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Copyright © 2012 by Lexi Dubois

Book design by Lexi Dubois

Cover by Lexi Dubois


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I grab my keys out of the ignition and open my car door.  A workout at the gym was just what I needed.  I always feel so relaxed after a good workout.

The cool night breeze sweeps my hair playfully, reminding me of how Sam liked to play with my hair.  Since he’s been gone, it seems like everything reminds me of him.  I feel the familiar pang in my stomach that I get each time I think of him.  I miss him being here with me so badly.  It’s not fair that he had to move without me. 
I just have to make it through my last semester and then, I can be with him again
, I remind myself.

I walk down my driveway and up to my porch.  A small pink box by the front door catches my eye, causing my heart to flutter. 
Did he send me a present?
  Sam’s presents have been amazing so far, and always just what I needed.  Since he left for London, he’s sent several gifts to keep me entertained while he’s been gone.  The first one was a hot porno that I watched over and over.  The second was shiny new toy made of glass.  I smile as I think of how the hard cool dildo felt as I rammed it in and out of my pussy.
I had fun that night.

When I reach the box, I check the mailing label. 
Yep, it’s from my baby.
  I give the box a gentle shake.  It makes a muffled sound as the contents collide with the sides of the box.

I tuck it into my gym bag, and walk through my door.  I rush to my office and cut on my laptop.  I open up the video chat box and type in Sam’s username.  The cursor spins for what feels like a million times as I wait on Sam to connect.  I can’t wait to see what goodies are in the box, but I know Sam will want to watch me open it, so I resist the urge to rip the paper off. 

Sam’s face appears in the window. 

“Hey baby,” he says with a smile.

I laugh.  “I got the present you sent me.”  I hold the box up to the webcam.  “Can I open it?”

Sam puts his finger to his chin.  “I don’t know, Jess.  What’cha going to give me in return?”

I roll my eyes.  “Can I open it or not?”

He chuckles and nods.

I pick up the box, and untie the ribbon; it falls softly to the sides.  I grip the paper and tear it quickly, no need for formalities when it comes to gifts from Sam.  I crumply up the paper and toss it onto the floor.  I grab the corner of the box and pull.  The tape opens with a pop.  I rip the extra packaging paper out and toss it behind me.  My hand lands on something made of lace.  My fingers wrap around it and I pull out a sexy red babydoll dress.

“Why don’t you put it on for me?” Sam asks. 

“Oh, it’s gorgeous,” I squeal.  My fingertips trace the soft red lace.  “I’ll be right back.” 

I take my new lingerie to the bathroom and slip it on.  I go back to the computer and spin around.  “How does it look?”

Sam licks his lips, “You look smoking.  I wish I was there to rip it off of you.”

I turn and shake my ass to the camera.  “Yeah, me too.”

Sam unbuttons his shirt, exposing his trim chest and tight abs.  The sight of his body makes my pussy tingle.  It’s been a three months since we’ve slept together, all because of his stupid job.

“Why don’t you see what else is in the box?” 

I smile.  “There’s more?”

He nods.

I reach in and dig through the paper some more.  My fingers wrap around something squishy and solid. 
Another toy!

I pull it out and raise an eyebrow.  I’ve never seen a toy like this before.  Part of it looks like a normal vibrator with a clit stimulator, but the other part looks like beads stacked one on top of the other.  “What’s this?”

Sam laughs.  “Well, I know you like for me to put anal beads in you while I fuck you, so I thought this would give you the same kind of feeling.  That little humming bird is supposed to tickle your clit, the dick goes in your pussy, and those beads go in your ass.”  He points to each part as he explains what it does.

I shake my head.  “No way; those things are huge.  They’re much bigger than the anal beads.”

Disappointment washes over Sam’s face.   “I thought you’d like it.”

I nibble on my bottom lip.  “It’s not that I don’t like it.  I just…  I was just surprised I guess.”

Sam beams a smile.  “Really?”

I nod.

“Would you put on a show for me?  I haven’t seen that pussy in way too long.”  He licks his lips.

I don’t know if I can do that. 
I like when
plays with my ass, but I’ve never done it myself. 

“I’ll be right back.  I think I’m gonna need a drink.”  I hop up and go to the liquor cabinet.  I grab a bottle of tequila and a glass.  I open the freezer to grab some ice.  The blast of cold air makes my nipples perk to attention in the lace dress.  I reach up and rub one gently.  The lace is just scratchy enough to make it harder.

I can do this.

I drop the ice into the glass and pour a shot.  I slam it back and put the cup on the counter. 
Oh fuck it.
  I grab the glass and the bottle and take it back into the office.

I sit in front of the computer and my mouth drops open.  While I was gone getting some liquid courage, he apparently was getting ready for his show.  He’s taken all of his clothes off and his dick is standing at full attention. 
Fuck, I wish I was able to touch him.

