he kissed her with ill-disguised hunger. He rubbed himself teasingly against her pubic mound. "Where do I figure?" he asked her softly.
The hot water poured down on the trio, steaming the glass of the commodious shower.
"Wherever you want," Nora answered him teasingly. His penis was already hard against her. It was so exciting to elicit such a reaction from such attractive men, she thought. Kyle was silently washing her back with a vengeance, but his long hard cock was rubbing between her ass crease. She smiled, turning her head to him. "Almost done, lover?" she asked sweetly.
He nodded with a grim smile. Ohh, he really was going to fuck the ears off of her, and she was going to enjoy every minute of it. "All done, Red."
"Want to play?" she teased wickedly.
Both men grinned broadly.
"First I want my massage, Rolfie," she told them.
"Table is all set up for madam," he answered her.
The two men toweled Nora off, and then when Kyle had pinned up her damp hair, he helped her onto the table. Nora almost dozed off as Rolf massaged her front side. His hands were both gentle and strong. Her firm breasts seemed to grow even firmer with his attentions. The heel of his palm, pressed firmly on her mons, however, brought her fully awake again. His handsome face was devoid of any expression, but she knew he had done it deliberately. A finger massaged oil into her clitoris and the hood over it, but just as she was beginning to feel a little tingle he spoke.
"Turn over, Nora." And he helped her to flip.
He massaged her shoulders and she could feel the tension draining away. His strong hands smoothed down her long back, finally reaching her buttocks. Rolf's fingers kneaded her now-firm ass, the edge of one hand sliding down the crease between her buttocks. Fascinated, she forced herself to relax as the hand moved between the cheeks of her ass as deep as it could go. The room was silent. She did not see Rolf nod meaningfully to Kyle, but she felt the two halves of her ass being pulled apart, and as quickly the sensation of something rubbing against her anus very softly.
"Wha . . . ?" she tried to speak.
"It's alright, Nora. We're just showing you something new," Rolf told her. "We aren't going to do anything you aren't ready for, sweetie."
The slick finger stroked a spot she had never thought to be touched. It was rather exciting, and sent a small frisson of pleasure through her. Nora didn't know whether to be shocked by her reaction or not. When she felt him begin to blow softly there, she shivered. She actually wiggled a bit. The hands holding her ass cheeks apart released her, but the finger remained, and Nora could not help herself. She squeezed that finger even as she felt her face grow warm with a guilty blush.
"I think someone is going to be ready soon for a nice ass fuck," Rolf said.
"Not yet." Kyle's voice was almost angry.
Rolf actually laughed as he withdrew his finger and, going over to the double sink, washed his hands before resuming the massage. When he had finished with her legs, thighs, calves, and feet, he smacked Nora's bottom a light whack. "All done, sweetie." Then he helped her off the table.
"Let's have some of that wonderful wine I had earlier," Nora said in an attempt to break the tension. What an incredible fantasy world this was. Kyle was jealous of Rolf. And Rolf was enjoying torturing Kyle over her. Could her sense of self-worth get any better? She wanted that sense to carry over into her other world. She needed it to fight Jeff and win.
They went into the bedroom, with its huge bed, and Kyle poured them three goblets of Sweet Scarlet. He raised his glass. "To Nora," he said.
Rolf nodded. "To Nora, and to new sexual explorations."
"To the both of you, who make me feel so damned good," Nora toasted them back. Then she downed half of the wine. "I want to make love again before my wake-up call, boys," she said to them. "Drink up!"
But the two men put aside their wine, sandwiching her instead between them.
"Too much wine always leads to too little cock," Rolf said. He was standing behind her, his penis between the cheeks of her ass, his hands wrapped firmly about her breasts, thumbs rubbing against her sensitive nipples.
He needed to be brought down a bit, Nora considered. Rolf was getting a bit above his station. She drew away from him, her eyes meeting Kyle's in a silent understanding that she knew pleased him. "I believe I'm the one directing this ménage ŕ trois, Rolfie. You are my slave, aren't you? And your mistress is in the mood for a little cunnilingus. Is your tongue as skillful at that task as it is talking, Rolfie?"
He took her by the hand and led her to the bed. "If my mistress will lie back, I will endeavor to pleasure her," he said with a counterfeit show of deference.