“What should I do for you?”  I blush as the words leave my lips.

He grabs his dick and strokes it slowly.  “I want you to take the laptop into the bedroom and prop it so I can see you play with that new toy.”

My pussy tingles as I watch him stroke his cock.  “Ok.”

I grab everything and head for the bedroom. 

After I set everything up, I lay on the bed.  “That ok?  Can you see everything?”  I lean up and look at the screen.

Sam nods.  “I’m ready for my show.”

I take another swig from the bottle and turn on the radio. 
Here I go.

I twist the knob on the vibrator and it hums quietly in response.  I touch the humming bird’s beak to my nipple through my lacy lingerie.  I moan gently as it tickles my nipple.  I reach down and rub my clit gently.  My fingers begin to slide with ease as my pussy gets wetter.

“That’s it, baby,” Sam says.

“You like that?” I moan.

“I do.”

I drag the toy down my body towards my pussy; it tickles as it makes its way towards its destination.  I rub the humming bird’s beak on my clit.  A moan escapes my lips.  I turn the knob and it vibrates faster, sending tingles down my spine.

“That’s it, baby,” Sam says.  I glance up at the screen.  Seeing him stroke his cock is all I need to know that I can keep going.  He might not physically in the same room with me, but he’s definitely here with me in the best way that he can right now. 

I reach down and slide my fingers into my wet pussy as the humming bird excites my clit.  I rock my fingers back and forth, trying to find my g-spot.  They brush against it sending my toes curling and my head back.  I rub my g-spot vigorously, concentrating on the pulses of pleasure flowing through my body each time I hit it.

Sam moans through the speakers. 
It turns me on so much when he gets into me playing with myself.

“Get some lube, Jess.  I wanna see you use your toy.”

I grab the lube, pop the top, and pour it all over my new toy.  “You ready, babe?”

Sam rubs his hard cock quickly.  “Oh yeah.  I’m ready to watch you fuck yourself.”

I lie back down, and spread my legs wide so Sam can get a good view.   I feel so naughty playing with myself on camera, but it is turning me on so badly.  I slowly insert the vibrator.  The vibrations and twisting head feels amazing.  I push it in deeper into my pussy.  My breathing quickens as I turn the humming bird to my clit.  I push the vibrator deeper again, and I feel a slight pressure at my asshole.

“Fuck that ass too, baby,” Same says through heavy breaths.

I close my eyes, and guide the anal stimulator into my ass slowly.  I feel the familiar slight pain that happens when Sam fucks me in the ass with the anal beads, but I keep going.  If this toy feels anything like those beads, I know that I’ll be coming in no time.

I slide the toy deeper into my ass and pussy, the feeling of having both places so fully penetrated at once, feels better than I ever imagined.  I feel so full, and stretched.  I reach up and pinch my nipple with my free hand.  My body tingles as my pussy juices slide down to my ass.

“That turns me on so much.” 

I pull the toy in and out faster.  “Oh yes.  I love it.” 

I pinch my nipple harder as I fuck myself.  Ecstasy courses though me, and I feel my pussy begin to pulsate.  I feel a rush of happiness as I come hard on the toy.  I moan with each pulse of my pussy.

I hear Sam moan loudly as I come.  I look up and see him smile.  “You are so gorgeous.  I loved watching you fuck yourself.  It was so hot to see you fuck your ass.”  He yawns.  “I love you babe, but it’s one in the morning here.  I really need some sleep.”

I blow him a kiss.  “Thank you for the present.  Sweet dreams.”

“You too.” 

I close my laptop and look around.  It’s too early for me to go to sleep yet, but I don’t really want to get out of bed either.  I grab the remote and cut on the tv.  The lesbian porno Sam got me fills the screen.  It never ceases to amaze me how turned on two hot women pleasuring each other turns me on.  I can’t explain it, but damn it’s so awesome to watch. 

I look down at my toy. 
Maybe another round is just what I need.
  I slam the suction cup onto the headboard, and back up slowly while on my knees onto the toy.  It slowly penetrates my ass.  I push it deeper, so it enters my pussy as well.   I lick my lips as I pretend that I’m the girl on the tv getting pounded from behind by the sexy blonde with the strap on.  I try to match the rhythm of the blonde pounding the brunette doggie style.  They pick up speed; so do I.  I imagine the blonde grabbing my hips and pulling me to her as she fucks me harder and harder.  I imagine her tits bouncing as she slams the strap on into my ass. 

I feel a rush of pleasure and let out a scream of pure ecstasy as I begin to come. My pussy and ass contract tightly around the vibrators and I give into the pleasure.  I fuck myself harder and harder until I have no more energy to come.  I slide off of the toy, and lay on my stomach.

Sam and I are going to have to have a threesome when I finally get to see him again.  I need that shit to happen for real next time.





BOOK: Private Showing -
8.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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