Nora lay back on the bed, spreading her legs open for him. She gestured at Kyle. "And you, slave, give me your cock to play with else I be bored." She could see he was already half aroused. He too needed a lesson. He had been behaving in too dominant a manner tonight. She felt Rolf kiss her vulva even as Kyle positioned himself atop her chest, careful not to let his weight hurt her. Unable to help herself, she ran her hands lightly over his muscled thighs. Then she took his penis in her hand, holding it gently as she breathed softly on it. Her other hand lightly tickled his balls as the tip of Rolf's tongue lightly touched her clit.
Nora put Kyle's cock in her mouth, but she did not suck on him. Instead she slid her lips up and down the long shaft. When her tongue encircled the tip of it several times, he shuddered. He was getting harder, and it was more difficult for Nora to concentrate on what she was doing because Rolf's skillful tongue was caressing her clit. She began to suck hard on Kyle's penis, which grew firmer and firmer in her mouth.
"She's ready," Rolf said suddenly.
"So am I," Kyle groaned. "Let go, Red, if you want to be fucked."
She released him immediately, and the two men reversed positions, with Kyle thrusting hard into Nora's vagina, and Rolf kneeling behind her head and leaning forward to push his cock into her mouth. This time they all came together, and when their bodies had untangled themselves Nora cuddled against Kyle contentedly.
"That was nice," Nora said softly.
"Better than nice, mistress," Rolf told her. "I'm going to shower and go if you don't need me anymore tonight."
"No, go on," she told him. She wanted to be with Kyle now. Just Kyle. She dozed, only to be awakened by the sharp ring of the telephone. Confused for a moment, she rolled over and looked about. A portable was on her bedside table. Reaching for it, she pressed the ON button.
"It's four a.m., Mrs. Buckley," the crisp voice said. "The Channel will be closing in a half hour."
"Thank you," she responded groggily, pressing the phone's OFF button. "Kyle?"
"I'm here," he said, coming into the bedroom. "Go shower. I've got a nice cup of cappuccino for you."
"You are perfect!" she told him, stumbling from the bed into the bathroom. She showered quickly, washing away the strong scent of unbridled sex from her skin. Toweling herself off, she walked naked back through the bedroom and into the living room. To her amusement he helped her into her short navy silk robe, and she cocked an eyebrow at him. "You don't like me naked anymore?" she teased him.
"We don't have much time, and I just want to enjoy your company for a few minutes," he told her, handing her the footed cappuccino cup. "When are you coming back to me, Nora?"
She sat down, and to her surprise, he sat on the floor by her side, his dark head in her lap. "I can't come tonight. It's Saturday, and if I let J. J. stay out with friends two nights in a row, it will look odd. And Sunday night is a school night, and he'll be home. Probably not until Monday night, Kyle." She sipped at the cappuccino. "Umm, this is really good."
"I'm going to miss you," he said softly.
"I'm probably going to miss you more," she told him. He was a fantasy, and you didn't have feelings for a fantasy, Nora reminded herself. But she did have feelings for him. He was her creation. The perfect man. The perfect lover.
"Let's just be together, the two of us, then, on Monday night," he said.
"Okay," she agreed. "No Rolf and pretty maid."
He looked up at her. "I'm falling in love with you," he told her.
She was startled. "You can't," she said. "You don't really exist, Kyle."
"I exist for you, Nora," he reminded. "I am as real for you as anything else is."
"But not in my world of reality," she said. "You're my fantasy, Kyle. Nothing more than a fantasy."
"I'm going to teach you to love again," he told her.
"If you can do that," she said wistfully, "it would be a miracle."
"I can do anything you want me to, Red Rover," he told her, looking up into her gray green eyes.
She smiled softly at him and, reaching down, caressed his jaw, but as she did she felt herself sliding away from him. Damn! Nora thought sadly. And then she woke up in her recliner once again. Sighing, she stood up, turning off the television with the channel changer. Another wonderful fantasy evening. Yet the taste of cappuccino lingered strongly on her tongue, and her body felt more alive than it had in years.

Chapter Four

"So, how bad is it?" Rina Seligmann asked, coming through the Buckleys' kitchen door. She was carrying a covered plate of chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread she had made up at Trader Joe's this morning. She set the plate on the table, and pulled off the plastic wrap. "Tiff, where's that iced tea?"
"Right behind you," Tiffany Pietro d'Angelo said, plunking the pitcher and paper cups on the kitchen table next to the sandwiches.
"Worse than we even anticipated!" Carla said dramatically. She had driven Nora to her husband's office that morning, waiting while Nora had her first conference with Rick. "Absolutely everything is in the son of a bitch's name. Everything! He even tried to close down Nora's little household account this morning, but Rick put a stop to that."
"How did Rick know?" Joanne Ulrich was wide-eyed. This was even better than
General Hospital
"Well," Carla said with just the slightest air of self-importance, "when Rick got to his office this morning, he found a whole bunch of papers that had been faxed to him by Jeff's lawyer in the city. Only one bank account was listed, and it was the one here at Egret Pointe National Bank, and it was marked as closed. Well, Rick got on the telephone to Paul Williams at the bank. Paul said the request had come in this morning. Rick explained the situation, and told Paul to hold off until he could get back to the other lawyer. That the account was the only one Nora had, and if he would check back in the statements, he would see only she signed the checks, and they were mostly for household bills and personal expenses even if the account was in both names. So Paul said he'd hold off until he heard from Rick again."
"Well, that news will be all over town by closing time at the bank," Rina said dryly.
"How do you figure that?" Nora asked.
"Paul's secretary, Mae Taylor. She always listens in on his calls," Rina said. "She's the biggest gossip in town, and everyone knows it."
"Then why does he keep her on?" Joanne asked.
"He inherited her from his father-in-law, Lew Burnside," Rina replied. "Lew founded Egret Pointe Bank, and Paul is married to his daughter. When he retired, and Paul took over, Lew insisted he keep Mae on because, he said, she wasn't retirement age yet. But he really wanted to be sure he still knew everything that was going on at the bank. And before you ask, Sam plays golf with him twice a week. Will you all sit down? I'm starving." She reached for a half a sandwich and began to eat.
Joanne poured everyone a paper cup of iced tea, and then they looked to Carla.
"Rick called Jeff's lawyer back again, and told him the account couldn't be the only one Jeff had, because the one he had instructed the lawyer to close was Nora's household account, the only one she had, and she would need it to pay the household bills. That Jeff never used the account. He just made monthly deposits. Rick said the other lawyer seemed surprised at that, and said he'd call him right back."
"And did he?" Tiffany asked.
"Yeah. About ten minutes later," Carla said, grinning. "He told Rick that it was all a mistake, and he'd fax Paul Williams immediately that the account was to remain open. Rick told him he wanted Jeff's name off the account."
"Did he agree?" Tiffany asked.
"Oh, yeah, he agreed. Then he said that Rick should know that Jeff was under no obligation to put any more money into the account until a hearing."
"The bastard!" Rina said. "So he's going to play hardball, is he?"
"Yep," Carla said.
"It's worse," Nora told them quietly. "The kids' college funds have disappeared. They weren't on the list of stuff faxed to Rick. Jeff started an investment account for each of the kids when they were born. For college, he said, and he was always so proud of himself for looking ahead like that. You know how the market was after 'eighty-seven, and into the nineties. Jeff's a smart investor. Every Christmas he would show the kids and me their year-end statements. He said he didn't want them to come out of school with debt, like so many kids today. He said his father had done it for him, and he wanted to do it for his kids. That's why Jill was able to think of law school. There was more than enough money in each account, and now those accounts are gone."
"You're sure?" Rina asked.
"We called Jill up at school. I hadn't planned to tell her over the telephone about the divorce, but I didn't have any choice under the circumstances. She said her father had come to her about six months ago with some papers to sign. When she asked what they were, he said they had to do with the changes in the tax laws with regard to her account, and since she was of age, she had to sign the papers herself because he couldn't. She had no cause to distrust him."
"Nora hasn't had a chance to talk to J. J. yet, but Rick thinks he pulled the same or a similar stunt with him too," Carla said.
"My God," Rina said softly. "He's been planning this for months." She turned to Nora. "So what's Rick going to do now?"
"He's thinking about it. It has to be what's best for Nora and the kids," Carla said. "He doesn't want to make a mistake. This lawyer Jeff has hired is a pretty big-name, recognizable divorce attorney."
"Tell him not to take too long," Rina said acerbically. "So, what are you going to do while Rick is thinking?" she asked Nora.
Nora sighed. "I'll have to call my mother and tell her. Dad left her very well fixed. I think she'll help out until we get this straightened out. Of course I'll pay her back. She's not going to be happy to have her life disrupted, I'm afraid."
"Where does she live?" Rina said.
"In one of those elegant, perfectly manicured little retirement communities on the Carolina coast," Nora replied. "Dad moved them down before he died. It's a life-care community. He wanted her taken care of when he wasn't around to do it. I've been taking the kids down twice a year to visit. She never really liked Jeff. She'll be surprised, but not particularly devastated."
And Margo Edwards, Nora's mother, was indeed surprised by her daughter's news, but not because of the divorce. It was the timing that she found curious. "I thought he would have done this ten years ago," she said.
"What on earth would have made you think that?" Nora demanded of her parent.
"Well, other than the illusion that his marriage created for all to see, it was obvious he didn't love you anymore," Margo responded. "Didn't you realize what was going on, Nora? Of course I never told your father of Jeff's infidelities. It wasn't really necessary that he know unless, of course, he had divorced you while Dad was alive. Then I would have said something."
"I'm surprised you kept something from Daddy," Nora said. "He did rule the roost in our house."
Margo laughed. "There were a lot of things I didn't discuss with your father, Nora, and he only thought he was in charge, darling. A wise woman lets a man believe that, and she picks her battles carefully." Then she sighed. "At least the house is in your name. Is it paid off?"
There was a long pause. Nora swallowed hard, and then she said to her mother, "The house isn't in my name, Mom. Nothing is in my name."
"Jesus Jenny!" Margo Edwards swore volubly. "The lying SOB! When you bought your house Jeff had the ten percent for the down payment. Your father gave him an additional ten percent so the mortgage would be smaller. It was done on the proviso that Jeff put the house in your name. I put that idea in dad's head so you would always be safe. And I was there when your father brought it up to Jeff, and he agreed he would do it in exchange for the additional ten percent. You're sure the house is in his name?"
"Yes, Mom, I'm certain. But it is paid off," Nora said.
"How much money do you have in the bank?" Margo asked.
"It's the end of the month. Probably not more than fifty dollars," Nora replied.
"No, honey, not your household account. Your other accounts. CDs. You know."
"Mom, I've got a bank account for the house. Jeff puts money in it once a month, and I pay the bills. I don't have any other bank accounts, or CDs."
"Why not?" Margo's voice had suddenly hardened.
"Where would I get the money from?" Nora said helplessly.
"I used to take money out of my household account and squirrel it away," Margo said. "Why didn't you, Nora? I didn't think you were that stupid. A woman has to think of herself."
"Mom, Jeff gives me just enough money each month to pay the household bills. If I run over the previous month's amount by more than five percent, I have to show him the bills, and justify every expenditure. I am allowed one credit card, and before I use it I have to tell him what I'm buying and why. He's always been a bear where money is concerned. But he has always kept us comfortable. I have had no cause for complaint until now. I thought people got married till death did they part. My grandparents did. You and Dad did. Jeff's folks did."
"Why didn't you tell me this, Nora? Why didn't you tell me that your husband is a control freak? This borders on abuse, darling, and you have been standing there, and taking it. I don't understand it!" Margo was now sounding exasperated.
"I was only doing what you did, Mom," Nora said. "Jeff always said you had set me a wonderful example of how to be a good wife."
"Good grief!" Margo said. "Listen to me, Nora, although frankly it's a little late for me to tell you this, but I will anyway. Your father was raised by his grandparents, who had been raised in the Victorian era. He thought a wife should be meek and mild, and defer to her husband. That was the kind of wife he wanted, and I loved your father dearly. So I gave him that kind of a wife. But I was never that kind of a woman. Ever! Your father never controlled me the way Jeff has obviously been controlling you, darling. If I thought Dad was going in the wrong direction, I would cajole him into turning about. You know how he always wanted to invest in so many crazy schemes he was sure would make him rich, yet he never did. It was because I convinced him otherwise, and I did it in such a way that he always believed he had come to the conclusion all by himself. And when those schemes blew up, he would brag about how astute he had been to avoid it all. Don't you remember?"
"I do," Nora said slowly. "But Jeff is different than Daddy. Daddy had a sweet nature, Mom. Jeff has always been bound and determined to have his own way. Once I loved him dearly too."
"I never liked him," Margo said, "but then, you knew that, didn't you?"
"There was something about him, but I could see that nothing I would say was going to change your mind, and Daddy thought he was just the right man for you. I tried to show him otherwise over the term of your engagement," Margo said, "but that was the one thing in which I failed. I am sorry, darling."
"Oh, Mom, didn't you always say I had to learn the hard way?" Nora half laughed.
"Well," Margo responded, and her voice was brisk, "now the question is, what are we going to do? Do you have an attorney?"
"Carla's husband, Rick. Jeff has some big-city divorce guy," Nora told her mother.
"Who?" Margo was instantly alert to danger.
"Raoul Kramer, I think his name is," Nora answered.
"Certainly isn't stinting himself," Margo said dryly. This was not good. Raoul Kramer was a vicious divorce lawyer who always got his clients exactly what they wanted. He was ruthless, and was apt to make mincemeat of that nice Rick Johnson. Still, there was no need at this point to frighten Nora. "Tell Rick to call me tomorrow, darling, and I'll send him a retainer for you. I know he'd do it for free until it's settled, but no need for that. And give me your bank account number. I'll wire you ten thousand dollars to keep you going, Nora. And Nora, if you need more before a preliminary hearing, I want you to call me immediately."
"Mom . . ." Nora's voice cracked.
"Oh, shut up!" Margo said. "Now, darling, I have to run. There is a very delightful gentleman waiting to play tennis with me."
"You have a boyfriend?" Nora had never heard her mother speak of another man.
"I haven't decided yet, darling. One thing I do know. While I do enjoy sex, I am simply not of a mind to marry again, and break another man in," and she laughed at her daughter's small gasp. "Nora, I may be past seventy, but I do enjoy a good bang now and again. Gotta run, darling. Taylor is beginning to stamp his feet." And the phone went dead.
Nora put the portable down. She had learned more about her mother in this one phone conversation than she had in all her life. She was rethinking her parents' marriage, but then, no matter what Margo had said this afternoon, she had never said that she and her husband had been unhappy. Nor had Nora seen any evidence to the contrary. What a jerk I've been, she thought. Jeff was right. Dumb! She had been dumb, and now she had to live with the results of her stupidity. She stood up and, walking from the kitchen, went out the door and across her back lawn to the Johnsons' house. It was after five, and she knew that Rick would be home. "Hello!" she called as she walked into Carla's kitchen.
"We're in the family room," Carla called back.
Nora joined them, accepting the glass of wine Carla handed her. "I just talked with my mother," she began. "I'll give you her number, Rick. She wanted to send you a retainer. Says she knows you're a good guy, but you should get paid something. You can tell her anything you want. I've just discovered something I never knew."
"What's that?" Carla asked, curious.
"My mother is cool," Nora said with a smile. "When we got finished talking she told me she was off to play tennis with a gentleman. And that she enjoys a good bang now and again."
Carla shrieked with laughter, and even Rick grinned.
"Omigod! If my mother ever said anything like that to me, I think I would die," Carla said, but she was still giggling.
"I know. I would have never expected it from Mom," Nora admitted. Then she continued. "She's wiring me some money so I can keep going, I feel terrible having to have asked her, but I had nowhere else to turn."
"Jeff's name is off the account," Rick said quietly. "At least your moneys will be safe. Nora, I have to tell you that I don't think much of a guy who would try and cut his wife off without a penny."
"My mother says my dad gave him ten percent of the house's down payment so we could put twenty percent down, but on the proviso the house was in my name," Nora told Rick.
"Any paperwork on that?" Rick asked anxiously.
"You would have to ask my mother, but I suspect no. Dad was trusting. I guess that's where I get it from." She drained her wine and stood up. "I've got to go home. J. J. and I are having supper together before he goes to the movies."

BOOK: Private Pleasures
6.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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